Chapter 37- Caius Ashfall

Chapter 37- Caius Ashfall

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 37


Caius Ashfall



            Caius inspected each of the Angels carefully. It was aggravating seeing them beneath masks and hooded mantles bearing capes. Even the slight glimpses of their visible physique gave little to go on aside from their gender.

Three men. Two built strong, clearly bodyguards, and one old, presumably important if they went through the trouble of bringing him through. As for the women…

            Caius walked in front of the taller one. Her eyes were red as rubies. A Cruorian. The Queen perhaps? It wouldn’t be too farfetched. There were still three living members of the royal family, two of them women. The next in line, his sister, would be a Queen right now. It was already known that Paradise Lost was intertwined with Caelum Infinitum so having an Archangel that was a significant figure in their society would make sense in gaining their loyalty and cooperation. If Mary is the Cruorian Queen though, wouldn’t Sia have known?

            Caius walked up to the other female. Her eyes were a generic blue. Beneath her mask were black locks of hair flowing beside her neck. Nothing notable about her.

            He decided to go along with his original decision to let his curiosities die and worry about the big prize instead. At the end of the day, any way you looked at it, the Archangels were just pawns for the Son of God to use. Even if he discovered Mary’s identity today, he still wouldn’t take action.

            “I thought you were a businessman,” said Diaxos. “F**k are you doing inspecting them?”

            “Curiosity,” said Caius. “Let’s be on our way.” He nodded at Allen to start escorting the Angels as he led the way.

            There were no words needed. This was business and his only job was to get Mary and the other Angels back into the city. Nothing else mattered. However, Raziel’s words couldn’t help but worry him. He no longer felt in control and in power as he had on the trip here. Instead he felt like the lead figure in a play being watched by everybody else.

            As they were walking through the vast land they all heard shouting and the clashing of metal in the distance. The eight of them turned towards the direction of the noise, Diaxos returning to his paranoid self. “What the f**k is that? The hell is going, Simon?”

            Caius shrugged. “Inner problems in the white ring. Nothing to do with us.” At least I hope.

            “You make it sound like something small. That sounds like a f*****g war zone over there. I swear to God this better not be a f*****g trap.”

            Caius walked over to the giant and grabbed him by the neck. “Are you alive?”

            The fear contained the giant’s anger as he mumbled, “Yes…”

            Caius shoved him away. “Then it’s not a f*****g trap. If we were Shadows you’d all be in chains and in a dungeon by now. Accuse of being Loyalist again and next time I’ll shoot you. I don’t have time to argue with you and risk getting caught. My only concern is getting these five to Eden and getting my payment.”

            Diaxos held his tongue and Caius knew he wouldn’t have to worry about him for the rest of the trip anymore. As he was turning he caught a glance of the blue-eyed Angel looking directly at him with judging eyes. He walked up to her and asked, “Is there something you want to say?”

            The blue-eyed Angel shook her head. Rather than dwelling on the conspicuous stare, Caius decided to move onward. Whatever was going on in the distance was probably heading towards them if anything Raziel said was to be believed. Based on Raziel’s words, the obvious conclusion would be that Bright Edgar was coming for them and was being blocked by…whatever Raziel orchestrated. ‘Look for it in the papers.’ I wonder what truth Judicium will publish.

            The trip back was long, but it wasn’t much else. Once they were far from the white ring, not even Caius felt tense. Any fear that his plan might’ve been dissipated was gone and he was back in control. Everyone was cooperative and there was no one questioning his loyalty at every step anymore. Once they were inside the city though, Diaxos was quick to find his voice. Surprisingly, it was in praise.

            “Well f**k me, you came through. I thought for sure today was the day I died.”

            Allen laughed. “If that had been the case, the world might’ve been a better place. I can’t complain though. You’re alive and in turn we’re infinitely richer.”

            “May we never have to work together again.”

            “Cheers to that!”

            “Unless it makes us both infinitely richer,” added Diaxos.

            Caius cut their bonding moment short. “Okay, Roderick. This is where we split up.”

            Diaxos looked at both of them confused. “Split up? You’re not both coming up to claim your price?”

            “This is our precaution. Say you decide to kill me and not pay us, Roderick will safely live on until the day I am avenged and your debt is paid. We are businessmen and we do what we must after all. No sense in both of dying, right? Of course, I’m sure I won’t have to worry about that. The Azure Prince has a reputation to keep.”

            “You didn’t seem to mind risking both of your lives in the white ring just now.”

            “That’s because we were confident. We knew nothing would go wrong. Otherwise we would’ve never taken on a deal as ludicrous as this one.”

