Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

We walk back over there and right before I sit down, I see Giovana come bounding through the door, she runs over to get food, then looks for some place to sit. I stand up and wave her over, and she jogs through all the bodies, and reaches the table out of breath.

She grabs the empty seat next to mine,”So are the rumors true, you two slept together last night?”

Sebastian nods, then Ronan comes running back,”Dude he still thinks you're going to kill him, I need someone else, like you or Isobel, to go convince him otherwise.”he looks over at Giovana,”Hey Gio.”

She smiles and waves,”Hey Roo.”

I point from her to him,”know each other well?”

Ronan plops down on the other side of Sebastian,”Childhood friends. My dad got hurt while at work, so we get paid for his disability. Which put me in a higher class, which is why I'm here.”

I nod,”That makes sense.”

Giovana scarfs down her food,”I can't stay long, I'm getting ready to call my parents,”she jumps around,”Oh my gosh Roo did you hear?”

He tilts his head,”Did I hear what?”

She wraps her arms around me,”I'm going to be living in Wyverine. Isobel, told my I could live with her from now on. Isn't that amazing.”

He pushes his chair back and runs over and picks up Giovana and swings her around, than looks at me,”That's so amazing, that's why her parents sent her here, so she'd get a good life. I can't even comprehend how amazing this is.”then he looks down at the ground,”Wait, who are you going to marry, and how?”

I pipe in,”She can marry whoever she wants, and he'll come live with us too, me Giovana and whoever she marries, and my parents.”She looks at Sebastian,”Guess what, you're going to move into Wyverine too, but I don't know where your moving from, where do you live?”

Sebastian looks at me dramatically,”You're going to marry me and you have no clue where I live,”he puts his hand on his chest and scoffs,”how rude.”then he laughs,”it's fine, I live in Stecomo, which is right outside of this area.”

I laugh,”Okay I couldn't remember what it was called, would your parents be okay if I took Giovana with me and whoever she marries?”

He tilts his head to think,”Well you will be the Queen, so they won't care too much, as long as they stay out of her way.”

Giovana jumps up,”Yes, I can stay out of her way, I'm really good at that.”then she looks over at Ronan again,”But I have to go talk to my parents, so I'll talk to you guys later.”

Ronan sits down and rests his head on his hands, as she jogs out the door,”She's so absolutely radiant, I can't wait to know who she marries, he's going to be perfect for her.”

I look over at him,”What about you?”

He looks at me startled,”I could never be perfect for her, she needs someone whose a lot better then me.”he looks sad,”I didn't move far away when our status changed, and I could have still hung out with her, but no, I didn't, I ignored her every time she tried to talk to me, and walked the other way.”

I lean across Sebastian, who was being extremely silent, along with all the other guys, and touched his back,”If you give yourself a chance to make it up to her, maybe then you could be perfect for her. But lets go tell Reece he isn't going to kill him, okay?”

He nods,”Okay, lets go.” he gets up and I follow him, Sebastian starts whispering the instant I'm out of hearing distance, then ahead of me I hear Ronan,”Actually the reason I won't marry her is because I know she doesn't like me like that.”

“I highly doubt that, I'll talk to her about that later, and I'll get the truth out of her, one way or another.”

He smiles at me. We walk in silence through the halls, turning a few times.

He stops in front of a door that I assume is Reece's, and he knocks on the door,”Ronan, seriously I don't believe you, he's going to rip my head off,”he flings the door open,”he thinks I made a move on her-”he stops dead in his tracks,”He's not going to kill me is he?”

Ronan rolls his eyes,”I already told you that ten times, and now she's here to reestablish that fact, do you believe me now.”

He nods, then shakes his head,”Where are my manners, do you two want to come in and sit down, and explain this to me?”

“Yes we would,”I walk up to him and he opens the doors,”Thank you Reece.”

Ronan follows me and pulls out a chair for me then himself,”So why isn't he going to kill me?”

I look down at the ground and blush,”Because he slept in my bed with me last night, and I was so out of it, he got to feel me up.”I look back up at him, and his face is unreadable.

“Well, now I might just kill him.”

“Wait, what?”

He shakes his head,”Never mind, that would just piss him off again. Isobel, don't ever tell me if you guys sleep together again. Ever. Promise?”

