Hallowen Dance

Hallowen Dance

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

Alot happens in his chapter also this part is from Noah point of view please enjoy.


Noah woke up to the rude sound of his alarm clock he quickly turn it off and lazily got out of his bed and walked over to his bathroom he turn on the shower while he was waiting for that to warm up he brushes his teeth, which took about three minutes to do then he hop into the shower he just stayed under the pouring water for a while “Today is the Halloween dance” he thought then his mind went back to yesterday seeing Justin in his angle costume “Damn that kid has a body Rose would kill” he just groan and finish his shower and hop out to dry his body off.  He went back into his room with just a towel around his waist he went to his bed he got a new text while he was in the shower it was from Rose


Hey getting my costume on can’t wait for you to see it the text said but he did not reply he just went to his closet to get his costume out, it was a Hercules costume he put on the ragged white tunic, next he put on the leather bracers, last he put on the leather pants as he was heading out the door he was getting his shoes not before he passed his father room which smelt like beer and sex which cause Noah to gag. He got to his car and headed to school but not before he went pass Justin house he slowed down to see Justin in his costume just sitting on his porch he looked sad which cause Noah heart to jerk, he drove into the driveway and got out and slowly walked towards the sulking teen


            “Hey…what’s wrong” he asked 


That causes Justin to jump a little


            “Oh nothing I just missed my bus and my parents are at work” Justin said sadly


            “Ummm I can take you if you want” Noah acting like an idiot


Justin looked at the jock and Noah could see bags were forming under his eyes meaning he has not gotten much sleep which again cause Noah heart to jerk because a teenager as beautiful as him should not have any flaws. Justin just nodded since he did not know what to say, Noah headed back to his car but he was stopped when he heard Justin voice


            “Um Noah I need your help I lost my stick” Justin face blushing and hoping he believe the lie that his girlfriend took it but Noah knew he was lying but he did not want to pry


Noah just walked over to the porch and gently grabs Justin hand helping him down the stairs, and they walked to his car together. Noah helped him into the passenger seat of his car then when he put on Noah seatbelt he notice he was within an inch of Justin face he felt the urge to capture his lips with his own but it took all of his strength to suppress it. Then he got back into the driver seat and they drove in complete silence to school, when they got to school almost everyone was in costumes even the teachers and staff soon after Noah found a parking space near the school.


            “Thanks for the ride” Justin said softly


            “Yeah…it was no problem” Noah replied with a stern voice looking away from Justin


Justin got out of the car and started walking towards the school Noah cussed himself out for sounding like a a*s just now he got out of his car and walked towards the school but he stop when he notice the football team whispering to themselves and laughing which cause Noah to get a bad feeling then he looked over at Justin he was making progress getting to the door when all of a sudden something tripped him cause him to fall down getting a laugh from the whole football team and for some unknown reason Noah felt himself laugh too he was laughing so hard tears were coming out of his eyes but that’s not the worst Justin looked at Noah causing him to stop because his eyes were filled pain and betrayal. Noah wanted to go over and comfort the crying teen but his legs would not move and to make matter worst Luna and the gang saw what happen


They rushed over to make sure he was okay then they stared at Noah with hate in their eyes Luna told the other to take him inside while she was walking over to Noah


            “YOU ARE THE BIGGEST A*S ON THE PLANET” she yelled still staring at the teen she then grab him by the collar and drag him to a place away from the others, Noah was surprise on how strong she was


            “You do know he likes you right” she voice was calm but the hate in her eyes never left


            “Whatever” Noah said when he looked at Luna oh if looks could kill he would be dead now for some reason Noah did not know why he said that he liked Justin too guess since he was on the football team he had to keep up a certain image


            “You know I don’t even see what he see in you, you are lucky I don’t kick your a*s right now but since I need to care for Justin I won’t, but I’ve seen how you look at him when no one else pay attention and I am thinking with that last stunt you just lost any chance of being together with him” she said


Noah froze “Lost any chance to be with him” was echoing in his mind a thousand time over he was about to speak when Luna help up her hand


            “And I am sure you notice Robbie likes him too” she quickly added with a grin on her face that could out do the Cheshire cat


He froze again he has notice how Robbie acts around him Luna was walking away but stop he was afraid that Luna would try and push him and Robbie together


            “Hurt him again and I will kick your a*s I don’t care if I am a girl or you’re the school jock I can and I will kick your a*s”


She ran back to the school to check on Justin leaving Noah to think about things but he was pulled back into reality when he heard the first bell rang he quickly ran to his first period class when he got into the class room he notice Robbie was with Justin comforting him and even with all of the talking going on he swore he could hear Justin crying he was about to go over there but he felt someone drag him to his seat it was Rose dresses like Jessica Rabbit a bright red wing, the purple gloves, the red dress


            “Hey handsome” she said with a smile


            “Are you going to be my Hercules” she had that look in her eyes


He just smiled back and sat down not even paying attention to the lesson and before he knew it the first period was over and time for second which cause Noah to jump out of his seat to try and get to Justin but he was to late Robbie beat him to the punch and they were walking out of the class room together shoulder to shoulder. He walked out of his class and headed to his next one when he was stopped by friends


