The Game

The Game

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

The final chapter the moment everyone been waiting for, thank for to all of my wonderful reader for being there for me and supporting me


He woke up to the smell of home cooking lingering in his room so he put in a pair of pants and headed down to the kitchen, there he saw Mike in the kitchen making pancakes, sausage, biscuits


            “Morning Noah” he said with a huge smile on his face setting the table for three, Noah went to the refrigerator and fixed himself a glass of oranges juice and chugged it down then he fixed himself another glass and went to the table.


            “Morning honey” Mike said as he went over to hug Mr. Jonson and give him a peck on the check which cause Noah to smile a little


            “Hey uncle I have a plan and I need you help” Noah asked while biting into a pancake


            “Ohh what kind of a plan” Mike asked sitting in his uncle lap


            “A plan to make Justin forgive me” Noah replied looking at his food


Then they both looked at each other they were having a mental conversation in their mind then at the same time they said


            “Sure” which still gave Noah the creeps


            “Okay here is the plan” Noah explain his plan   


We got to school about fifteen minutes before the bell rang for school to start which gave him plenty of time to set his plan in motion first he needed to find Luna and hope to explain myself before she gives me one her death glares then he quickly notice Luna leaving the girl rest room he took a deep breath and called out to her which cause her to freeze in place


            “Noah you have ten seconds before I kick” then Noah interrupted her


            “I know I am the biggest a*s hole on the planet and I don’t deserve someone special as Justin but please” Noah eyes started to form tears


She just crossed her arms and sighed heavily


            “Okay what is your plan” she asked Noah face lit up like the sun and leaned in and whispered his plan


            “Oh I like it I approve” she said with an grin


Noah was about to bolt to find his uncle when a thought hit him


            “Hey what is Justin favorite song” he asked


            “Breaking Benjamin- Without You” she yelled then ran to find the rest of her friends to tell them the plan


He found his uncle in his office sipping his coffee and reading the papers then Noah cleared his throat to get his attention


            “How did it go” he asked


            “Great Luna is going to have the rest of Justin friends help” he replied with a huge smile on his face


Noah left his uncle office and he was greeted by Rose who looked like she was waiting for him for a while


            “Hey Noah” she said getting closer to Noah “You ready for the big game today”


            “Yeah I can’t wait we are going to own them” he replied with a huge smile


He manage to escape her grasps and Rose gave him a what-the-hell look


            “Sorry need to get to class before I am late” he yelled running to his next class


While walking to his next class he was going thought the list of his plan in his head so far everything seem to be going great now he just needed to wait for the game that is where everything is going to go down and he knew what the consequences were going to be he knew he was going to be kick off the football team, he would “lose” his friends, and he sure his dad will kick him out but he did not care as long he could have Justin nothing else matters to him except his happiness. When he got to his next class he saw Justin talking to Robbie “Hope Luna told everyone about the plan” he sat down near Rose who was still a little mad about what happen.


            “Okay class today we are going to watch a movie about how volcanoes are made” the teacher said putting in the movie then heading back to his desk


Noah was not paying attention to the movie he kept thinking about Justin and there future together “Maybe his parents would let me move in with him then I would be able to hold him each night, kiss him goodnight, and be able to see him each day” with that thought his heart started to fill with a unknown warmth but Noah liked that feeling his train of thought was broken when the phone rang, he could hear his teacher talking then he hung up the phone and pause the movie


            “Noah couch wants you” he said then hit play


He nodded then he grab his stuff and headed out the door but not before looking back into the glass room he saw Rose texting someone like a crazy and he could see Justin looking right at him and he could still the pain that he cause him last night and Noah swore he could see a single tear escape his eyes. Noah then left the room with a heavy heart as he was walking to the gym he saw the other member of his team when they got to the gym the coach told them to start get ready for the game soon which cause everyone to run into the locker room like a group of madmen because they know they only have a short amount of time before the coach makes them do 50 laps.


While the other guys were talking about how they getting “lucky” after the game Noah was thinking how he is going to commit himself to Justin and Justin only he open his backpack to check to see if the box was still in there it was “Soon” he thought as he took the box out and put it in his pocket then shoving his backpack in his locker. He ran out the door to see Mr. Jonson out there talking to the coach about the upcoming game


            “Mr. Jonson” Noah yelled motioning him to come over   


Mr. Jonson excused himself and went to see what Noah wanted


            “Yeah Noah” he asked


Noah pulled the small black box out of his pocket and asked


            “Can you hold this for me until the game?”


