Zemia Chata: Welcome Home

Zemia Chata: Welcome Home

A Chapter by karmic


  Dust sparkled in the air from the dense rays of sunlight, and swept across the desk. Every seat was occupied from the front of the room to the back.

“God saw how great wickedness had become in the eyes of man and decided to wipe mankind from the face of the earth. However, god believed there was one righteous man among all the people of that time, Noah, found favor in God's eyes. And from this, God entrusted him in building an ark.” Cast recited, and then sat back down into his seat.

“Very good Cast. Maybe you should start attending class more frequently. You can’t live behind your father legacy forever, don’t you think?” Mr. Gilsberg said with a chuckle. He removed the textbook from in front of his face and exposed his thick glasses in addition to his snake like smile. Cast didn’t pay any attention to the obnoxious lecture that was being given to him. Instead he gazed out of the window, the usual distant look in his eyes. A breeze rushed through the open window, brief yet strong. Tree branches outside scraped against the brick walls that made up the school.

“Evil comes in different forms, Noah saved himself and family from the wrath of god and left everyone else. That doesn’t sound righteous to me, it sounds greedy.” Cast thought.

“Well Samantha could you name all three of Noah’s sons?” Mr. Gilsberg strolled down the path way created by the desks until finally stopping at her desk.

“Um” she paused to open up her textbook, but he had already pulled it from her reach.

“I’m sure you don’t need this,” he said convincingly, as he sat on the edge of her desk.

“Um, Ham, John?” she paused once more, unsure of herself.

“True evil is those who try to hide it” Cast muttered. Mr. Gilsberg shook his head; the snake like smile appeared on his face again. “No sorry. It was Ham, Japheth, and Shem. Maybe you should come back to tutoring again.” he softly patted her hand. Samantha’s cheeks blushed red and reflected off of his glasses. Cast forwarded his attention towards Sara who was three seats away from him. She seemed to be scribbling something down into her notebook; her light blue eyes carefully tracing over everything she wrote. He remembered the day when those same eyes were crying over him.

“But that was a long time ago” he mumbled.  Cast tucked the carton of cigarettes that were peeking out of his pocket back down as he continued his gaze out of the window. The sun’s rays flickered on his face because of the tree branches constant swaying.

“I wonder if she thinks about that day too” he let out a sharp sigh.

“Why the hell would that even matter?” he thought. Something outside then caught his eye. Cast found himself staring into demonic yellow eyes, while the rest of its body was hidden in the leaves of the tree. Cast felt as if he had fallen into another world, but it didn’t seem uninviting, it felt almost like he belonged there. He was left mesmerized by the eyes, and couldn’t look away. 

“You must think this is a free class Sara” Mr. Gilsberg yelled. Cast snapped out of the magnetic trance the eyes had on him and turned to Sara who was trying her best to keep her notebook out of Mr. Gilsberg’s hands. The pages of the notebook began ripping; the other students just sat quietly and watched the conflict.

“Let go, so we can continue on with the lesson,” Mr. Gilsberg barked. Sara was losing her grip on the book; by this time the cover was already ripped in half. Cast glanced at everyone in the room; he saw that no one was going to do anything.

“They’re all sheep following a pig,” he thought. Cast looked at Sara once more, a glimpse of the little girl she once was appeared in front of him. At that very moment he felt like the ten year old kid he once was, always playing the older brother role to Sara.

“God is dead!” he blurted out. The class turned their attention to Cast who was standing at his desk.

“Why the f**k did I yell that out?” Cast pondered, furiously.  Mr. Gilsberg released Sara’s notebook; a small breeze pushed its way through the crack of the window yet again. Cast looked at the tree and saw the eyes that were watching him were now gone.

His pencil rolled off of his desk and bounced on the floor twice before rolling away. The bell then rung; Cast hastily walked out of the room; he didn’t stop until he was face to face with his locker.

“Out of all things to say at that time why that? It didn’t even sound like it came from me” he thought back to what ever was hiding in the tree. He leaned on the locker and slid down until he was squatting; his legs were shaking.

“What was that?” he could feel the eyes still watching him. Cast looked down at the floor; he could hear everyone walking by him, whispering.

“Sometimes I think you couldn’t get any dumber, but every time you prove me wrong,” Sara groaned. Cast drew his eyes to hers; her twisted face was evidence enough to confirm that she was upset.

