Chapter 3 - Drunkeness is bad, very bad

Chapter 3 - Drunkeness is bad, very bad

A Chapter by lover of Sirius

Chapter 3 - Drunkeness is bad, very bad

As i promised Sirius we were indeed getting drunk, Jess was the one to come up with a game of Truth or Dare, that's what we were doing, The bottle was spinning, it stopped, closed end pointing at James while the open end pointing at me.

"Oh s**t" i cursed knowing full well what sort of plan James had planned I stared at James

"Truth or Dare" he asked in a polite voice, i breathed hard

"Dare" i regretted my decision after what i heard him tell me to do

"Snog Sirius for a full 5 minutes, tongues and everything" i stared at him in shock,

"You b*****d" i muttered to him, he just smirked, i glanced at Sirius and was surprised to see he was shocked, i sighed and glanced around at my friends, to see their 'Go on do it' expressions back at me, i stared at Sirius "It's now or never" i whispered and crawled over to him, closening up so i was inches away from his lips "Ready?" i whispered to him

"Yes, and i'm so gonna kill James for this" he muttered back

"I'll join you" after that no more words were said as our lips were together, thankfully we were on my parents double bed, Sirius pulled me down so i was ontop of him, not breaking away as we rolled over.

5 minutes later

James' whistle pulled me away, reluctently though, i went back to my place and spun the bottle, i smiled, the open end was on James, while i got the closed end

"You are so gonna pay" i said smiling eivelly

"F**k me" James said slightly scared

"Oh there will be no need for that, Truth or Dare?" i asked in an innocent voice

"Which would be worse?" he asked

"I would say the Truth" i lied he sighed

"Fine Dare", i glanced at Sirius and winked

"I dare you James Potter, to snog Lily" i paused as James stood up "Naked outside" i added he froze

"What?" he asked

"You heard me and you have to do it" i said crossing my arms i gave Lily a 'I'm sorry look' she sighed and nodded

"Come on then James, do i have to be naked?" she asked

"Nah, you can wrap up nice and warm" i reasured she smiled and pulled James out the room, as soon as they had closed the door we rushed to the window waiting for the entertainment to begin

"You are warped in the mind" Sirius said "How do you come up with this stuff?" i grinned at him

"Sorry i can't tell" i said he closened up to me so our arms were brushed together, i kept having butterflies in my stomach when we touched 'DAMN YOU SIRIUS!' i thought mentally, i kept taking deep breaths waiting for James and Lily,

"You're a good kisser by the way" Sirius muttered only for me to hear i turned my head to look at him,blushing a little

"Thanks you're not so bad yourself" i replied, he smiled, i i turned back to the window, a few moments later Lily appeared, followed by a completely naked James, i opened the window and stuck my head out, wolf whistling, James looked up and glared, i smiled "You've got 5 minutes" i called they nodded and started to kiss.

5 minutes later

The couple appeared in the bedroom after there 5 minute snogging session, both a little ruffled (James was dressed) i glanced at the clock which was now reading 3 o'clock in the morning

"Come on time for bed people" i said suspresing a yawn, they all obeyed and set off for the rooms i provided them with, only Sirius didn't go, i picked up the empty bottle, putting it in the bin, then started to straighten the bed, avoiding Sirius' eye

"What's wrong?" he asked, i looked up at him

"Nothing's wrong, why would you think that?" i asked putting on a smile, he continued to stare at me "Why are you staring at me?" i asked intrigued and a little annoyed

"Just comtemplating how gorgeous you are" he said, i blushed, and shook my head

"I know what your game is Sirius, how many girls have you used that line on at Hogwarts?" i asked a little too sharp, he took a deep breath "I'm sorry Sirius, it's just that, i really like you but i know how you are with girls you string them along for a couple of weeks, then move onto the next victim" i explained

"Yes but i don't feel like that about you, with you i have genuine feelings, that kiss was the best, i didn't want to let go" he replied, i sighed

"Fine prove to me you are willing to make a relationship with me, and i might be willing" i said and walked past him, into my bedroom, i closed the door and quickly got changed into my pjama's before getting into bed.

© 2010 lover of Sirius

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This made me giggle. One slight tense error near the top of the chapter. The line 'that's what we were doing now' doesn't make sense 'were' is past, whereas 'now' is present. get rid of the now and it'll make sense or change 'were' to 'are'. Either will work,

Posted 14 Years Ago

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lover of Sirius
lover of Sirius

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hiii, my names Fiona i'm 17, Bisexual and from England. I love writing but i have a fear of stepping outside the boundaries of harry potter/ twilight etc. But fortunately for you i have been brain.. more..