“Why should I promise-”

“Just promise me that, please?”

“I don't know, this is probably a once in a lifetime thing, so I won't have a reason to ever tell you again.”He gives me a stern look,”But fine I promise, if we ever sleep together again I won't tell you. Better”

He looks at his hands,”Much better. Get back to him, it's almost time for first hour, I'll see you in class.”

Me and Ronan walk back to the dining room and walk over to the group of guys who are still there, and Sebastian jumps up and grabs me, telling them we have to go get me ready for class. He drags me upstairs into my room. He runs through the closet to his room, and I watch him through the doors, and he's getting redressed.

He runs back through,”So did he believe you?”I nod,”Good, did he say anything else?”

“Yea about how I have to promise never to say anything to him again if we ever sleep together again.”

He grabs my hand,”Good, he doesn't have to know about your life. We still have some time til class starts, do you want to relax here, or go to class?”

“I'd prefer to go to class.”

He shrugs then we walk down to 18A, he opens the door, and I walk in, and there's only one person in here, Reece. Reece waves at me then Sebastian, I walk over to where I was sitting yesterday, right behind Reece, Sebastian takes the seat beside mine.

Reece turns around to face both of us,”So. Did you two have fun last night?”

Sebastian rolls his eyes,”We slept Reece, nothing inappropriate, minus the fact that I got horny when she pressed her body against me, I touched her twice that was it. So would you calm down.”

Reece throws his hands up,”I don't need to know about what you like, and fine I'll drop it, I was just told you too slept together, I wasn't told details. So calm down.”

Sebastian rubs his eyes,”I'm sorry, Marc, Al, and Bru just wouldn't drop it, they wanted to know all kinds of details about her body,”then he looks at me,”I barely know anything about her body, except how extremely soft her skin is where my hand was at all night.”

I move in my seat, and Reece looks over at me,”Is it awkward knowing how much guys want to know about your body?”

I shrug,”Just a little. It could be worse, a lot worse.”

The door opens and Giovana runs in,”My parents are so happy, they can't wait til the end of the school year. Hehehehe.”

“Hey guys excuse me for a second, I have to talk to her,”I get up and grab her arm and take her away from them,”Do you know who you're going to marry?”

She smiles,”I really have no clue. There's this one guy I really like and I want him to ask me to marry him, but I know he won't ask me.”

I look at her really intently,”Who is this guy?”

She starts blushing,”I don't know if I should tell you. It seems weird.”

“Just tell me.”

She looks over towards Reece and Sebastian, who are so busy talking they don't even notice her look,”Roo.”she looks down at the ground her blush intensifying.

“Guess what, Roo didn't think you liked him at all, but he's crazy for you. Maybe I can convince him to talk to you about it.”

“I would love that.”

“Write a note for him, and I'll give it to him, and explain it to him, okay?”

“Okay. Lets go so I can write it right now.” we walk back towards our seats, as Siobhan walks in.

“Good morning Princess Isobel. I hope you slept well,”he has an evil smile,”I also hope your not sore anywhere, I did hear you had a pretty nice night, what with Prince Sebastian in your bed all night.”this time he looks at Sebastian,”And did I hear right, you were locked in her bed area, and she pressed up against you as hard she could.”

Sebastian is starting to get mad, so I slap Siobhan from across the room with magic, he staggers backwards a few feet holding his face eyes wide,”You ever think of slandering my name, and it will be a lot more painful than just a slap. You remember that Mr. Picard, and it won't be just you feeling it, your family will too.”I whip around and walk back to my seat.

I sit down and instantaneously Reece starts talking,”Wow, you always seem to do something first hour, Do you think your going to do that all Semester?”

I wave him off,”Only on special occasions,”I look over a Siobhan, whose still holding his face, red with humiliating rage.

Sebastian yells at him,”At least it was her, not me. I think she just saved your life.”

Siobhan looks over at us then looks down again, Giovana bursts out laughing,”You guys are amazing, I haven't seen his face that read since his mom scolded him last year about being rude to other Zitila. It's so hilarious.”then she covers her mouth,”I wonder what would happen if someone told his mom what he just said about the you two, since you are the prince and princess.”

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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