            “Hey Noah we are going to pull a prank on the f*g blind kid want to help” his friend asked with an evil grin on his face


His heart was saying no but something in him said


            “Sure what do you have in mind” Noah replied


Second and third period went by fast and before they knew it lunch was here as Noah made his way to lunch he heard a familiar laugh that cause his heart to beat faster he was able to pin point where the laughing was coming from it was Justin laughing “His laugh could make bad day better” then he notice that someone was dragging his hand towards the lunch room he quickly turned around to see it was Rose pulling him towards the lunch room and they quickly found there table with the rest of the jocks and there cheer leader girl friends


            “Only three more periods before the party can’t wait” one of his friends said holding onto a another blonde girl but she had her ears pierced with medium sized diamonds ear rings


            “I can’t believe that little f****t thinking he is more beautiful than us” another blond spoke sitting on the laps of another friend “ Because he is b***h, he has skin you would kill for, his eyes look like they could look right into your soul, his smile could light up a room, his laugh is infectious, and his lips are so soft that once you kiss them you crave them, and just being around him could make any day better and you wish you was skinny as him” Noah mind started making a list why he likes him and without even knowing it he placed his finger on his lips and he swore he could feel Justin lips on his own


            “I will be right back” he said but no was paying attention they were talking about the upcoming party he was walking towards Justin table as he was getting closer he could feel his heart beating faster and faster


            “What do you want Noah” Luna said with venom covered words


Snapping back into reality he notice he was at the table but Luna was right in front of him standing her ground


            “I want to talk to Justin please” Noah pleaded


Luna was about to say something but when all of a sudden


            “Sure” Justin voice said causing everyone to go silence


            “Justin” Luna asked


            “I will be fine I promise” giving everyone a smile


Noah went over to secure one of Justin arms and they walked out of the lunch room together where they walk towards a set of locker and as they were walking Noah could not help that his felt right to him walking this close to him


            “What did you want to talk about” Justin asked looking at him


            “Ummm” truth be told he did not think this would happen


            “Look I am sorry about my friends…” he was stopped when Justin place a finger on his lips


            “Don’t worry about it I did not get hurt much” with a small smile on his face


            “What really happen to your walking stick” gently removing his finger from his lips then he took Justin small hand into his


            “Your girlfriend took it” he replied softly which cause Noah to gasps


            “I am sorry she did that” Noah quickly apologizes


            “It is okay” Justin flashed one his smile


That cause Noah to let his barrier down he place his fingers under his chins and drew his face closer to his but the moment was broken when the bell rang which causes his barrier to return he quickly withdrew his hand and just left the teen there with a confused look on his face but he did not get far when he felt guilty for doing that so he quickly turn around but he was to late his friends were already there. For the rest of the day all he wanted to do was to feel Justin’s lips presses against, to hold his body against his by the time sixth period came the teacher lost control of the student as they were ready for the party then the last bell ranging causing the student to bolt to the gym for the dance me and Rose were the last one to make a grand entrance but the real him wishes it was Justin he was walking with.


They walked over to the football team Noah could feel the jock in him take over


            “Is everything set” Noah asked with a grin on his face


            “Yeah we just need to get him to the middle of the dance floor” someone said while everyone was laughing a little


            “I can do it” Noah said but the real him just wanted to dance with Justin all night


He spend maybe a good ten minutes trying to find him part of him started thinking maybe he was not coming but when all of a sudden he hear his laugh Noah quickly found him sitting near the bleacher with the rest of his friends he looked so happy and at peace, Noah did not want to ruin it he wanted to take Justin away from here just him and Justin so he could cuddle him, to comfort him when he is sad, to protect him from all of the evil in the world, to be able to kiss him whenever he wants, to make love to him.” It is official I am in love with him there is no other reason” he slow started walking over towards the group of misfits.


When he got there they all formed a wall around Justin


            “Justin…can I please have this dance” Noah asked with full confidence


All of his friends gave me the death look but that did not faze him then Noah notice he was breaking the wall his friends made


            “Sure” he said with that smile of his friends were about to protest but Justin flashed a don’t worry about it look


He lead him to the dance floor he knew people were talking but he did not care as long he had Justin in his arms it did not matter they slowly started slow dance together and he kept avoiding the spot where he was supposed to go, he wanted this moment to last forever the longer they kept dancing the more people just ignored us Noah looked around to even some student give me a thumbs up and some of the teacher. Then all of a sudden someone placed the spot light on them causing everyone to stop dancing and turned there gaze onto the him and Justin the song lasted about three minutes but for him it was forever he notice Justin rested is head against my chest everything was too perfect and being too “drunk” on being near Justin he notice they were in position for the trap to spring


            “I am going to get something to drink” he said with a smile


The moment he let go to him was when the trap was sprung he got dumped with a bucket of cold water he could hear his “friends” laughing along with a few a*s-holes to  but he was in shock because Justin turned around to look at him and he felt his heart shatter. What he was looking was not a teenager of a cruel prank but it was the saddest thing ever a crying angle, his costume was ruined, the feather from his wings were starting to come off, his halo was knock off his head, the glitter on his gown was coming off, he was about to walk over and comfort him but his friend got there and started to drag him away while Luna stayed behind




