Tides of Twilight - Chapter 9: Like Old Times

Tides of Twilight - Chapter 9: Like Old Times

A Chapter by Jobyn

I have to say, that Steffan is quite the character.

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Neither you, the other initiates, nor the recruits were allowed to ask about the suspect that had been arrested in the Coliseum that day. The only information anyone other than the higher ranking Brigadiers had was that it was a male who wore some pretty advanced tactical armor that could camouflage. His face was covered by his helmet. 

Having taken the suspect away to a secret cell for interrogation, the higher ups only asked that everyone return to their duties and that those involved made a job well-done. They also noted that the results of the Coliseum's initiates would not be upheld.



At the recreation area of the second floor, you watch as a crowd forms around the large telesphere in the lounge as they watched a live event by the Tribune taking place just outside of the Brigade Headquarters. The man named Steffan, who you learned was the same mysterious young man that lent you his sword earlier, was being interviewed. Lady Claire was there beside him, as well as his red-haired female friend. While they answered the Tribune contently, he looked a little confused and kept losing his gaze into the crowd of people, as if he were searching for someone. 

Read-haired woman: (Sighing and forcing Steffan to pay attention by yanking on his chin every time he looks away) Towards the video sphere, mister. (("I know he's looking for Okina..."))

Steffan: Ah, my apologies. What were you guys saying? (Helpless smile) (("Where the heck is Okina?"))

Nael: Onion Emoticon Set (("Guh... I was hoping he wouldn't be back anytime soon. Now how am I supposed to make Okina mine? Just look at him... with his one eye.... he looks like- like- I dunno...)) Damn cyclops, is what you are...

Steffan: ... What was that? Onion Head Emoticons 24

Nael: MSN Onion Emoticon (("Did I just say that out loud!?")) Uh, dah- NOTHING! I meant, why, after all this time, have you finally decided to return? Does this mean that you have finished training with the dragons who took you to their land in the skies? Or did you come here specifically to stop the strange emergence of creatures at the Coliseum? 

Steffan: Oh. No, I assure you, my training is all finished. I'm here to stay! But to be honest, I wasn't expecting to be interviewed or anything like that... In fact, I didn't expect everyone to have moved here to this big a*s city. It was by sheer luck that I got to the Coliseum in time. We were flying overhead when we heard the screams... MSN Onion Icon

Nael: (("Hmph. By sheer luck, eh? Well aren't you just Mr. Perfect. The hero simply happens to save the day! I call bull on that one... I bet you just lied in wait, so you can make a great appearance.")) I see... Were it not for the fact that our fine Brigade establishment would have taken care of things needlessly, we would have considered ourselves lucky! 

Steffan: (("Eh?")) Yeah, heh... 

You: (Shaking your head) Oh, Nael... 

Nael: Then, you went back to the old city only to find that it was deserted? I bet that was quite a surprise for you. (("Hehe, loser.")) I can almost imagine the look on your face. You must have been like, (Does a landing motion) "Hooah! Guess who's back, b*****s!? Stiff is! Onion Head Emoticons 27  " Then you realize it's a ghost town and are like--

Lady Claire: (Clears her throat into the mic) 

Nael: MSN Onion Emoticon Set  Dah- Sorry! Onion IconsGetting back on track, what I meant to ask is: Was it a challenge finding out where Eden was? Did you think something had happened to everyone?

Steffan: Well... When we first got there, my first thought was indeed that something had happened. But then Lion (Motioning to the red-haired woman) suggested we look around a bit and see what we could find. First place we checked was the old Brigade Headquarters. I found a hidden pearl in my old room with directions to Eden, left behind by Claire. I was pretty surprised to find out where you all built this city. I do kinda miss the old place, though... A lot of good memories were left behind there. (Gives a distant smile) 

Claire: (Smiles and speaks into the mic) No, that's not it. We've simply moved our fondest of memories here. The great sleeping lions that were once our old homes have simply awakened into Eden. They've started over, with aspiring ambition and youth. 

The crowd applauds and cheers. 

Steffan: (Gives a playful grin) Yeah, I guess that makes sense! 

