March 2000

March 2000

A Chapter by Reya

Mar 3


We have been getting the exams back. I had over 80% for all subjects. It's not bad but I was upset that Mami got 3% more than me in overall score. Wish I could beat her at least once! We didn't speak to each other for the morning but then made up. I was not even angry with her anyway. I was upset about the situation.


On 6th period we played dodge-ball. It was very boring because I was knocked out at the very beginning. What's the point in playing if I can't even really participate? But then I got the ball off a tree. I missed climbing! Everyone was so surprised! What's so unusual about climbing a tree?


Mar 6


During the English period, there was a question "why do the Japanese always ask foreigners if they are from America". I told the girls during the recess that the Japanese are stupid for not knowing that there are other nationalities out there apart from theirs and the Americans. They all got upset with me for it. I really did not understand why. What other explanation is there? It really is offensive when they do that!


Mar 8


Today parents scolded me because "I don't love anyone and only think about myself". They even said that I wished my mum to die and that I never did any good to anyone. Like I never try! Does not seem like I ever succeed! I got so upset with this! As if anyone loves me! But then I cheered up a bit when I listened to S Club 7 CD. I thought that I really want to go to Australia and go to a live concert with some friend. First I thought that there is no way it could happen. But then it occurred to me that dreams are meant to come true. I think I am only being sustained by music and hope.


Mar 10


There was a graduation ceremony for the 3rd graders (junior high has 3 grades). During the singing all of them were crying. I mean a lot of girls and even some boys too. Then some of the 1st graders started crying as well. Like it is a TV show. It was a bit funny. As if we are that close! Later, one of the graduating girls asked to take a photo with me (just because I am a blond foreigner duh).

Mar 19


Today we went to Yukarinomori park lands because a friend of mum's friend makes pottery there and we wanted to try. However it turned out to be a day off and we went to mum's friend's house instead. Her house was huge! In the garden she has a small bathtub - swimming pool thing made from rocks and there are a lot of beautiful objects in the house. Especially I liked the room where there are two beautiful tables and many witch dolls that she is collecting. She presented mum with a handmade stained glass lamp with the expectation that mum will give her something later too. When we got home I decided to make a doily for that lady and embroider a witch in the middle. I started on it straight away and spent the evening crocheting.


Mar 24


I woke up feeling weird for some reason. Then it dawned on me. I had a dream that a boy from my English class hugged me all of a sudden! I was so disgusted! Today was the last day of the year at school. At the end of the assembly a lot of girls cried.


Mar 30


There was nothing fun today. I entertained myself climbing trees. Ended up scratching myself a lot and fell off together with a rotten branch. Ah it was alright. In the evening we watched a show about hypnosis. That was so interesting! I really want to become a hypnotist! If you ever get upset with someone you can just hypnotise them! Mum said when she was at a summer camp when she was young she had a camp leader who was good at hypnosis. She taught it to some of the kids. So cool! Wish I had a teacher like that!

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I always wanted to write memoirs (well ever since I was 11 and fell in love with memoir books) and I have kept diaries since I was 12. I planned to start publishing them when I turned 30, which felt .. more..

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