The Shot---from Loved By A Wolf

The Shot---from Loved By A Wolf

A Chapter by The Invisible Girl

Chapter 21
            Shane's eyes were brighter than I have ever seen them. He was literally shaking with anger. I felt myself cower in fear. It felt like I was being torn apart as Shane cut his mind-link to me. My head was screaming with pain as I felt Shane no more. I slowly walk toward him, "Shane.." I was replied with a low growl from Shane.

           "How could you?" I saw tears forming in his piercing blue eyes. I felt like molten lava inside. Each tear that fell from Shane's face was a drop of lava burning me slowly inside.                   
"Shane, its my fault not Sophie's. I kind of got caught up in the moment and I kissed her.," Andrei said shamefully.
             "Don't you dare talk to me! I thought I could trust you." Shane growled menacingly.
               I stepped forward to Shane. "Please, Shane, its all a misunderstanding. You are the only one I love." I pleaded.
               "Stay back," Shane howled in pain as he transformed into his wolf.
            All of a sudden, Shane turned to me growling. In a different low voice he growled, "You betrayed me!"
            "No! Never!" I cried. I ran to him. Shane growled and snapped his jaws at me just barely piercing my skin. I gasped looking at him with fear. Shane's eyes soften and he whined at his mistake. With a howl to the moon, he raced off into the woods in a black blur.
            "Shane!!" I yelled for him, but he never came back. I fell to my knees and sobbed. Andrei grunted in pain as he too turned into his wolf form.
             He whined," This is all my fault."
              I spun around, "No it's not."
            "I should have not kissed you."
             "Andrei, you just did my dare." I lowered my head," it's my fault. I kissed you back,"
           "No, I always screw things up. I'm going back to America."   
       "What? No! You're staying. We'll figure this out."
           Andrei slowly walk towards me and placed his forehead against mine. "Goodbye, Sophie."
          In a blond blur, Andrei ran in the opposite direction. I cried like I had never cried before. Everything around me was falling apart like usual. Who should I run after? Shane or Andrei? I stared longingly at the direction Shane went to. I knew deep inside he didn't mean to snap at me. In the corner of my eye I looked at the direction Andrei went. Part of me wanted to go to him. He was listened to me and was so sweet to me. But Andrei is not my mate, Shane is. I stared up at the sky to white, full moon. Help me!
          I groaned as my bones crack and shifted to their wolf shape. My clothes ripped apart as my silver coat grew. I wobbled to my feet like a newborn calf. I huffed as I made my decision and sprinted off after Shane. I tried to talk to him through what was left of our mind-link, but a sharp pain shot up my head. I howled, " SHANE!"
             The howl of the wind was the only thing that responded to me. The woods were quiet. It was like someone turned on a mute switch. I heard no night crawlers or night flyers. It was just the wind and I. I ran as fast as I could hoping for Shane to respond. The pricks of thorns had no affected on me. I got hit with a couple of branches, but it didn't hurt as much as the pain in Shane's eyes. I smelled a hint of blood on my coat from scratches.
              Then a sharp scent of pine and peppermint shot up my muzzle. Shane! I ran faster until the trees were all a blur.
             "Shane!" I howled again.
              "SOPHIE!" I heard something howl back.
            I barked in happiness. He is coming back to me. I slid to a stop to find Shane's scent. A gust of wind came from the South revealing a new scent. I raised my muzzle to get a better clue on what the scent was coming from and from what. Just as I was about to figure out the owner of the scent, only a 100 yards away, a pitch black, blue-eyed wolf appeared.
      "SOPHIE, RUN!" Shane yelped.
  Bang! It was like everything went into the slow motion. I saw an orange vest of a hunter come out of the brush. Out of nowhere, Shane came roaring as he mauled the hunter. I started feeling light headed. I collapsed on my side. The smell of blood rushed to my nose. It was my blood. I got shot. My head felt heavier as I tried to lift it to look at my side. On my hind leg was a blood wound from the bullet. My blood was pouring out in a small puddle.
           "Sophie!! Sophie!!!" Shane rushed toward my side.The hunter's blood was matted into his fur.
          "Shane? I'm I going to die?"
         "No! You're just badly wounded."
        "Sophie!" I looked to see Andrei running to me, but was stopped by Shane.
        "This is all your fault!!" Shane growled, "You should have stopped her from running after me! Where the hell were you?"
       Ignoring his question Andrei calmly said,"Shane, please I know you're mad at me, but we need to help Sophie. Don't you see she losing a lot if blood."
        "Don't tell me how to take care of my mate!" Shane growled, but sighed. "You're right. Run; go get my dad and the medic. "
           Andrei nodded and raced back into the woods.
        "Shane, I feel tired. I think I might close my eyes for a little bit." "No, baby, you need to keep your eyes open." Shane said as he licked my wound. What? He never called me baby before. Wasn't he mad at me like an hour ago?
     "Aren't you mad at me?"
    " No, how could I be mad at you?" Shane rubbed his head against my neck.
    " Well, you snapped at me." Even though I knew it would hurt like hell,I jerked away from him.
    Shane whined, " I know and I'm sorry. My emotions were all jumbled from my human jealously to my wolf jealously. I didn't know if I should have been angry or wait for you explain. I should have waited. My wolf was taking over. I was scared I was going to hurt you. But apparently all my actions seem to hurt you."
I licked his muzzle and shivered." Shane, I feel cold." It was like there was a cold wind surrounding me making sure my body heat and the outside temperature would not interfere.
       " Here. This should help." Shane laid down beside me. I felt his body starting to warm me up, but the coldness was still haunting around me. I didn't want to tell him. He laid his head on my neck and licked it.
      "I'm so sorry." He whispered. My breathing started to slow down, and I could feel my heartbeat slowly wind down.
          " Shane..." I whispered.
             " Yes?"
              " Did you convince king Michael I'm his daughter?"
           "No, but if we don't. Just say the word and we'll leave this place. Get married, buy a house, and start a new life together without werewolves.
        " That sounds wonderful," I sighed in dreamily knowing that probably wouldn't happen. I knew the wolf medic would never make it to me. I would die of blood loss or infection.  I looked up to see a ray of light shining down on me. That must be heaven. I was dying.
        " Damn it. Where is Andrei?" I heard Shane mutter under his breath.
        "Sophie" a voice came from the ray of light.
           "God?" I whispered.
        "What did you say, Sophie?"
      "Come to me. It's time to go home." The voice beckoned me.
       "Yes, God." I struggled to get up, but Shane's paw he held me down.
        "Sophie, lay down. You're going to make your wound bleed more."
       "My love, it's time to go home." The voice started to laugh. A mist of black consumed the ray of light. "Come to me, love. And for eternity we will be linked together." Out of the mist two neon green eyes appeared. A figure wearing black jeans and a leather jacket stepped forward. Vlad! I was to weak to scream. I could barely keep my eyes open.
       "Sophie! Sophie! Stay with me." Shane begged. "Help!! Someone help!"
           "I love you, Shane." I coughed. Now it was getting harder to breath.
          "No, you are not leaving me."
          "I will never forget about you."
          "You won't have too. Marry me, Sophie! Drink my blood." Everything started to get fuzzy. The black started to consume my eyesight. "Sophie!" Shane cried.
 I smiled. The pain will finally go away. I wonder if heaven had woods. Poor, Catherine. I will never get to say goodbye to her. I wondered if my real parents are in heaven. I mean if I can't find them they must be dead. I wonder what they'll think about me being loved by a wolf. Did they ever love me before they got rid of me?
        "Hurry!! She is slipping away." I heard Shane yell at someone. Vlad had his arms outstretch. And for the first time he said something very sincere, "Just let go."

