Chapter 13 - Demon

Chapter 13 - Demon

A Chapter by AngelBeat

by me

Lilith was surrounded in white. Standing next to her was Devin. "What happened?" She asked, "I thought I died."
    "I don't know, and you did. So did I," Devin said confused. He looked down at his hand. A smile formed on his face.
    "Y-you died..?" Lilith asked,
    "Yeah," Devin said still smiling.
    "What are you smiling at?" Lilith said following Devin's gaze.
    "Well, just before I died, I lay down beside you and held your hand." Devin looked at Lilith. "Even death won't do us apart." He formed a sad smile.
    Lilith placed her free hand on his cheek. "Don't be sad.." She pulled him down and gently placed her lips on his and moved back.
    Devin put his arm around Lilith's head and pulled her into his chest. 
    "Stop this immediately."
    Devin quickly let go of Lilith. He didn't want to, but his body suddenly obeyed the voice.
    "You will not do things such as that in front of me."
    Lilith let go of Devin's hand and turned towards a bright light with a blurry, black silhouette in the middle of it.
    "Lilith Revana, you have betrayed Lucifer, have you not?"
Lilith just stood there.
    "Answer me!"
    "I-I.. Y-yes.." Lilith couldn't believe what she just agreed to. She had always been loyal to the Devil, until she met Devin.
    "If you have really betrayed and abandoned Lucifer, I may consider making you an Angel. That is, if you swear on your life that you will always stand on our side."
    Lilith couldn't believe what she was hearing! God himself was considering to make her an Angel! "Really?! Why?" Lilith asked in a surprised and suspicious tone.
    "I have been watching you and Devin for awhile now.. I can tell your love for him is very strong.. You even knew that angel and demon love was forbidden.. Yet you didn't care.. Committing this crime.. Your punishment would've been death.."
Lilith stood there dumbfounded.
    Devin grabbed her hand and squeezed it in hope.
    After a few seconds of silence. "Would you do anything to become and Angel.. To be able to be with Devin.. Forever..?"
"Yes, anything." Lilith replied, dead serious.
    "Then take this knife and stab yourself. When you wake up in the mortal world, you will be a demon no more, you will be an angel.. You will also be able alive.. Since you are currently dead."
A silver blade with a gold handle appeared and hovered in front of Lilith.
    "You Devin, I can revive you easily since you are already an Angel. Once Lilith stabs herself.. You will also wake up in the mortal world."
Lilith looked at Devin.
    "You don't have to do this," Devin said sadly.
    "I do, I want to be with you, forever." Lilith took the knife and gripped it with both her hands. She inhaled deeply and jabbed the knife right into her stomach. Absolute pain seared through her body. She coughed up a bit of blood. She felt as if a million needles were slowly sliding through her skin. Her wings, inside, felt like they were being ripped from her back. She let out a scream and tears of blood rolled down her cheek. I'll be okay, it'll soon be over.. As she lost her voice, Lilith slowly moved her head towards Devin, she tried to form a smile on her face, because Devin's face (once again) looked pained and saddened.
    She felt some sort of gust of wind hitting her, she was too weak to keep her balance so she fell backwards. Everything moved slowly as the bright light and Devin moved away from her eyesight. She shut her eyes closed, bracing for the impact of her hitting ground. The impact never came. She opened her eyes and was blinded by a bright light. "God damn!" She hissed before covering her eyes. Huh? Why.. Wha.. "Devin!" She said, then jolted up into a sitting position.

    Devin faced the silhouette, speechless.
    "Goodbye my son.." 
As soon as Devin opened his mouth to reply, he fell into a hole of blue and white haze. He looked down and saw Lilith suddenly sitting up. Devin's heart tightened as he saw Lilith perfectly fine.
    The ground, his body and his spirit became closer with every second. Before he knew it, he was back in his body.
    He gasped as if someone had punched the air out of his lungs. His eyes sprung open. "Lilith!" He called out louder than he wanted to. He placed his blood stained hands onto Lilith's freezing cold cheeks. 
    A second later, Lilith made a quiet sound and moved her hands. 
    They both said at the same time. "You're alright!" Devin said, pulling Lilith into his arms. 
    "Yeah." Lilith quietly replied. Burying her face into the curve between Devin's shoulder and neck. 

© 2012 AngelBeat

Author's Note

._. I haven't written this for a long time and this hasn't been 'published' for a long time either. So whatever. Nothing more.

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