August 2000 -2

August 2000 -2

A Chapter by Reya

Aug 16


I went to Yuki's place in the afternoon again. We played on the internet (I got an e-mail from my new penpal, yay!) and then we lied around on her bed and chatted. We spoke a little about future. Yuki says she wants to get married and have children. And she doesn't think kissing as disgusting anymore. It is though! Ah...


I ended up staying at Yuki's overnight. It's been a while since we had so much fun. But you might be surprised to know what we got up to. I bet we will be laughing about it in the future remembering it. I wish we could have recorded it! It started by my interviewing her about whom she wants to marry and why. Eventually I set up a scenario where I am her boyfriend and suddenly "attack" her (basically attempt to take advantage of her). It wasn't all my idea! She was all excited too! We also played around by sticking pillows under out shirts and pants. Eventually we just lied in bed and pretended we were lesbians. Ah it was all completely innocent, no undressing or touching, just a lot of giggling! We made up ridiculous stories about our classmates and had a good laugh about it.


We have done similar things before. I mean telling each other slightly erotic but super lame and funny stories. That was in 5th grade, after I had come back from holidays in Russia. I wish I had kept a diary then! How come I hadn't thought of it?


Do I think of myself as a perv after this? No. Almost no. We were fully dressed after all and this all was just for fun. In fact, our knowledge about sexual things at this point was next to none. We only had a vague idea what kissing was and that men like to undress women and touch their breasts. Just about that, really. That was more than enough details for hours of joking about! 


Aug 18


Today we drove to the airport to pick mum. She was cheerful. But on the way she told us how she was scammed out of 300.000 yen! She said that they tricked her and people take money too seriously anyway. I got upset with mum! That was enough money for me to go to Russia! At least she could have got me a couple of books, which she didn't because she met the scammers on the way to the bookshop. I don't know how I would have acted but I doubt I would have paid this much. I felt ashamed of her. Especially when she said how at the end she stood on her knees and asked the scammers to give her back her money! I am sorry, but it this smart or stupid? And about money... This is life, of course. But it's a pity that the country is so poor  (my conclusion was that people resort to illegal stuff because of poverty).


Aug 19


Such unfairness! We played UNO tonight and I mentioned to mum that she hadn't said UNO at the end (that meant she couldn't win yet). I got scolded for 10 minutes for this and was called evil and cruel. But this is a game! What's the point of playing without everyone following the rules?


Aug 24


In the afternoon at Yuki's we typed up a story that we made up about a Japanese girl visiting her friend in America. They have different names and ages from us but of course they are kind of us. We are 15 in it and Pete is 14 and he has a lot of friends. And Yuki will fall in love with one of them. Well, he is going to like her first. And I already have a boyfriend. So it's turning into a love story. Not really on purpose though! It was funny about Martin (Pete). He is in love with Britney Spears and him and his friends dance to her as we walk in on them.


At night I went to take a bath with the book that mum had got me: "For girls or how to treat yourself and boys". Mum should watch what she is buying before she does! The pictures in it! And the stuff written in it... Those questions and answers! I read some only so that I could tell Yuki about it for a laugh. Compared to what kids are expected to learn at primary schools now and the descriptions they get - this book was an innocent fairy tale! Although mum says I am an adult, I got convinced that I am still too young for this stuff. Somehow Anne used to write very boldly about the changes in her body but I cannot do so. I thought I would but I don't feel like it and really don't think I can. Why? Thought I tell you everything!


And what does the book say? Such silly things! And all the questions have no relevance to me. Turns out I am so unique! The stuff I am planning to tell Yuki is for example that  apparently the questionnaires done in America reveal that 80% of American teens are sexually active! And 2 thirds do that without hiding it from parents. Such are things!

Aug 28


I stayed over at Yuki's again last night. We set up a tent in her yard and slept there. It was great! We got up before 6. We decided to go to a chatroom with a task to talk to weird people and find out how they have sex. We pretended to be like that too. We spoke absolute rubbish. We found out that it is trendy now to lick each other. All of the body. Even girls do that! They must be nuts!


In the afternoon I supervised Yuki while she cleaned her room. Then we watched Passport to Paris again. I already liked Mary-Kate and Ashley but now I am in love! They are so pretty and their clothes and jewellery are gorgeous and they are twins! And they are in movies and their voices are beautiful. I borrowed the video from Yuki and copied it later.


At night I lay with mum for a while. She absolutely cannot listen well! When you tell her something, she would only ever express her opinion! And it is usually the opposite of yours. I told her that I am in love with Mk&A now. She replied that that is weird and stupid and I am much prettier than them.

© 2018 Reya

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I always wanted to write memoirs (well ever since I was 11 and fell in love with memoir books) and I have kept diaries since I was 12. I planned to start publishing them when I turned 30, which felt .. more..

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