Chapter 5 - Demon

Chapter 5 - Demon

A Chapter by AngelBeat

By me


That night Lilith had a dream: Her and Devin were standing in the middle of school and a hole opened up in the ground right before their eyes and all she could see was was a flurry of demon spirits flying out of the ground, into the air getting ready to attack... But Lilith didn't know what at... She finally realised that they were aiming at Devin with their blue fire balls, she couldn't let them hurt him. She extended her wings, faced the palms of her hands towards the Demon Spirits and shot blue fire balls at them. She had gotten all of them, but, she felt the ground under her shake and before  she knew it... the Devil himself was right there, in front of her..."why are you protecting this Angel!" his voice bellowed, shaking everything around them.

    "It's because I love him!" Lilith yelled.

    Devin couldn't believe what she was saying,"umm..."

    "Please just stay out of this Devin," Lilith said without turning around. She was scared that Lucifer might attack Devin while she wasn't looking.


    "I said stay out of this!" This time she turned around with tears in her eyes, then, what she was hoping for not to happen, Lucifer shot a fire ball that wasn't blue, but different colours... Lilith woke up,"Devin!" she then realised it was all a dream and he never got hurt... Or killed... She didn't even know what happened to him, because her dream ended when Lucifer shot the multi-coloured fire ball at Devin.

    Then with a bang, Sophia ran in with something that looked like a Witch's Book. "what happened!" yelled Sophia half asleep.

    I must've woke her up with my scream. "Nothing, just a bad dream, sorry for waking you up, you can go back to sleep," Lilith said wide awake.

    "okay, good night" with that, Sophia, in a drunk way, closed the door and went back to her room.

    Thank god that was a dream, I hope that never has to happen in real life... Lilith lay her head on her pillow and slowly drifted back off to sleep.


    The next day she woke up early so she made breakfast, porridge for herself and some pancakes for Sophia. She gathered her things for school and headed outside, but once she did, she saw someone waiting outside the door,"Devin? what are you doing here? how long have you been out here?"

    "I was just about to ring the doorbell and I came to ask if you would like to walk to school together," Devin looked away from her, but she could tell that his face was starting to redden,"so do you want to?" still not looking at her,

    "Sure" Lilith said, closing the door quietly so she wouldn't wake Sophia up. They slowly started to walk to school with a silence shrouding them.


    Once they reached school, the bell rung. "Do you want to walk to class together?" Devin asked, looking away from her, but she could tell that his face was still really red.

    "sure" Lilith said, not knowing what was wrong with him, is he sick or something? "hey, are you sick?"

    "um no, why do you ask?" this time looking at Lilith,"well your cheeks are red-" 

    Devin cut her off, "really?!"

    "Um yeah"

    "Oh, then I must be sick..."

    Lilith could tell that he was lying. "Well... Do you want to go to the Infirmary?"

    "Um no... Let's just head to class," Devin said, still not looking at her.

    Is something wrong with me? "okay..." Lilith said, sounding unsure.


    Once they got to class and everyone took their seats, Lilith could sense a strong Angel presence. She started to look around and then locked eyes with Rory,

She's an Angel?! Suddenly there was no sound and no movement. Time's stopped?!

    "What are you? What are you doing in the Mortal World ?" Lilith asked, sounding disgusted,

    "Who are you? What is your business here?" Rory asked, ignoring Lilith's question as if she hadn't heard her ask it. "I am the angel, Rory Warrick! I am here to protect the boy! Now. Answer my question! Who are you and what is your business here?!" she yelled, as if she did here the question, but didn't take notice.

    "I am Lilith Revana from the Underworld! and I'm here to watch this boy!" pointing towards the frozen Devin as she said the last words.

    They both extended their wings and flew outside, both of their wings in comparison looked totally different. Lilith's wings were black with what looked like red blood stains at the bottom, and Rory's were white with gold tips and blue streaks, they both got into battle position. The palms of Lilith's hand were faced towards Rory and blue fire balls started to form on each of her fingertips, Rory shot lightning from her eyes at Lilith but she dodged the lightning and pointed her fingertips at Rory. She shot the blue fire straight towards Rory. She dodged all but one. That one fire ball had injured her left wing. Lilith flew towards Rory and then started to punch her, but then Rory shouted "please! is this what you want? To kill me? To kill Devin ?"

    "No I don't want to kill Devin! Why would you even think that!"

    "But you're a Demon! You kill for a living!"

    "That's true, but I don't want to kill him..." Lilith said somberly,

    "You're... In love with him..."

    "I guess I am..."

    "Then lets make a truce, as long as no harm comes to Devin, you can protect him along side me," Rory offered,

    "yeah" Lilith said and held out her hand. They shook hands. They both went back to class, folded their wings back in so no-one would see them, took their seats and suddenly time went back to normal.

© 2012 AngelBeat

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yeah, i agree with that (the whole agreeing too fast thing)...but yeah..anyways, thanks

Posted 12 Years Ago

Nope! Still loved it?
Yeah, not to be rude but it seemed like they agreed too fast, don't you think?
But still i reallly liked it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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