            “Sure” he took the box but not before leaning in and whispered


            “Everything is set” which put a smile on Noah face


As Mr. Jonson was walking away from the football field part of him wanted to know what was in the black box, when he got back into his office he sat down and open the box


            “Wow” was all Mr. Jonson said then closing the box


The coach told them to head to the lunchroom to get something to eat this time they all ran like cavemen on a hunt which cause Noah to laugh a little when he got into the lunchroom he saw the team had already cut everyone else in line, so Noah thought he would walk around a little and wait for the line to die down then he saw Luna and her friends trying to make Justin eat but he kept saying he was not hungry which Noah knew he was lying he singled Luna to come over


            “Hey what’s wrong with Justin” he asked in a whisper


            “He won’t eat and his mom says he is crying nonstop” she replied with a worry tone in her voice


            “And before you ask yes everyone know all saw how happy you guys looked at the party we are all behind you but Robbie says you break his heart again he will steal it for himself” she said with a smile walking back to her table


That warmed his heart knowing that Justin friends want them together then he quickly notice that the line has died down so he headed to the line to get some fuel for the big game coming up when he got to his table they were talking about how they are going to win today and have a big party afterwards blah blah blah Noah was not paying attention he was too worried about Justin not eating he know it is not food for a person to not eat “Justin I promise everything will be okay I will protect you no matter what” Noah thought


            “Dude you ready for the big game” someone asked with a smile on his face


            “Yeah it will be one to remember” Noah laughing at his own joke


After the team finished eating they went back to the locker room and started getting change into their football gear, then Mr. Jonson voice could be heard thought the intercom


            “The football game is about to start everyone with a ticket please go to the football field and have your ticket ready”


            “Come on Justin you have to come” Ashley begged


            “Yeah it will be fun” Adrian added


            “Please Justin” Robbie joins in the begging session


            “If you don’t want to do it for us do it Noah” Luna said knowing she went below the belt but she had too she wanted the old Justin back


            “Okay…I will go but someone will have to tell me what’s going on” he replied weakly and with a fake smile on his face


That cause everyone to cheer so loud that the whole lunch room looked at them funny but which cause them to laugh so hard they almost fell out of their seats


            “But I don’t have a ticket” kind of hoping he did not have to go then he heard Luna chuckle a bit, letting out a big sigh


            “Let me guess you bought me one right” Justin hoped he was wrong


            “Bet your blind a*s I did” she replied


Justin just groaned then he felt someone place their arms around his shoulder then he felt those arms pull him towards the football field, there was a gentle breeze blowing against his skin, he could feel the sun on his skin and last he could hear the winds blowing through the tree causing them to whisper in his ear


            “Justin” he whispered


Noah was watching the group of misfits walking towards the bleachers with Justin stuck in the middle making sure he does not escape, then all of a sudden he saw his dad flirting with one of the single mom in the bleachers while holding a brown bag in his hand  next he could see his uncle walking into the announcer box then all of a sudden his voice the field which mean it was time for his plan to be out in action when he got back to the locker room he heard the coaching going over the plan…again Noah did not listen he did not expect to be on the team after tonight


The team headed to the field when they got into the field there was a loud roar of people cheering them on and Noah found Rose staring at another guy but he was from a different school, when they sat on the metal benches the ref was about to flip the coin when all of a sudden Mr. Jonson went into the middle of the field with a microphone


            “But ladies and gentlemen before we start this game one of the players would like to make an announcement Noah” he said pointing right to Noah who quickly ran up to him and took the microphone from him


            “I will try and make this short I know you guys are here for the match” Noah said with a smile on his face then all of a sudden he felt something being place in his hand


Justin felt sick to his stomach “Again…I don’t think my heart can take another blow” he thought he sat up and started walking away he was a little wabbly but he was managing


            “Justin” they all cried out but he did not listen to them he just wanted to leave


            “This person is very special in my life they helped me know what true love is, they have eyes that can see into people souls, they have a smile you can see for miles, they have a body most people would kill for…”


Justin thought he was going to pass out again “He is talking about Rose” he kept telling himself


While Noah was making his speech he was mentally looking for Justin but he was not with his friends he looked to the right and he saw Justin trying to walk away he quickly singled his uncle to cue the music. All of a sudden