“You’re one to talk. Why didn’t you just give him the damn book” he stood to his feet illustrating their height difference. Cast was a few inches taller than Sara; he always had been.

“That’s none of your business,” she shouted.

“I guess its not,” he began walking away; he tried to hide the fact that he couldn’t stop shaking. Sara ran behind him; her bag swaying and bouncing.

“You know you’re not supposed to say things like what you said in the classroom. They’ll send agents to your house and take you away from your family. They’ll take you away and they won’t care who your father-“

“You of all people should know I don’t like to hear about him.”

“You’re not getting the point. Its not about your father, it’s about Joey and your mom.”

“Oh! So this is just another lecture? Listen I know what I’m doing, I don’t need your help. I’ve been doing fine by myself,” he bumped shoulders with another boy, but continued walking. Sara walked around the boy, unceasing her pursuit behind Cast.

“Yea you’re doing amazing by yourself. Remind me, when was the last time you were in school again?” she said sarcastically.

“I didn’t know it was question time. Here how about this, why the hell are you still following me?” He knew even though he said that; she would still continue on like she always did. Sara had the tendency to carry out a conversation without both parties agreeing to it. They passed a trophy case filled with over forty trophies, some not even from their school. Many were brought in by families of children who were lost in the war between New Heaven and Jeramiah.

“Why do you try to run away from everything now? It’s not like you” she finally said. Cast didn’t reply, instead he began walking faster.


  They exited the school; the sun blinded Cast’s eyes at first as he looked up at the tree where he saw the yellow eyes. He stopped for a second to examine the tree, but what ever was there before wasn’t there anymore.

“What are you looking at?” Sara asked.

“Nothing” he replied, as he started walking again. Cast was hoping she didn’t follow him home; he hated her checking up on him. Sara would follow him home and create small talk with his mother, and never leave. The clouds were moving quickly through the sky, but the wind seemed absent. There was an uncomfortable silence between the two, but at the same time it was a relief. They navigated their way through the streets until the beach was in sight.

“You two never change.” A familiar voice came from behind them. Sara spun around immediately, while Cast let out a strong huff.

“Lorey you’re back!” Sara hugged her.

“I’m here too.” Ronald said from behind Lorey.

“You’re back from the military academy?” Sara asked, anxiously, pushing her forward so she could get a good look at her. Lorey was wearing a standard blue uniform; two pins shaped like crosses were attached to her collar.

“Yea I just got back today. Ronald picked me up. I should be attending classes with you guys tomorrow,” she smiled. Lorey looked past Sara at Cast who was leaning on a streetlight.

“Hey Mr. antisocial” she grinned. Cast stood up straight and hoped over the rail separating the sidewalk from the beach.

“What’s with him?” Ronald asked.

“He’s just being him.” Lorey shook her head, while watching Sara follow behind him. Lorey thought about how things were years ago; she remembers the way Sara followed Cast then too.

“I thought that would have at least changed.” She mumbled.



  The sun hovered over the sandy beach as the four teens crossed it.

"Cast, wait up!" Sara called, chasing after him. 
"What do you want?" Cast asked, looking back at her, kicking up a bit of sand as he stopped.
 “I just wanted to talk," she retorted, snubbed by his tone. 
"Here they go again," Ronald complained, taunting the arguing duo. Cast ignored him, and began staring out over the wide expanse of the ocean, a faraway look in his eyes. 
"How many lives do you think ended under all that water?" he asked, picking up a rock from the path beneath his feet. 
"That seems a little random," Lorey observed, turning to Ronald. 
"I guess it is," Cast admitted, throwing the rock into the sea.

They heard the horn of a giant as it headed towards the docks, the ship was bulky and moved slow. Huge barrels hung on the side of the ship, the side of the boat was dented as if it had scraped against a glacier.

“That’s the loner. It’s supposed to be posted at York Island. Why is it here?” Lorey said.

“Maybe they are stocking up on goods” Ronald replied.

“No they would have sent other ships to do that. The loner is our main defense ship,” Lorey explained.

"I have to get going," he told them, adjusting his book bag on his back, hearing the sound of books sifting back and forth as he did so.

