Crazy  Part 4

Crazy Part 4

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 292-3


Part 4


The game ended the moment there wasn’t anything left to take off, the boys both had big smiles on their faces. Telling me how much fun it was to play follow the leader with me and they both learned a lot about each other and me. I said asking if they were ready to move on to the next lesson. Having Daniel ask what lesson comes next, Jasper said point blank. “He means if we are ready to learn about having sex.”

Daniel swallowed a couple of times asking me if that would be required tonight. I shrugged my shoulders telling it depends on the person that we take back to the hotel room. Some will be wanting to and others wouldn’t be up to it. That even with the drug that it is still the person’s choice, that if he is comfortable about having sex with guys like he is with girls. Then he would do so if he wasn’t then they wouldn’t go as far only to the tasting. They both nodded that understood eyeing the tub.

Jasper said, he was ready to do it, since Rhoda will be requiring them to do it, to prove to her that they were ready. I told the boys they didn’t have too until they were ready, that they can say no anytime they want to. Jasper said he was willing. I shook my head no said; “when you are ready you will let me know.” I picked up my clothes, to leave only to have the boys stop me asking me if it hurts. I shook my head no, telling them not the way I do it.

They looked at each other and said. They wanted to do it. I asked if they really wanted to or were they being pressured to do it. I knew the answer was more likely they were being pressured into doing it. They said no that wanted to do it. I nodded letting them take my clothes from me. Denial said. “I’ll make us some tea, Jasper you run the tub and find the grooming kit so Nate can show us how to groom each other.” It didn’t take long to have everything ready at my fingertips.

Yet like always right before, I get started I am interrupted by a knock on the door. Jasper went to the door, not bothering to put on a rob or wrap a towel around his waist, even though he was supporting half ton truck in front of him. None of coven boys or girls had a sense of modesty, in many ways it was like living in a nudist colony and in others it wasn’t because how shy they actually were about having someone physically touch them. The moment the door opened it I found my wives staring down at their brother's Jaspers penis. He asked. “What do you want, we are a little bit busy?”

Kateleen said looking up and noticing that I too and her brother Daniel was completely naked. She said. “We were just looking for our husband, and wanted to see what he wanted for dinner or when he was planning on coming back to our room.”

Jasper said. “Oh, and you couldn’t wait until we have had sex. Dad should have told you that we didn’t want to be interrupted and certainly not by my sisters who find this something to be afraid of.” He placed his hands on his penis and started to stroke it in front of her and my other wife Beth.

Whose faces paled watching him do that they Beth said. “Man you boys are annoying. If you must know we were hoping that we could join you later tonight. I understand you are all going out tonight.”

Daniel said. “Yes we are, but you can’t come because you haven’t had sex yet. Last time we checked you are both still virgins as Jasper said we are a little busy, but you can come back when we are done unless you would like to have sex with us?” The girls paled at the idea, which stated they weren’t ready yet to do that.

Yet they pushed themselves into the room, watching Kateleen grab Jaspers penis and started to stroke him said. “If that is what takes, I am going to ride both of you and my husband. In any case, we're not leaving until he comes with us or we have sex right here in front of our nosey brothers.”

Daniel's face paled as he whispered in Jasper's ear. Jasper said. “Yea like that’s going to happen, you can’t even ride your husband and you are not ready to ride us, so I dare you to even try it. Knowing that…”

His words were cut off as they both started to undress. Yet Daniel said seeing his face pale but wanted to prove that he wasn’t scared said. “Big deal we have seen each other naked all the… Time.”

I blinked a couple of times seeing my wife Beth place her hands on his penis and said. “As I was saying dear brother, I am horney as hell. Kateleen and I have watched nothing but sex tapes all morning long. So don’t you think for one minute that we aren’t going to have sex?”

He stepped away said. “Nate, I think we have a problem.”

I said. “No, you have a problem. I only see the possibilities. The thing is my dear Kateleen and Beth the tub is only big enough for two maybe three people.”

