Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

I lay my head down and drift into a restful sleep right away, but it doesn't stay like that for long. I start tossing and turning about an hour and a half after I went to bed. The only dream I can recall in the morning was me kissing a guy, not Sebastian, or Reece, plus is wasn't just any kiss, it was a full blown make out, in front of a bunch of people, and the one thing I remember about him was his eyes, piercing bright, almost glowing gold.

I was standing in the closet, and had just pulled my dress over my body as Sebastian walks in, still in just his boxers. His eyes follow as my dress flutters down even with my knees, and I can't take my eyes off of him. He's tall and toned, bronze tan skin and he hasn't done anything with his hair yet, so it sticks up every direction, and looks completely, perfectly, messy. I force myself to turn away, and that's probably a good idea, since I can feel myself blushing, and I walk towards my door, hopefully before he can figure out I was starring at him.

I make it to the closet doors and I hear him,”Do you know where you're going after you leave the room?”

I pause, I don't know,”um, well no, I don't, so I'm going to ask you, since you know everything, where am I supposed to go?”

I turn back around, and am relieved to see he's mostly clothed now, holding the shirt with one hand the other in his hair thinking,”Yea, I know where you're supposed to go,” he looks at me, and he's still tired,”and I forgot to give you a few things. Oh and your wrong, I don't know everything, just enough, now just follow me.”

We walk into his room as he pulls the shirt down, making me remember how badly I want to go over and touch his body. I shake my head trying to clear my thoughts, and follow him across the room to a stack of papers. He goes through the stack, slowing scanning every piece of paper, finally putting the stack back and turning back towards me holding 3 sheets.

He walks over to me and gives me the first piece of paper,”this is your class schedule, we have most of our classes together, so I'll show you the ropes,”he smiles at me and adds,”Don't worry, I'll walk with you everywhere, so you won't get lost.”

I nod once showing him I understand, even though I'm so ecstatic, he's going to be with me all the time, he hands me the next one,”These are the school rules,” his voice gets extremely serious,”don't break them, if you do you won't be able to get your wings.”

I gulp, he's right, I couldn't break these, this was my last hope at getting my wings, then he clears his throat, and says,”The principal said you would know what this was,” he hands me the last one.

It's a small envelope, I open it up, and look at it, the handwriting was pretty, and quite feminine, it was a letter, obviously from the principal:

Dear Isobel,

I hope you enjoy this year, and I have high hopes

for you and Prince Sebastian. I will be in my office if you

ever need anything. Good luck uniting the land, and getting

your wings. So please stay on your path, it's in everyone's

best interest.


Principal Ximena

Oh great, does everyone know I don't have my wings yet.

Sebastian looks at me while I read the letter, and I kinda whimpered,”It's a note wishing us luck, well more me.”I blush, wishing us luck, I'm going to need that, but I like the way that sounded. But what did she mean 'stay on your path'?

He whispers next to my neck,”So do you want help getting your wings?”

I open my mouth slightly, and I have to take a few deep breathes, his closeness just overwhelms me. I finally get myself under control and answer him,”Yes, I want help, but what would I need to do?”

He walks behind me and put his hands where my wings would be coming in hopefully, and said,”You need to trust me, completely, all of you.” He looks over at the clock and moves away from me and finishes getting dressed and grabs his stuff for school.

Sebastian grabs my hand and pulls me around hurriedly, making sure I have my shoes, a notebook, a pencil, I'm properly dressed but not telling me why. He pulls me out the doors of his room, which is kinda awkward, since the girl across the hall was sitting there, and he pulls me right past her to the stairs. He goes slow down the stairs, which doesn't make sense, but it doesn't last long. As soon as we got to the bottom of the stairs he pulls me forward, mumbling to himself, “I really hope they don't mind if she's a few minutes late.”

We stop in front of the door I remember him saying was where we eat, he turns me towards him and takes a deep calming breath,”I'm sorry I rushed you and didn't tell you why, but we're here now, and they're expecting you. Everyone from the school is in there, and Ximena wants you to meet people ahead of time.”

He holds both of my hands and then lets go of them and goes inside, grabbing me and dragging me inside the room. There's so many people, I hate being the center of attention, and I'm great at making friends, so I don't see why I have to make friends ahead of time.

He squeezes my hand,”Don't worry.”

I squeeze back,”Don't worry, I'm not worried.”