"Okay, we'll see you!" Cast was too far away to hear Sara's call. 
"What a shame," Ronald said, putting his arms comfortably under his head. "An eighteen year old boy who's too busy to be with his friends." 
"Well, his mom and brother were both infected with Crilof," Lorey rejoined, watching Sara, who was still staring after Cast, even though he was out of sight.

“That still doesn’t mean he should be so detached from everyone,” Ronald let out a deep sigh; his glasses slightly falling off of his face. 
"He needs help," Sara said, turning back to Ronald and Lorey. 
"You're telling me," Ronald laughed. 
"It's not funny!" Sara stomped her feet angrily on the rocky ground. Her long dark orange hair hit her in the face as she spoke. Her light blue eyes blazed with fury as the wind ruffled the blue dress she wore. 
"He's seemed so out of place ever since his father died," Lorey commented, looking at her cell phone and smiling at an old picture of the four of them together in a play.

  Cast pulled his hood over his head as he ran home. The streets were crowded, but he still felt lonely. He lived in the town of Amince. The town was known for being next to the abandon city of Calvic. Before even the flood, Calvic was the home of a huge research factory that Cast’s father had managed. Two men were rushing cargo down the street. Cast knew that only weapon lied in the boxes. Amince was very close to the sea, so many soldiers worked there to transport weapons to their ships. Cast stopped and leaned on the wall of a building, next to him was a path to an alley. He pulled a cigarette from out of his pocket and lit it; he stared at the fire that emerged from his lighter. Below his eyes rested formatting bags from lack of sleep. Cast took a puff from the cigarette and let the world sink in.

"Taking up smoking now are we?" A woman's shrill voice beckoned from the alley next to him. Cast did not chance a glance backwards. “Not her again” he muttered.

He let out a sigh. “What do you want? You’ve been following me for days now”

“I want to know what you want” the lady replied, her yellow eyes following the smoke coming from Cast’s cigarette.

“How cheesy, I would have come up with a better line then that” he took another puff. The fire at the end of the cigarette lit up furiously. “You were even watching me in school today weren’t you?”

“How would that Sara girl feel if she knew you were smoking,” she smiled.

“I don’t want to hear her name come out of your mouth”

“Are you going to let her suffer like that? You know she is in love with you don’t you?”

“Shut up!” he barked.

“You are more then this. I need you.” She said.

“Need me for what?”

“God is dead; I sent the message to you. I wasn’t expecting you to say it out loud though.”

“What ever you are looking for, I’m not it” he said sternly. The woman began stepping deeper into the alley. The shadows swallowed her leaving nothing of her visible.

“We’ll see” her voice faded. Cast peered down the alley for another glimpse of the lady, but it was completely empty. He threw his cigarette to the floor, the flame was still burning. He was about to walk away when a door located in the alley burst open. Loud music filled the alley as a woman ran through the door. She stumbled into the alley, catching herself before hitting the wall in full force. The woman’s lip was bleeding, her mascara ran from the constant tears, and her clothing tattered. Blinded by tears she tripped over a garbage bag and fell into the wall. The rough bricks caught on to a piece of her clothing while she fell, causing another tear into the rags that were her clothes. Cast could see she was either drunk or drugged up by her movements. A tall man exited the building behind her.

“It’s not time to leave yet. We were just getting to the fun part.” He said, wrapping his arms around her waist and breathing heavily on her neck as he pulled her towards the door. Three other men poked their heads out of the door. She kicked her feet furiously, fighting against his embrace and tried to break free. The man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her closer. He roughly fondled the woman’s breast while licking her neck.

“Did you get the b***h?” one said.

“Yea, f**k she is still fighting. It’s ok though, breaking this b***h won’t be too difficult” the guy pulling her said. The woman looked up at Cast, a speck of hope in her eyes. She reached her hands out for Cast, a silent plea etched upon her face.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not going to help” Cast muttered, the sun was setting slowly behind him, giving him an ominous silhouette. Stepping upon his discarded cigarette, Cast put the alleyway and the woman’s screams behind him.

  Cast got home to find his mother on her feet, cooking dinner, she didn't have anything on the stove yet, but she was searching.

"What the hell are you doing?" Cast yelled, frantically. He caught her as she wavered on her feet from the shock of him barging in. 
"Joey was hungry, and, well, you were taking too long," his mother argued weakly. Her skin was an unhealthy pale, and her hands shook uncontrollably. 
"Well, I'm here now, so lie down and rest," he ordered. 
"Cast! You're back!" Joey cried out happily, but immediately started coughing again. 
"You lay down, too," Cast told him. "I'll cook you something." Joey laid back obediently as his brother scavenged through the kitchen. The cabinets were empty except for the few cans of broccoli.

