Chapter 5 - The Future Effects?

Chapter 5 - The Future Effects?

A Chapter by lover of Sirius

The rest of the week went fairly pleasantly and already it was friday night. We were all in the living room spread out across the room. Me and Sirius on the floor, me lieing on the Gryffindor's lap having no idea how i got there, Jess & Kirsty were on one sofa while Alice and Remus were snuggled up on the other, Remus and Alice had taken quite a shine to eachother since they found out how much they both had in common, James and Lily were on the floor snuggled up against eachother, and we were all drunk. We were talking about the 1st book which we had finished a few hours previously.

"The second book will start tomorrow" i said drunkenly

"What happens?" Sirius asked who was stroking my hair idely not realising he was doing so

"Wait and see" i grinned sticking my tongue out, i sat up and put my bottle down on the table. "Bed time" i said everyone nodded and got up then started to make there way to there bedrooms, Lily, Jess, Kirsty and Alice were sharing while Remus decided to share the bedroom with Sirius and James, me and Sirius remained where we were, i stood up and pulled Sirius up with me we were both very tipsy which caused us to fall on the sofa, we laughed "I think we're drunk" i told him, as i faced him

"Nah just a little lightheaded" Sirius said which made us both burst out laughing, after we had calmed down we stared into eachother's eyes neither of us wanting to look away, before thinking about it i kissed the Animagus hard on the lips, climbing onto his lap so i was facing him, i felt his tongue run across my bottom lip and didn't hesitate in submitting, opening my mouth & permitting Sirius to roam my mouth greedily, i felt Sirius lay his hand on my waist just under the hem of my shirt, i draped my arms around his neck pulling him closer.
And just as suddenly as it had started it was over as i pulled away "What's wrong?" he asked

"Sssshhh.......!" i said putting a finger to his lips. I listened carefully, as i was making out with Sirius i had heard noise coming from up stairs "Can you hear that?" i asked him, he listened, i pulled my finger away

"That sounds like James" he said i nodded in agreement

"But that doesn't sound like Lily" i told him, we both stared at eachother in shock, i climbed off him and ran up stairs, Sirius running after me, we got to a spare bedroom where the noises were coming from, i took a deep breath before opening the door, walking in i regretted my decision, James was cheating on Lily with Jess.

© 2010 lover of Sirius

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Oh, that's nasty. Why would james cheat on lily with jess. You have met her haven't you :L. Overall, nice write

Posted 14 Years Ago

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lover of Sirius
lover of Sirius

Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom

hiii, my names Fiona i'm 17, Bisexual and from England. I love writing but i have a fear of stepping outside the boundaries of harry potter/ twilight etc. But fortunately for you i have been brain.. more..