Beth said making her way over to me. “Who said anything about the tub, we have a bed and it’s big enough for all of us, your parents have the kids, our mothers, and Dr. Sars and Dora are busy making up the sex drug for tonight. Our Dads are all busy securing a hotel room for later. That gives at least 5 hours to have sex and go over what we have learned. In any case, we aren’t leaving until you have sex with us… and as mothers to our children; we have the right to know how you prepare our boys and our two daughters. Its either that or you can explain to our parents why we as your wives are sleeping in another room when we tell them that it was you that refused to have sex with us.

“I for one don’t plan on doing any more housework for not doing what we were supposed to do last, night. We aren’t drugged, so, therefore, we either have sex now in this room or in our room, it makes no difference. As you this belongs to us,” she reached down and grabbed my penis and stroked it and then placed my hand on her sweet spot rubbing my hand against it.

I smiled said. “I am willing, but I would like to bathe first since me and your bothers just finished playing follow the leader.”

Kateleen said. “Fine, get in.” She pointed to the tub that was ready.

I shook my head no said. “Go ready our tub, your first time should be special, don’t put on any clothes, we are in a clothes-free zone since everyone on this floor is either family or friends.” Once the girls were gone, I sighed with relief and so did their brothers.

Jasper said. “That was close I thought for a minute you were going to make us have sex with our sisters.”

I said. “I am, but not until I know for sure they are ready to do so. Now then we can pick this up where we left off or you can wait until I come back?”

They looked at each other Jasper said. “Your room has a hot tub in it, ours doesn’t. We have never been in one, plus we could be witnesses that can say you actually had sex with our sisters. You don’t think they are still drugged do you?” I shook my head no. They said. “Ok, because I have never seen my sisters act that way. Not once have they touched me and my brother like that.” I nodded that it was a strange turnaround, but Mom said she would handle it, and I knew Mom. So I guess you can say she handled it.

I picked up my clothes and walked across the hall to my room finding the key to open it. I found my wives lying on the bed naked. I smiled, dropping my clothes into a chair. Kateleen said. “I believe this is where we left off. I have the grooming supplies ready so you can groom us first before we bathe. I nodded asking who wanted to go first Kateleen said she did, as Beth got off the bed and locked the bedroom door, stating this time I wasn’t going to leave the room. I asked if they were sure, as they blinked at me as if that was a stupid question. Beth pushed me on to the bed and said. “We are, more then you would know.” I nodded had them look me in the eye, finding that they weren’t drugged.

Beth asked. “May I?” I looked down where she was looking.

I took her hand and placed it on my penis, said. “A wife never has to ask, that question when it comes to her husband.”

She shrugged her shoulders said. “Just making sure, because of what we put you though. I know it wasn’t our fault, but we will take the blame never the less. Our mothers have placed wards in our rooms and have bathed us in blessed waters to make sure that whoever is behind this will not be allowed to get away with it. Now teach us how you would like us to pleasure you.

“The videos were cruel at best, but we did watch them. Your adoptive Mom explained that actions they are doing are the same, but the feeling of no emotion is different said you would explain it to us, by showing us the difference.” I nodded as she brought me to a hard state and placed me inside her mouth and moaned; having her sister Kateleen join her so she could taste me as well.

Once they had, Kateleen handed me the thermos said. “I made it extra strong, just the way you like it according to your wife Rhoda.” I nodded and drank my fill and then made my self comfortable as they gave me their best and first attempted of a massage before letting me groom them since there wasn’t much on me to groom, and they wanted to do it while in the tub.

They each laid down on the bed watching me I waited for them to use the pillow to hide my arousal like they did last time instead they didn’t, instead, they used me as an all-day sucker as I groomed each them, until I could do the rest in the tub.

I took my place in the tub and began where we left off last time we were in a tub together, this time they participated in the fun and shaved my legs and massaged my feet as I had done with theirs. I moved to towards them having Kateleen lean out of the tub, being limited it because the tub was boxed in and not a floor tub. I made it work as I finished grooming each of my wives.