"Honey, we're low on food," his mother called. 
"I see that now," he answered, glancing back at her. "I'll buy some food after school tomorrow." He dug through his backpack, pulling a sandwich from the jumble of books and cutting it in half. "Here," he said, his brown eyes reflecting in his mother's. 
"Thank you," she whispered as he handed her one half. "But what will you eat?" 
"Nothing, I'm not hungry," he told her as he gave his brother the other half. "I'm going to bed." 
"Thank God I have two great sons," his mother smiled. Cast knew it wasn’t him she was seeing, but his father. He had always reminded his mother of his father. Cast made his way up to his room and closed the door behind him. He walked over to his open window, hearing loud shouts rising around the plumes of smoke, the sky a light orange.

"Yea, thank God," he whispered as he collapsed onto his bed and fell asleep.



  Cast then awoke from the sound of his alarm, sweat dripping off of his face onto his sheets. He got up from his bed, his legs weak from fear and throat sore from yelling in his sleep. He approached his bedroom door, still seeing the visions of the nightmare he had that night. Cast almost tumbled onto his desk next to his bedroom door.

"I would think I would be use to it by now," he said to himself, looking at his bed from his door way.

"I would also think the nightmares would have stopped by now," he whispered, sadly to himself while walking down the steps. Cast reached the bottom step and saw that no one was yet awake. His stomach growled and snarled from hunger, his legs felt as if they were to collapse from up under him. Low squeaks aroused from the wooden floorboards under his feet.

"Why does she keep on appearing in my dreams" Cast thought, he then ran the shower so he could wash the sweat off of his body. The water ran cold at first but then warmed up over time. He could still hear the screaming and the cries of woman and children on the day of Devil's tears storming through his head; they mixed together like a swarm of irritated bees.

"Suzie," he whispered, bowing his head in the shower.

Suzie was Cast’s little sister, he and his family lost her on DT day. Cast then hit the wall in the thought of him not being able to protect her. He looked down to his chest where a scar rested, this scar was not from DT day but from the day New Heaven declared war on Jeramiah, the day he lost his father. He could hear the gunshots popping in his ear, the feeling of fire dancing in his eyes still existed.

But that woman's voice could be heard over all of the screaming inside of his head.

"What was she trying to tell me? What the hell does this all mean?" he thought. He then got out of the shower and grabbed the towel that was placed on the sink. Cast walked back up the steps to his bedroom and got dressed for the upcoming classes.

He then made his way back down the steps, his legs felt normal again and the visions were now fading, he reached the front door and felt a chill come from behind him, and he turned to see Joey up and about.

“Go back to bed,” Cast scolded.

“I’m a growing boy, I need to move around,” Joey said back, with a faint smile. Joey was pretty tall for someone with Crilof, he was 5ft 6in. Joey looked just like they’re father; his spiky hair always reminded Cast of their father.

“Okay, but don’t stand up for too long.”

“I won’t,” he assured him. Cast turned to the door and walked out the house.

“I’m sorry Joey, I’m sorry that you have to go through this,” Cast muttered, while leaving.



 "Will she be here today?" Cast thought, while walking down the hallow and narrow streets of Amince. He pulled out a cigarette and placed it between his lips; he then followed up by pulling out a box of matches. Cast lit the cigarette and inhaled, the smoke rolled out of his mouth like a strong fog.

He looked around making sure that the woman was not following him from yesterday. The sun grew as the hour sided more with the morning, the streets were almost empty. A few people walked by with their heads down; some of the houses were old and boarded up.

Pictures of the dead pasted on the boards that covered the houses, candles lit on every step. Radios that people carried around spoke of their president in such grace, knowing that if one wrong thing was said it would lead to death.

"That's what we get for electing a priest as president, people lost faith in god a long time ago," he thought, putting his hands into his pocket. The woman’s word roamed through his head.

“God is dead?” A person walking past Cast started to cough, blood then poured onto the person's hand. Cast noticed the tattoo placed above the man's eye, it said omega.

"An Arken, even they are poisoned by this disease. They are the ones who believe god is dead, but think his children will take his place,” he pondered, kicking a rock that was in front of him.

