Tides of Twilight - Chapter 19#3

Tides of Twilight - Chapter 19#3

A Chapter by Jobyn

You settle down and decide to nap until you arrive home.


You settle down and look out at the late afternoon sky through one of the airship's windows, soon after falling asleep.

Meanwhile in Makalin Village, Pocki; the little girl acquainted with Okina plays cardian ball with her friends in the water. 

Mica: Over here, Pocki! I'm open! 

Airy: No! Throw it here! bye2 onion head

Ronni: As if you guys can catch it, hah! ahaaah onion head

Her team constantly wave their arms at her, making it hard for her to choose who to throw it at. She was so indecisive about these things! But she had to do something fast, because the other team was fast about to move in and claim the ball from her before she could throw it.

Pocki: I don't know who to throw it tooooo! what onion head I'm freaking out maayuun! I'm just going to close my eyes and throw it as hard as I can! If the other gets it, I'm sorry! 

Mica: Don't do that, stuped! 

Pocki lifts the ball up into the air and closes her eyes tight as she hurls her fist as hard as she can at it. She sends the darn thing flying, but in the wrong direction...

It swerves back into the direction of the pier, bouncing off into land. 

Airy: Nice going, Pocki! You didn't throw it at any of us! objection onion head

Pocki: Wah! whaaat2 onion head You guys wait a minute, I'll go get it! oh onion head

She quickly swims back to the little pier and climbs up out of the water. She whines as she runs after it. 

Pocki: Stop bouncing, you stuped cardian ball! 

It takes her about two minutes of running, but she finally catches up to it. Cardian balls bounce a lot more erratically than a regular ball, so it's a huge pain going after one that's gone off-course during a game if you're not fast on your feet.

Leaning down and picking it up with her hand, she suddenly witnesses a strange, bright flash of light that had come far off in the opposite direction she was facing. She blinks and turns around, holding the cardian ball in her hands. 

Pocki: What is that!? 

What she saw was a giant beam of light shooting out of the ocean and into the heavens. What was more alarming to her, was that the swirling water around that light began to rise up like a gigantic mound. As the water came crashing back down, she saw that it wasn't actually the water that had been rising, but some kind of giant monster. 

All of that water stormed towards the shore, and she watched in terror as her friends and others close to the pier were engulfed by the violent waves. 

Pocki: Oh, no...! No, no! 

She trembled in fear as the first few structures at the shore were shaken up. She could hear the distressed screams of people as it began to flood quickly. 

The gigantic monster was like a titan, much, much bigger than the buildings in Eden. It rose both of its giant hands and clasped them together, bringing them down on the water hard as it roared. 

Pocki dropped the ball from her hands as she felt the ground shaking, that horrendous impact from the monster sending a sort of tsunami that swept over Makalin Village, tearing it apart and taking all of its residents with it. 

She screamed upon seeing it-- her mother, her friends, her home, all of them gone in a single instant. But she didn't even have a moment to grieve as the tidal wave came after her next. 

Pocki had gotten a good distance from the small village after chasing that ball, and so she turned and ran as fast as her legs could possibly take her, naturally going uphill. As a guard post tower came into view, she booked it for the structure and prayed that she make it. 

Reaching it, she quickly scrambles up the ladder nearly being swept away by the water that had now caught up to her, making it feel as though her legs had just been tackled. Holding on for dear life, she climbs up fast and makes it to the top. 

She continues to scream as the structure is shaken up. Like her, it tries desperately to hold its ground... And by some crazy miracle, it does.  

Gods know how far that wave went, but what was left of Makalin Village was a bunch of debris and the occasional floating body. 

As the giant earthen monster roars once more, Pocki wedges herself into a corner of the tower and presses her hands against her head, hoping that this is just a nightmare and that she'll wake up soon. 

The girl shuts her eyes tightly to avoid looking at any passing bodies, screaming the words, "Somebody save me! Save me, Keena!" 

To be continued...

© 2013 Jobyn

Author's Note

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Again, I'm really sorry about my big delay :((

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You weren't lying when you said you were going to add more interaction. :)

This was a very cool chapter and I think the length and everything in it was worth the wait. But then again, I'm a patient guy and you weren't lying when you said that was a big waiting gap!

I like how you add subtle key facts every now and then that reminds us what something is, as I had completely forgotten about that seal Stiff has. It was a crazy turn around when he turned into the Catalyst, both in power and his personality.

I just hope he doesn't stick around in that form for too long because I'm liking Okina more and more with each chapter and I want them to act like an actual couple, darn it! XD

I like General Grau's dialogue, too. I keep thinking he's one of those evil, psychotic villains that want to do away with the world but he doesn't seem that way at all. He kind of acts like an annoying rival more than anything!

It's so odd how he doesn't want to harm Stiff. I mean, he had all these opportunities to do so during their fight. Just what is General Grau's agenda? Interesting character!

As for the rest of the characters, again, great work on keeping them all relevant! I think the care you put into their personalities is one of the main reasons this story is so fun to read.

By the way, that dream-vision-thing from the Catalyst was a really nice read. It gives us good insight on Stiff's past. Too bad we didn't get to see how him and his friends' little plan turned out. :P

Do I sense a love triangle between Stiff > Okina < Nael?

The ending was pretty intense! Poor little Pocki. That giant Einherjar is going to spell big trouble, I can tell.

Keep them coming!

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Aww, thanks :(( I just feel bad when I add so much content to one chapter because it spams the "new .. read more
Wow, this chapter was really intense! Everything is jumbled up now and I can't wait to see what Legion will bring to the table. (The wiping out of the village made me think of FF X xD)
Way to go turning around Okina's character, I recognize her now! Nael suddenly turned heroic too :O
Looking forward to the next chapter!

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Whoa! You're so right! I wasn't even thinking of FFX but now that you mention it, I feel like such a.. read more

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