Chapter 13- Serevex Julius

Chapter 13- Serevex Julius

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 13


Serevex Julius



            Is this God’s path, or is it Mhia’s path? Either way, it doesn’t matter. I worship them both the same.

            The day had finally come. At the sound of the third bell they all gathered at the tunnel to St. Gilles Cathedral. Two clergymen were waiting for them when they arrived. Both in brown robes, but one had a chain with a cross demonstrating his status as priest. Upon arrival, the Princess’s servants were all given similar brown robes. Beneath they were all armored lightly and armed with jians.

            Everyone had showed up and not a one looked even a bit as nervous as Serevex. They all lived for this, but Serevex was raised to be a noble. He knew politics and how to lead, or at least he thought so. His skill with a blade did not go unnoticed but he’d never used it with the intention to kill before. Comprehending how a Princess could be more ready than him was both baffling and shameful. For all his shame and fear however, he had no lack of bravery. Scared or not, he would fight today as any proud Cruorian would, and God would guide him.

            The tunnel to St. Gilles Cathedral was long but luckily the clergymen had brought two carriages, which they rode themselves. The trip was silent; much as it continued once they were above ground. It took the best of an hour before they reached the cathedral. After leaving the carriages down below, in what appeared to be an underground stable, they truly entered St. Gilles Cathedral. Serevex had never seen a church so grand and beautiful. He felt shivers down his back as he gazed upon the colorful windows, each depicting images he recognized from the Holy Grimoire. The priest guided them quietly through its infinite amount of halls and doors, eventually reaching the main hall crowded with numerous wealthy looking Judicians. The sight made Serevex tremble like a wet dog beneath his robes.

            Upon stepping outside the cathedral the setting sun hit Serevex like a beacon from God. It had literally been years since he had stepped out of Elysium and seen the beautiful sky and breathed in the fresh air. The sensation calmed him and helped him escape from reality. Reality soon set upon him once again after the march continued through the upper districts.

            The upper districts were beauty like Serevex hadn’t seen in a long time. There was a lot of greenery, houses were beautifully constructed and colorful very unlike how he was accustomed to seeing in Judicium territory, monuments like the Sun Tower and Moon Tower could be seen in its full glory, and it wasn’t unbearably crowded outside. Instead of White Coats, Black Coats walked in organized fashion around the streets, even the people walking around walked in what looked like lines, and they all waited patiently for horses and carriages to pass by before they crossed anywhere. It was discipline like Serevex had never witnessed before.

            Once they started traveling closer to the strips of villas, or manors as the Judicians called it, Serevex was pleased to see countless people in brown robes entering and leaving houses. He no longer felt half as conspicuous as he did before. Walking as opposed to sitting in a carriage was a lot more taxing though, as was to be expected. There were a lot of hills in the upper districts and the road sometimes went astray and did long loops around the really big houses. It took almost another hour before they reached what appeared to be the last home in that direction.

            This house was especially isolated; the nearest house was about a ten-minute walk back the way they came. There was a huge gate around it and two Black Coats in front of it. As they got closer he noticed numerous other Black Coats inside the gate, all armed with bayonets. At the moment, Serevex knew for a fact that this was the house they were looking for and fear found its way to him yet again.

            He looked to his allies, all cloaked in their brown robes with hoods over their heads, to see if they shared his fears. Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, you couldn’t tell anything from beneath the robes. As the house grew bigger and bigger the closer they drew, the more Serevex shivered. If this is God’s path, he will see us home safe. If this is God’s path, he will see us home safe. If this is God’s path, he will see us home safe. Serevex continued to repeat that in his head until they were in front of the gate.

            “What the f**k does the Church want with us?” said the taller of the two Black Coats.

            The Priest answered, “We have come to cleanse this home of its sins.”

            “Well wrong f*****g home. God doesn’t reside here, this is Charles Veritas’s home.”

            “Wait, you idiot,” said the other Black Coat. “The Lady said to let them inside if they pass by. Something about her son wanting to see them.”

            “Why would her son want to see them? He’s no more a believer than his father.”

            The shorter one shrugged. “I’m just following orders. She said, ‘if the clergymen pass during the Week of Repentance, let them in. My son is very interested to see them.’”

            The tall one grimaced. “Seems like horse s**t to me but if you say so. If the Master finds out about this though, I had nothing to do with it.”

            “As long as you keep your mouth shut, he won’t.” He turned his attention back to them. “Come in. Don’t overdo your welcome.”

            And just like that, the gates were opened to them. The first thing Serevex noticed after entering was the red carpet of roses paving a path towards the main gate. As they crossed he looked left and right at the armed Black Coats. None of them seemed the least bit suspicious only sparing a few curious glances and returning to their watch duty. Despite that, Serevex could feel his heart beating like a drum. If this is God’s path, he will see us home safe.

            The Priest knocked on the door and the gates opened. The person who opened the door was a Rat. He was dressed like a Judician in a coat, vest, and trousers, but his dark eyes, hair, and slave brand were very much the same as when they were property of Cruor.

            “Welcome, the Lady Veritas told us we might be having visitors from the Church. I’m afraid you won’t find this house to be very…holy, but I’ll be glad to attend to whatever needs you might have. You can call me Pain.”

            The Priest nodded in acknowledgement. “God will not forget your kindness.”

            And just like that, they were inside of Charles Veritas’s home.

            Serevex studied what he could see of the house. The size was intimidating, aside from the massive floor they were in, he could massive room leading to massive room, and two massive spiral stairs leading to four massive halls above, and from what he saw outside, this was just a sample. The thought of chasing anyone around this maze was disheartening.