                And that's just what I did.

© 2014 The Invisible Girl

Author's Note

The Invisible Girl
So!!!!!! Whatcha think??
(Will edit more) :D

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no!...what! wo are you kidding me ...after everything holy crap!!!!

Posted 3 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

The Invisible Girl

3 Years Ago

Lol yeah! I hope you enjoyed this story. I dont know if i will ever continue this
Writing Angel

3 Years Ago

no no you have to I loved it....
The Invisible Girl

2 Years Ago

I'm really glad you love my book. You might be lucky...I actually might continue this..I'm going bac.. read more
What. The. Heck. Did. You. Do?!?!?!?!?! YOU CAN'T JUST END A CHAPTER LIKE THAT! THIS IS CRUEL! I demand to have another chapter NOW!!!
How on earth could you have her get shot?! Now she's going to be stuck with Vlad for a while. XD That poor girl. Oh well, maybe the king will see she really is his daughter now that she is in her wolf form. Wonderful, though sad, chapter. Great job!

Posted 6 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

6 Years Ago

Lol!! xD i'm going to catch up on your books. Im probably way behind on them! Lol
Dark Rider

6 Years Ago

Haha, it's fine. I haven't been doing a lot with them, so you're probably not too far behind.
The Invisible Girl

6 Years Ago

Haha okay :)

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