Majestic Poets


Hey everybody!
This group is for you and me
Share your masterpiece
For everyone to see
Let your rhymes arise
And take you beyond your eyes
Take the time to express yourself
To get reviews from someone else
Have fun!

J.R. Asor

New Writing

The Fallen The Fallen

A Poem by Aa Harvey

My love My love

A Poem by Aa Harvey

With you With you

A Poem by Aa Harvey

The end The end

A Poem by Aa Harvey

Sera Sera

A Poem by Adelise Eclair

A Lesser Man A Lesser Man

A Poem by Leigh

Kaitlin Kaitlin

A Poem by J.R. Asor_28

Ego Ego

A Poem by SabrinaThePoet

Wizards Wizards

A Poem by J.R. Asor_28

.:Africa:. .:Africa:.

A Poem by Beemo

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Welcome, poets!

J.R. Asor_28

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