He walks me down the stairs to meet a few of the students, the one that sticks out to me is a girl, very short, she had to be at least a foot shorter then me, pink spiky hair, pudgy cheeks, and black eyes, she walks straight up to me,”Hi there, my names Giovana.”

“Hi Giovana,”I smiled at her,”I'm Isobel.”

She looks familiar, I can't remember why though. I thought back to the girl in the hall, she had short pink hair like Giovana, but a lot of other girls did too, so did some of the guys, I didn't even get a chance to try to remember the girls eye color before she spoke up,”So, why were you coming out of Prince Sebastian's room, I know you two are together, but I didn't know you were sleeping together.”

Oh. Great the first person I talk to saw me come out of Sebastian's room, I feel myself blush so fast,”Well, our rooms are connected, and he forgot to give me my schedule yesterday so he had me go pick it up, and we were running late, so we dashed down here from his room, why is it that weird?”

“Of course not, well not for a prince and princess at least.” she says as rushed as possible then stutters,”I-I have to go, I'll talk to you later.” then she takes off across the room.

I talk to a guy that from the looks of it makes Sebastian very mad, he said his name's Reece, he has chocolatey brown hair, turquoise eyes, but he's not the same kind of cute. He's tall, muscular, but not someone I would like. But he's sweet, he gives me a hug, then kisses my hand and walks away.

After I talk to a few other people everyone goes to different parts of the room. Sebastian puts his hand lightly onto the small of my back pushing me forward, ever so slightly. We walk up towards the front of the room, where Principle Ximena is standing. She's short, and has black black curly hair, coming down just past her shoulders.

She smiles at me as we walk up closer to her, never revealing her teeth, and as soon as I get with in reach she grabs my hand and looks like she wants nothing but to apologizing for something, “Princess Isobel, I'm very, very sorry I wasn't here to help you assimilate to the school yesterday.” She glanced over at Sebastian, only for a second,”I hope you didn't mind Sebastian greeting you, I was in town,”her dark brown eyes shift to a lighter shade,”I was taking care of some new transfers. But it won't go through until the quarter ends.”

I clear my throat, I don't want to make a bad impression so I want to use my best princess like voice. I smile back at her,”Oh no, I didn't mind, he was very gentleman like, nice and pointed out all the places I needed to know, gave me my schedule, being an overall, sweetheart,”well I didn't ruin my impression.

Sebastian is standing beside me, and he's just beaming, I can't believe I just called him a sweetheart, right in front of him.

“Well if you have any questions, concerns, or any complaints at all, I'm sure Sebastian will show you my office.” Ximena speaks softly, and swiftly.

I nod my agreement, I know he would. She starts walking away, and calls back over her shoulder,”And Isobel, Good luck.” then she's gone, swallowed whole by the crowd of students at the tables with plates piled high with different breakfast foods.

I was looking around the room at all the food, getting ready to tell him I was hunger, my stomach made a bunch of noise that Sebastian heard, of course he stills in my space bubble. He grabs my hand and walks me towards one wall where a few other students were, and along the wall was the biggest table I've seen, the side closest to me had a bunch of different kinds of eggs. Right next to that so many different kinds of meat, I could only name half of them. Further down the wall still were pancakes, and other dough type things that I've tried once or twice before but couldn't name.

Sebastian grabs two plates, handing one to me. We walk along the table putting small bits of food on our plates, I chose a little bit of everything, but Sebastian didn't take a lot, and he keeps looking back over behind us, I'm kinda curious why.

Sebastian waits until he knows for sure I was done getting food then he walks away from the table, heading towards the corner. He finds an empty table almost immediately, and plops down facing the rest of the room, and I sit down facing him, and the corner of the white room behind him.

I take a bite of my eggs then look straight at Sebastian,”So, is it always like this?”

He keeps staring at the other side of the room, and it seems like he didn't hear me. I turn to see what he's staring at, and the only eyes that were looking over here, not moving were the deepest turquoise, like the jewels my mom used to wear when I was little, and thought I was going to get my wings on time. It takes me three seconds to figure out the guy staring back was Reece, and he's not just staring back, he looks like he's challenging Sebastian, and egging him to do something stupid.

I spin back around, and continue eating, the food is delicious, and I take my time eating, savoring every single flavor. Wishing Sebastian would talk to me, or look at me, or anything. I was finishing my plate, and my stomach felt like it was going to explode when Sebastian stops looking at Reece, and scarfs down his plate of food, I highly doubt he tastes any of it. As soon as every little piece of food was off his plate he was back to staring.