Nael: (("Psht.")) And... What of Miss Lion? I bet three whole years for two growing teenagers such as yourselves, being the only humans in a far off, floating island in the sky... MSN Onion Emoticons Lust had to have taken over at some point! Am I right, or am I right? Come on, two sexy people like you? No doubt in my mind.

Those up on the stage become rather uncomfortable with Nael's unscripted questions. You shake your head some more as he tries, miserably, to find an in between Steffan and Okina. 

Lion: Wha!? (Looks away from Stiff, face turning pink) That's not true! 

Steffan: MSN Onion Icons (("What kinda question is that!?")) Uh... Not at all, dude. We're just friends. That's all. *Right*? (Turning to Lion) 

Lion: (Nods quickly, then glares at Nael) What are you, some kind of perverse journalist? 

Steffan: (Raising a brow at Nael) Yeah, I gotta ask, are you okay? I feel like you're trying to dog on me or something...Onion Head Emoticons 20 

Nael: HEY! MSN Onion Icons I'm cool, alright? It's all good. I'm not dogging anybody! So let's just... get on with the interview! MSN Onion Emoticon Set l got one last question! So listen up, okay!? 

Lion: (Blinks) Well, he's an entertaining journalist, I'll give him that. (Snicker) 

Steffan: Anyway, go ahead and shoot! Unless you intend to fire that question at me with a gun or something... 

The crowd giggles. 

Nael: (("Oh, oh, oh, oh, we got a funny guy here, huh? Ohhhh.")) MSN Onion EmoticonYes, well, the city of Eden wants to know why you brought dragons back with you. If I remember correctly, beings such as dragons have such vast amounts of energy coursing their bodies, that if they were to stay on land long enough, it begins to deteriorate? 

Steffan: (Grins) Well, why don't I let them answer that themselves? (He leans closer to the mic and smiles, then lets out a loud and sharp screech that makes the entire crowd jump back in surprise) 

Everyone: Onion Emoticon Set

Steffan's screech is answered by a bellowing of dragons in the distance, who appeared to be hanging out just outside the city's gates. A earthern-colored dragon makes its way overhead and makes a ground-shaking landing, causing everyone to gasp in surprise. 

Dragon: (Speaking in a large, deepened tone) You called my name, Steffan the Immaculate. For what reason?

The crowd gasps even louder as they hear it talk. 

Steffan: (Motions to the crowd) Why don't you show these lovely people how the dragons deal with their massive energy while on land, Shoryu? 

Shoryu huffs smoke from its nostrils and throws its head back, giving another loud bellowing. As it continues, it begins to shrink down until it's no bigger than a large person. The difference, however, is that while it now takes on a humanoid shape, it preserves draconic features.

Once again, the crowd is appalled. 

Steffan: (Jumps off the stage and goes over to Shoryu, patting him on the shoulder) Its a long story... And to be honest, I'd rather not get into details about it. (He gives a light smile as he glances down at his gauntlet-wearing hand; The strange looking one) But the jist of it is, dragons like Shoryu here are able to shrink their bodies, thus decreasing the amount of energy required to support them. Having reduced their power this way, their bodies take on a more... simplified and ideal appearance. 

Nael: I see. I guess, that's the toll to pay for wanting to live here on land, eh? 

Shoryu: (Snarls) We do not live here because we will it. We are to stay by Steffan the Immaculate's side, for he is of command. Where he flies, we fly. 

Steffan: Did you all get that? He said, we're best freakin' friends for life! That's why he won't leave my side. (Smirk) 

Laughter is heard among the crowd. 

You: ((Glancing at Naaj as she comes stand by you while looking at the screen) Hey, Naaj... just who exactly is this Steffan guy, anyway? I've been hearing... and seeing, a lot of him lately. 

Naaj: Some call him a legend. Others, a revolutionary. A few don't even see him as a man, but a monster. A monster with the heart of an angel. Many places you go, you will hear variations of who Steffan the Immaculate is. To the people of my homeland who speak of him, he is a harbinger of peace sent by the Goddess herself. They say this, because he died once, fighting for this land. Then, the elders spoke of a vision... One where they saw him descending to the world as a tear from the Goddess. To save it. He returned to life not long after. A miracle. 

