Chapter 9 - Demon

Chapter 9 - Demon

A Chapter by AngelBeat

By me


    Lilith felt something warm around her right hand, so she slowly opened her eyes and tilted her head towards her right hand, to her surprise Devin was sitting there holding her hand.

    Is he asleep?!

    "Devin- " Lilith's voice broke off when Devin mumbled the words,

    "Lilith...I won't leave you..."


    She was about to pull her hand away from Devin's but he gripped her even tighter. Lilith moved her free hand slowly towards him and moved some hair that covered part of his face.

    Wow... He's so pretty...

    She was dazed at the sight of his sleeping face, but then he woke up.

    No! Please go back to sleep... I want to see your sleeping face once more...

    Saddened, she looked up at the ceiling.

    "Oh! You're awake!" Devin said with an embarrassed look on his face, he looked down to where he was holding Lilith's hand,

    "I... Um... Sorry..." He said letting go of her hand and looking away.

    "Who brought me here?" Lilith asked,

    "Um, m-me since the other two didn't notice because they were kissing each other," Devin said, still looking away but with a grin now on his face.

    "Thanks" Lilith said, slowly sitting up.

    "Who else would have brought you here," Devin turned back to Lilith.

    "Where are we anyway?" Lilith asked looking around the room,

    "It's the Nurse's Office," he replied, she looked around but couldn't see a Nurse in the room,

    "Where's the Nurse?" she asked,

    A smile spread across his face "She went home,"

    "She went... Home?" Lilith repeated in a confused tone,

    "Well of course, school finished half an hour ago,"

    "Why are you still here then?" Lilith asked,

    "Well.. Um.. Let me ask you something first, when you said that you loved me, did you mean it?" he looked straight into her eyes with a serious expression,

    "Yeah," she quietly spoke, then looked away,

    "Okay..." he said slowly, his serious expression now becoming a gentle smile, "then close your eyes," he gently spoke.

    She did as she was told and then felt something warm on her lips, then she felt something or someone grasp her wrists but she was too caught in the kiss to care about what else was happening. She felt herself lying back down against her own will, her head reached the pillow and the kissed deepened, if this keeps up I won't be able to breathe! She pushed the kisser away from her, breaking the kiss, she opened her eyes and quickly sat up, this shouldn't have happened! I have to get away from him! She slid off the bed, still feeling dizzy she ran (more like swayed) to the door but then she stopped, someone was gripping onto her wrist, she turned around and knew it was gonna be him standing there. "Please let go," she said, trying to pull free,

    "I won't," Devin said,

    "Please!" Lilith said, pleading,

    Devin pulled her in and hugged her so tightly that she started to cry, "I won't let go," he said,

    "Why not?" Lilith said, trying to break free from his intense hug,

    "Because for some strange reason... I also love you," he said, whispering the last words into her ear, she had stopped trying to break free and now she just hugged Devin back.

    "Could you walk me back to my house?" Lilith asked, still hugging Devin,

    "Sure," Devin replied, they stopped hugging each other, but held each other's hand instead. They walked out of the Nurse's Office and to Lilith's House (Sophia's House).


    Once they reached Sophia's House, Lilith unlocked the door and opened it, "well I guess I'll see you at school," Devin said, then turned around to walk away,

    "Wait!" Lilith yelled,

    Devin turned around "yeah?"

    "Well.. Um.. Since Sophia told me earlier today that she wouldn't be in town for a few days.. Could I go over to your house?" Lilith asked,

    "Sure" Devin replied with a smile on his face.

    Lilith closed the door, locked it and went over by Devin, "let's go" Lilith said.

    "Wait" Devin said,

    "hmm?" Lilith said turning her head towards Devin,

    He took her hand and kissed her, "now, we can go" Devin said, turning his head back around to the foot path.

    They started walking to his house but once they got there, Lilith couldn't believe what was happening, his house was on fire! They just stood there watching Fire Trucks coming, extinguishing the fire and then they just stood there, no-one said anything, "Um.. Do you want to stay at my house for awhile?" Lilith asked, breaking the silence,

    "Can I really?" he asked,

    "Yeah, since Sophia isn't gonna be home for a few days," she replied with a smile on her face, "do you want to go back?"

    "Um, yeah," Devin replied, they turned around and walked back to Lilith's house.


    Once they got to her house, Lilith unlocked the door, Devin opened the door "ladies first," he said with a grin on his face, Lilith just smiled back and walked in.  

    They both walked to Lilith's room and walked in "Um... You can sleep in the bed," she turned and said to Devin.

    "What about you, where will you sleep?" Devin asked,

    "I'll get a mattress from a spare room and bring it in here," she replied,

    "Are you sure I can sleep on the bed?" Devin asked,

    "Mhm" she replied and went out of the room to go get the mattress, why am I suddenly feeling dizzy again... Everything went black.

© 2012 AngelBeat

Author's Note

mistakes...? -_- Its almost 11:15 pm yeah... forgive me if there are millions of errors...

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