Chapter 46- Caius Ashfall

Chapter 46- Caius Ashfall

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 46


Caius Ashfall



            Caius heard the gunshots far off in the distance. So it’s started. He stretched and jumped around a bit to loosen his body. He was not as able as he’d like to be but at least he could stand, run, and fight. Felicia had left him with a rapier, two small knives, a revolver, and twelve bullets including those already inside. Caius conceived the knives beneath his frock coat and armed himself with the revolver and rapier.

            Caius cautiously pressed his back against the iron door and started pushing it open with his revolver arm outstretched. The door made a large creaking sound every inch of the way. Little by little, he saw the blue light from outside seeping in. He took his time opening the door to let his eyes get used to the light. The last thing he wanted was to be caught unaware, blind. Finally, he gave the door one last push.


            It all happened so fast that Caius was surprised he didn’t lose a hand in the process. By just a hair, he had managed to bring his hand back enough so the blade only hit his revolver, dropping it from his hand. The strike was followed by an onslaught of elegantly crafter swings that Caius just barely managed to dodge. He knew this fighting style, this dance. Only Cruorians fight like this.

            Caius managed to successfully avoid the onslaught of strikes and step back enough to gain a reasonable distance from his attacker. His attacker also took a step back after his failed attempt. Accurate to Caius’s suspicions, his attacker was a Cruorian. An athletic half naked man with crimson hair and bright red eyes.

            “So the roaches are finally out of their nest,” said Caius.

            The man maintained a cool exterior. “My thoughts exactly.”

            “Might you be part of the royal family? Calam perhaps.”

            “You won’t find any royal family here, Judician. I go by the name of Saix Atlas. Remember it as the name of the man who will avenge our fallen King.”

            Saix launched himself at Caius, dancing with his sword, swinging in circular motions. Caius found it much harder to predict his movements than when he fought with Ezra Octem. It also didn’t help that his body was still in need of some recovery. Caius wasn’t sure his reflexes could continue to help him cheat death inside this narrow hall. For every step Saix took he was forced to take two back. It was hard to see any openings at all.

            Caius started poking his rapier here and there lightly just to test how well his opponent reacted. Saix handled it so gracefully that Caius couldn’t help but admire. He didn’t simply evade, he swooped his sword around Caius’s rapier and made it dance along with him. If Caius ever invested too much into one strike and failed, it would be the end of him. If he won’t give me an opening, I’m going to need to find a way to make one.

            Suddenly Saix did something Caius never saw coming. He flung his jian spiraling at Caius’s face. It was an easy dodge but it didn’t prepare him for what came next. Saix went airborne and wrapped his legs around Caius in a triangle, dropping him to the floor. He held Caius there, preventing him from breathing and just watched with his fiery eyes. Now is my chance! Caius’s right arm was stuck in the lock but with his free hand he seized the opportunity, grabbing one of his knives from inside his coat, and went straight for Saix’s rib. Unfortunately Saix caught on immediately and unwrapped himself kicking the knife off Caius’s hand. Caius saw his back and quickly went for a rear naked choke but as soon as his hands touched Saix, he was being flung overhead unto his back. The slam against the hard brick floor made Caius cringe with pain. Saix offered no time to rest following it up with a heel drop forcing Caius to roll out of the way. Caius quickly tried to take him down from his knees but Saix evaded it with a back flip. Both adversaries stood up straight opposite of each other. Caius breathing heavily, Saix calmly. I may be in for more than I bargained for.

            Caius grabbed his rapier from the floor, assuming his stance. “I didn’t know there was any real talent in your fallen Kingdom,” mocked Caius.

            “Unlike your kind, we don’t hide behind ships that sail in the sky,” argued Saix.

            “Funny, considering now the prideful Cruorians are following our kind.”

            “We follow no one. We’re merely using Caelum Infinitum for our own gain.”

            “From what I heard, it’s the other way around.”

            “Believe what you want, Judician.” Saix charged at Caius fearlessly once again. Caius took three steps back, striking away with his rapier at the seemingly impossible to hit, Saix. Saix jumped back from one of the strikes and then returned by running across the wall and jumping off of it landing a kick perfectly on Caius’s face. It threw Caius off balance enough for Saix to regain his jian.

