Intermission for a small Transition

Intermission for a small Transition

A Chapter by Jobyn

We've got a signal!


You wake up after a looooong nap to a live intermission coming from your communication device. After a bunch of static, you have video feed that shows three chairs set up behind a long table. 

Stiff's voice: Hm? Onion Head Emoticons 12 Oh! Hey, you two! We've got it now! 

Okina's voice: Eh? Eh? What was that? 

Stiff's voice: The video thing! We've got uh... We've got a signal! It's online, heh. 

Okina's voice: Eh? What video thing? 

Draven's voice: [SFX: Door opening and closing] What's going on here? And what's with this elevator music playing in the background... 
Stiff walks in front of the video screen and points at you. Onion Head Emoticons 37

Stiff: Just get over here, guys! As of now, we are on cue. 

The other two briefly join him, looking towards the screen dumbfounded.
Okina: Oh, wow...! It's you! Free Animal Smileys Hiya! Long time no see~
Stiff: Yeah! Hey, uh... (nudges Okina) What was their name againOnion Head Emoticons 107
Okina: Um... wasn't it like, "You" or something? Free Animal Smileys

Draven: (Sigh) I don't think "You" was their name, Okina. That title was referring to the reader...
Stiff: Hang on, I got us covered... (Flips frantically through the story's pages) Onion Head Emoticons 22 Okay... huh, interesting. (Closes the book) They don't remember their name or something... And we all know him/her/(it?) as Rook. 

Okina: Oh yeah! I remember now. We named them Rook because... wait, no, I don't remember why but it doesn't matter! It's nice to see you again! How long has it been? 

Draven: You should have joined my team, "Rook"... I would have remembered your name. 

Stiff: Shush! That's not important now. I'm sure Rook might have forgotten a few things too, which is why we're here to get him/her/(it?) up to speed. Even though just a minute ago we had no idea what the heck was going on. Onion Head Emoticons 136

Okina: Yes! We sure missed you Rook. With you back, things are going to get lively around here again! Free Animal Smileys Woot! Woot! Uh Uh UH UH! (Going to the beat of the monkey's dancing)

Draven: Hmph. Whatever. I'm still bothered by this background music. I feel like I'm in a cooking show or something... 

Stiff: Draven, please... Anyway! Yes, yes, we are honored to have you back with us, Rook. Onion Head Emoticons 17Now that we can push the formalities aside, we'd like to take the time to run some important things over with you! 
Okina: Yup, yup! Things are gonna change around here... Free Animal Smileys So you'd better listen up good. 

Stiff: Mhm. I know we've been acting like you're the one who's been gone after all this time, when it was actually our lazy writer who simply stopped writing for whatever reason... You might be wondering, "Just what the HELL am I reading?" 

Draven: Well, they're not alone. What the HELL am I doing here? 

Stiff: Draven, just--

Draven: -No. You listen. I'm not supposed to be here, it's totally going to break my character! 

Stiff: Will you just let me explain!? Oh my GOD! Seriously, man. Why do you have to complicate my life so much? 

Draven: I complicate your life? You've got to be-- Alright, fine. Forget it. Get on with your stupid cooking show. 

Stiff: It's not a cooking show, Draven.  
Okina: Can I have a cooking show? Free Animal Smileys

Stiff & Draven:  No!! 

Okina: Free Animal Smileys... (Gets up and walks off-set)Free Animal Smileys

Stiff: Aw, wait, Okina... Heeey~ (Goes off-screen after her) I was just kidding! 

Draven: Ugh. They do this every time. Forget them, here's what's going to happen. From here on out, the format of the story is going to change a little bit. No, there won't be any changes to the story itself.  The only thing being abolished is the utterly boring and quite frankly-- unnecessary style of combat narratives. We're sticking to something more traditional and simple that won't bore you out. Oh, and this is probably the most you'll ever hear me talk for a while. Deal with it. 

Stiff: (Walks over and hops back into his chair) Hey, again! Sorry about that. We had some technical difficulties there. 
Okina: (Jumps happily back into her chair) Backer-jacks! Free Animal Smileys

Draven: Continue. Don't fool around this time. 