I clear my throat, about three times, then he hears me,”Yes princess?”

“Oh nothing, just is there a reason you're just staring at him?”

He pauses for a moment,”I'll tell you some other time.”

Oh come on, you've got to be kidding me, well I'm going to get this out of him one way or another,”Are you afraid that I like him, or something like that?”

He laughs at me, like seriously laughs,”Oh my, don't get in over your head here, of course not, I'm not worried, especially about him.”

I decide to drop the subject for now, and point at my plate and say,”Done.”

Sebastian grabs both of our plates, my hand and helps me off the seat, and walks to dispose of our plates, then he looks at me, and smiles,”Well, we have 25 minutes until first hour, do you want to go walk around?”

“Yes sure, why not.” perfect time to talk to him without anyone else around.

He walks back out the entryway, and I follow right behind him. We walk out a side door heading straight for the woods. I stop by the edge, I don't exactly want to go into the woods, who knows what will happen, what I'll do. But I do, I need to talk to him, and I'm can't walk away from him.

We walk through a long expanse of woods just listening to birds, we come out in a bright sunny clearing, with pink flowers on the other side. Right beyond the flowers I can make out a small trail leading back to another sunny spot, but back there I can see a pond, and from here it looks still, clean, and pristine. Sebastian stops on the edge of the clearing, now was my chance, but how to do this?

I walk up in front of him, and put my hands on my hips and look up into his eyes,”So, why were you staring at that one guy during breakfast? And please don't lie to me, I might like you more if you don't lie to me.” Okay I guess I'm not lying about that, but he'll only get a glimpse of how much I like him.

He turns his head the other way,”You really want to know, wow, your extremely persistent princess,” he sighs, and then sits down patting the grass by him, so I sit down a little ways away,”Okay, so first off, was I really staring at someone, and who was this someone may I ask?”

I huff out my answers,”Yes I do. Yes you were. His name was Reece. Now why were you staring at him?”

He rubs his chin, like he's contemplating something,”I guess you can know, but I'm not sure how to say it,” his eyes take a hard edge to them then he continues,”Well, Reece, promised to steal my princess a long time ago.”

“Really. I mean really. This is so trivial.” I roll my eyes at him,”I'm not yours to begin with, and get over yourselves.”

He doesn't respond for a little while, then he nods his head,”During lunch, today,” he looks up at me,”Kiss me, maybe he'll leave you alone, and accept that he lost to me.”

I jump to my feet and turn away from him,”No. I'm not kissing you, or being with you.” I cross my arms.

He acts like I didn't say anything, he just keeps rambling on and mumbling to himself. I only pick up bits and pieces of what he says, “We need to combine the kingdoms...” then he looks up and sees that I'm looking at him.

He turns to face me full on and I squint at him and uncross my arms “umm, excuse me? Mr. mumbles I'm kinda curious about whats going on it that weird head of yours.”

He laughs, “Come on Is, lets go to class.” Then he turns back towards the school and walks off, hands in his pockets, so I follow, I mean I can't be late to my first day at a new school.

He stops in the middle of the path, he turns around again and tries to use the puppy dog eyes,”Please Princess, will you kiss-”

I wasn't going to hear it, and I almost said yes,”No.” I wrinkle my nose up at him for a few seconds then continue,”I'm not kissing you, I won't get involved with that Reece guy, so please, do me, yourself, and everyone else a favor, don't ever ask me again, or I might just end up.” I slap my hand over my mouth before I can finish, but I'm sure he got what I was going to say.

I watch his eyes for a little bit, first they look sad, then happy, then confused, then something I can't figure out. He leans slightly to his left, and tilts his head a little farther making his hair fall over with him, then he smiles, an adorable crooked smile, just teasing me.

He saunters over, that smile still on his face, oh, what I wouldn't give to kiss that smile away, when he's about eight inches away he stops, blinks and looks straight into my eyes,”So after school, should we start earning your wings?”

I stand my ground, lips pursued, thinking, oh how to show him I completely trust him. I look straight into his eyes and make myself relax, then lick my lips, and nod.

He straightens back up, and says,”Good, I can't wait,” then he looks at his watch,”We should get to first hour, we don't want anymore scandalous stories of us going around, like us sneaking off into the woods, having some fun.” He gives me a devilish smile, I might actually enjoy that.

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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