Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

I step out of the car and look up at Whitlon Academy, located terrifically on Cloudcliff, off the coast of Ireland, I'm not sure what they call it, but we call it Cloudcliff because of the cliffs and the beautiful clouds. Whitlon Academy was huge, a lot bigger then the other schools I went to, but I couldn't stay there, I failed too much I guess. My parents were hesitant about sending me to a school so far away, but I hate what changed their minds more then what they did.

Still standing there, the elf in the drivers seat clears his throat,”Pardon my rudeness, but Princess Isobel,” he pauses for a second,”You should probably head into the school to get acquainted to everything.”

I smile at him,”Of course, your right, I should go,” I turn and look at the academy again, I have to earn my wings, no matter what, and in an inaudible voice,”in there.”

I grab my bag out of the car and close the door, and watch as my only way out of here, drives away. I've felt someone staring at me since I got here, well not just someone, a certain person I'd prefer not to see at this very moment. I spin around to confront him, tell him to get lost, my hair not up for once swinging behind me like the warrior's I used to watch practice.

It takes a few seconds to register, everything I had in my mind disappears, because the most gorgeous thing and this world, or any other was standing in the door looking me up and down. I look first at his eyes, the most alluring mint green, like it would soak you in, golden brown hair, with natural highlights, flung to one side running along his eyes and shaping his face perfectly, a dark tan that makes his eyes stand out even more. My eyes trail all the way down, he's the kind of boy you want to know, the super hot, strong, rebel, and when my eyes meet his again, I know my face is getting red.

He smirks, the kind that makes your heart skip a beat,”Oh, Isobel, you're absolutely adorable when your embarrassed.”

My expression must have changed because he laughs at me and continues,”I know we don't really know each other, besides what we were told, and maybe will better now.”

Oh this is why I hated that my parents changed their minds, I knew he was here, and I really didn't like how he was looking at me, it was making me all fluttery inside, but he is so gorgeous, and I will never tell him or anyone else this, well not for some time yet.

I take a deep, calming breath, with a flirtatious, dangerous edge added to my voice,”Well, Hello Sebastian.” I smile an evil little smile, hoping he gets the sign, I don't want to be here, not with him, not away from my friends.

He puts his hands up in a sign of defeat, but slowly walks towards me, in a low seductive voice,”I know your against all of this, I was too, you know that right, but I think with finally actually getting to see you, I think I can make this work.”

I open my mouth to object, ask him what he means by that, call him an idiot, or say anything back at him, but I can't think of anything, so I just close my mouth and meet his green eyes. I can't believe it, I actually feel safe while he's watching me, not that I'd ever tell him or anyone that. I look away quickly from his gaze, he was a few feet away but now, he's right next to me in my bubble and lightly touching my arm, making my entire arm tingle, and bringing more butterflies to my stomach.

I turn to look at him and say something horrible about him touching me, but I can't form anything bad in my mind, he just smiles,”Let me show you around campus, my Princess.” How is someone so infuriating be so charming, and handsome, and why the hell do I like him.

He walks me in the school, it's old, and beautiful, and ornate. I walk behind him while he gestures to room after room, saying what each one is, I didn't pay attention, but I don't think he cares.

He stops unexpectedly and I nearly run right into him, and he says just above a whisper,”Isobel, your not listening to me.” Okay, maybe he cares.

I gasp,”How would you know if I was listening to you or not.” I gave him a bratty little face, with my arms crossed over my chest.

He taps my nose once,”Well then, tell me what's through, that door, right there?” pointing right behind me.

I look over my shoulder, well crap, I guess I should have paid attention, no one ever said anything about pop quizzes,”well, I'm not sure, there's a lot of things you just said, I couldn't comprehend everything so quickly.”

He rolls his eyes and turns around,”That's the door to the dining hall, you need to know that for supper in,” he looks at the clock,”45 minutes.”

“Oh. Okay thanks, can we get onto my room so I can take a nap, it was a long trip.”

