December 99

December 99

A Chapter by Reya

20 Dec


There was trouble from early morning. It's my brother Pete again! We both got up at 7 and watched the "Adventures with Kanga Roddy" show but then he started picking his nose and sang those songs: "Reya loves Steve and wants to kiss him" and with a very annoying voice too! Steve is one of my mum's music students and I have never even spoken to him and not in the least interested but my brother took pleasure in teasing me about him. Fortunately mum was in a good mood and told him off!


At science class we studied about force. It was complicated. But it was fun when the teacher asked the boys how much they weighed. Two actually answered! Bando said 59kg and Abe -50kg! Hahaha!


4th period was PE. We played volleyball. We got to actually play after some waiting and watching. It bothers me when people cheer too much! When the win is actually very small. And that's what I had to observe!


It was good to play. Our team seems to be getting better. But I fell over and scraped my knee, which really hurt. Ended up going to the nurse's office with a girl to stick a band-aid on. I got to weigh myself. 41-42 kg! OMG! I need to diet....


During the 5th period I felt like I was ganged up on by 5 girls. I asked for someone to go on my side and they wouldn't! It made me think again that no one needed me... Even Ima! See, when I get bullied I never get angry! And I only just touched her key holder and she's like: "Don't touch ittt!" I Asked her why she has to be so upset. And she goes: "Stop saying that I am upset when I am not!" She totally is!


Argh Pete is such an idiot! He tells me literally this! "Steve will soon sniff your bum. He wants to kiss you on the lips! You should get married to him quickly! His pee-pee is so soft! You will be amazed!"    He drives me nuts!! Wish I could show this to dad! And just before, he almost walked off from the toilet without washing his hands!! After doing a poo! I did manage to force him to wash up, although he wouldn't use soap... And he still keeps telling me that rubbish about Steve right now! Going to go bash him.


I did some cleaning in mum's room because her eye was hurting again she had a vision correction surgery that has gone a little wrong few months ago. I feel so sorry for her! What if it actually gets worse? Wonder if suing doctor is an option...


We played a little with Pete. It even occurred to me that he may not be so bad after all. But he is mean after all! He wouldn't wash his hands after toilet later again!

Dec 21


Had my swimming class. Had to run all the way to the bus to make it but I was even early. Nothing special during class. I often see people changing without any towel. How are they not embarrassed??


I did Japanese homework at night and read a book of Russian classic Pushkin. I actually like it. I didn't know he wrote prose apart from poetry. Then Pete was showing his penis to me and I was so disgusted! (He is only 6 by the way) So I was writing my journal where I had called him a perv and I read that bit out loud. And dad got all angry with me, saying how dare I write stuff like this! So what? That's what journal is for, to write down my grievances! But dad gave me a lecture over this, saying that I should not care about things like this. Lucky it wasn't too long this time! But as if it's my fault! It's all Pete!


Dec 22


A lot of annoying things at school today. I felt abandoned by everyone at drawing class. Ima was being greedy. Kami is saying that I get angry too much lately. But how can I not! Yui is friends with Mami again after fighting for 2 months and I am jealous. I don't like Mami. She is so fat, probably like 70kg. But most of all, before she said out loud that I like Abe! But I don't in the least!! So I don't like Mami. The truth is, I like Charlie Sheen. And maybe one of my swimming teachers a little. And Bobby from Kanga Roddy!


Dec 23


I was meant to go to Russian literature class in the morning but we woke up too late so mum had to call the teacher and postpone it an hour. That hour was enough for Pete to ruin my mood. I really try hard to ignore him but I parents still get angry with me! Why does he have to be so annoying? Why do I always get blamed?


When we went grocery shopping I got a Kinder Surprise. I am collecting the toys. Pete got his chocolate egg and I asked if I could have his toy too. Dad said: "Of course he will give it to you, he is not like you!" Oh yea? He didn't!!


In the evening I helped prepare dinner and then decided to empty out all expired and smelly food. It was such a mission!   And my parents still kept yelling at me on and off! They called me lazy and that I never finish what I start... I ended up running outside and sat on the swings where I shaved a stick (to use for jewelery making). I came back home when it was already dark.

We had some visitors. Pete teased me and dad scolded me for yelling at him. I had to hide in my room. 

© 2018 Reya

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Hey again.
I can't really critique much on this because of its nature. I find it very interesting to read even though its simple. I love the voice your 12-year-old self has, the comical remarks about weight and your brother is funny. I'll give some advice on grammar, if you don't want me too, just let me know and I'll stop. :)

Something with grammar here "ganged up against by 5 girls." Saying 'ganged up ON by 5 girls.' Is probably the correct way to phrase the sentence. Another sentence "He tells me literally this!" should probably be "He literally tells me ..." 'this' is not needed but it doesn't really matter, depends on your preference. "after toilet again later again!" I don't know if you meant to use 'again' twice, if it was to add emphasis I would suggest adding a full stop or semicolon (;) so that there's a pause. Or removing the last 'again' which, either can be removed and the sentence would still make sense. "That's what diary is for" should be 'that's what (this or my) diary is for" it could also be 'diaries' as a collective 'that's what diaries are for'. "but I parents" replace 'i' with 'my'. "And parents still..." it's probably best to add 'my' in front of parents to indicate that you are talking about your parents in particular and not just parents as a whole. "running outside and sat on the swings shaved a stick" There's a little problem here with tenses, you start with 'running' which is present tense then go to past tense 'sat' and 'shaved' may I suggest making them the same tense? So 'running outside and sitting on the swings, shaving a stick.'

Although the story itself is everywhere (much like a diary should be) it is very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing it!

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

wow thanks... didn't realise how much there is to correct!
T.M Stewart

6 Years Ago

It happens to the best of us haha.

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I always wanted to write memoirs (well ever since I was 11 and fell in love with memoir books) and I have kept diaries since I was 12. I planned to start publishing them when I turned 30, which felt .. more..

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