The Ritual---from Loved by a Wolf

The Ritual---from Loved by a Wolf

A Chapter by The Invisible Girl

Chapter 15

 "Sophie!" I heard a voice whisper. My head rolled to the voice. I was still laying on the bed in a very uncomfortable position.

"Sophie, you wake?" Andrei voice got louder as he noticed that Vlad wasn't coming.

"Andrei, are you okay?" I managed to whisper.

"Yeah, I heal quickly. Can you sit up?"

"I don't know. I feel so heavy."

"Oh, Sophie! What he do to you? We need to get out of here." 

"How?" I slurred.

"Sophie, can you send Shane a message?" His voice sounded panicked as he listened for Vlad's footsteps. 

"I don't know. I feel tired. Did he drugged me?" My voice raised an octave in fear.

 "Oh, Sophie. Do I even want to know?" 

I turned my head toward him. His cuts were healing but he looked really bad. 

"I want to go home." I cried. 

"I know, sweetie. I know." He said sweetly to me. With very quick footsteps Vlad began to the door, but before he did Andrei slung down on his chains and pretended to be still knocked out. While I closed my eyes to pretend I was sleeping.

Vlad slammed open and threw someone onto the ground. I tried to open my eyes, but soon my eyes flashed open when Vlad grabbed me. 

"Wakey, wakey." Vlad smiled as he made me sit up. I looked down at the small body on the ground. She whimpered and looked up with her soft brown eyes. I gasped, It was Catherine. 

"Sophie?" Catherine whimpered more.

"Catherine, what are you doing here? Did he hurt you?" I asked worriedly. 

"No. Why are you here?" Catherine asked. "The whole Pack is looking for you."

"Shut up!" Vlad kicked her in the stomach. Catherine bellied over in pain. 

"What do you want Vlad?" I felt tears of anger flow down my face. 

"I want you!" Vlad whined like a twelve year kid who wanted candy. "But first you need to put this on." Vlad snaked around the room towards the dresser. He opened one of the drawers and unfolded a plastic bag that contain - a white dress. A wedding dress. 

I moaned," No." Vlad growled and grabbed the collar of my shirt. He pulled me up so that I was forced to look into his green eyes. 

"Yes, you will. Or do you want me to kill weak little Andrei and sweet Catherine?" Vlad's perverted smile spread across his face when he knew he won. Tears streamed down my cold, pale face as I whispered, "Okay. I'll do as you say," 

Vlad clapped his hands," See that wasn't so hard was it?" 

Soon my stomach let out a big growl. I never noticed that I never have eaten since yesterday's breakfast. 

"Someone sounds like their hungry. I'll go gets some food for my bride to be! Don't want you to collapse out of exhaustion at the altar," Vlad laughed and exited out the door,  I started to hyperventilate. Catherine rushed toward me and in a calming voice said, "Breath in. Breath out. Everything will be all right. Shane is coming." 

My heart rate started to slow down and my breathing calmed. I saw Andrei full of anger. He roared,"I can't believe I couldn't protect you. I'm useless." His anger soon turned to sadness and soon tears streamed down his face. "Oh Sophie what have I done?"

"It's okay Andrei." I said calmly to him. It was so depressing seeing Andrei's self ego demolished. Soon, Andrei growled,"It's not okay Sophie! It's not just a regular human wedding Sophie. Its a bonding ritual." 

"What!" I gasped. "What is different from the bonding ritual and a regular wedding?"

"Oh, Sophie. I'm not sure you want to know." Andrei's gaze went to the ground.

"Sophie, we have to get this dress on before he comes back," Catherine said shakily. I looked away from Andrei and nodded my head in agreement. 

In less that fifteen minutes Catherine helped me put on my wedding dress. I shook and felt wet streaks fall down my face. Where was Shane? If only I told him I loved him. The dress was beautiful of course. It was a simple silk dress with pearls embroider on the hem of the dress. I wish this was the dress who be similar when I married to...I blushed I knew what was coming after. Me and Shane together married. The thought brought tears to my eyes, because that was never going to happen since Shane hasn't saved me yet. Was Roxana right? Was he going to give up on me? Catherine looked up concern and grabbed me in her arms.