He reaches out and grabs my hand and smiles, pulling me along behind him,”I helped design it, I hope you like it.”

I give into the feel of him touching my arm, pulling me around, listening to what he says each door leads to. I pay complete attention this time, besides for when I think about how absolutely gorgeous he is, and how much I love when he touches me, or even looks at me. He slows down, turns back to look at me and squeezes my hand, with his stupid cocky smile, then shaking his head and looking forward again.

We made it to the room he said was mine, he said it was different from all the other rooms, and he also mentioned his was like this too, I mean I understand, he's a prince, I'm a princess, so we get the same treatment.

He throws the door open,”Here's our room.” I blanch.

“Wait, what the hell did you say?” I shriek at him.

He bursts out laughing,”I couldn't take it, the look on your face,” he finally stops laughing to continue,”This is your room, I mean. Even though I'd love to share with you, that bed looks plenty big enough, and I really suggest you check out your closet, I'm heading to my room.” He takes off, and I shut the door as soon as he leaves.

I can't believe I have to marry him, after 16 years, I'm still telling them were better off without that, but their determined to unite the two largest kingdoms in the mythical world.

He may be a creep but he was right, that bed was made to be shared, not with him though, not in real life, my dreams, yes. I look around the room, everything is in gorgeous shades of purple and blue, and black splashes. I go towards the closet doors to see what my closet looks like. I pull on the doors and they don't budge, almost like somethings holding them.

I lean down to look through the key hole, and I see an eye, before I can even think about anything, Sebastian throws the doors open, and I go flying backwards, scared so bad I just want to beat him.

All I hear is him laughing, and see him holding his stomach, and when he finally stops laughing at me, again, and pants out between his laughs,”Yeah, we share that thing, it's huge, but don't take my word for it, go check out how big it is.”

I need to find something so I can ignore him, or maybe just to hide my embarrassment, but instead while I walk past him I punch him and glare at him, so he knows that wasn't funny. I walk into the closet, he's right it's really big, one side is empty, the other full of guy clothes, which reminds me, his rooms on the other end of this and I'm curious what his room looks like. I walk all the way through the closet, to his room, it looks a lot like mine, just a different color scheme, not purple, but green.

I walk over to his bed, run my hand along it, I didn't get much of a chance to check out my room since he scared the crap out of me, the blanket is puffy, and underneath he has silk sheets, and everything works so well together. He's standing just inside the doors for the closet, watching me, no, more like studying me..

He takes a few steps into his room and lowers his eyes,”I was wondering?”

I decide it's my turn to play with him, so why don't I act all flirtatious,”And what is that, Sebby?” adding a cute little eye flutter when I say his name.

He smiles, and then he switches to an easy, relaxed smirk,”Do you like me, at all? And don't lie to me.”

I knew he was going to ask that, I don't want to tell him how much I fell in love with him the instant I saw him, I don't want to tell anyone. This is a huge problem, why this question, out of millions.

I paused too long, he continued,”I mean, if you don't want to tell me, you don't have too.” He looks sad, I mean extremely sad, I know his parents always made a huge deal out of me, and he looked forward to meeting me, at least that's what my parents told me, but I can't think of what to say.

I take a deep breath,” Sebastian, it's not the I don't like you,”Come on Isobel, just spit it out,”or that I do, I just don't know you personally.” Crap I really messed that up, he's so going to take that the wrong way, and I'm not going to try to correct myself on this.

He gets a mischievous smile, and closes the closet doors behind him, walks slowly towards me head tilted to the side, eyes slightly closed, and in an extremely sexy, low, hard to refuse voice, that would drive anyone crazy,”Do you want to know me better.”

He walks towards me, I don't know what to do, this would be so perfect but then he would guess, and if I run, he'll think I don't like him, and he's really close now, come on Isobel think, what to do. He gets to me, and pushes me down on his bed. I sink into it easily, both mine and his weight pushing down on the springs, his body pressing so hard on mine I feel tingles all over my body, and I can't think straight.

