Awkward Silence

Awkward Silence

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

Justin first class for the day


He was searching the ground for his stick but with no luck then he felt someone gently place his hand in his stick in his hand also that person gently helped him up


            “Thank you for helping me” Justin whispered while getting his composter back


            “It’s no problem Jeff is an a*s whole any way” it was the female voice that helped him


            “I am still in ear shoot” Jeff yelled at the female voice


            “I know I wanted you to hear it” the female voice replied


The next thing they hear was a door opening with someone coming out


            “What’s going on here” he stop when he saw Luna helping Justin then he notice Jeff and got a pretty good idea what is happening


            “Jeff my office now” it was Mr. Jonson voice Justin felt safer with him here


The young man just groans and went into the office


            “Luna can you help Justin around school his escort is not here yet” he asked


Luna just nodded yes and walking with Justin to his homeroom, Justin did not say anything for a while


            “Thanks for helping me out again” Justin replied


            “It is no trouble” Luna replied


Justin tried to gather all of his stuff that spilt; Luna found his schedule and compared his to hers.


            “Very nice we have the same class but for 5th period” Luna said while handing him back his schedule. Justin just nodded then all of a sudden he felt someone lock there arm around his


            “What are you doing” Justin asked


            “To make sure I don’t lost you” she replied happily


            “I take it you are one of those kinds of girls” he asked while smiling


            “Yep” she replied quickly


They walk down the halls with the arms lock together


            “Here is our homeroom teacher Mrs. Amber and heads up she is an old crow” she added but that did not help with Justin being nervous so they walked into the room together and went to the back to sit down.


            “Mind if you can descried yourself so I can have a mental image in my head” Justin asked 


            “Sure I am about 5’7, tan skin, have a few piercing, my hair is kind of long and oh I dyed it white” she said with pride


Justin jaw dropped when he heard her hair was white


            “Why” he asked


She did not reply but he had a feeling she had a huge grin on her face; they spend most of homeroom talking when they heard the door slam causing everyone to stop talking. The sound of heels clicking on the floor echo thought the room; a loud SLAM filled the room causing a few gasps in the room.


            “Okay keep quit and let me call row” a female voice called out next she called out name in the classroom but she stopped when she got to Justin name


            “I see we have a new student in the classroom” she called out then she looked up to try and find him, he found him sitting next to Luna


            “New kid come up to the front of the classroom and tell up about you” she yelled across the classroom.


Justin got up the he started tapping his stick on the floor and placing his left hand on the top of the desks, then someone put there foot out to cause him to trip making the whole room laugh even Mrs. Amber joined in. Luna quickly got up to help him up when Mrs. Amber saw her got up


            “Sit back down Luna” she yelled giving her the evil eye


            “I can’t I need to help him up I am his escort” she replied when she got to Justin she grab his hand slowly lifting him up then grabing his walking stick and placing it in his hands. Mrs. Amber was about to say something when the phone rang, she picked it up and started talking to someone the phone call lasted about two minutes then she handed up.


            “Justin you are needed at the office Mr. Jonson needs you” she called out


Justin was glad to get out of that room he slowly walked to the door when he felt someone interlock their arms with there’s. He had a feeling it was Luna he is glad he had her as a friend


            “Luna get back in your seat” Mrs. Amber yelled


            “Again I can’t I am his escort” she replied then they left the room


They walked to the office in silence when they got there Mr. Jonson was there walking for them. He motions them to follow him to his office which was down the hall, when they got in the room Justin had a feeling someone else was in the room. He squeeze Luna hand for comfort, she moved him to a nearby seat and help him into the seat.


            “Justin Noah is here” Mr. Jonson called out


Justin let out a huge sigh “So that is the other person in the room”


            “Please Mr. Jonson I can speak for myself” Noah quickly remarked


            “Luna you and Mr. Noah can work out escort duty later but for today Noah will be his escort for the rest of the day” Mr. Jonson added


She was about to replied then she notice Justin was smiling at her trying to tell her everything will be okay. She left the office heading back to her homeroom


            “Okay we only have three minute before we have to change class so I will leave you two in here so you can talk” Mr. Jonson said while getting up and left the room, they spend a few minutes in silence until Noah broke the silence


            “Look I am only doing this because Mr. Jonson said it would be great for me so don’t bother trying to become friends with me” Noah said sharply


Then the bell rang Noah and Justin got up and left the office walking silently to their next class the only thing you could hear was the tapping sound of Justin walking stick.