"Oh, Sophie. Don't lose hope. I'm sure Shane and the Pack are on their way." 

"I don't know if I can do this." 

There was a creak from the door as Vlad entered. Catherine jumped away from me and coward in a corner. He had a smile on his face when he saw me. I looked away from his perverted glare. 

"Oh, Sophie. Don't cry. You should be happy. It is your birthday." He grabbed my chin and made me look at him. How did he know it was birthday and how did I forget? Soon my thoughts were interrupted when I felt his face at the nape of my neck. His lips brushed my neck. I tensed and I was shaking like a leaf. "Plus, you going to become a wife of an Alpha." His lips trailed up my cheek. I started to shake even more when I feel his hand go around my waist pulling me closer.

I built up the courage to retort,"How are you going to do that? You have no followers."

"Who said I was going to get them? I was planning to make our new Pack together."  He pulled me even closer. Oh, God I was about to puke. I can't picture me having Vlad's kids. My tears started to fall down like a waterfall. 

I whispered,"You're sick."

"No." He breathing started getting heavier,"I'm just sick with love." I felt his hands start roaming my body. 

"Stop, please." I moaned. Why wouldn't he stop? My body was screaming in pain knowing that this wasn't my mate. 

"Yo, Vlad." Andrei voice said sarcastically,"I thought the groom couldn't see the bride until the ceremony. It's bad luck you know." 

No, no I know what Vlad was going to do next. Vlad clenched his teeth and stormed over to Andrei who was ready for Vlad's fist to come in contact with his face. I couldn't let Vlad hit him again. I knew Andrei would hate for this, but I didn't care. I ran to Vlad before he could raise his fist.  And with all my strength, I grabbed his shirt to turn Vlad around and pressed my lips into his. 

"Sophie!" Andrei said in shock. I ignored him and continued to kiss Vlad. Oh, how my body was screaming at me. What are you doing Sophie? He's not meant for you. But I continued to kiss Vlad leading him away from Andrei. Vlad of course was so excited that he was starting to unzip my dress, but I took his hands back up to my face. I pulled away to catch my breath. 

"I knew you felt it. You are mine." 

"First we have to go through the ritual," I said nervously. "But on one condition. If I bond with you, you must release Andrei and Catherine." 

"Deal." Vlad smiled excitedly. I was still shaking. Vlad pulled himself away from me and said,"I better get the ritual ready." 

As he was about to run out the door I asked curiously,"You know you never told me how you could read my thoughts."

"It's because we are mates." 

I shivered because I knew it wasn't true. After Vlad left Andrei looked at me shock and confusion. "What the hell was that?" 


"What the hell did you kiss him?" Andrei was seriously angry. 

"To save you." I said softly. 

"That's not your job!" Andrei screamed. 

"Andrei." I never seen him this mad before. It was really scary. "I'm sorry. I just want to go home."

"I know, sweetie. I didn't mean to yell at you." 

I walked over to Catherine who was huddled at the corner.

"Come here." 

Catherine jumped in my embrace. "Sophie, you can't marry him." 

"I have too, if he is ever going to let you guys free." 

"I don't mine. I'm used to being locked up."

"No, its not healthy for you." I paused as tears started to fall again." Cathy, thank you for being here with me.

"Of course." Catherine smiled that I gave her a nickname. 

We sat together for maybe another hour or so when Vlad came walking in a tuxedo and his hair combed back. 

"It's time." He smiled at me and reached for my hand. I hugged Catherine one last time and walked over to Andrei to kiss his cheek. I grabbed Vlad's hand as lead me down the hallway. We finally got to a badly lit room which was only lit by candles. 

On a table was a wine glass with roses petals surrounding the table. I looked down at my feet to see more rose petals. What also caught my eye was a mattress. I tensed up and I wanted to cry but the tears never came. Vlad lead me to the table and turned me so we were face-to-face. Behind Vlad was a window where the moon's beams were shining through. It was a full moon.

"Are you ready?"

"What is this ritual?"