Stiff: Right. So, aside from what Draven just told you, I'd also like to add that we're going to be removing the inconvenient voting thingy-majiggy. It's no fun being one upped on a vote you preferred simply because there were more people who liked the other choice better. I mean, under the right circumstances that's fair-- 

Okina: Yuh! Like when more people vote for me to have my own cooking show! Circumstances like those are quite fair. 

Draven: What? There was no such vote. 

Okina: Ya-huh! 

Stiff: Well, actually Draven...

Draven: You had the others vote on that when you walked out just now, didn't you...

Okina: Free Animal Smileys Duh! It's not like they were going to say no... Not to cute, sweet, lil ol' Okina! Because those who vote otherwise knows that downvoting my cooking show idea, would be their worst idea... Free Animal SmileysHeh...heh...hehehe.

Draven: Er, so there's no more reader-interaction anymore? 

Stiff: There is! But it's not going to full-on branch out like a Choose Your Own Adventure type of story... It's just going to affect more personal matters between characters, with interaction as seen in that one chapter where the reader was able to talk to Annie, Flint, and Taly on the airship if they wanted to. 

Draven: But what about the reader's progress up until now? 

Stiff: All that is accounted for. Any progress in the story made until now is here to stay. 

Draven: Alright. Is that it? 

Stiff: Well... Hm, let me think. 

Okina: Nuh! You forget to mention there will be more of these Intermissions to come! 

Stiff: Uh, there are? I didn't hear about that... 

Okina: Yeah! I mean, I didn't either but... There should be, because it's fun doing these with you guys! 

Draven: Ugh, count me out. 

Stiff: Now, hold on there Drae... If people actually like these, I think we should consider making it a sort of "thing". 

Draven: I don't want any "thing". And my name's not Drae. 

Okina: Haha! Like Dr. Drae! 

Draven: No, Okina. 

Okina: Yes, Draven. (Gets in his face) YES. 

Draven: (Growls) 

Okina: Free Animal Smileys (Squeaks and backs up behind stiff) 

Stiff: Hey! Onion Head Emoticons 94 Don'tchu be growlin' at my girl, man. 

Draven: Shut up. Onion Head Emoticons 86

Stiff: Okay. Onion Head Emoticons 73

Draven: Are we done here? Can I go now? I want to get back to work already. 

Stiff: No! Before we end this transmission, I think... readers... might want to know how you style your hair. Right? Onion Head Emoticons 114

Draven: ... Okay, we're done. (Stands up) Next time I see you, you're dead. 

Stiff: Aight man I see how you iz. Peace. Don't worry folks, he won't kill me. He says that every time we say goodbye, heh. 

Okina: We should go too, Stiffy! Rook will be rejoining us soon, so we gotta get ourselves looking all beat up for the next chapter, hee! 

Stiff: Wait, what? 

Okina: Remember? In the last chapter you reunited with Draven and had a little tussle with him and then we got on the airship after completing the mission to retrieve Jedrek the machinist. 

Stiff: Ohhh, yeah... That's when we were attacked by Exodus' airship where me and you got knocked off-deck and plummeted to our near-deaths! Onion Head Emoticons 142 Then we had some private alone time together!
Okina: Yup, yup! Free Animal Smileys And sexy time! 

Stiff: Onion Head Emoticons 141 Okina! That hasn't happened yet! 

Okina: Oh... right. Free Animal Smileys Woops! Run awaaay! Free Animal Smileys

The two quickly stumble and run off-screen just as the transmission ends. Welcome back, Rook. 

You: What the HELL did I just watch? 

© 2012 Jobyn

Author's Note

Sorry for the long hiatus, everyone who is still reading this. I've been quite busy with real life... A lot of work-related stuff. But I'm finally back, and I can't wait to continue this story!

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Haha this was really funny XD Welcome back!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Hahah that was hilarious!
Welcome back guys! We missed you :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

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10 Years Ago

Thankies behbehs xD I had fun writing this hehe

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