Search for the answers I knew all along

I lost myself, we all fall down

Never the wiser of what I've become

Alone I stand, a broken man


All I have is one last chance

I won't turn my back on you

Take my hand, drag me down

If you fall then I will too

And I can't save what's left of you


Sing something new, I have nothing left

I can't face the dark without you

There's nothing left to lose, the fight never ends

I can't face the dark without you


That causes Justin to stop in his tracks and look at Noah, he could feel tears forming in his eyes right now and his mind was a blank


Swallow me under and pull me apart

I understand there's nothing left

Pain so familiar and close to the heart

No more, no less, I won't forget


Come back down, save yourself

I can't find my way to you

And I can't bear to face the truth


Sing something new, I have nothing left

I can't face the dark without you

There's nothing left to lose, the fight never ends

I can't face the dark without you


Justin was frozen in place then he felt someone place their arms around him


            “We will take you to him” Luna said in a whisper


Then he felt all of his friends place their arms around him he was speechless and he is glad he has such great friends in his life they slowly made there was to the field


I wanted to forgive

I'm trying to forgive

Don't leave me here again

I'm with you forever, the end


Sing something new, I have nothing left

I can't face the dark without you

There's nothing left to lose, the fight never ends

I can't face the dark without you


Holding the hand that holds me down

I forgive you, forget you, the end

Holding the hand that holds me down

I forgive you, forget you, the end


Noah was waiting patiently for Justin to come over he was sure the teen was in shock about what just happen when his friends got half across the field he felt his heart start beating faster and faster. He could hear his father yelling at him but he chose to ignore him he also heard Rose throwing a b***h fit again he did not care he only cared about Justin, as he saw Justin getting closer he placed one of his friends in front of him waiting for him to take it


Justin heart was in over load right now he never thought this would be happening to him nor someone would confess their love for him on his level, he was silently crying and he felt happy then he felt someone grad his hand and place in Noah hand then he head his friends back away soon not wanting to ruin this moment then all of a sudden he was jerk into a hug he return the hug and felt himself cry harder now


            “Justin I know we have not known each other long but I want you and only you” Noah said aloud then he reaches for the black box and opened the top which revealed his class ring it had a silver base with a white diamond in the middle of it, he gently grab Justin free hand and placed it over the ring


            “Noah” Justin whispered


            “Will you be mine” Noah whispered in his ear


Before Justin could give his answer Rose ran over to them and knocked Justin down which cause his friends to quickly run over and make sure he was okay


            “Are better be joking right you are leaving me for this f****t” she yelled at the top of her lungs Luna looked like she was about to kick Rose a*s up and down the field


He just brushed past her and helped Justin up


            “I am sure you have other gentlemen “caller” you can run too” he replied bitterly help Justin up


She was speechless then she ran away with fake tears in her eyes hoping he would come after her


            “Are you okay” he asked gently


            “Yeah I am fine” Justin replied then shoving his face into Noah chest


            “So…will you be mine” he asked again wrapping his around the little teenager


            “Yes” he quickly replied his face still into his chest


Noah then then removed the ring from the box and gently places it on Justin ring finger but the moment did not last long when Noah saw his father raging like a bull coming over to him, he quickly got in front of Justin and places his arm like a shield to protect him


            “I knew you were a faire” he slurred eyes still in lock with Noah’s eyes


            “Don’t bother coming home” he slurred then walks away


But not even ten seconds later Justin parents came running down to check on their son after making sure there son was not hurt when Rose tossed him they turned their attention to Noah


            “Anyone who does this deserved to be with my son” the father said with a huge smile


            “You are welcome to stay with us if you want after a performance like that I have no doubt you love my son” her mother said getting teary eyed


Then all of a sudden the football field was covered with cheers and anger threats which mean that was there cue to leave everyone but Justin friends ran to the car. When they got the Justin house his mom went into the kitchen to cook up a feast, while there dad went to turn on the TV. Justin grab Noah hand and dragged him up to his room when they got to his room Justin attacked Noah lips no tongue just a simple prolong kiss when they had to break away for some air Noah places his hand on Justin check


            “You know have no idea how much I’ve missed being with you” he said in a whisper


            “Same here” Justin replied looking at him in the face


Looking him dead in his eyes


            “I promise for now on I will never make you cry again and I will protect you” in a stern voice looking Justin stright in the eyes


Justin just simply nodded and barred his face into Noah chest then he wrapped his arms around his new life love they stay like that not saying anything just enjoying each other presence which was broken when Crystal called them down to eat which cause them to break away and run down to the kitchen. They sat around the table with smiles on their faces then Justin held up his glass 


            “To our new life”


Everyone tapped there glass against Justin




© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

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Jonathan Biswell
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