Tides of Twilight - Chapter 1: Damn!

Tides of Twilight - Chapter 1: Damn!

A Chapter by Jobyn

What have you gotten yourself into?

Welcome to Eden!

You see the large sign spanning wide up above as you approach the gates of the large city built in a very peculiar style of architecture. Rather colorful too, but you also notice the amount of white that comprises the city.  It was the only place for hundreds of miles in this lush area, built amid a huge and pristine lake.

It is a bright and sunny day like any other. You're tired and you've been traveling far and wide to get here. Why? Well, because everyone who had previously been taking residence in what was once "The Three Great Nations" was being forced to move here. It was all part of some national campaign to unify the enlightened peoples like once before. To start anew. 

Thus you have Eden.

You: Eden, huh? This better be worth the journey. (Sighing and throwing your pack over your shoulder as you approach the gate.) 

 Two gate guards in fancy armor block your path.

Guard #1: Hold it right there! (Slamming the base of his lance against the ground, holding out his hand.) Entry into Eden is prohibited to those not issued a personal Entry Permit, or a Special Commoner's Pass.

Guard #2: (Sizing you up as you begin to search your pockets.) No funny business, now...

You: Give me a second, I know I put it here somewhere... (You begin turning your clothes inside out.)

Guard #1: Are you from one of the Three Nations? All residents should have received their own personal invites. Well, all the tax-paying ones anyway. 

Guard #2: That's right. We've no need for beggars here. (Narrowing his eyes.) Or intruders...

You: (Reaching for your bag.) I know I have it here somewhere, give me a break, I just didn't think I'd be asked for it upon entry... 

Guard #2: (Stopping you.) Actually, I don't think I trust you. I'll be searching your pack now. Give it here. 

Your backpack has been removed! 

You: What's the big idea? Do you guys do this to everyone? 

Guard #1: (Watching his partner go through your stuff at a table near the guard tower.) Eh, don't mind him. He takes security precautions quite seriously. Says he's going to prevent another massacre like one that happened in his hometown about two years ago. I wasn't there, but I heard about it from the Tribune's writer who was almost killed during the enemy invasion. 

Guard #2: (Mumbling to himself as he gets personal with your belongings.) That's a shame. (Stops, looking back at you with a sneer, moments before holding up your Entry Permit.) It appears you got lucky. Alright, I guess-- wha!!!

You hear a loud explosion going off in the distance. Soon after, you see a cloud of smoke rising from what you assume is the Town Square.

Guard #2: What in the devil's name was that!?

Guard #1: (Turning towards the smoke.) Not sure! But it came from the Square. Let's move! 

You: (Shifting your eyes at both guards and blinking in surprise as they run off.) Um... prevent another massacre, huh? You're doing a great job so far. 

Your curiosity gets the best of you and you decide to follow behind to see what could possibly be causing that commotion in such a fortified city.

You have retrieved your backpack! 


Following close behind the two guards who have all but lost interest in you, you make your way through some alleyways and streets until the blaring sounds of the town alarms go off. 

Making your way out of one more alley, you come to a large Square riddled with the colors of people's clothing as they scramble about shoving against one another and screaming. Tall people, large ones, little folk, hybrids... you lose count of how many of these people bump straight into you without so much but caring for their own hides.

Before you could even wonder what in the world is causing such a clamor, you hear a wicked loud roar coming from the other side of the fountain, right across from you. 

You didn't see it before because of the size of the fountain itself, but as the ferocious beast raises its large and terrifyingly ugly face upward to roar, you get a really good look at it. 

And it gets a good look at you. 

It leaps over the fountain despite its large size and comes straight at you on all fours. Its dark blue fur, massive size, and large great horns protruding from its head make you realize the danger that you are now in. 

The King Behemoth engages you!

You: Wh-Whoa! It's coming after me! (You fall on your behind as fear turns your legs into jelly.) Th-That's a good beast! Take it easy!

The King Behemoth readies: Gorge

You: Oh, damn. Oh, damn! Oh, DAMN! (Preparing to be gorged to death.) 

???: Come here!

You feel a strong grasp clamp down on the back of your shirt. Before you could turn to see what it is, you feel the weight of your body brought forward by the surprisingly hard pull. The next moment you're flying into the air and landing inside the fountain. 

You cough as you prematurely inhale a bit of water and throw yourself against the edge of the fountain, where you get a good look at the tall, sun-tanned young man with long pointed ears and lengthy silver hair that saved you. 

???: Stay down, you fool! And don't you move an inch. You should have been fleeing with the rest of these maggots! 