Roki: (Walking up beside you) How have you not heard of him? You must have been living under a rock! Eden wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for this guy. 

You: What do you mean? And why do they call him a monster...? 

Roki: Well, for starters, one of his greatest battles took place in this region. Back then, it was nothing but a wasteland- no trees, no water, no life. During that battle, witnesses said he bent the very same evil he was fighting- the darkness- to his own will. It poured out of him like a waterfall, eventually creating a big a*s shadow beast, with him as the base. That battle had such a large effect on the landscape in this region, that they managed to flood the area with water from the Atlus Coast, which was miles away on the other side of the mountains.

You: The darkness...? 

Naaj: It is why he is referred to as "monster" in some parts. During the Great War, when he was born, there were countless others like him. People infused with the power of darkness, for reasons unknown. They were seen as a threat to this world, and so were eradicated without despair. For a time, it was believed that all of these people infused with darkness, Catalysts, as they were known, had been vanquished. All but two. 

You didn't realize it at first, but most of the people that had been crowding around the video sphere were now listening intently to Naaj's story. 

You: Yeesh... Sounds like a great time for these "Catalysts". (/sarcasm) So, what, were they bad guys or something? 

Naaj: Some were twisted by the darkness, and became as monsters. Others, had not the slightest idea of what they were, and were yet killed on sight. All of them, children. 

You: That's terrible... So wait, you're telling me there's another Catalyst besides Steffan? 

Naaj: (Nods, but then crosses her arms) I know not much of the other. He has eluded even the wisdom of the elders. However, it is known that he was among the Brigadiers who fought against the enemy that had invaded the old city, nearly three years ago. I had heard that both he and Steffan turned the tides that day. Though for reasons unknown, he is no longer among us. 

You: So what you're saying is, people once killed every single Catalyst for fear that they'd use the power of darkness against them, only to be saved by the last two of them down the line? 

Roki: Yep. Harsh irony, right there. But who knows, maybe Steffan and the other Catalyst were the only ones able to control it that way, because remember, some Catalysts had suddenly gone hostile in the past! Anyway, these two "monsters" who started out with nothing but each other were revered as heroes after that, and so were the rest of the Brigadiers. While the other Catalyst went M.I.A., Steffan went on to do even greater things that got him to where he is now. (Motions towards the video sphere) You are looking at the spiritual founder of Eden. 

You: (Looking over at the video sphere and watching Steffan speak. You never expected somebody so humble and careless to have a past like that. It was surprising. But then, you begin to remember your previous dream) So... what exactly has he been training all these years for? Is there some kind of Second Great War on the horizon? 

Annie: (Walking up to the recreation area, one hand on her hip) That war... started a long time ago, Rookie. (Narrows her eyes) And you're all a part of it now, like it or not. So don't you dare let us down. (She makes her way over to the video sphere, causing everyone to make way for her without a fuss) 

Mel: (Joining Annie and giving a soft smile as she looks into the video sphere)  Look at that! To think the little brat would become such a fine man. (Giggle) But he still seems as silly as ever... Doesn't he? 

Annie: (Trying to keep a stern face, but as you notice from the side of her face, she can't seem to help but smile) Hm. 

You watch the conclusion of the Tribune's interview.

Nael: Well, it appears we've reached the end of our interview here(("Thank the Goddess..."), but we'd like to finish it off with one last little question...

Steffan: (Points his index finger at Nael and pulls an imaginary trigger) Shoot.

Nael: Do you have any personal messages you may like to address to anyone in particular? 

Steffan: (Closes his eye and puts a finger to his forehead in thought before nodding) Yeah, actually. (He leans forward a bit, looking at the record sphere in the crowd firmly) If you're watching this, old friend.... Know that, I still haven't forgotten about you. I'm going to bring you back, no matter the cost. (Stops for a moment, then grins while pointing at his eye patch) And you've earned yourself a big ol' punch in the face for this one, you jackass! (Smirk) Anyway, it's about time I wrap this up and reunited with my sweetheart. She's overdue three years of kisses. I'm out! (Jumps off the stage and disappears off screen) 


Atlus Coast
Makalin Village

Okina was watching the video sphere in Makalin Village's seaside cafe with Lillian and Ben, anxiously listening to Stiff's interview. She stood there, frozen, as she watched. Neither Lillian nor Ben could get her attention, let alone little Pocki who was hanging out with them and helping out in the cafe, which her mother owned.

