Tides of Twilight - Chapter 7: The Coliseum

Tides of Twilight - Chapter 7: The Coliseum

A Chapter by Jobyn

No way... Is this really happening?

$: 1,500G

You have decided to try your hand at the Brigade Initiation exam, which will "non-traditional" this time... whatever that means to you. 


Lady Claire takes you and Nael inside the Brigade Headquarters, where she calls a young female feline hybrid over. You have seen her before, fighting the King Behemoth. Despite being a mage, she wears some rather stylish clothes- those which let her skin breathe, per say. 

Claire: Mel, we've a new greenhorn in need of a tour. Would you care to give them the initiate's round? 

Mel: (Smiles and gives a small salute) Yes, ma'am. I'd be glad to. 

Claire: Very well. Carry on, then. I must attend to matters at the EPC's office, as usual. Do be brief, yes? (Goes on her way) 

Mel: (Waves and then turns to you two) Onion Icons Is that you Nael? What are you doing here? Don't tell me you're thinking of joining too... 

Nael: WHAT!? MSN Onion Emoticon Set Do I look crazy to you!? I would never do such a thing! Fledge here is the one who wants to live by the sword! I choose to live by my pen, thank you very much! You know what they say, MSN Onion Icon sometimes the pen is mightier than--

Mel: MSN Onion Icons Okay, moving on. Then, I assume you're the greenhorn Lady Claire was talking about? (Looks at you) 

You: (You straighten up) Yes! I mean, yep, that is correct.

Mel: Gotcha! Let's get this tour going, then. (Starts making her way towards the elevator at the far end of the lobby) 

Nael: (Grins and pats you on the back, running after Mel) S'go! 

You: Okay. 

 Mel explains the areas and things that go on in each floor while taking you through them, making you take note of key places that are absolutely off-limits to ordinary members- let alone initiates and recruits. The entire building seems very ahead of its time. 

First Floor
* Lobby
* Elevators & Staircase
* Reception & Information
* Cafeteria
* Exit(Juno) 

Second Floor
* Brigade Lounge & Recreation
* Training Facility
* Showers & Locker Rooms
* Dormitories 
* Infirmary
* Lady Claire's Office
* Dragon's Roost - Off Limits 
* Exit(Machina)

Third Floor - Shops & Crafts
* Flint's Workshop 
  - Upgrade weaponry and vehicles
* Annie's Dojo
  - Train and increase your Swordsmanship
* Mel's Augments 
  - Enchant weaponry 
* Wert's Weapons 
  - Buy and repair high-quality weaponry
* Okina & Lil's Café Salon
  - Delicious body-enriching food and vanity 
* Bear's Refuge 
  - Adopt and raise pets, or drop off creatures in need of shelter 
* Exit(Windward)

Rooftop - Hangar 
* Garden
* Airship & Vehicle Hangar 
* Stage - Ceremonies & Special Events


 Well into the tour, you run into the tall, silver-haired elven man from before- the one who shouted ever so pleasantly at you. He was sweaty and holding a bottle of drinking water.

Vero: (Looking you up and down, raising a brow and scrunching his face) Gah, what the hell is this? I just had a great training session a few minutes ago and was looking to take a nice long steam... The last thing I wanted to see was a bunch of maggots squirming around in my place of rest. 

Mel: (Smiling) Well, Vero, I think you'll be glad to hear that we've got a new greenhorn on our hands. One you might actually be familiar with! (Pulls you to her side) 

Vero:  MSN Onion Icons (Spitting out his drinking water) You must be joking. This is the same kid that was crying and running away with the writer from that b***h a*s King Behemoth the other day! I was practically laughing my a*s off watching them go back and forth like decapitated chickens through the enclosed alley by the Square! 

Mel: Really? I wasn't really looking. That's... pretty bad, greenhorn. 

You: (Looking away in embarassment) I... I was going to fight... but Nael kept telling me to run away. MSN Onion Emoticon

Vero: Yeah, and like a good little maggot, you listened. It takes way more than guts to be in the Brigade. And you don't even have that. Want some advice? Quit while you're behind. Deserters aren't welcome here. 

Nael: Tactical! Fledge was just being tactical! It's all in the strategy! MSN Onion Emoticons

Vero: Tactical my a*s. That was just straight up bitching out.

You: Well then, I guess I'll just have to show you that I mean business, don't I? 