"Its a bonding ritual between mates. First you drink the wine of sacrificial love. Then we exchange blood to symbolize that our blood is the same, and finally like every marriage we will become one." 

Oh, God. No! Shane, where are you? I yelled in my mind. 

Soon a concern voice appeared in my head. I'm coming Sophie! I'm almost there. 

Shane was coming! Hope and happiness started to brew in me. Vlad smiled at me and recited something from a book on the table. 

"With this cup of wine, I will drink as a symbol that I will provide for the needs of my family and will sacrifice my life them." Vlad took a drink from the wine glass and then handed it to me. 

"Now you say: With this cup that my husband has drunken I accept that I will submit and have faith he will provide for our family." Vlad said encouragingly.

I recited it like a robot and drank the wine. The taste was bitter and left a bad taste to my mouth. Vlad took the cup from me and set it on the table. Vlad took his jacket off and rolled his sleeves to his white shirt. "Now the blood exchange." 

"I can't do that." I said nervously. Where was Shane? 

"Here I'll help you." Vlad eye's started to glow and his teeth grew sharper. Vlad bit his hand. Blood was slowly started to gush out. I think I'm about to puke. "Drink,Sophie." Vlad said softly. He held his arm out for me to grab. I held his arm and as I was about to put my lips to his blood. There came a roar as a black wolf broke through the wooden doors. It was Shane. My heart almost jumped out of my chest to see my love. 

"Get away from my mate!" Shane growled showing his large canines. I looked up to see the majority of the Pack standing with their hairs raised on their backs and showing their canines. Soon there was a crack of metals and roar and  to my surprise it was Andrei. 

"You better listen to him, or I will kill you painfully and slowly." Andrei growled.

"Shane!" I cried in excitement. But soon my mouth was covered by Vlad's arm. His blood started to go down throat. It was salty and had a metallic taste to it. Vlad removed his arm from my mouth and threw me down on the mattress. I coughed up some blood and tried to spit it out. But I still felt it go down my throat. 

"Shane, you are wrong. Sophie is my mate!" Vlad growled. "I can read her mind." 

"You are a freak." Shane started to circle Vlad. Something clicked in Vlad and his face got distorted in anger. "I'm not a freak!!" He roared as his clothes tore apart as he turned into wolf and attacked Shane. I started to feel dizzy and felt really hot.  I heard yelps and growls from Shane and Vlad as they fought each other. I tried to crawl to them, but it was like my legs were heavy and I couldn't feel them. I felt the moon's beams on my body. It was like I was soaking them up. I heard a howl of pain. Thinking that it was from Vlad, I turned around to see Shane was howling in pain while Vlad had him at the neck. My body got incredible hot and I moaned as my bones cracked. What was happening to me? I felt my fingers and hand and they were hairy! I felt my face, but I felt a growing muzzle. I gasped. I touched my teeth to feel that they were sharp like a knives. Again Shane's howl echoed in my ear. I jerked my head up and I clumsily stood on my now four legs. I was a wolf! I was a werewolf! I growled and charged at Vlad. The Pack, Shane, and Vlad all gasped. I bit Vlad on the side while he was still in shock. 

"My love, what are you doing?" Vlad asked softly. 

"I'm not your love or your mate." I growled. Again I charged at him and jumped on his back. Vlad brushed me off and bit my leg. I howled in pain. I collapsed on the rose covered floor.

"We could have been together." Vlad said sadly. He turned around to Shane who was still on the ground unconscious.

"Andrei." I yelled. Andrei was about to charge forward but Shane's father stopped him. What was he doing? I looked back at Vlad who was slowly walking to Shane. 

"You should have seen her kiss me." Vlad spitted at him. "You will never be her mate."  

With the rest of my strength, I charged at Vlad and caught him at the neck in surprise.  Vlad howled in pain and started to choke. I never let go of his neck. Soon Vlad started to stop shaking and became limp in my jaws. He was gone. I spit him out of my mouth and rushed toward Shane. 

"Shane, wake up." I nudged him with my muzzle. "Oh, Shane don't leave me." I howled.

"Sophie," Shane coughed. "Sophie, you're a werewolf." Shane smiled. 