            Allen patted Diaxos on the back. “Settle down. I’m sure your Prince and us will continue doing lots of business after today. We certainly hope so. We’ve never made so much money on one job before.”

            Diaxos dropped it. “Well, f**k do I care. The deal is done. The Azure Prince will be pleased regardless of whether you’re both present or not.”

            “Then shall we be on our way?” asked Caius.

            Once Allen parted ways with them, they resumed their course towards the Azure Palace. As it showed itself in the distance, Diaxos took it upon himself to take the lead. Caius didn’t mind. Now that he would soon be entering the Azure Kingdom’s circle of trust, his next job would be to get them to like him. Men like Diaxos were won over with demanding a level of respect without towering too high above them.

            When they reached the gates of the Azure Palace the doors were opened for them immediately. More so due to Diaxos’s presence rather than their iron masked guest, whom Caius assumed hardly anybody knew the identity of. Waiting by the stairs was Gravur Ilianos. For the first time ever, he had an optimistic expression.

            “God bless us, you succeeded,” said Gravure in awe.

            Caius grinned smugly. “If you doubted us I don’t think you would’ve waited all day by the stairs.”

            “Word travels faster than you think in the Azure Kingdom. I knew you guys were here the moment you reentered the city. I simply could not bring myself to believe it until I witnessed it with my own eyes.” Gravur reached out his hand. “It seems I have misjudged you.”

            Caius gladly took his hand and shook it firmly. “I hope this opens the door to a very profitable partnership.”

            “Without a doubt. You can count on my support.” Gravur turned towards the stairs. “Shall we? The Azure Prince is anticipating his guest as much as I’m sure you’re anticipating your reward.”

            “Lead the way.”

            The eight of them ascended the spiral stairs, all in high spirits. Caius had expected a warm welcome but the results were better than he could’ve ever hoped. It already felt like he was one of them.

            As he entered the Azure Prince’s throne room he was greeted with a slow heavy clap from the Prince himself. Beside him was his daughter, Ismailia, and next to her was Felicia’s spider, Dumas. Why Dumas was there was unsettling since he was rarely present in their meetings, but judging from everyone else’s expressions, they were still oblivious to Caius’s identity. The man must truly love his sister.

            Caius bowed. “Your guests have arrived, your Grace.”

            “And you’ve even brought my bodyguard back in one piece,” added Alistair Loucelles.

            Diaxos stepped forth proudly. “He really came through. The White Coats never even knew I was there.” The brute is already speaking in my favor. This is almost too easy.

            Alistair waved his hand at Dumas to fetch the chest with the reward. Dumas obediently went to the back of the throne room and brought forth the heavy metal chest. As he walked towards Caius to deliver the chest they looked directly into each other’s eyes. Nothing was said but from just the look Dumas gave him, Caius could hear him clearly. I know, they shouted loudly. But it made no difference. As long as they had his sister hostage, he was as much a Loyalist as any of them.

             When the chest was left in front of him Caius opened the chest continuing to play his part. Once he saw all the wealth inside he smiled big and proudly so they could all see his excitement.

He closed the chest. “It’s been a pleasure making business with you.”

            “And I with you,” said the Azure Prince. “These days you never know who you can trust.”

            “Yet you were right to mistrust this particular person,” said an echoed voice from behind.

Everyone turned around to face the shorter woman in the iron mask. Right to mistrust me? Who the hell is under that mask? The woman walked passed Caius, Gravur, Diaxos, and the other masked guests to stand beside the Azure Prince. “That man right there, this Simon, is about to play all of you for fools.”

            Alistair looked at her, doubtful. “How so? You’re still alive and on the other side, no less.”

            “Because, men like him know the difference between a pawn and the one pulling the strings. I imagine that he’s no stranger to this line of work.” Caius maintained his composure but held his tongue. If she knows who I am, everything was for nothing…

            The Azure Prince inspected Caius from the distance. “A Shadow then?”

            “Not just any Shadow,” added the masked woman. “The Shadow in the Light.”

            Caius tried to reach for his revolver as fast as he could but Diaxos winded him with a heavy punch to the stomach before he could try. As soon as Caius’s knees hit the floor the giant was above him twisting his arm and pressing his face against the floor. “To think I almost trusted you,” said Diaxos.

            Alistair’s eyes opened as wide as they could. “This man is the one who undid you in Lumina? I expected someone more menacing.”

            “Don’t underestimate him. He is Charles’s prodigy.”

            Caius turned his face to look up as much as he could from beneath the heavy hand of Diaxos. “Who…the f**k are you?”