            “Look I am sorry I just been stressed out and there is a big game coming up and its adding more pressure for me” Noah apologizeing


            “It is okay Mr. Jonson told me you been getting mad real easy so I am going to do the best I can to try and keep you calm if it would help I will come to the game if you want me to” Justin replied calmly while looking at him. Noah could feel his cheeks starting to burn up a little, they got to their class room then everyone else started pouring into the class room when a different girl’s voice called out


            “Hey Noah over there” Justin felt someone grab onto his arm and drag him somewhere


            “Hey there is my little Rose” Noah replied then the sound of a them kissing filled Justin ears made him sick then he clear his throat to making sure he was not forgotten.


            “Oh Rose this is Justin the blind kid I told you about” introducing Justin


            “So you are the one who is taking my Justin time away from me” she said bluntly with some venom in her words


            “Rose” Noah called out getting a little giggle out of her


            “I am sorry he was the only one with all of the same classes as me” apologizing with a smile the second bell rang reminding the teens to take their seat


            “If it okay with you Noah I am going to sit somewhere else” Justin whispered then leaving to find another spot finding a spot near the front. Justin sat down near Rose letting out a huge sigh


            “I don’t like him” she whispered bluntly leaning over


            “Rose you just met the kid how come you don’t like him” he replied quickly


            “I don’t like anyone takes time away from me” pouting a little


The teacher started handing out syllabus and how there will be a seating chart by next week, Noah just zone her out and wonder why he was even going out with her “Sure she was hot and the most popular girl in school,  he was the most popular guy in school but sometimes I wonder if she truly loves me wonder if Justin wait what am I thinking” his train of thought was broke when the teacher called out his name


            “Welcome back to class Mr. Noah” everyone was laughing at him even Rose but when Noah went to find Justin he was not laughing he had the I-am-sorry-for-what-just-happen look which cause him to ignore everyone else in the room. The teacher was writing notes about chemical bounding when he got a note from Rose


            “What were you thinking about?”


            “You naked” tossing it back to her


            “Maybe after the game FridayJshe replied then Noah just remembers Justin said he would come. About after an hour the bell rang for class change Noah kisses Rose good bye and went over to Justin


            “So you would like to come to the game this Friday” he asked him


            “Yeah I thought it would be fun to go to a football game even thought I know nothing about the game” Justin laugh a little he got up and they walked to their next class


            “You know I bet you will get a girlfriend by the end of the week” Noah called out


            “I am not into girl I am gay” Justin replied causing Noah to stop in his tracks


            “Oh I never talked to a gay guy before” catching up to Justin


            “It is okay I won’t turn you gay” slowly walking so Noah could catch up


            “So…what is your type” asking sheepishly


Justin stopped to think a bit


            “Someone kind, can make me laugh, will be there for me, able to look pass my blindness, can’t smoke or drink” catching up to Noah


They kept walking in silence minus the sound of Justin walking stick tapping the floor, then they heard a lot of people shouting ahead and the sound of other was filling the hall, someone dump into Justin causing him to fall down onto Noah. Justin on was top of Noah with a apple face “Hmmm he look good there wait what is going on here” Noah thought mentally slapping him self


            “Sorry s-s-someone dump into me” Justin slowly getting up “Wow I just got hard from that good thing I am wearing jeans” Noah thought wishing away his "friend"


            “It is okay” Justin brushing himself off


            “Look like there was a fight but the teachers took care for its” Noah heard brushing himself off


They continue walking to their next class in an awkward silence

© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
Comment tell me what you think or what i should add i made this part off the top of my head

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I really like the dialogue. I believe successfully portraying emotions with dialogue is great. Good job Also, again with the grammar. I think you should proof read all of your work before submitting. Also use Word if you don't so grammar mistakes can be automatically corrected. Like the other readers I got confused by the switch of names, but I figured it out soon enough. Other than that I enjoyed reading it. :]

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like your writing, even though you sometimes switch the names, which kinda confuses me, and the grammar is mushy-mush. But this is a really good story!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I think about halfway though you switched Noah and Justin's roles.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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