Nael: (Turning to the record sphere, looking directly at the screen from the video sphere) You hear that, Okina!? If you're watching this, run away while you still can! Onion Emoticons Don't let him get- (The video feed shuts off) 

Lillian: (Poking Okina's forehead) th mimio 45 Mimio Girl Emoticons Um... Have you snapped out of your trance yet? 

Ben: (Drinking and eating casually, shaking his head) Boy, oh boy... that Nael is gonna get his a*s handed to him by Stiff if he doesn't stop with the Okina obsession soon. (Shrugs and bites into a big a*s coconut, shell and all) 

Okina: (("St-Stiffy? He's... He looks so different now... He's so much taller... and manlier... and-and-and... I don't think I can do it! I'm too scared! I feel like I'm going to meet him for the first time! Somebody help me...!")) I-I... I, um...

The phone in the back begins to chime.

Pocki:  I'll go get it!! (Gets up and hums while skipping to the back merrily, unchanged by what's going on)Onion Head Emoticons 64 

Lillian: Um... Okina? Are you okay? (Pats her on the head) You know, it's okay to be nervous! You haven't seen him in forever, after all. th mimio 25 Mimio Girl Emoticons

Ben: Onion Head Emoticons 55 Bleeeghhhhh! (Spitting out coconut juice) 

Lillian: th mimio 33 Mimio Girl Emoticons BEN! Why must you feel the need to eat the coconuts WHOLE!? 

Ben: Oh, lay off, that's the hardcore way to eat coconuts! Literally! You wouldn't know, Lil. You wouldn't know. 

Pocki: (Runs back to their table) Hey! There's a call for Okina! (Hands the phone to Lillian) 

Lillian: Oh? Really? I'm not sure if Okina will be able to answer in her current state, but... th mimio 30 Mimio Girl Emoticons Hello? This is Lillian speaking. Who? Oh! Okay! Just a second~ (Walks over to Okina and hands it over) It's for you, heehee. 

Okina takes the phone and quietly puts it to her ear.

Steffan's voice: (Speaking on the other end) Hey there, heh. Miss me? It's sure been a while. I don't even know what to say...

Okina: Free Animal Smileys ...... (Too shocked to speak and decides to pretend the line is cutting off. She glares at Lillian for passing her the phone with Stiff on the line) 


Brigade H.Q. 

Meanwhile, inside Lady Claire's office...

Steffan: (Blinks and looks at the phone) Huh... 

Lion: (Leans against his shoulder and peeks over at the phone) What is it? 

Steffan: (Scratches the back of his head) Dunno. The line suddenly cut off. Ah, well, she'll be back soon right? 

Lady Claire: (Shifting through her desk) Yes. Her team's mission objective is no longer in the area. She will be returning to headquarters by tomorrow. Ah, here we go. (Pulls out a file from one of her drawers and hands it to Steffan) This is yours. Your room's key is in there, as well as a little something I brought with me from your old room... 

Steffan: Oh? Thanks much. (Reaches for the folder, but is intercepted by Lion)

Lion: Yoink! (Grabs it and moves away) 

Steffan: Hey! Give that back. 

Lion: Be patient, kid. (Giggles as she opens the file as if it were her business, picking the keys from inside and hurling them at Steffan) Catch. 

Steffan: (Sighs and catches them, frowning at her) You know, I don't get you. Back then, you called me "kid" for being shorter than you. Now, obviously way taller than you, and you still go about calling me kid! What's the big idea!? Onion Icons Do ya want me to grow a beard or something? 

Lion: (Giggles some more and leans against the wall) I rest my case. (Looks at the tattered little picture in the folder.) Oh? It's these two... 