Vero: Tch. As if. I can already tell you'll be the first to fall come tomorrow's Coliseum. I can't wait to see you thrown off your low horse. Until then, just stay out of my way. (Walks away with a snicker) 

You: What a jerk... Onion Emoticon

Nael: I told you he was an a*s! It takes a lot to impress Vero. Even then, he doesn't exactly shower you with his approval. Or so I've been told. 

Mel: Mhm. Vero's got a heart made of ice. The only person he really gave his respect to, was Vincent. Then to Lady Claire... And in some degree, to that other guy. (Playful smile) 

Nael: Ah, Vincent. Now that's a man I haven't written about in a while. And that other b*****d needs to get his a*s down here! He's way over due for an article. And if he doesn't hurry, I'm going to steal Okina from him! MSN Onion Emoticon On second thought, there's no rush...

You: Who's Vincent? And seriously, when are you going to tell me about this mystery guy? I only know him as "him", "he", and "Okina's boyfriend". 

Nael: Oh, Vincent was--

Mel: Listen, I'm really sorry for being brief you two, but I'd prefer to get this tour over with. I have stuff to do, too, you know! MSN Onion Icon

Nael: Ah, suppose you're right. We're just about done anyway, yeah? 

Mel: Yep, all that's left is to show the greenhorn to their temporary dorm and introduce them to the other initiates. 

You: Others? So, I'm not the only one? Onion Icons

Nael: Well, of course not! MSN Onion Emoticons Many young and able adventurers come by asking to join the Brigade every year. While there's just as much money and thrill to be made outside, they really enjoy the perks that the Brigade offers. Even if it's more dangerous... 


Mel guides you to the second floor and over to the dorms, down to the last one at the end of the hall. 

Mel: Well! This marks the end of the tour. Inside are the other initiates that will be taking part in tomorrow's coliseum. You may introduce yourself if you do so wish, but odds are only one or two of you will be making it into the Brigade. You'd best get some early rest today, as you'll be getting up bright and early tomorrow morning. Oh, I forgot to mention, you'll be sharing the initiate's dorm room with the others. Only full-fledged members get their own rooms. And recruits share a room by two's. 

You: I see. Thank you for the information and tour, Mel. 

Mel: Mhm. Do try to stay alive, will you? I actually kind of like you! MSN Onion Icons  (Waves goodbye and goes on her way) Ciao! Onion Emoticons

You: (Waving goodbye, but feeling nervous) Um... thanks. MSN Onion EmoticonWill do . Take care. 

Nael: (Waves at Mel and turns to you, giving a sincere smile) Well, I guess this is goodbye, eh? You won't be Fledge anymore after tomorrow. 

You: You're leaving already? And what about your article? 

Nael: Unfortunately, yes. I'm no longer authorized to be in here after the tour. And as for my article, I'll have to look for some more material after the Fledge Saga ends tomorrow. 

You: How come? 

Nael: Well, the people want a local and public hero. One they can reach as easy as next door. If you end up joining the Brigade, you'll just be another soldier among many who fight for the good of the world because it's your duty and job. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it'll be much harder to write about you specifically, or to contact you. When they read about someone more local, they find it much easier to step into their shoes... you know? A small town hero they can relate with. 

You: I see... That makes sense. I'm sorry about your article, Nael. 

Nael: Oh, it's okay! I've always got some new crazy adventures up my sleeve to write about. And I'll make sure the Fledge Saga ends with a bang! Onion Icon

You: (Smile) Sounds good. I'll be sure to look into it, then. 

Nael: (Grins and gives you a salute) Farewell but not goodbye, Greenhorn! 

You: (Salute) Farewell. 

Nael: (Walks down the hall, holding his hand up as he disappears around the corner at the end) 

You: (("Thanks, Nael..."))


Walking in through the door, you come into a large room with a few simple beds lined up along both walls to your right and left. Besides a few portraits and pictures up on the walls, the rest seems ordinary. A handful of young initiates turn to look at you as you walk in, briefly stopping their conversation. 

Initiate #1(Slender, elven male with black hair): (Whistles, sitting up from his bed and turning to look at you) What do we have here? I've never seen someone so green and fresh. 

You: What? Wait, are you talking to me? Onion Emoticon Set

Initiate #1: (Smirk) Damn right, I am. You do realize this isn't Cardian Ball try outs, right? (Nudges the female initiate beside him)

Initiate #2(Slender female with brown hair, bunny-like ears and tail): (Shoving his nudging elbow away and smiling at you) Oh, pay Raines no heed, friend. He thinks himself mighty. 

