A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm

Gill pushed open the door to Net’s room with his foot as he carried two cups of tea. Inside the two boys were bent over the desk.

“But what about that?”

“No, it goes here.”

“Wait, isn’t that wrong?”

“No, that’s where it belongs.”

“Up there?”


“Your sure I should do it like that?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“But wont it come out wrong.”

“Well, your never going to know until you try…”

“I know but…”

“Look, are you going to do it or not?”


“Come on, we don’t have all night.”

“Um, am I interrupting something?” Gill coughed softly and the two boys turned around slowly.

“I, ah, brought you guys tea, because you never came down for dinner.” Gill shifted uneasily at their gaze. He was hesitant to step inside the room to see what it was they were looking at on the desk.

“Thank you.” Theo stood up and took the cups from Gill.

“This looks good, I was getting hungry.” Net glared at Gill as Theo handed him his cup.

“Well, I will, ah, let you two, ah, continue with whatever your doing. Whatever, that is.” Gill backed up slightly, staring back at Net with confusion.

“Algebra.” Theo remarked as he sipped the tea.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” Gill shook his head and left them alone.

“Hey.” Aja stopped Gill at the bottom of the stairs.

“What are they doing up there?” Gill shook his head.

“Algebra…or at least that’s what they call it now.”

“Algebra? From Net? That’s strange.” Aja smirked.

“What is that look for?” Gill frowned.

“Me thinks, Net has a soft spot.” Aja grinned evilly.

© 2011 Ash Morgrimm

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Added on March 27, 2011
Last Updated on March 27, 2011


Ash Morgrimm
Ash Morgrimm

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I am an AVID writer and drawer. Although nothing I have as been published or been great works of art I still love doing it! A major flaw of mine is that I am addicted to online chatting and Role Pl.. more..


A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm