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“Where am I” Justin asked trying to get up but he felt someone lay him back down


            “You’re at the nurse’s office” Robbie replied sounding near by


            “What happened” Justin asked


            “You passed out during the assembly so we brought you here” Robbie replied


Justin could feel his hand on my face


            “Where are the others” Justin asked trying not to blush


            “In class this is my lunch period” Robbie replied


Then all of a sudden both of our stomach growled that cause both of us to laugh


            “Thank we can go to the lunch room I am hungry” Justin asked


            “Sure let’s go to together” Robbie suggested


Robbie nodded then all of a sudden he felt Robbie grad his arm, they both headed to the lunchroom. They got their food and headed to a random table and started eating and talking, laughing etc. When all of a sudden the bell rang which cause them both to moan


            “Hey we should hang out today” Robbie suggested taking both trays up


            “Sure likes fun” Justin replied


They both walked out of the lunch room arms entangled, but they headed to the nurses office to pick up Justin stuff but for some reason Justin could not find his walking stick


            “Weird I cannot find my walking stick” he muttered but for some reason he could smell a faint smell “Where have I smelt this before” Justin thought


            “That’s weird” Robbie replied helping him looking for his walking stick


They spent five minutes looking but could not find anything. They rushed to their next class Robbie could not focus today because Justins mind kept talking him back to that moment where they share their single kiss; his focus was broken when he heard the final bell rang  He felt someone tug on my arm


            “Come on Justin” Robbie said


He felt Robbie drag him outside because the air was blowing thought my hair when all of a sudden he smelt the smell from the nurses office when all of a sudden I heart someone yell


            “Robbie phone call” the lady shouted


            “Okay Justin say right here I will be right back” Robbie said letting go of his hand


Justin was standing alone when all of a sudden he felt someone place their hands on my shoulder


            “Well well well look what we have here a lost little lamb” Rose said


            “What do you want” Justin replied


            “For you to stay away from Noah he is mine and don’t bother denying it I’ve seen the way you looked at him” she replied then he heard her heels walk away but not two second later Justin felt Robbie place his arms over my shoulder


            “It is all clear you can come over” Robbie said


Then we walked over towards his bus and Robbie place him in a random seat then he sat down next to me, Justin faced the window and “looked” out Robbie was talking about something but he did not hear him.


Noah was in his car waiting for the buses to leave when he caught a glimpse of Justin and he did not look well that cause Noah heart to ache and part of him wanted to make Justin smile again “Justin has a wonderful smile” Noah thought before he mental slapped himself he heard his passenger door open he quickly turned to see it was Rose


            “Hey my little Rose” Noah tried to get her attention


            “Hey” she replied looking at herself in the vise window when all of a sudden her lipstick was smeared but he did not have to think long before he was getting honked at by the other cars behind him. He drove out of the school parking lot


            “Hey think you can drive me to my house I have some shopping I need to do to get ready for the dance” Rose asked while looking out the window


            ‘”Sure” Noah replied


When they got to her house she hopped out of the car like a kangaroo


            “Love you” Noah shouted of the car but Rose did not replied she just waved her hand “Did I make a right choice asking her instead of Justin” he thought slowly backing out of the drive way when he his cell rang it was one of his football friends


            “Hey man what’s up” he asked


            “Dude did you hear that blind f****t passed out during the assembly today” his friend said while laughing hard


That causes Noah to drop his phone and pause for a moment then he picked up his phone


            “Wow” Noah said then he hung up


He just sat in the drive way just thinking how he might love Justin he looked at the clock and notice it was six o clock so he started the car and drove to his house but for some reason he drove by Justin house causing time to have slowed down he then all of a sudden saw him and Justin kissing at the front door. He then mentally slapped himself and speeded away from Justin house, when he got home he notice his dad car was not there sadly he had a few idea where he was. Getting out of the car he headed inside the house and went straight to his room knowing his dad might have “company” over soon so he went to his computer plugged in his head sets and turn the volume on high but his mind started to drift away from the music


“Him and Justin were walking into his bedroom for another tutor session when all of a sudden he spinned Justin and attached his lips to his, it felt right to him for some reason then he started gently pushing Justin to the edge of his bed while he was rubbing his hand up against Justin soft skin he could see the blind teenagers face becoming bright re. Justin skin felt like baby skin then Noah went down to Justin neck and started kissing it which causes Justin to start moaning …”


He was brought back to reality when his phone vibrated and it was Rose


            “Wish you were here in my dress for the dance” -Rose


            “You know as well as i it would on the floor right now lol”-Noah


            “I know J can’t wait for Friday need a release” - Rose


            “Only two more days” -Noah


He then all of a sudden felt his “friend” pushing against his jeans causing him to groan “I need to find out what is wrong with me”

© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

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Jonathan Biswell
Sorry took so long

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Added on September 11, 2012
Last Updated on February 22, 2013
Tags: gay, romance, high school


Jonathan Biswell
Jonathan Biswell

Shepherdville , KY

A novice writer who still has a lot of work to do, I do write guy x guy, yoai, boy love story whatever you want to call it, but I do keep it descent but I will write little teaser in there. I know my .. more..

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