Chapter X: Nightlight

Chapter X: Nightlight

A Chapter by Oran

The night is darker than usual in the small settlement of Xenovia. What would be the best thing to do to keep warm in a cold night like that? These two seem to know what...

"Hey, how long is this going to take?"

"Don't worry. We're almost done."

"I... I'm about to burst..."

"Just a little more..."

"It-it... hurts..."

"Really? I'm feeling very good right now."

"Maybe if we changed... positions..."


"Please... I can't hold it any... longer"

"Alright... fine..."

That was a conversation between Eve and Solis. He's been taking his time in the toilet for a while now because he's been trying to discharge the monster fluid he accidentally swallowed while screaming during his hunter's rampage. Eve finds this troublesome since there's only one toilet in the place they're staying at.

"There. All done", he says after opening the door once he finishes washing his hands.

"Finally. How long were you in there?", Eve curiously asks.

"Eh... couple of hours?", he answers hesitantly.

"I'm surprised you're still alive", she takes her turn in the comfort room.

Solis walks through the hall where their room would be. The inn where they were spending the night had white marble walls and torch-lit hallways. It's a pretty nifty sight since the Slayer didn't get to travel through cities very much. He usually just finds a contract in Hunter's Guild on the outpost somewhere near his cabin, just beyond the river through 13th Lake Inn. He'd usually go to places where rare monsters can be hunted, like [1]Castle Schrade. Solis doesn't usually stay in places inhabited by civilization. He and Tenenbaum love staying out in the wilderness.  

"Hey, man...", Credo greets him once he gets to the room and it appears he's not wearing his scarf. He's leaning against the balcony and taking a look at the view. 

"You're still up?"

"These idiots kept me awake", he points at the three cats gleefully playing around one of the beds.

"I see", he says as Lina and Lux roll over the bed.

"Sure is nice to stay the night indoors. I've been running around from place to place for while."

"Yeah, I hear 'ya", he joins him, "I'm not sure, myself, why I'm trusting this girl. Maybe it's because I just wanted a place where I can rest."

A light chuckle comes out of Credo, "Well, we are what we are.... And what we are is what this world needs."

"So... when did you realize you were an... um... Elemental?", he changes the subject.

"It was an accident, actually. One day I was taking a piss when a lantern fell off one of the buildings that were being constructed nearby. It really surprised me. Next thing I knew, my urine was frozen solid."

Solis laughs at the humor of the story. Credo laughs with him.

"What about you? How'd you find out you had powers?"

"I was on one of my missions to kill a weak monster. Then, I see her sitting at the edge of the cliff, telling me to help her out since my client is actually a Demon. I didn't know how to kill Demons then, so I tried cutting them up. It didn't work so I get surrounded by a pack of 'em. I didn't know what to do then she told me to "Burn them with Sunfire". I put my hands out, then boom! They get extinguished by a blast of light from the sky!"

"And now you're out of mana because your weapon doesn't have Solar Elemental Affinity, right?"

"I guess...", Solis yawns after saying so.

"We better get some rest; tomorrow I'll find that person I was talking about."

Solis notices the cats fast asleep on the bed so he goes to the other bed that's unoccupied, "Well, good night." Credo occupies the bed where the cats are also sleeping.

It was about half-past twelve when Eve entered the room. She found two beds, one of which was fully occupied, so she decided to take the one that's partially occupied.

"Guess it can't be helped...", she says after sighing, embarrassing as it is.

She finds Solis snuggled beneath the sheets as she tries to slip through it so she could lie down as well. Thankfully, he's wearing clothes this time. He looked so peaceful. So peaceful that she couldn't help but get flustered, so she turns the other direction. Consequently, his arms wrap around her, thinking she's a pillow. Her face turns redder than a tomato. 

"B-Baka! Nanishiteruno?", she whispers and complains to herself in a language the writer assumes you can't understand.

She tries to lift his hands to get it off, but then he buries his face on her back, making her even more flustered.

"Please... Parang awa mo na. Don't leave me....", he says this while he's sleeping with his face looking so estranged, enough for Eve to understand what he's going through. I bet he's talking about when Osiris left him alone in his cabin all of a sudden.

She turns and faces him, and reluctantly forces herself to hold him. His grip gets less tighter, his arms turn less tense, and the frown on his face disappears. I guess sometimes all you need is someone to hold on to. It's not like she has someone to hold when she has nightmares like that. Somehow she understands how it feels. That's why she did what she knew would comfort her at times like that, and it worked.

The night's embrace may be dark, but it's as warm as daybreak.

I don't really know how and why the writer keeps coming up with these weird quotes then tells me to put it in one of the chapters. 

But hey, seeing them sleep like that together is a pretty nice thing to view.


1. An abandoned castle where the Fatalis resides from Monster Hunter.

© 2015 Oran

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usual = wouldn't usually fits better? (Can be found near the castle schrade)

"It was an accident, actually. One day I was taking a piss when a lantern fell off one of the buildings that were being constructed nearby. It really surprised me. Next thing I knew, my urine was frozen solid." I know that it's a bit immature but this made me laugh hard

Fatalis was hard to beat, managed to beat it many times to get the cool armor though (with a little from friends)

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Fixed it.

I remember going up against Fatalis, but I didn't have any friends so I cou.. read more

5 Years Ago

I used true devil slicer when I fought it (without any help for the first time) and it was pure luck

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