His lips skim my neck, almost like he was going to kiss my neck, but instead he blows on my neck, which really tickles pushes off the bed,”Don't worry, I would do anything to you,” he leans back down over me again and whispers in my ear,”unless you ask me to, that is.”

He walked away, and I stayed there, just laying on his bed, oh, my, god, that just happened.. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I sat up slowly, was I going to actually let him get away with pushing me down like that, no matter how much I like it. I'm not sure I would fight it if he did it again, because laying in his bed, smelling nothing but him, a mix of mint, and earthy pine trees, I would give anything, even my secret of already loving him, to have him do that one more time.

Hes on the other side of the room looking at rows of books on his wall. I don't know if he was going to notice or not, but I got up and tiptoed over to the closet door, opening it, and starting to close it, only to see him watching me from the corner of his eye. I shut the door quicker and dash back through the closet, making it safely to my room, I run and jump on my bed, that was amazingly scary.

I was laying face down on my silky black pillows just thinking, and I hate to admit, about him, when he knocked on the closet door, and I heard the apology in his voice, he sounded so sorry, it made me feel horrible for taking off like that,”Isobel, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking, I really hope you don't hate-”

I cut him off, trying to hide the quiver in my voice, he was sorry, which made me feel worse,”Of course, I don't hate you, you just pinned me down on your bed.” As soon as I said it I wished I could take it back, I didn't hate him doing that, and I didn't want to make him feel bad either.

He hesitates“Can I, umm, come in? Please.”

I want to be nice,”Yeah, you can.”

He walks in, I know the instant I look at his eyes, hes hurt, badly, why did I say that, I'm so horrible. We stand there silent for awhile, then he nods towards my bed, I chew on my lip looking him straight in the eye, then pat right beside me on my bed.

His face looks as if he smiles, but only for a second then it's gone, and he cautiously walks over to my bed,”Thanks, I really hope you know I really, really like you,” he looks at me and then at his hands and balls them up in fists and continues,”I also want to tell you, I meant what I said, you can ask me to do anything, and I will do it, no questions asked.”

I open my mouth to tell him not to worry about it, and I barely form the words as he gets up off my bed and he turns to look at me and has a sad smile, and walks away. Right as he's closing my closet he says,”Dinner just ended by the way.”

As soon as I hear his closet doors close, I roll over and look at my clock, it says 6:50, so on my first night here, I don't get food, and I have a lot to do tomorrow, I have to talk to the Principal, Sebastian, and all of my teachers. Since it's too early to go to bed, and I can't eat, and I don't know anyone, besides Sebastian, I decide to unpack. I open up the closet door, and look around cautiously, and walk in carrying my bag behind me, I hang up my shirts, skirts, and my few dresses, and start putting my undergarments in the bureau right by my doors, when he opens his doors, and pokes his head in, I shove the bra I'm currently holding into the drawer as fast as I can.

I turn towards him,”Yes? What do you want to say?” and I try to be sweet and nice about it.

He smiles,”Do you want any help?”

I roll my eyes,”No, I'm fine, I can manage.”

He shrugs and goes back in his room. I finish putting things away then head back towards my room, and stop half way there, and turn and walk towards his room quickly. I get right next to his doors and kneel down to look through the key hole, and put my hand over my mouth when I see him. He's in nothing but his boxer, and his body is so perfect, I move my hand to fan myself, he's so perfect, I stay sitting there for a few minutes watching him walk around, and rearrange things, then he just smiles and shakes his head, then heads to his bed and sits down on his bed and looks straight at the keyhole, and raises his eyebrows.

He leans back on his elbows,”Isobel, don't just sit in there and look at me, at least come in here, and say goodnight.”

I stand up and reach for the knob and stop myself, I wasn't here, I turn and run back to my room and close my closet, and jump on my bed. Oh, great, now he knows I was staring at him wearing nothing. I look over at my clock, well I took 2 hours doing all that, so I guess it's late enough to go to bed, I walk back into my closet and grab my pajamas and change into them, then walk back out to my bed and throw myself on it.

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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