“Maybe that’s it. The woman was just an Arken trying to convert me to her religion.” He considered the idea. The Arkens were a religion based on a prophet named Malic. Malic was said to foresaw the death of god; many Christians recognized his words as blasphemy. He mysteriously disappeared and was never found.

"Hey, Cast" Sara called from behind; she was walking with Ronald, Lorey, and someone he had never seen before. The girl seemed a little familiar 

Cast stopped and leaned on the gate next to him until they reached him; he dropped the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it. The girl that he had never seen before wore red lipstick and a short black skirt; her hair was long and light brown. Sara directed her eyes to the squashed cigarette; she could still smell the residue of it.


“Don’t make a big deal of it” he quickly said, coldly.

"Well this is Dawn" Sara said pointing at the girl next to Lorey, trying her best to jump off the subject. Sara eyes were still observing the cigarette.

"I see, nice to meet you," he greeted, holding out his hand for a handshake. His mind puzzled by the new arriver. Dawn then shook hands with him as they started to walk. A strong wind went by them. Cast heard whispers in the wind as it continued its path by them.

“Keep it together,” he thought.

“Did you guys hear that?” Dawn asked.

“Hear what?” Sara replied, confusedly.

“Nothing,” Dawn took a deep breath.

“She heard it?” Cast mumbled.

"Dawn is a childhood friend of mine; she was a war prisoner on York Island. Dawn moved to New Heaven years ago. I’ am surprised you don’t remember her," Sara said. Cast thought about the ship they saw yesterday and knew Dawn was on it.

"How long were you on that island?" Cast asked, looking back at Lorey and Ronald who has not said anything since he seen them. Dawn glanced back at Cast who was now looking forward.

"Me and my sister were there for two years, our father was a forced soldier for New Heaven," Dawn said.

"Forced?" Cast repeated.

"Yea, I heard about that, men were being forced to go to war because of the loss of military power" Lorey said, she looked at the scars that were on Dawn's arm.

"Who are you staying with?"

"My grandmother and my sister,"

"I’m sorry. Not about the grandmother part, but everything else. I live with my grandfather, so I kinda understand" Ronald said now joining the conversation. Lorey pulled back her blonde hair and she skillfully put it into a bun. A heavy pause was among all of them.

"Let’s take the shore way" Cast blurted out, trying to break the tension, he grabbed Dawn's arm and pulled her towards the shore.

"Come on, it will be fun" Cast said with a smile on his face. Dawn felt something burning inside of Cast; it was pulsing through his hand to hers. They both made their way up to the shore. Dawn threw Cast into the sand in a playful manner; she then looked out to the sea. A huge clock tower pointed out of the water; the hands on the clock were stuck on twelve, the ocean’s personal museum.  The metal the tower was made of was completely rusted and there were barely any paint still left on it. The sea contained other large buildings in it.

"My mom and dad are under there, but I can’t remember what they look like," Dawn said, wrapping her arms around herself from the chill of the sea. "I know how you feel,"

"How?" Dawn said, shyly.

"My sister is under there and my father was buried under there after he died in battle,” his eyes tracing the waves approaching them.

“Things will get better" he assured. Dawn then turned around and hugged Cast, her back turned to the unforgiving sea.

"I promise," he whispered, it felt as if he had known her for years. Cast then felt something fly through him; he wasn’t able to move for two seconds. “What was that?” he thought. Sara sat down on the hot sand and watched Cast and Dawn. Her face grew sad with envy, Ronald and Lorey sat down next to her.

"Well look on the bright side, she made a new friend," Ronald said while laughing and fixing his glasses.

"I guess you’re right," Sara gave off a sad smile, then turning to Lorey for advice, but Lorey stood quiet.

"Let’s head off to school," Cast shook his head; he tried to get that weird sensation out of his head. He turned to see everyone staring at him. Sara got up and walked off with Lorey behind her.

"What?!" Cast called out to Sara as she walked away.

"You’re an idiot I swear," Ronald smiled, the yellow sand falling off of his brown skin. Ronald then followed behind the two, who were already near the docks.