The picture inside was of Steffan, over three years ago with his two best friends. The eldest of the three, though having the appearance of a child, had been training them that day to become successful thieves. Not the bad kind, of course. Only thieves to the deserving. The other was a stern looking young man, looking about the same age as Steffan though with a bit more matured features. He had lengthy blonde hair and looked a little annoyed being caught off guard for a picture.

Steffan was smiling wide, hauling his child-like older friend over his shoulder and chewing on a meat kabob snack. He had both eyes then, and looked otherwise like a regular teenager.

Lion: (Running her thumb along the younger Stiff) Ain't that cute. I sure miss picking on baby Stiff. (Gives a sincere smile)

Steffan: (Sighing as he makes his way to her side and looks at the picture) What are you talking about, "baby Stiff"? That was only a few years ago! Give me that. (Snatches the folder away from Lion and goes over to the other side of the room to stare at the picture. He looks at the blonde young man in the picture for a few seconds, then at the child like male he's holding over his shoulder ignoring his pleas. He smiles) Moku... I can't say I wasn't hoping he was up and around by the time I got back. How is he, Claire? Where is he? 

Claire: (Nods) Well, he is stable, but... There has been no activity from him since you left. Would you like to see him? 

Steffan: Yeah! (Somewhat excited) 


Claire guides Steffan and Lion over to the Infirmary to see a dear friend. While inside, they go over to the back where the one known as Moku lies dormant in a hospital bed. He looked quite peaceful and undisturbed.

Lion and Claire nod at one another, walking back out and giving Steffan some private time.

Steffan: (Walking over to the edge of the bed and giving a distant smile, unable to gauge whether he should be feeling happy for seeing one of his best friends after so long or saddened by the fact that he was still in this "coma" after three years) Hey there, Moku... Long time. It's hard to believe it's been almost three years since I last spoke to you... Or, you know... that jackass. (Chuckle) So, how's Sukiya doing? I hear she... comes to visit you every week. How thoughtful of them to allow her inside, huh? 

Steffan brings a hand over Moku's wrist and sighs. 

Steffan: ...Listen, Moku, you just lie there and sleep... Sleep as long as you want. I'm going to make things better, I promise. And when I do? Well... Me, you, and Draven will head on over to the old hangout, the outpost, and have ourselves some fine wine or whatever we can get our hands on. We'll talk and laugh about old times, all the stupid crap we've done up until now, the whole night. Just the three of us. Sound good? 

Steffan smiles, bowing his head silently before turning and being on his way. Inhaling and then exhaling, he smacks his hands against his own face and makes his way back out, waving without turning.

Steffan: Love ya, buddy. 


Walking out into the hallway, Stiff suddenly stops as he is met face to face with Vero's familiar scowl. 

Vero: Well, well... I thought I smelled maggot around here. 

Steffan: (Narrows his eyes) Well, well... I thought I smelled... assho- Errr I mean, I thought I smelled b*****d around here! 

Vero: You've got a lot of nerve coming back and showing your face around here, you little s**t. 

Steffan: Yeah? What are YOU (shoves his finger against Vero's chest) going to do about it? 

Vero: (Glaring) Don't tempt me. You'll be f*****g sorry. 

Steffan: Go ahead. Try me. 

Vero: (Cracking his knuckles) Three Anniversary Stiff Beatings, coming right up... 

Steffan: I can't wait. 

Vero: Yeah? (Shoves his chest against Steffan's)

Steffan: Yeah! (Retaliates with a harder chest-shove) 

Vero: YEAH!? (Shoving his forehead against Steffan's) 

Steffan: YEAH! MSN Onion Emoticon Set

Vero: ALRIGHT THEN! You asked for it, Gwen Steffani! Onion Emoticon Set (Beats a... ginger bread man, apparently) 

Steffan: Onion Head Emoticons 51 Bring it, biyatch! (Prepares fighting stance) 

Vero: Ruuugh! (Holds the ginger bread man up and snaps it in two from the waist, then bites its F*****G head off!) YOUR turn! (Chucks the ginger bread man's legs at Steffan's forehead) 

Steffan takes 1 damage! 

But replenishes 50 hit points after consuming the ginger bread man's legs!