You: (Glaring at the one named Raines) Yeah, more like he thinks himself Vero Jr...

Raines: Huh? Oh, very funny, smart a*s. You think you're funny, do you!? MSN Onion Emoticon Set

The others laugh, most likely understanding why you would refer to Raines as Vero. Jr. 

Initiate #3(Short, childish-looking male with blonde hair): (Chuckle) Hey, that's pretty funny! He totally does act like that big grouch, doesn't he? (Goes up to you and holds out his hand) The name's Roki! 

You: (Shaking hands) Oh... hey there. 

Initiate #2: (Smiles and bows her head) You may call me Naaj. I am from the continent to the North. 

You: Nice to meet you all. I'm-

Raines: Greenback. That's all I know you as from now on. You all should do the same. 

Roki: (Grins at Raines) All I know, is that you're Vero Jr. from now on. 

Raines: Onion Emoticon Set Damn you, Greenback... You'll pay for this. 

Before you know it, you find yourself fitting in just fine with the other initiates. You introduce yourself to the rest and pass the time telling of each other's goals and accomplishments during dinner time, courtesy of the Brigade cafeteria. Eventually, while back in the initiate dormitory speaking of tomorrow's Coliseum, one of the higher ups; a young and tall elven man named Salnar comes in to tell you all to get to sleep. 


Salnar: Alright, ye green fools. Go on an' git to sleep. Aint' gonna do ye any good bein' stupid 'round the edges come tomorrow's big whoopin'. Ye'd best polish yer arses nice an' shiny at sunrise, make them nice an' presentable on the platters they'll most likely be in, an' whatnot. (Turns off the lights)

Roki: (Whispering as he jumps into his bed) This guy sounds like a pirate... 

Naaj: (Snicker)

You: (Slipping into your own bed thinking, "Stupid around the edges?")

Salnar: Hate ta' be the bearer o' bad news, but if any of ye' are caught wandering 'round tonight, ye'd be kissing yer chance at signin' up goodbye. So stay in bed, y'hear? 

Raines: (Mimicking his voice) Arr', loud n' clear matey. 

Snickers and giggles can be heard all around. 

Salnar: Ye... laugh it up, ye poor bloody sods.  MSN Onion Icons Lady luck be witcha' next sunrise. (Walks out of the room and closes the door) 

With that, you and the other initiates are left in darkness to try and sleep past the excitement and anxiety blanketing over you. Somehow, you manage to do so. 

But of course, not without another strange and vivid dream taking hold of you.


Author: Okay... this dream is a bit much longer than I wanted it to be. For all of you who want to read an in-depth version of the dream, you still have that option and can do so here.   

Author: For those who don't, here's a brief summary: 

You dream of a great fiery sky battle happening between dragons and avian machines. Bullets and streams of fire fill the air around you. In the midst of it all, one airship gives chase to another. That other ship is mounted with a great big cannon that is being manned. 

As dragon and avian machine alike try to defend the respective airships, a young man donning an eye patch and a double-bladed sword jumps off of the pursuing airship and plummets below onto the deck of the other, leaving his red-haired female companion behind. There, he fights to take control of the cannon, meeting his match; the one commanding that airship. 

They fight on hard. The young man wants to stop the cannon, while the other man wants to activate it for whatever reason. After a close struggle, the man gains an upper hand due to an avian machine's crash on deck and activates the cannon. Afterwards, a large, bright beam shoots into the sky and tears a "rift" through existence, where many sentient lights begin to pour out into the land. 

The dream ends as you are greeted by the twilight eye from before, within the rift...


You awaken to the sound of Salnar blowing a loud whistle into the room and kicking the feet of yours and the other initiate's beds. 

Salnar: Wakey-wakey ye little dammits! Onion Emoticons Set Sunrise be just 'round the corner and the whole lot of ye are still countin' sheeps? Even meself expected better an' that! And I'm 'sposed to be the nice one! 

You: (Sitting up and furrowing your brows as you press your fingers against your forehead) What was... that? Again, with the weird dreams? 

Question 1:

You're beginning to have your fill of these crazy dreams and visions. You wonder if maybe you should really start looking into them instead of passing them off as simply strange dreams. What will you do? 

1). These dreams need to stop! I wonder if I can tell Lady Claire about them? (2 votes)
2). Not the first time I've had recurring dreams. Plus, I kind of want to see more... (2 votes + author's vote *flipped a coin... tough choice* )

**Results have been tallied.


 You spend the rest of the early morning getting ready and suited up with temporary Coliseum gear, during which you get a run down of the entire event. 