"Maybe I should catch up to Sara," Dawn suggested, she then ran ahead towards Sara and Lorey. Cast looked at the sand under his feet in search of a shell, he stumble upon one, the edges were cracked and tip was broken. “That girl…It’s almost like I can feel something inside of her” Cast thought. He looked down at his hand and saw that it was shaking; he thought about yesterday, with the woman.

"Good morning Suzie" Cast mumbled, as he threw the shell into the water, a small splash echoed off the surface.

"You really miss her," a taunting voice came. Cast turned to see it was the woman from yesterday, the woman's dark red hair flowed through the wind, her skin was flawless not one wrinkle to show of age. Her yellow eyes and dark black pupils shined in the mourning light.



  "Who are you? Why are you always following me?" he took one step back and felt the small waves push off his shoes.

"You know who I’ am. Just search deeper inside yourself," she answered back, reaching her hand out towards him as he moved back. Cast felt something from this woman; the feeling reminded him of his father.

"What is your name?" Cast questioned fearfully, his eyes again searching the sand but this time for a weapon. As her hand got closer it seemed the air was getting thicker.

"Boy you have a lot of questions, my name is Lucy. Shall we go somewhere private?"  She then put her hand on his head. It seemed as reality cracked into a million pieces and fell around Cast, leaving him in a room of darkness with Lucy.

"Where are we?" Cast asked, his words bouncing off the hallow walls.

"Again with the questions” she sighed. “But if you must know we're in your mind" she then put her finger on her lips and looked around the dark room. Wind whistled through the dark room as if they were in a dark cave.

"Hmm," she groaned, pacing back and forth.

"What?" Cast said, watching her pace back and forth through the empty room.

"I thought it would be, um, less empty," Lucy shook her head in disappointment. He ignored the comment and started thinking, the room grew lighter and images begin to appear, the sound of people talking filled the room. Screaming and laughter spun through Cast's mind and the silence broke inside of the once quiet room. His heartbeat quickened from the sudden rush, images floating around him like small televisions.

"So you still dwell over your sister and father's death," she said observing the images that surrounded her.

"It's hard to let go of something like that" Cast admired the images of his family together. He noticed that in most of the images his father was not smiling. His father always gave the feeling of bearing the world on his shoulders.

"Are you ready to die?" she asked turning to Cast who was smiling at an image of Suzie hugging his father then calling out to him.

“What are you talking about?” he replied. Lucy walked behind him and smiled at the sight too. “I just think it’s sad that your letting yourself die. Walking around in a deceased shell, I can let you live again.” She said. "But it will have to cost you."

"What are you some sort of demonic fairy?"

“Something like that” she giggled. Cast remained staring at the images flowing through his mind. Lucy snapped her finger and the images stopped on a boy. "Alex" he whispered in an angry tone. Alex's father (William) was Cast's father's (Charley) killer. Cast could remember William standing over his father's lifeless body; he could also remember him and Alex being best friends no matter how hard he tries to forget. William had moved to New Heaven before the war started, by that they became enemies.

"Your soul" she finally said, rolling her fingers through her hair.


"Just a little blood will seal the deal,” she explained, pulling out a knife as she tried to strike him. Cast fell backwards and landed on his back, there was a small flash of light. When he looked up he was no longer inside of his head, but again sitting in the sand and Lucy was nowhere to be found. The sun shining on the back of his head and small waves pushing under his jeans. Cast got up and started running towards his school.

Lucy sat on the cliff hanging over the beach; she leaned back into a laying position and looked at the sky. “You meeting both of them today is no coincidence,” she smiled. She then looked at her hands, which had burn marks on them. “You’re stronger then you know Cast.”



  Cast finally reached school, his jeans had already dried. He saw that everyone was already in class; he opened up his classroom door to see some of the students looking up at him, whispers crowding the room. Ronald was sitting two seats ahead of Dawn, there was a kid standing next to Mr. Gilsberg but he could not see him from where he was standing. Cast mind was still on Lucy and what happened between them.

"I'm glad you decided to join us," Mr. Gilsberg said, his nails tapping on his desk.

"You’re just in time to meet our second new student. You already missed the introduction to our first student miss Dawn; they both just got released from York Island, would you like to tell us your name?" Mr. Gilsberg asked.

"Alex," the boy answered.

