Chapter 14

Chapter 14

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

I leave Gaellian in a rush, and run to my room. I quickly get changed, and write a note to Sebastian:

Learn to be patient. Maybe I wouldn't

throw water on you again. Yes, you can put

up cameras, but please tell me where.


I ran across into his side of the closet and slid the note under the closet door, then ran back down to where I had to meet Elizaveta. I get down there, and find a nice looking little table, on one side is an old lady, my best guess is Elizaveta, the other side an empty chair. The lady motions to the chair.

I walk over to the chair and sit down and cross my ankles and give her my best princess smile,”Hello, I'm Isobel Reid.”

She waves her hand, and in a gravely voice,”Yes, yes I know who you are, I'm Elizaveta Zolkin, now with introductions out of the way, lets move on to out main focus. How to earn your wings.”

I nod, and she goes over how to earn ones wings, what the first signs are, the different types of faery, summer, winter, light, dark, court, water faery; most likely known as mermaids, and solitary faery. She says I'm a light faery, but she also says she could be wrong, all she knows is that I'm not a water faery, a solitary, a court, or a winter or summer fey. So I'm either light or dark.

She also talks about Sebastian, how he's a court fey, or one of the strongest kind of fey. Well supposed to be the strongest, but lately the light faery's have replaced them in that catergory. She explains that when a court fey and a light fey have a spawn it is either a water fey, or a court fey, never light, never dark, never winter, never summer. It's its own choice to be solitary.

We go over a bunch of ways to try to earn my wings, she expects me to try most of them on my own, and she also expects me to try a fire starter what with my background. So tomorrow after school I've decided I'm going to try a fire starter.

It ends almost too quickly, I actually like Elizaveta, her voice may be hard to stand for long periods of time, but she's a very smart, very old, very helpful faery. She's also quiet insightful, knowing what I wanted to know. I walk back up to my room hoping to try out this list of ways to earn my wings, hoping one will work.

I get up there and can hear Sebastian yell at Reece, then things crashing. He got my note that's for sure. I opened my door, and saw that my room was a mess, Reece was laying on his back on the middle of my floor, beside my spinney chair.

I clear my throat and they both look over,”Idiots much. Don't stand on spinney chairs, and where are all the cameras at so far?”

Sebastian starts laughing a little,”Well, we haven't exactly gotten any up yet, we keep falling down. So yeah they're all right there.”he points to about 5 little cameras on my desk, with one in Reece's hand.

I roll my eyes and walk into the room the rest of the way, and use my hip to swing the door closed behind me. I walk over to my bed and plop down sending the empty water bucket falling to the ground,”So?”

Reece laughs,”So, so what. What do you want us out of here so you can have your room back, I think you should wait for that, because this is pretty important, isn't that right?” He turns and looks at Sebastian so I do too.

Sebastian saunters across the room and pushes me off my bed, and makes a mock mad face at me, and says with a high pitched voice,”Oh my gosh Isobel, don't sit on your bed, you keep mussing the covers up.”he spins around and throws his hands on his hips,”Do you have any clue how hard I have to work to keep this room looking perfect.”he flips his back, and turns around, that's when me and Reece start laughing at him.

Reece attempts to stop himself from laughing,”Okay Seb, lets get these cameras put-”

I cut in”Just make sure you don't stand on a spinning chair, you fall off easier. Even though I'm sure you two know that better than anyone right now.”

Sebastian huffs his chest out,”Yes ladies, right away.”he starts thinking,”But I haven't fallen off the chair only he has.”

Reece shakes his head,”Well it's your turn now, I already fell enough.”

Both me and Sebastian laugh at him. It is true, at least from what I heard, and when he fell when I came in too. I sit back down on my bed while the guys have a guy argument over who has to get up on the spinning chair and put the cameras up, that or else who was going to go get a stationary chair.

I'm still laughing while Sebastian, who lost the argument, climbs up on the chair, and gets the first camera set up. Then I actually think about it, I can't do whatever I want now, people are going to be watching me now. I know it's for my own safety but I still feel like it's an invasion of my privacy, but I can live with that, if it's to protect me. It's that or else one of them is probably going to sleep in my room.

I shudder at the thought, and Reece gets my attention,”Isobel, have you really been ignoring us this whole time?”

I look over at them, and they're both on the floor and watching me,”Yeah I was, what were you saying?”

Reece rolls his eyes, and Sebastian runs his hand through his hair,”We were reminding you to make sure to have your window locked, to help prevent anything from getting in here.”he tilts his head toward Reece,”That, and he was saying how cute you'll be in your jammies.”my jaw drops, that's so creepy,”Then I asked if I could kick his a*s, since it is your choice that is.”

I look between both of them,”I wish I would've kept ignoring you, that's kinda creepy, and yes you can, unless he takes it back right now that is.”

Reece smiles sheepishly,”Not happening cutie,”Sebastian scowls at him,”hey Seb, lets not kill me, you know it's true, and she doesn't normally wear skimpy clothing.”he looks at me uncertainly,”Do you?”

I shake my head,”Nope only long shirts and dresses, no lingerie.”I give an evil smile,”unless you buy me some.”

Reece blushes,”Oh really?”

Sebastian's face goes from a scowl to a snarl, and he turns on Reece, and pretty much growls at him,”Don't. Even.Think. About. It. I will kill you before you even pull out your money.”he turns back towards me, and I have to fight not to laugh.

We sat there talking while they put up the rest of the cameras around my room. After the first one they get them done pretty fast actually, that's probably because Sebastian isn't falling off the chair every time. It's about 10 at night, and they finally decide to leave, Reece leaves right away out the front door, but Sebastian stays there for a second.

I look over at him questionably, he looks sad,”Why are you still here?”

He startles and looks back at me,”Oh, I'm sorry I'm just thinking. I'll go now.”he walks to the closet doors and opens them, as he's closing them he whispers,”Good night, Princess.”then he's gone.

I wait a few minutes, and clean up the mess they left in my room. I walk over to the closet and open it as quietly as possible, his side of the closets open, and the lights are off, I change quickly into a tank top and shorts pajama set. I turn to walk back to my room and I hear him roll over and sigh. I walk back to my room and close the closet doors like normal, and go lay down and fall asleep, and it's actually a restful night.

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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