            The two adversaries resumed their dance, Saix attacking relentlessly, and Caius on the defensive. The pressure was starting to take its toll on Caius’s fatigue. Without crylist perfectly flowing through his veins, his body just didn’t function the same. And no matter how aggressive Saix attacked, he never seemed to get tired. At this rate, if Caius didn’t devise a plan soon he would be in for an early grave.

            Caius chose to take a bold risk. He thrust his rapier straight for Saix’s heart, launching his whole body. As expected, Saix maneuvered out of the way. Amidst the motion, Caius unsheathed his other knife spinning back the way he came. He felt the knife’s blade graze Saix’s chest but only causing what could be a skin wound. The mad attempt did not pay off at all, Saix getting the better of the exchange. Saix had managed to cut Caius across his shoulder blade and down almost to his rib cage. The wound wasn’t mortal but the pain was real enough to hinder Caius and Saix could see it.

            The Cruorian warrior tried to go for the kill but Caius managed to block just barely. Saix tried to push his sword against Caius’s neck, pressing him against the wall. As Caius slowly lost the power struggle, felt his injuring pumping out blood like a waterfall. Caius could his life slipping before him as Saix glared at him with his fiery eyes, pushing closer and closer with his sword. You must be kidding me! I’ll be damned if this is how I die!


            The bullet hit right next to Caius’s ear. Saix rolled to the side as soon as he heard the sound. Both Caius and Saix looked to the end of the hall to see who just interrupted their battle. Caius was grateful for the moment, though he wasn’t sure who that bullet was aimed for.

            From the distance entered the Archangel of Lust alongside two large men with identical features. Liana led the way, her glare directed towards Saix. Caius wasn’t sure what to make of it.

            “Just what exactly is going on?” she asked.

            “You must be the Archangel,” said Saix.

            “What if I am? Who said you could lay a hand on this man? This man is my prisoner and crucial to our victory in this battle.”

            Saix pointed his jian at Caius. “This man killed my King and has no intention of helping us. He’s playing you for a fool.”

            “This man didn’t kill your King. This man is your King.”

            Saix looked at Caius, perplexed. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

            “Wouldn’t you like to know,” said Liana. “The man beside you is the son of Charles Veritas and late Queen Rhyth Juno. By Cruorian tradition it is the eldest heir that bears the crown. So tell me, where will your loyalties lead you next? Will you serve your rightful King or bare the shame of killing a member of the royal family.”

            “No Judician is a King of mine!” Saix attempted to decapitate Caius, but Caius anticipated it and dodged it. Not a second after, Liana’s henchmen were shooting at Saix. Saix managed to be agile enough to dodge most of the bullets but one managed to hit his left shoulder. With little more than a grunt, the Cruorian warrior charged directly at the armed men.

            Shots were fired but the acrobat managed to avoid getting hit completely this time and threw his sword spiraling at one of the twins, stabbing him directly in the stomach. As the henchman fell, the other one caught him with one arm and shot recklessly at Saix, so much even Caius had to take cover. That did nothing to hinder Saix however. The Cruorian continued to maneuver his way across the hall and sprinted against the wall over the two brothers as well as Liana. In mere seconds, he was out of the Azure Dungeons with only his sword behind him.

            The uninjured henchman tried to chase after him wasting his ammo until Liana stopped him. “Let him go! He’s no threat to us now. He knows better than to turn back.” Liana shifted her attention to Caius. “Right now we have more important things to worry about.”

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

As you can see the chapters are short but I'll be having them come in quicker since a lot is happening :) Focusing on the chapter, who were you rooting for and how do you feel about the end result? And moving forward, what do you think will happen?

Next chapter will be a Dumas chapter and should be up as soon as I review it.

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I was sort of disappointed Saix didn't die, and was surprised Caius didn't die. XD I still have that feeling where he's going to get killed sometime in the future, but really hope you prove me wrong. I can't say really if I was surprised or not by Liana's appearance, but hey, it saved Caius, and for that I am happy, lol. Can't wait for the next chapter, mainly because it's a Dumas chapter. :) Awesome job, I loved it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

And Venir/Malus. I must know more from him. And Charles. XD And Allen is an interesting character, e.. read more

8 Years Ago

Well to throw a few names out there I can say you'll be hearing from Dumas, Caius, Charles, and Alle.. read more
Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

I guess I can live with that. XD But I really can't wait to see how this all ends. :)

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