            The masked woman reached out her hand to the Azure Prince. “I believe you have the key to open this accursed mask.”

            Alistair gestured at his daughter and she fetched the key from behind his throne and handed it to the masked woman. As she slid the key in the keyhole, Caius burned with curiosity as to the identity of this mystery woman who had singlehandedly ruined everything he had worked to achieve. There was a click and then all the metal collapsed to the floor.

            Caius’s eyes open wide with shock and fear. Her hair was black instead of gold, but the long wavy locks of hair were the same. Her eyes were blue instead of hazel, but they held the same vibrancy they always did. Her body on the other hand had not changed a bit. Caius was a fool to not have noticed. And her lips, although stripped of any lipstick, were just as mouthwatering as they were two years ago. The revelation was more than Caius’s mind could handle.

            All this time…how could I have been so blind? Charles told me she was a True Believer, yet the notion of her being an Archangel never even crossed my mind. Who else could be Mary the Archangel of Lust if not her? But it doesn’t add up. She couldn’t have possibly been in league with Paradise Lost. They attacked her home, killed her daughter, and kidnapped her son. I can’t imagine even she could be that heartless.

            Liana walked to stand over Caius. “It’s been a long time. I’ll admit I was surprised when I first laid eyes on you at the white ring. I didn’t think Charles would ever depend on you again. Not after you failed to protect his family and married a Cruorian c**t.”

            “Sorry to disappoint you…ugh…” Diaxos pressed his face harder against the ground.

            “So what now?” asked Gravur.

            The Azure Prince wobbled his chins to lean forward and take a closer look. “I think we should send Charles another message. How about a dinner plate with his prodigy’s head?”

            “You can’t…kill me,” mumbled Caius.

            “What was that?”

            “You can’t kill me…I die, and the entire Azure Kingdom falls…ugh!” Diaxos picked up his head and slammed it against the ground.

            “Let him talk, you f*****g brute!” scolded Liana.

            Diaxos let Caius’s head go, still restraining his arm and keeping him against the floor. “The only thing that has kept all of you alive is my mission. The moment I fail, you’re going to have every Shadow, every Black Coat, at your doorstep, and we will take this city back.”

            “And how will it be any different if we don’t kill you?” asked Alistair.

            “You’re not our main target,” said Caius. “Help us, and I can promise you it’ll be worth your while. You don’t give a f**k about God. You’re criminals. You’re businessmen. Do what’s in your best interest.”

            Alistair scowled. “It seems you have mistaken the type of man I am. Everything I do I do for God. It is my job to share God’s life stream with the world. And you are gravely mistaken if you think I fear your crumbling nation. Diaxos, kill him!”

            Caius felt the barrel of a gun press against the back of his head. “Any last words, Simon?”

            Caius closed his eyes. So this is to be my fate. It looks like in the end I never amounted to anything more than Charles’s shadow. I wonder, once I’m dead, will you avenge me Father?


            Caius opened his eyes. Liana was face to face with the Azure Prince. “Afraid or not, a full scale battle in Eden right now is not in our best interest. Not while Bright Edgar still controls the white ring. This man seems to hold some great value to Charles for whatever reason. If we take him prisoner, I may be able to buy us some time.”

            The Azure Prince grimaced. “How exactly?”

            “I can talk to Charles. He won’t refuse an audience with me.”

            The obese man gave a deep and terribly slow chuckle. “You’ll be lucky if he doesn’t strangle you for being a w***e.”

            Liana ignored the insult. “Will you do it?”

            “Very well, it’s your funeral. I would meet with Lucifer before you put this fated meeting into action. He’s been trying to kill the f****r for days now.”

            “Thank you…” Liana walked back to were Caius was being restrained and crouched beside him. “That’s twice I’ve spared your life. Now it’s time you start paying me back.”

            Caius glared into her deceiving blue eyes. “You don’t own me.”

            She grazed her hand softly across his cheek. “That’s where you’re wrong, Caius. From this day forward, you’re mine.”

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

So it's been a long time coming getting here but now I can say things are going to start picking up fast. I mean with the expanding cast it can only move so fast lol but the pace will definitely pick up. That said, what are your current thoughts right now.

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Okay, this was better than I imagined it would be. Now I'm so curious about what Liana is going to do with Caius. And in all fairness, he should have paid closer attention to her. XD Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm hoping Venir will be coming back soon. ;)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Well I'm happy it exceeded your expectations XD lol and Venir will have his next chapter soon, altho.. read more
Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

Yay! Now everything is getting good. Well, better than it already is. XD I can't wait to see what ha.. read more

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