Each initiate will be partnered with a veteran member of the Brigade. While each district has its own respectively themed Coliseum, this year's will be run in the Windward's Coliseum; it bears more of a resemblance to an aged stadium that has been etched with the earth by time. In the Coliseum, each initiate and Brigade veteran will square off against a set number of monsters, putting the initiate's knowledge of creature weaknesses and combat tactics to the test.... Something you lack. 

"Darn that Nael," you think to yourself. "He didn't tell me I needed to study for this!"

Results of each initiate's matches will be discussed by Lady Claire and the EPC's executive.

You and the other initiates are taken to the center of the Coliseum at once with your veteran partners in order to be introduced to the public. The whole place was booked. It almost looked as though all of Eden had come to watch. They were cheering so hard it was hard to hear yourself think.

You: (Taking a deep breath) There's... so many people. 

Raines: (Smirks, waving and looking natural) Feel free to b***h out, Greenback. 

You: (Frown) That's such a Vero thing to say... 

Raines: Oh, shut up. (Bumps you discreetly)

You: Sheesh. 

Roki: (Bowing) You really should show the crowd some love, though. It makes you look cooler!

Naaj: (Blowing the crowd kisses and smiling)

You: Um... okay. (You give a brief wave, stopping as you hear a rather familiar voice) 

???: Fledge! Yo, Fledge! Onion Icon

You: (Turning towards the west side of the stadium, spotting Nael there with a wide grin on his face) So, he came after all. 

Nael: (Holds his journal up and points his pen at at it, winking at you) 

You: (Helpless smile) Of course. 

Looking around and proceeding to show the crowd your gratitude, you are surprised to see some signs regarding you. Something like, "Go, Fledge!" or "We Want Fledge!" Most likely readers of Nael's article. 


After being taken back into the waiting room, all you initiates sit around hoping not to be called first. To your relief, your hear the announcer call Raines and his veteran Brigade partner to the stadium first. However, the delay didn't help the fact that you would be going up there eventually. 

Raines: (Smirking as the crowd's cheers rise while he faces the doorway) Listen to that. They love me... (Proceeds) 

You: He sure is cocky... 

Naaj: It hurts not to be confident in one's abilities. Otherwise, there is not much reason to be here. 

Roki: Aw, phooey! Don't worry, I'm scared crapless myself! MSN Onion Emoticons

You: Uh... (("How's that supposed to make me not worry?"))

You can hear the crowd growing wilder and wilder with each passing round. The sound of weapons and the cries of Coliseum monsters were clearly audible from the close proximity of the waiting room. Eventually, Raines and his veteran partner were finished and now waited in the opposite waiting room. Naaj was up next. 

Time seemed to be flying by as you waited your turn. You couldn't decide whether you wanted to be picked already, or for time to freeze altogether. 

Roki was up next. It was all a matter of time now. It only seemed as though you blinked once or twice before you heard the announcer calling you up. This was it. You walked through that coliseum door, knowing well that people had been killed in these sort of tournaments. 


You: (Walking up to your veteran Brigade partner in the center of the stadium) 

Partner: (Putting a hand on your shoulder) You ready? 

You: (You give a stiff nod) Mhm. 

Partner: (Throwing his hand up, signaling the 'OK') 

The crowd goes wild as the large doors holding the monsters inside their respective dens begin to open.

Partner: (Squinting his eyes) Huh? What are... 

Many strange creatures emerge from the doors. However, they don't look like anything you've ever seen in your life. They didn't even look like beasts. They were strange... things. Things with bodies made of gray moldy matter, though solid-looking. Nightmares, were all you could describe them as. Neither of them were one in the same.

You: (Backing up) Th... This is what we're fighting? 

Partner: No. Stay back, greenhorn. (Bringing you behind him with his arm) These aren't ordinary monsters. 

Announcer: Uh... Well, folks.. those... Oh, my, what are those things? Something's not right! OH! (Crashing sounds from his end) GODDESS! THERE'S ONE IN HERE! (More crashing and screaming before the speakers turn off) 

The crowd begins to gasp and look at one another in horror, wondering what in the world is going on. Just then, the announcer comes running out of his office on the upper aisle screaming for help. Behind him, one of those strange beings emerges from the office and pounces him to the floor. 