I asked Kateleen if she was ready to become a woman, she answered me by spreading her legs and taking my hand said. “I have been wanting you too since the moment I saw you naked the first time, we should have never left the tent, until we had, because from that moment on. Someone was making it so we weren’t interested in having sex with you. Now that isn’t the case, and now we are married in the eyes of God and the coven.”

I nodded and said. “Please let me know if you feel any pain when I place myself inside you. Normally I would use a condom and a fake penis, But your mother told me that it is not allowed, nor am I allowed to give you any numbing agent to help you. So I am a little hesitant.”

Kateleen took my hands and brought to her lips said. “Its only life and you shouldn’t worry about a woman’s pain, we will bear any pain, including childbirth as you know we celebrate life, so let us celebrate you making us your wives. Let us howl, lets us find ourselves wrapped in each other's arms. God gave us you, so let us not turn away his gift.”

I nodded and placed myself inside of her, she screamed and I jerked back but she gripped me telling me don’t. I nodded as I felt the warm blood drip between my legs as I went all the way in as she screamed; biting her fist, taking her sister hand as they held each other so they wouldn’t be doing this alone. I watched her sister’s face paled seeing the blood in the water, telling them it was normal when it is the first time.

I closed my eyes, and took slow thrust until Kateleen stopped screaming and started to moan, begging me not to stop, but I had too because it would be at least 20 to thirty minutes before I could do it again as tired as I was I didn’t have the  strength to do a 3 hour marathon of straight sex. When I was done she sagged into the water, she smiled. “I know why you wanted to do it in the tub.” I nodded that it was. Beth took her place as her sister took her hand as I groomed her as well then repeated what I had done to her sister, she too bleeds if not more as she screams echoed until they stopped… I pulled out as she too sank into the tub.

I heard a knock on the bedroom door. I gave a sigh, stating we are a little busy. It was Agatha their mother, I climbed out of the tub and didn’t bother drying off or covering myself. I unlocked the door. Finding Mom and Dad all three sisters, and their two brothers, pacing the room fully dressed well mostly with her brothers wearing least a waste robe around their waist including their fathers Garret and Gerald who was also wearing a waist robe.

Agatha first words were, “is it done? Please, God, tell me that you have done it?” I nodded Mom smiled wiping a tear from her eyes as Dad held her in his arms. Like it was the greatest news they could have heard. Agatha and her two sisters pushed passed me. Her daughters in embraced their mother Agatha, Iris, and Brianna had the girls lie down on the bed so they can confirm it. They looked at me and frowned ask me why I didn’t impregnate them finding none of my nectar inside of them. I said. "That’s because we didn’t go all the way.”

Agatha asked why Mom came to my rescue said. “He was taught not to, by me and his Dad; least not on the first try. What they do afterward is their affair, not ours. It is our job as their parents to butt out. Now he has done what you have asked, now let’s leave them and go to dinner.”

Agatha said. “Fine, but you still get no condoms,” I stated I never planned to use one since I am married to them, but they will require a woman’s condom if they plan on going out with us.

Brianna said. “I’ll have Garret make the arrangements.”

Dad said. “No. it’s the husband’s job to see that his wives have everything they need. How do we know we can trust someone from your coven to makes sure the person isn’t a mole?”

Agatha said. “Point taken, we will see ourselves out.” 

Garret and Gerald shook hands with me, telling me I made them both proud. Garret looked at his two boys, and me said. “I think we have some unfinished business if I am not mistaken. Our daughters need time and I was thinking we could it like we did last time.”

Kateleen said. “No Dad, we told our husband Nate, that it is our job to make sure that when it comes to our children when it is there turn to learn about sex we would be there for them.”

Her father said. “I understand that Kateleen, but he isn’t having sex with his boys, he having sex with us and your two brothers,” Beth stated it didn’t matter; they both wanted to see how we do it and participate if necessary. I saw the horror in their brother's eyes, but their Dads agreed that there was no reason they couldn’t watch, more so if I was going to have sex with them in that fashion. Their brothers tried to talk them out of it, but once their sisters made up their mind. It might as well be written in stone.

© 2019 Shep

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