December 99 -2

December 99 -2

A Chapter by Reya

Dec 24


Last day of school before the holidays. Got my term report card. I only had two 4s (out of 5, 5 being perfect). My social studies were 5!! Even Mami did worse I think!


I heard that Yuki and Karen were going to Karaoke after school. And they did not invite me! I was upset and Yuki said she will ask Karen to take me too. After coming home I was getting all disappointed waiting for the phone to ring but it would not. I figured out they went without me but I did put my favourite clothes on just in case. And then Yuki ended up calling! Karaoke was fun. Pity they didn't have many good songs but..

Dec 25


This morning I kept deciding if I should go to play bowling with girls from my class or go to some party. Eventually I decided on the bowling. Dad is kind! He gave me 500 yen. I was a little anxious. Never played bowling before! But thought I'd try. It was very fun! I had a strike twice and I scored in 2nd and 3rd place among the girls. Then we went to McDonalds. Which was good too. And then some shopping.


Dec 26


Pete told me a funny story about his friend Kaz (they are both 6, remember?). "Kaz likes Natsumi. I like her too but I don't want to marry her yet. Others don't either. Only Kaz does. He proposed to her but she said not yet. "

So I asked Pete whom he wants to marry. He said "a dragon". Bo-o-ring!


Dec 28


I didn't have anyone to play with and ended up playing with Pete and Kaz. We played jumping off the swings and then throwing a ball at the person swinging so they have to try to avoid it while swinging. Then we played bouncing the ball of a wall. We continued playing at home too. The game involved hiding a toy gun and the other person has to find it. It was fun when I hang it up and Pete was standing right underneath, not being able to find it! And then we played hide and seek. Pete climbed into a closet with sliding doors and the door got stuck! He got stuck in the closet without being able to get out! When I dismantled the door to free him, Pete ended up rolling out head down!


Dec 30


We drove to Tokyo today to get a visa to Australia. We had to wait for a long time but we got it! Yay! There was a black guy at the embassy. And it seemed that he kept staring at us. Well, at me. And actually he looked alright! On the way back we stopped at a restaurant. The food was average. Then I looked into a crack between the couch and the wall and there was a pile of rubbish! It looked like there even was a package from a bar soap!


We later went to see a travel agent. Although mum keeps saying that she is not sure if going to holiday in Australia is a good idea after all. I got so upset with everyone! Especially mum! Parents keep trying to ask questions in Japanese but they don't know it well at all and it's a total mess. I want to help but I don't want to interrupt. And then mum suddenly starts scolding me for not helping with the translation!


Dec 31- Jan 1


Pete is very cute in the way he believes in Santa (Russian Santa comes overnight on December 31st). He goes: "Make sure you keep the lights on the Christmas tree on or Santa won't be able to find it!" or: "We should clear the toys from under the tree, or Santa will think that I already got my presents"... If you haven't guessed it, the "Chistmas tree" is instead a New Year tree in Russian tradition.


When we were toasting for the New Year, mum went to hug me. I said I wanted to get my pet hamster out first. It occurred to me I wanted to have it celebrate with us! Mum got upset with me for some reason. She even gave me silent treatment over the whole next day. She told me she won't let me go to Australia with them! Mum went to bed at 1 and I stayed up watching a music show with dad on TV. They had really good songs! Here is where I first fell in love with AQUA and Doctor Jones! At some point dad brought out presents "from Santa" and showed me mine. Why would he? Of course it's not like I believe in Santa but does he have to show me like this? 

© 2018 Reya

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Added on February 16, 2018
Last Updated on February 16, 2018
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I always wanted to write memoirs (well ever since I was 11 and fell in love with memoir books) and I have kept diaries since I was 12. I planned to start publishing them when I turned 30, which felt .. more..

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A Chapter by Reya

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