Everyone begins to scream and cry out in fright, pushing and shoving in order to escape as some of the creatures begin making their way up into the audiences' aisle. 

You: (Falling on your rear) Wh-What are they!? 

Partner: I don't know! Just stay back! (Unsheathing two dual axes and charging forward) You b******s picked the wrong party to crash!

Your partner performs a dual cut with his axes on an approaching creature's bladed appendage. 

Critical hit! The creature takes 923 points of damage and loses its appendage! (923/???HP) 

The strange creature shrieks in a strangely-humane manner as its bladed appendage falls to the floor and shrivels up. However, a small glowing hole in what you assume is its head spreads open and launches a purple colored second appendage that acts as a tongue more than anything. The way it came out was very frog-like. 

The creature takes hold of your veteran partner before he could act and launches him over its head, sending him flying right into the other creatures. 

Partner: GAAAH! 

You: No! (Trying to scramble to your feet as the creature approaches you) Oh, no...!

Suddenly, you hear a loud and piercing roar tear through the sky, very similar to the cries of the dragons in your dream. It even causes some of the odd creatures to stop. 

For a brief moment, something massive engulfs the light of the sun, though you couldn't really see because of the limited visibility from the top of the Coliseum. After, you see something plummeting from the sky directly towards the stadium. But again, because of the limited visibility and also the glare of the sun, it was rather hard to see. 

Still, it didn't take long for whatever it was to land before you. And when it did so, you were truly shocked beyond imagining. 

It was him! The man that had appeared in your dream! 

*Buddha has located a hidden pearl!*
Bonus content available next chapter.

Young man: (Smirk) Well, hello there. 

You: (Staring, confused, frightened, surprised) You! You're from...

Young man: (Pushing himself off the ground and looking at the monsters calmly) Hmm... Never thought I'd see these things here. (Referring to the creatures)

The man twists the handle of his double-bladed sword and separates it into two different weapons, just as he had done in your dream. He looks back at you over his shoulder and holds one out in your direction. 

Young man: Hold this for me, will ya? 

You: (Blinking) Wh-What? You want me to take it? 

Young man: (Playful grin) 

You look down at the blade in his hand... his strange hand. All but his pinkie finger were covered over a strange, claw-like gauntlet. But the reason you found it weird, was because those other fingers were thinner and more elongated... Almost, reptilian. 

Question 2:

Your dreams are coming true, literally. Or perhaps, nightmares? Whatever the case, you're sure it's nothing to be happy about. This strange man whom you're oddly familiar with offers you one of his swords. Does he really think you're going to take these things on after what they did to your veteran partner?

1). I'll be okay, right? He's as good as he is in my dreams, RIGHT? Alright, give me that sword! (4 votes)
2). No way! These things took out my partner without even trying! Besides, I'm worried about Nael... (0 votes)

**Results have been tallied.

To be continued...

(Leave your choices in the Comment/Review section below)

© 2012 Jobyn

Author's Note

The moment you've all been waiting for!

A BIG thank you to Taly ( *Taly5 on deviantArt) who hit the nail on the head when drawing Stiff/Steffan. Looks way better than I could have imagined!

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2.) Its that strange eye again..I wonder what it's supposed to be
1.) I want a chance to really fight for once! At least we got a good weapon this time xD

Great chapter! I enjoyed the way you detailed the scenes and environment.
I also liked how our test got interrupted by those monsters xD I didn't think we were prepared at all. I'ts about time 'Young man' showed up too! That's one hell of a drawing of him *~*

Posted 10 Years Ago

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lol i have a dojo :D also 1 and 1 :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Q1) I pick 2
Q2) I pick 1

PEARL! I FOUND A PEARL lol its on teh lower left next to steffans boot woo hoo i win a million gil :) i hope

this was a BA chapter bro cant wait to see what happens when we take steffans sword

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

2.) Its that strange eye again..I wonder what it's supposed to be
1.) I want a chance to really fight for once! At least we got a good weapon this time xD

Great chapter! I enjoyed the way you detailed the scenes and environment.
I also liked how our test got interrupted by those monsters xD I didn't think we were prepared at all. I'ts about time 'Young man' showed up too! That's one hell of a drawing of him *~*

Posted 10 Years Ago

3 of 3 people found this review constructive.

Q1.) pick answer 1
Q2.) pick answer 1
Can't get enough of this! I hope you'll be updating fast, lightning speed fast!

Posted 10 Years Ago

3 of 3 people found this review constructive.

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