Chapter 6 - Secrets

Chapter 6 - Secrets

A Chapter by lover of Sirius

"What the f**k are you doing?" i hissed menacingly

"I....we...erm.." James stammered

"Both of you get dressed and get into your own rooms now, i'll deal with this in the morning" i told them through gritted teeth, they nodded silently, so i walked out the room with Sirius who was white as a sheet, i led him into my own room and locked the door behind me, then i sat on my bed burying my face in my hands, i felt Sirius sit down next to me, i looked up at him "How could they do this?" i asked

"I have no idea" He answered wrapping his arms around me, i lent into him "But i know one things for sure" he said

"What's that?" i asked as we lay down

"I am gonna murder James tomorrow" i smiled

"Good for you and i'll murder Jess" i agreed after a while i heard Sirius' breathing slow down and soften as he fell asleep, problem is i just couldn't get to sleep. I wiggled out of Sirius' arms and walked over to my Laptop switching it on. Once it had connected to the internet i signed into Msn Live Messenger and saw my best mate Ceri online.

Ceri was 18 years old & lived in Cardiff. I had met her about 3 years previously on a Doctor Who forum, once we started to talk we hit it off, she was like a sister to me i could talk to her about anything and everything, i was even hoping to move down to Cardiff and live with her.
I clicked on the instant messeging box and started to talk to her

Mrs Radcliffe (Me): Hi Cez

Mrs Tennant(Ceri): Hiya Fiona how are you?

Mrs Radcliffe: We you know, as normal as any 17 year old
who has the Marauders living under the same
roof as her & who has just seen one of her
best mates shagging one important person
which could effect the world of Harry Potter

Mrs Tennant: God you must be bad
You're kidding right?

Mrs Radcliffe: You know Ceri? I
wish i was, i really

Mrs Tennant: Christ Fiona
So who are you shagging then?

I laughed trust Ceri to want to know all the gossip

Mrs Radcliffe: Sirius *Sighs*

Mrs Tennant: *Grins widely* Go you
he is a hunk, although
i admit he's fit, my minds
still set on David Tennant

I laughed again

Mrs Radcliffe: Damn you! Stop making me laugh,
i'm not meant to laughing at a time
like this. If Lily found out about James
and Jess the future of Harry Potter
will be ruined!

Mrs Tennant: Woah! Chill Fiona, wait a minute
You're shagging Sirius wouldn't
that have an effect on anything?

i sighed

Mrs Radcliffe: No!, cus Sirius doesn't have any kids
does he? anyway , *stares at Sirius, who still asleep*

Mrs Tennant: Show me!

I laughed and turned my web cam on i picked up the camera and pointed the lens at Sirius i heard Ceri give a 'Awwww' before truning it off

Mrs Radcliffe: Cute aint he?

Mrs Tennant: Cute?! Cute?! he's
f*****g hot!

Mrs Radcliffe: Ahhh Ceri are you jealous?

Mrs Tennant: Me? Jealous? Never..........
Alright may a tad

Mrs Radcliffe: I knew it! I've got to go now
I have to SLEEP with him : D

Mrs Tennant: Stop doing this to me!!!!

I smiled

Mrs Radcliffe: Ceri his kisses are amazing!
You could snog him all day

Mrs Tennant: Arrrrgggghhh!!!! you're killing me

Mrs Radcliffe: Alright sorry i couldn't help it,
right seeya later Cez

Mrs Tennant: Seeya Fiona

I signed off and shut my laptop down before climbing into bed snuggled against Sirius i fell to sleep.

© 2010 lover of Sirius

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PREGNANT! I better bloody not be, there's a few typo's Fe, but it's good, remind me again why I slept with James??? I would never do that, he's too...Gryffindorish lol

Posted 13 Years Ago

OK, this is just gettign weirder and weirder. Is jess getting pregnant with another potter :L. What is going to happen in the next chapter, I wonder. Will we ever see them use magic or don't they have any in the real world

Posted 14 Years Ago

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lover of Sirius
lover of Sirius

Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom

hiii, my names Fiona i'm 17, Bisexual and from England. I love writing but i have a fear of stepping outside the boundaries of harry potter/ twilight etc. But fortunately for you i have been brain.. more..


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