Wielding a rather large and decorative axe attached to a thick chain coiling itself up and around his arm's length like some snake, he runs off to engage the King Behemoth, where a few other people were already fighting it without fear. 

You: Alright! Jeez! (You duck under the cover of the fountain.) Who are these people...? 

You hear a woman's voice near the fountain. 

???: Here's another! For the last time, stay out of the way, Nael! 

Before you could look to see what that was about, you are joined by a second person in the fountain who lands with a splash beside you. 

Youth called Nael: Do'h! (Slicking his dark shaggy hair away from his face. He turns to you and pulls his head back for a brief moment in surprise.) Er, hey buddy. (Does not seem too bothered by the current situation as he smiles and nods curtly at you.) 

You: ...Hey. (Dumbfounded.) 

Nael: Well, this won't do... (Attempting to look over the edge of the fountain.) Won't be able to see much from here. (Ducks and falls back against the water as some random object comes flying in his direction, hitting the fountain and just barely missing him.) Whoa! 

You: (Nearly getting landed on.) Watch it! Can somebody please tell me what the heck is going on!? 

Nael: (Pushing against the fountain wall beside you, raising a brow.) Eh? Weren't you here when that thing went nuts? 

You: Um... no. I just arrived in Eden. Literally, like five minutes ago. 

Nael: (Face lighting up a bit.) Is that so? That's great! Welcome to Eden! Now then, what do you have to say about this? I would love to get the perspective out of someone new in town! (Opening his jacket and pulling out a rather dry little journal that was kept safe from the water.... somehow.)

You: What!? I think you're all crazy! Can you not see what's going on out there?

Nael: (Nodding his head thoughtfully as he flips out a pen and begins quickly jotting down some words, reading them aloud.) "Appearing rather frazzled and in disarray with the resulting chaos of the Beasts of Eden parade, our young and new resident comes to the conclusion that this city is crazy. There you have it, folks. Straight out of an outside source's mouth. Now I reiterate the age-old question once again to our own Event Planning Committee(EPC), 'What were you thinking?'" (Closes the journal and sets it back inside his seemingly water-proof jacket compartment.) 

You: Beasts of Eden parade? Is that what this is all about? Are you telling me that, uh, Behemoth is a parade animal? And what's with the journal!?

Nael: (Nodding defiantly.) That's right. Funny thing is, I totally called it in my last article. I kept telling the damn EPC what a bad idea that was. I mean, really, you can't tame a beast. An animal, yes. A beast? Hell no!  Oh, and about the journal... it's for my articles in the Tribune. I'm sure you've heard of it. 

You: Well... I heard some guard talking about it a few minutes ago. So you're the writer, then? ACK! (Water sways violently as something hits the fountain.) 

Nael: (Holds his hand out with a smirk.) The name's Maico. But I prefer to go by my pen name, Nael. Back when I used my real name, people thought a girl was writing the articles... heh. Plus it sounds cooler, doesn't it? 

You: (You stop to stare at his open hand, then back up at him.) I think I made a mistake coming here. I really don't get what's going on. I mean, for starters you don't seem to care that this thing is going on a deadly rampage! You're acting as if this is common place...

Nael: :} 

You: (Blinking.) What's with the smile? Don't tell me... this happens regularly? 

Nael: (Shrug.) More or less. But don't worry, it's not so much that it's a common problem than it is that I prefer to get up close and personal with these situations. I do it to please my readers. It's gotten me some serious fame the last two years. 


The fountain shakes violently once more, causing Nael's head to hit the side of its wall as the water sways.

Nael: AGH! 

You: (Trying to remain stable.) You sure do look capable, Nael. What's with the shaking!? 

Nael: (Rubbing the side of his head.) Well, that's just par for the course when the Brigade steps in to deal with these sort of things. 

You: The Brigade? Sounds like a rebel group... 

Nael: Eh. They used to be seen as mere vigilantes, but over the last few years they've become the go-to heroes. Really made a name for themselves during the massacre two years ago in the previous capital. They're official now after relocating here in Eden. Got their own base and everything, funded by the city itself. 

You: Okay... so the rude elf guy that threw me in here is one of them? 

Nael: That's right. He goes by the name Vero. One of many Brigade Elites. He can be an a*s though, so I'd steer clear of him. 

You: You sure do know your characters... (Looking over the fountain at the various Brigade Elites battling the beast.) You know, that's kind of cool! 

Nael: Hey, it's my job isn't it? (Lifting himself over the fountain's edge.) Oh, and good idea. I need to get closer. 

You: That's not what I meant! 