            His eyes then fell upon the Rat servants in front of them. Serevex counted three, although he remembered Mhia clearly stating they had five servants inside. As for Charles’s family, they were nowhere to be seen. He looked up at the spiral stairs again, demoralized. Why have such a big home for so little people?

            “May we meet with everyone who shares a roof under this humble home?” asked the priest.

            Pain, who appeared to be the leader, responded, “The Lady Veritas and Master Ashfall are not currently in this house. As for the young Masters, I’ll send someone for them immediately.” He turned to one of the maids. “Rose, please get the children.”

            She nodded. “What about the young Master’s friend? Shall she come too?”

            “If she wishes.”


            He turned his attention back to the clergymen. “It’ll be just a minute. Can I help you with anything else?”

            “That’ll be all,” said the priest.

            A minute seemed to last longer than expected and things started to get awkward. For whatever reason, now that they weren’t moving Serevex could see how unalike the real clergymen looked from the fake.  The priest and deacon were perfectly still, standing almost straight, their hands pressed together and hidden under their sleeves. Mhia had her head down like she was hiding something. Odhis had the right discipline but he was conspicuous enough simply because of his abnormally tall height. Saix didn’t even have the decency to hold his hands together anymore. Gia was surprisingly indistinguishable from the clergymen. Serevex could only imagine how he might look, trembling like he was.

            Pain appeared to be having his own suspicions. “May I ask why you all still have your hoods on? It is to my understanding that it is impolite, in God’s light, to hide one’s face when they are guest in another’s home.”

            The priest removed his hood. Pain jumped at the sight of him. Half his face was burned and he only had hair growing on one side. “I apologize. My deacons will remove their hoods immediately.”

He looked back and nodded but there was a long pause. No one was sure if this meant attack or to literally just remove their hoods. Finally, Odhis removed his hood, then Gia, followed by Saix, then Mhia, and last, Serevex. This time both Pain and the remaining maid beside him jumped back.

“What madness is this?” he shouted. “Cruorians in the upper districts are not allowed, not even as deacons. Guar…ugh…”

            In the blink of an eye, the priest stabbed a knife through the servant’s throat. The maid screeched for all of two seconds before the deacon had his hand over her mouth and was slitting her throat. Then there was another screech, coming from the kitchen this time, and all hell broke loose.

            “Do what you came here for!” shouted the priest. “Find the kids. Two of you remain here with me.”

            Without a moment of hesitation, a moment to sit back and decide who was staying behind and who was going to search the house, Mhia darted up the spiral stairs, Saix and Gia not far behind her. Another screech from above sang into the air and the world started to spin around Serevex. He glanced to the side and the deacon was already butchering the maid in the kitchen. Blood seeped its way into Serevex’s sandals and toes from the two corpses in front of him and he instantaneously started feeling lightheaded.


            The sound of a gunshot and shattering window brought Serevex back to the world of the living. He reached for his jian beneath his robe but dropped it and was soon crawling to grasp it.

            “Get it together!” ordered Odhis, who had his jian unsheathed crouched by the door.

            The door burst open and two Black Coats came through with their bayonets in hand. Odhis was able to surprise the one on the left and stab him through the rib, piercing his heart, and ripping through his shoulder. The other Black Coat was running straight for Serevex. Serevex dropped his jian again and fell on his a*s, as the Black Coat charged with all his might. If this is God’s path, he will see us home safe!

            Blood rained through the air as the priest leaped over Serevex and stabbed his knife into the Black Coat’s eye, tackling him into the ground. Two more gunshots were fired and two more windows were shattered. Serevex finally reacted with dexterity and grabbed his jian and stood up.

            Two more shots were fired and Odhis, the priest, and Serevex all crouched at the sounds, but a large groan was heard from the kitchen. The deacon was holding his left shoulder where the bullet hit. Serevex felt the hero in him lead him to aid his ally. Suddenly a Black Coat was hopping through the window, charging right at the deacon. The deacon charged back but found a quick end at the point of the Black Coat’s bayonet. Despite only knowing him for such a short period of time, Serevex felt consumed with rage. Before the Black Coat could eject his bayonet from the deacon’s body, Serevex slashed across his back, and then again, and again, and again, and then followed to stabbing him continuously until the body could scream no more.


            Pain like he had never known before flashed through him. The bullet sunk into the lower right side of his lower back, dropping him to the floor. Serevex stood on his hands and knees and looked to the side. Odhis and the priest had their hands full fighting off two other Black Coats. With all his might, Serevex stood in one knee and then got up. Hunched over, he grabbed his jian and turned. He hardly had time to think by the time he noticed the Black Coat standing behind him.

            The point of the bayonet pierced his stomach but he still managed to swing his jian and miss. The Black Coat yanked the blade from Serevex’s stomach and hit him with the butt of his weapon, dropping Serevex to the floor in pain. Before Serevex could even attempt standing up the blade pierced his chest and then his stomach again. Serevex looked up at his foe, defenseless and in pain. The gun barrel was looking directly between his eyes. If this is God’s path, he will see us home safe.

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

It's been a long way building up to this point. Who are you rooting for? Do you think Mhia was wrong in dragging people along with her? Do you think any of them will make it out alive? Any predictions?

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Poor Serevex. :( He shouldn't have been killed. Oh well! It made it exciting. XD I'm not sure if Mhia was wrong with her plan, but she was wrong with bringing Serevex into it. He shouldn't have went with them. I can't wait to see what happens next! ^^

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Lol I thought you might feel bad for him. But the sad reality is that "good" intentions don't always.. read more
Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

Yeah, but he still shouldn't have been the one to die.

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