February 2000 -2

February 2000 -2

A Chapter by Reya

Feb 12


I felt alright today. But mum still did not allow me to go for the sleepover! Why on earth did I have to tolerate this garlic? For the whole night, arms and legs were really painful and I kept waking up. In the morning it turned out that I was covered in burns and even bubble blisters! They hurt for days and all then left permanent scars, all 8 spots! Especially visible is a round discoloured scar on my wrist. I had decided to consider it a symbol of my undying love for Yuki later on.


Feb 19


We had a mini sports festival at school. I had to play a game that is like baseball but you have to kick a ball instead of using a bat. I did very badly. Probably worse than everyone. I could neither throw nor catch well. Although our team did well overall, I did not feel happy at all. Yuki was annoying. Not just her actually, girls from her class. They were screaming louder than everyone. They were fairly good at kicking but still... I think it was really unnecessary. But maybe it is fun for them. Maybe I would have been shrieking too if I had friends. But from the viewpoint of the losing team it sounds very upsetting and from any other perspective - silly. We ended up defeating them in fact. Don't know how it happened.


At night, mum did allow me to go to a sleepover. After she had a meltdown. Me and Pete tried to calm her down and cooked dinner together for us all. Eventually mum cheered up and let me go. I was just sad though. Wanted to cry too.


I had a lot of fun at Yuki's. We looked through a catalogue and then played in chat rooms. Then we washed each other's hair before going to bed to chat. Had a bit of dirty talk. She gave me a couple of pairs of earrings.

Feb 24


Today I thought that I cannot do anything right. As I watched the others play basketball very well and Yui drawing a caricature of Ima. It looked so accurate! Everyone said so. And I have never been told that I am good at portraits. But after deliberating about it in the toilet later that evening I concluded that there is some good in me too.


On the way back from school Yuki was saying that she wished she had a boyfriend. That everyone else has one (although it is actually only like 3 girls that we know!) But what boyfriends do they have! One of the guys is a total perv! He used to be in love with Yuki but then went on to date another girl. I would have never agreed! Does it mean that Yuki likes him then? I do feel glad that she tells me this stuff though.


Feb 29


We had a couple of days of exams at school. During one of the tests today I thought of something funny and giggled. When it occurred to me that I am laughing on my own during an exam, that made it more funny and I burst out laughing and could not stop! It really took me some time to calm down. I actually laughed a lot today. At home I knocked a glass of milk all over the table as I laughed and that was somehow so funny I almost suffocated laughing.

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Added on February 16, 2018
Last Updated on February 16, 2018
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I always wanted to write memoirs (well ever since I was 11 and fell in love with memoir books) and I have kept diaries since I was 12. I planned to start publishing them when I turned 30, which felt .. more..

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A Chapter by Reya

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