Vero and the other elites continue the fight against the King Behemoth, but they realize something is amiss. This isn't any ordinary Behemoth... 

Vero: I can't get any attacks to hit! This stupid thing is moving way too fast! 

Annie(Blond-haired young woman with a Great Katana): Why in the world is it moving around so much? It's like in some sort of freakzilla frenzy! Flint, why don't you just shoot it already? 

The young man known as Flint sits perched atop an overpass holding a long rifle, keeping his sights on the behemoth but feeling a bit of nervous sweat trickle down his chin.

Flint: I can't get a clear shot... It's moving around way too much. I'm afraid I'll hurt it bad! My baby packs quite a punch. If I could just shoot its horns, I could at least stun it...

Vero: (Sneering.) Ugh, I keep forgetting we're not supposed to be killing this thing. Who was the ingenious little s**t who decided the EPC could parade a f****n' King Behemoth around!? 

Mel(Young feline-hybrid female): (Grunting in frustration as she attempts to use her ice magicks to freeze the King Behemoth's legs in place.) I can't get my spells to stick, either. It's way too big... He's going to tear the square apart! Bear, don't just stand there... do something!

Bear(Hulking humanoid wielding a lance): Here, let me try something...

Bear presses the tip of his lance against the floor, readying a wide stance before leaping abnormally high up into the air and plummeting straight towards the beast's head. 

Bear: If I can just... land on its head. (Concentrating while in midair on his landing) I might be able to steer it.

The King Behemoth readies: Vicious Claw

Bear: ... Crap.

The King Behemoth uses Vicious Claw!

Bear takes 3023 points of damage. (0/3000HP)

Bear: (Screaming like a big girl as he is launched across the Square.) 

Bear has been defeated...

Vero: (Shaking his head.) S**t. If I wasn't so pissed off right now I could have laughed at that pathetic attempt. 

Annie: (Shoving past Vero.) You sure talk high and mighty for someone who hasn't even landed a single hit...

Vero: (Snickering in irritation.) Believe me, woman, I could take this thing out in a heartbeat, had we permission to kill it! You know how hard it is to stop something with an axe like mine and let it live? Beastsitting ain't my specialty. We need that damn monkey girl! 

Mel: (Looking around, scratching her head.) Where is that Okina, anyway? I know for a fact she could get up there... 

Flint: Um, guys... we got a serious problem over here. (Pointing at the King Behemoth, who now had its sights back on you and Nael.) Nael and that other person are about to get kabobbed on its horns! 

Vero: (Growling) I thought we made it clear to those idiots not to move an inch! Come on, move it! 

Annie: (Cupping her hand over her mouth and shouting) HEY! Get out of there ya morons! 


Nael: Alrighty, one foot over the other aaaaand there we go! (Hops to the floor after climbing out of the tall fountain.) Watch your step there, newcomer. Hm? 

Nael turns around to see the incoming King Behemoth, approaching fast and anxiously as if it were seeing two fresh little meat kabobs before it. 

You: (Climbing out carefully, oblivious to the impending death.) 

Nael: WHOA! Get that a*s moving! (Grabs onto your leg, hauling you down.) We're a little too close here, buddy! 

You: (Falling on the ground hard.) OW! 

You don't have much time to think or to give Nael a good smack across the face before seeing the deadly beast coming at you, mouth agape showing off those razor sharp jaws. 

You see a weapon lying on the floor a few feet away from you, near a destroyed caravan. All the while, Nael is frantically motioning you to start running. 

What will you do?

1). I'm tired of running! Time to stand and fight!  (1 vote)

2). Heed Nael's advice and GTFO! (2 votes)

**Results have been tallied.


To be continued...

(Leave your choice in the Comment/Review section below)

© 2012 Jobyn

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1. Better to fight, cause I have a feeling you won't let us die just yet. :P

But, wow, this is really cool. I've never really read anything in second person, and especially not something like this, so this is really amazing to me. I'm going to be checking out all the chapters. I wanna know where my "fate" ends up. XD

Posted 11 Years Ago

tough choice lol

dont want to be a fraidy cat and run but also dont want to get killed like a wimp

i pick 2 cuz i dont want to die already. unless we cant die in this? lol w/e


Posted 12 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

1 :D let's stay and fight >:] I love the story so far when I started to read it I was like "D: Aww does that mean none of the characters from the first book wont be in it?" and then i saw the names of the other characters and i totally went :D

Posted 12 Years Ago

3 of 3 people found this review constructive.

2!! my cowardly instincts tell me 2!

I love the concept of this story btw! I'm getting really emerged in it and i feel like i'm playing some type of game

Posted 12 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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