"I know," I smiled back and rested my muzzle on his neck. 

"No, you don't understand. You are one of the Originals." 

"Originals?"  I looked up to see the whole Pack including Shane's dad bowing to me. I looked back at Shane who shakily got up to bow at me,"You must be the daughter of the King of Alphas. You have the royal silver fur and you turned on your eighteenth birthday on a full moon. You're the missing daughter of the King Micheal."  

© 2013 The Invisible Girl

Author's Note

The Invisible Girl
So what you think?

Glad Vlad is gone?
What you think of Sophie being a werewolf??
What will happen with Roxana? Will she be punished?
Will Sophie meet her father?
Were there any errors!

Again! Thank you for reading!!! :D

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Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Lol! :D

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

lol! I'm working on the next chapter! :D
Anonymous Girl

7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

^-^ lol
Vlad is Dead!!!! And she is an original??? OHHH write more soon!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Woah!!! Like totally intense and crazy chapter! The scenes with Vlad were so vividly horrid, amazing job cause it was emotionally painful to read, and with Vlad blood in her mouth, what did that do to her? Shane arrived just in time, whew! You pushed it right to the edge. And she killed Vlad, very dark moment there. And she's a princess! Huge shocker! Overall a totally grippIng amazing chapter, best one yet!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Thanks! I imagined that Vlad's blood kind of woken her werewolf blood in a sense, so it kind of help.. read more
Horizon K.

7 Years Ago

Cool! I like how you're not afraid to put her in real danger too...
The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Thanks. :)
I wanted to be the one to kill him though .-.
Eh. *shrugs and puts away chainsaw*

Me loves werewolf Sophie :3

I didn't like Roxanna. I do not like Roxanna. I never will like Roxanna.
Commence the punishment!!! >:D

I really hope that Sophie gets to meet her father. After everything that's happened, she deserves it. :)

Amazing chapter! Very intense! :D

Posted 7 Years Ago

Felicity's Eve

7 Years Ago

I haz some ideas... *pulls out chainsaw* >:D
The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

XD Hahaha!!
Felicity's Eve

7 Years Ago

>.< Keeps not allowing me to post my review. So lets try this again!!!!

Ew...She willingly kissed Vlad..


Sophie is such a pretty werewolf!!!! Doesn't surprise me though, because she is pretty anyways!!

Roxana will die a horrible and painful dead...OR In my mind she will be buried and only her head will poke out of the ground, and she gets no food. NOTHING! Torture :3

Sophie will meet her dad! Because if shes the lost princess, her father is definatly looking for her, and now that she is found she has to go back or atleast see him!!!!!!!!

Shane :3 he is sooooo brave :D


Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

LOL! XD Yep Vlad is gone!! Now *thinks* what should I do to Roxana?? lol
The Fallen

7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Haha! I'll think about it! XD
For a moment there, you had me worried. And vlad creep me out until the very end. *shivers* I'm glad he's dead.
LOVED the part where Sophie turned into a werewolf! Really exicting and the cliffhanger makes me want the next chapter right now!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

And I'll give you a cookie if you finish it by today. *holds up giant cookie bigger than your head.*
The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

O.o Ohh!!! Is it chocolate chip? lol XD *writes faster*
Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

Yes, yes it is.
Vlad is so disgusting!!!! I'm so glad he is gone :) OMG Sophie is a werewolf and she's royal!!! Love it! I can't wait for her to go show Roxana what's up! XD I bet she will meet her father, I'm sure he would like to know where his daughter is!! Amazing chapter!!! Next one please XD

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Haha! Thanks! I'm working on the next chapter right now! XD
Bella Luna

7 Years Ago

I can't wait!!!
Art Lover/Love Writing

7 Years Ago

Me neither!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow it was worth that intising wait really good! I'm glad Vlad I'd gone! Hehehe glad and Vlad rhyme! And Sophie sounds like a pretty wolf the silver fur do soft .......mhhhh I like soft things like pillows and dogs :D

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

7 Years Ago

Yep, Vlad is gone for good! XD Thanks for reading!! :)
Art Lover/Love Writing

7 Years Ago

It is my pleasure

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