Silence Day

Silence Day

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

Justin seek comfort in his friends, Noah acts like nothing happened between him and Justin, my focus for this chapter is for Justin to spend the whole day with his friends


Justin did not get much sleep last night because he was crying too much; even his parents could hear him crying all night.


The next day


Justin got up and slowly went towards the bathroom and started taking his shower also his mind kept replaying what happen between him and Noah yesterday


”He felt Noah slam against his body and places his lips on his, the kiss alone cause Justin to get drunk and sent his head spinning. All other noise just vanish around them he felt like for the first time in his life he would see”


He hopped out of the shower dried himself off and just put on random cloths he did not feeling like looking his best. This time his dad drove him to school but he could his father try and talk to him but Justin did not feel like listening or answering to him but he headed that they were at school he got out of the car and headed to the school. When he got to the door he opened the door and just started walking around aimless he did not stop till he heard Luna voice call out to him


            “Hey Justin” he stopped till she was close to him


She wrapped her arms around him then she notice his face it was bright red and his checks were puffy she leaned in and whispered


            “What’s wrong” then all of a sudden Justin started crying again into her shoulder she lead him to their group of friends and sat him down on the floor, she used her sleeves to wipe away his tears


            “Hey hey what’s wrong sweetie” Robbie asked comforting Justin so Luna motion them all to come closer and told them what happen yesterday, everyone gasped then everyone started having different conversation then they heard someone cough that drew everyone attention even Justin it was Noah, they formed a small barrier around Justin while everyone had daggers in their eyes aimed at him then Luna whispered something into Robbie ear


            “Take Justin somewhere else” she whispered he just nodded and wrapped his arm around Justin and took him to his homeroom then everyone followed then she returned her focus back onto Noah


            “You have ten seconds before I beat the crap out of you” she threatens him


            “I don’t know what you are talking about” Noah acting innocent


            “Okay but know this I am taking over your escort duty” she replied


            “Whatever I did not even like watching that f*g anyway” for some reason his heart hurt when he said f*g but he did not want her to notice


            “You are such a jock you know what right just go and be with your perfect girlfriend” using air quotation around the word perfect then she stormed off


But she stopped and turns around to look at Noah


            “You know sometimes I think you are the blind kid not Justin” she went back to walking towards her homeroom


When she got to her homeroom Justin was surround by his friends and there was a smile on his face then the five minute late bell rand cause everyone to scatter to their own homerooms. Luna went to sit by Justin and notice his mood was still the same so she pulled him into a hug


            “Hey don’t worry I am sure everything will be okay” she whispered


Justin did not say anything he just got up and started walking towards his first class of the day “I have a bad feeling about this” she got up to catch up to him. We walked to his class in silence Luna dropped him off then he headed to his class, while the teacher was talking Noah and Rose spend the whole class passing notes


Noah   “I got someone else to escort that blind kid meaning I am spend time with you”


Rose     “I am glad I hated the fact of someone other than me spending time with you”


Noah   “Do you want to come other today dad is going to be out of the house”


Rose      Not today I have cheer practice today”


The bell rang causing everyone to pack up there stuff Justin was out of his seat when someone dumped into his causing him to drop his stuff all over the floor, then someone kicked Justin stick


            “Oops” Rose said then giggling then he heard someone else laugh felt his heart sank because he knew who that voice belonged to Noah. Justin felt his eye being to water up. All of a sudden he felt someone place his stick in his hand


            “I think this belongs to you” Robbie said gently


            “Thanks” Justin muttered


Robbie helped Justin get all of his stuff together


            “I am here to escort you to your next class” Robbie added


            “Whatever” Justin said bitterly “Wow he must have been hurt badly to be acting like this” Robbie thought 


“Maybe coming to public school was not such a great idea” Justin thought

Justin next class was English he sat right next to Ashley they kept whispering to each other, she hope that it would keep his mind off Noah; they had a few close calls with the teacher. And she was right he kept smiling all thought the class they talked about random boys in the class room then they started doing the assignment.


“Attention there is an assembly starting right after this class” Mr. Jonson


Ashley latches onto his arm and dragged him into the gym, he could hear a lot of people talking at once, and then he felt she dragged me some where then I heard my friends talking. We all walked towards the gym together. We found a spot near the top of the bleachers then everyone went dead silence. Then Mr. Jonson talked into the middle of the gym with a microphone in hand


            “This Friday is our final game with our rival school we are going to have a pep rally before the game. It will cost only one dollar now I will hand it over to the head cheer leader so she can tell you what to expect.”  He then handed the microphone to Rose


            “Are you guys ready for this Friday” she shouted


He felt two people place their arms around their shoulders he could not help but smile and be proud  having friends that would care, He zoned out while they were talking about the big game Friday but he was snapped back into reality when Justin heard Noah voice talking about how their team was going to win Friday and how there will be a dance right after the game


            “I would like to take this chance to ask someone very special to me to be my date to the dance” Noah voice echoed out thought the gym, Justin heart was starting to fill up when he heard that.


            “Rose, would you be my date for the dance “echo thought the gym and in Noah head and heart. Justin felt his eyes water also he heard his friends asked if he was okay but he would not hear them then all of a sudden he felt himself fall over also he could no longer hear his friends or anyone else.

© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
I will try and write this chapter quick

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Jonathan Biswell

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