Noah Hidden Side

Noah Hidden Side

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

Turns out Noah is not that perfect as he seems


Justin and Ashley had the same 4th period together also Robbie and Luna were in the same class as them. When Robbie notice Justin he ran over to give him a another bear hug


            “I take it this is going to be a daily thing” Justin managed to get out


            “Yep” Robbie replied quickly


Justin just sighed hugging him back then he felt someone grab his arm and drag him to a table.


            “Wonder how this is going to work a blind teenager in art class” Robbie stated


            “Who knows but it should be fun” Justin replied with a smile then he felt someone tap his shoulder


            “You know Robbie has a crush on you” Ashley whispered


Justin was speechless “But I like Noah” he thought


            “Thanks for telling me what should I do” he whispered back


            “I don’t know maybe he is trying to steal you before Noah has a chance to get you” she whispered back


            “But why me” he is trying to figure out


            “Who knows” she replied


Before Justin has a chance to ask another question the door slammed shut meaning the teacher was in the room.


            “Before we get started we have a new student and I thought it would be nice if he introduced himself” she said happily


            “Justin would you mind if you stand up and talked about yourself” she added


He just groaned and got up


            “Hey I am Justin and yes I am blind” introducing himself with a goofy grin


He could hear some whisper in the class room then he felt someone grab his hand and rub there thumb against the back of his hand which helped him relax, then he sat himself down.


            “I would like my hand back please” asking the person with his captured hand


            “Can I hold it a bit longer” Robbie asked when he hear his voice Justin face blushed a little


            “Maybe I can be your hands while in here” Robbie asked sweetly


Justin did not know what to do or say right now “I wish Noah was here”


Noah was in gym just passing the football to random players on the team then he heard a high pitch whistle blow, everyone started heading to the coach.


            “Today we have a big game this friday and I am going to make sure you guys are in tip top shape” a guff voice called out


Everyone did there warm ups but the sun was high in the sky with no clouds and it was 80 degrees. They started with one hundred pushups Noah could feel himself starting to sweat like crazy while hearing his dad voice in his head “Come on son push yourself to the limit and when you get there do even farther” also he could feel his anger starting to boiling over. Next he called the team by their number then tossed the ball when it got to Noah he was already out in the middle of the football field but when he looked up for the ball he could not see it cause the sun was in his way, it did come down but it hit his head causing the team to laugh a little he heard the coach call him over


            “Noah what the hell was that” yelling right in his face


            “I am sorry sir but the damn sun” his voice filled with anger


            “Good you are getting anger now bottle that anger and store it for Friday” the coached whispered then he dismissed Noah. He went to get a drink of water hoping to cool himself off. “Man the coach he driving us hard today” he thought then out of nowhere a football came flying and hit Noah right in the head that cause him to spill his water he quickly turn around to see who it was. The one who threw it was not trying to hit it he had a smug grin on his face Noah started charging toward the teen and in the blink of an eye he went down hard, he had formed his hand into a fist and pop the one who threw it right into the ground.


            “Noah” the coach yelled


            “I know I know” already gathering his stuff and slowly walking toward the school heading to ISAP while walking there one thought was on his mind “I wish Justin was here” by the time he got to the school building the bell rang which raise Justin hopes. He went right to his last class when he got in the class room he looked around for the blind teenager he was talking to the teacher for some reason but that did not stop him he slow walked over to Justin they finish talking and Justin dump into Noah causing him to stagger a bit


            “Oh I am sorry” Noah quickly apologized trying to help him up


            “That was a nice trip I took” laughing a little which cause Noah to start laughing a little


            “Why did the teacher talk to you” Noah leaned in and whispered


            “Told me how you are failing this class and he asked me to tutor you” Justin replied back


            “Oh would you mind coming over today I can’t seat out this game Friday” he beg


            “Sure” Justin replied with a smile


            “Cool after school lets out I will take you home with me” Justin added


For that period they sat together and Noah felt all of his anger just disappear but he was scared “Hope dad is not home”  he thought

© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
Comment or if you have any ideas let me know

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It's coming together really well. Keep it up ;D

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Jonathan Biswell
Jonathan Biswell

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