Steffan: Agh! (("Hey, not bad!")) That is IT! (Charges forward and tackles the hell out of Vero) 

Vero: OOF! (Is headbutted in the gut, falling backwards as the two begin to brawl) Ugh! Missed you! You b***h! You F*****G a*****e! (Punching Steffan in the face) 

Steffan: Onion Icons Guh! (Lifts Vero up and slams him onto the floor) Take THAT! I missed you too, Vero! You prick! (Strangles!)

Lion: (Shaking her head as she watches) Men... 

Claire: (Sighs) Boys will be boys. 

Annie: (Storms down the hallway and grabs them both) KNOCK THAT S**T OFF! Onion Head Emoticons 139

Vero: Ugaaah! MSN Onion Emoticons

Steffan: MSN Onion Emoticons Yaaahaahaa!

Claire: (Crosses her arms) You people haven't changed one bit. 

Mel: (Walking up beside the furious Annie) Wow. (Putting her hand over her brows as she looks up through the newly made holes in the roof) I think that's a record, Annie... Onion Icon

Flint: (Running down the hall and looking around frantically) Where is he!? Where's my man, Stiff at? 

Bear: (Jumps down through one of the holes) Annie sent both him and Vero soaring... (Points upward) 

Flint: Haw, check it out, yo! Mah man's flyin' high! Onion Icons


Come night time, some of the members were having a party up on the roof of the headquarters. Everyone was allowed to go, even initiates, so you made your way up there with Naaj and Roki. There was music, dancing, bonfires, and alcoholic drinks up the a*s thanks to the local drunk party animal, Bear. 

Despite protests, he managed to get Steffan tipsy as hell. They asked him to tell stories of what it was like up in the "Sky World", where he trained with the dragons. He was making it quite the performance too, trying to show off things he had learned while on the border of drunkenness. Everybody continued to egg him on. At one point he even got into a panda suit...

Steffan: Onion Head Emoticons 32

Steffan: Onion Icons

Steffan: Onion Head Emoticons 14

Steffan: Onion Head Emoticons 117

Steffan: Onion Head Emoticons 79

You: (("None of these guys can hold their liquor...")) 

Naaj and Roki had no problem whatsoever joining in with the crowd. You were only holding back because you were still so lost about what had been happening up until now. Looking over at Steffan as he finally decides to take a break from his dramatic story-telling and sit down by the bonfire, you contemplate going over there to ask him about your strange visions and the dreams involving him, as well as your earlier encounter. A person with a background like his must be suspect to such things, you think to yourself.

Will you take the chance and ask Steffan if he knows anything about your visions and dreams? Or is it too risky asking him when he's as tipsy as he is now? 

1). I have to know. All of these things must be happening to me for a reason.  (0 votes)
2).  Eh, right now, I want to have fun! Bring on the fricken' beer! (3 votes)

**Results have been tallied.


To be continued...

(Leave your choices in the Comment/Review section below)

© 2012 Jobyn

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hmmm not sure if i want to ask him when he's drunk... so I pick 2! It's a bout time we got to take a break and have fun haha
This chapter was funny as hell xD Nael is hilarious.
I was really hoping Moku would be better by now >< I hope he wakes up soon.
I'm still anticipating the meeting between Stiff and Okina too!

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


lol I love this story and the fact that you made my character throw stiff or steffan w/e his name is and Vero through the ceiling :3

Posted 10 Years Ago

LOL at the gingerbread man! What are you doing to Vero dammiiiit? :D I'm always late reading this hoping you'd have uploaded 2 chapters before I see it. I so hate the wait :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

lolol this stuff is making me laugh bro you do a good job representing the humor an stuff.. sometimes i wish it was a manga ! the way nael was telling stiff how he was probably like when he went to the other place first.. that killed me

anyway i pick answer 2 lets get drunk as sh*t

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

i love your story :D and i pick 2 :3

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

hmmm not sure if i want to ask him when he's drunk... so I pick 2! It's a bout time we got to take a break and have fun haha
This chapter was funny as hell xD Nael is hilarious.
I was really hoping Moku would be better by now >< I hope he wakes up soon.
I'm still anticipating the meeting between Stiff and Okina too!

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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