            “YOU ARE LUCKY I DON’T KICK YOUR A*S RIGHT NOW but I promise Justin I would not harm you” she voice returned to normal she was walking out of the gym when she said


            “You don’t deserve him” she said not even looking back


The gym went dead silence everyone was staring at Noah was seem to be frozen but he mange to broke out of his frozen state to try and find his friends but what he discover was something he would have never guesses he saw Rose heavily making out with some of his friend he did not bother stopping them instead he ran after Justin he just followed the water trial towards the main exit of the school but when he got to the exit he heard Justin crying and he could hear his friends trying to comfort him he wanted to go comfort but he knew that his friends would not let him near the crying teenager. He just stood there listening Justin crying his heart out and feeling helpless because he could not take away the pain in his heart.


            “Justin…I am sorry I love you” Noah muttered placing a hand over his face to try and hide the tears


He heard a car drive up and he heard his friends and Justin mom voice walk towards the van and drove away, then he walk out of the school with tears streaming down his face he looked up at the sky to all of a sudden to see a shooting star pass thought the night sky “I wish…” after he made his wish he did the walk of shame to his car and drove him in compete silence also he kept looking over at the empty passenger seat.


            “Justin…” his voice cracked as tear poured down his face like a waterfall


After about ten minutes to crying he slowly walked to his car and head home but not before passing Justin house he slowed down a bit to see Justin was getting out of the car shivering like crazy even thought he had a towel around him. He was about to pull up in the drive way but a car behind him was honking like a mad man so he speed away to his house, when he got to his house he saw his dad car was still parked in the drive way not even wanting to think about what he dad was doing all day he just parked into the drive way and walked into the house. But by the time he got to the door he was greeted to an angry dad who was drunk


            “I knew you was with the faire” he growled walking towards his son


            “What are you” he never got to finish because his father held up a picture of him and Justin dancing all Noah wanted to do was to take the picture away from his dad and place it near his heart


            “One of your friends sent me his picture” still holding it up


Noah bull rush his dad to get the picture he was able to get it due to his father being drunker then a skunk then he quickly went into the house and ran upstairs to his room he went to his dresses tossing his socks till he found what he was looking for a little black box he place it in his pocket, then he grab a bag and packet a change of clothes and his tooth brush and tooth paste then he quickly ran back to his car and speed way from his house. After checking to make sure his father was not following him he looked at the picture, how perfect they looked then he felt his phone vibrate it was Mr. Jonson


            “U were voted prom king”


Noah quickly texted back


            “Who won queen” it was a few minutes before he got a reply it only held one name




Noah jaw dropped he did not know what to think that would have seal the deal on their perfect night


            “Can I stay over at your house dad is in a drunken rage” he asked hoping he would say yes




He texted back thanks and went over to Mr. Jonson house he was glad to have a cool uncle like him, his house was only a few minutes away by the time he got there Mr. Jonson was already home. Knowing he had to face the music soon he got out of the car and headed inside


            “Hey Noah long time no see” a voice called out from the kitchen


            “Hey Mike” Noah replied tossing the bag on the couch and went into the kitchen


There you could see Mr. Jonson and Mike sitting at the dinner table drinking some coffee they looked like they were waiting for him


            “So do you want to explain what happen today” Mr. Jonson asked getting to the point and Noah knows he will be unable to lie his uncle was a natural lie detector


            “The jocks wanted to play a prank on Justin” he with full shame in his voice looking down not wanting to face his uncle or his partner


            “Noah what am I going to do with you” his uncle sighed heavily


Noah just shrugged he then looked at the picture of him and Justin dancing which cause Noah to smile which was notice by Mike


            “You going to share” he asked


Noah ears turned red he then placed the picture on the table when Mike and Mr. Jonson saw it there jaws dropped


            “This is that Justin kid” Mike asked still looking at the picture Noah just nodded


            “Damn” Mr. Jonson said


            “You two look like you were made for each other” Mike add


Noah could not answer


            “I have a question if you don’t mind me asking” Noah asked


            “Yeah” they answered together which gave Noah the creeps which they knew they only did it to mess with him


            “How did you too know you were meant for each other?”


            “Well I was the kind of kid who use to get bullied a lot one day it got to a point where I wanted to kill myself so I found a bridge and jumped off of it” Mike said looking into his coffee


            “I was walking by when I saw him jump off I was capital of the swim team I jumped and mange to get both of us to shore and into my car so I could warm him up not wanting him to get sick when he awoke he was surprise to see me when he looked at me I saw something in his eyes and we kissed and boom here we are now” Mr. Jonson finished the story while comforting Mike about the saddest moment in his life


Noah was speechless


            “Well I am off to bed good night” Noah said while yawning heading up the stairs after getting changed and brush he went into his bed room for some reason he liked his uncle house more than his own it was more homey he went to his window he was there was a full moon out tonight which cause him to think of his Justin


            “I promise I will make it up Justin I swear it” he said to himself then heading to his bed

© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
Only one more chapter to go but if this story can get twenty views and two comment i might add a sequal

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