"Good let me mark you down as here, oh and Cast since you like being out the class so much, how about you show Alex around," Mr. Gilsberg said, while marking Cast and Alex down. Alex looked up at Cast and smiled, but that smile soon disappeared when he saw the expression on Cast's face

"Alex take a seat next to Cast" Mr. Gilsberg ordered, peeking up from his paper. Cast went to his seat with Alex behind him, they both sat down, he glanced at Alex, but then turned to the board.

"What is he doing here, what's going on in York island," he thought. Cast then remembered what had been said to him in his dream last night.

“I don’t belong here? You’ll find that out today,” he repeated, quietly. He wrote in his notebook over ten times those words, before taking a deep breath and counting to three. The clock over Mr. Gilsberg’s head seemed to be monitoring, recording his every thought with a tick. Cast could hear laughter but no one was laughing, constant tapping, scratching in his head. The walls broke down around Cast, and the light dimmed until there was not a single spot of light left. The room was dark and empty, the only person that Cast could feel was Alex; he felt his presents over flowing throughout the room. He felt like a blade was sinking into his chest, slowly trying to reach his heart. The words you don’t belong here began racing faster in his head, the ticking from the clock now syncing with his heartbeats. Then there was silence, just a dark room. Cast began longing for the noise to return.

“Why is this happening to me!?” he cried out in his head. The bell rung, the walls and everyone else rose from the dark abyss and returned back in place.  Cast packed his books into bag, his mind puzzled and crowded with thoughts.


 “So they let you out too," Alex was interrupted by the cheers of Dawn; she jumped and hugged him while they both flew into the desk behind him.

"Um, hey Dawn," he coughed after having the air knocked out of him. Alex tried to get up and talk to Cast.

"I didn’t they would release you?" she laughed, while wrapping her arms around his neck.


  Cast walked out the classroom into the hall with Ronald running behind him. The lockers surrounding them were giving off a mesmerizing blue and black pattern.

"Cast what's up between you and the new kid?" Ronald asked, finally catching up to Cast, who was already at his locker.

"Nothing," he responded, angrily stacking his books into his locker.

Sara walked up behind the two, she was alone, and she also looked a lot happier than before.

"Hey, um, did I miss something?" She paused, and looked at Cast who still has not turned to her since she came.

"Nothing, I have to go" he replied, slamming his locker door and walking out the school.

"But...there's still.... five more classes left" Sara stuttered, trying to speak to Cast before for he left, but it was too late, he had already departed the school.



  Cast didn't take the shore way, he went through the city instead so he could buy food. He stopped and turned around; there was nothing but leaves scraping against the rough concrete.

“I know she was there, I felt her, watching me. I felt her?” He thought. “Lucy” he muttered.

“Didn’t you hear? Yesterday York island was attacked” a man gossiped to another.

“Do you think it was New Heaven?” the other man asked, while taking a huge bite out of an orange.

“Of course those spineless rats did it. Now all the people that were there are being released, well except those who had committed huge war crimes or helped fugitives. Those people are being taking to the court house right over there,” the man pointed up ahead. Cast heard most of what the two men were saying.

“Why would New Heaven attack York Island?”

He walked past the courthouse where seventeen men and woman were lined up against the wall; soldiers also lined up behind them and shot their weapons at the unarmed people. Citizens all around cheered on this massacre. The ground was painted red and the children cried over they're dead parents, but the soldiers just dragged the lifeless bodies into the flames that was set. The smell of kerosene entered the air like a strong perfume.

Cast turned his head when he saw the soldiers point they're guns at the children next, he could hear the guns go off and then leaving the world in silence, a dead song, the crying stopped, but it could still be heard inside of Cast's head.

"Justice has really disappeared in their hearts," he mumbled, looking forward, he kept on walking until he reached the store.

"Back here again, you sure run out of food fast, good thing your getting money for your father being a big time doctor because you would be dead broke like everyone else in these parts of Jeramiah" the clerk said, popping his gum inside of Cast's face.

"It's just sad, this government being all corrupt, the government didn't change, only the faces did" the clerk added. Cast picked up his bag and walked to the store's door; on his way out he was stopped by a voice coming from behind him. He thought it was the clerk still rambling on about the government.

"Hey boy, before you leave give me your palm" The old man said, he dropped all of his items onto the counter in front of the store's clerk, the old man walked over to Cast, and held out his hand. The man's hands reminded Cast of his mother's hand, the man's was shaking uncontrollably, dark brown skin shined as if made from marble. The old man looked like someone he knew. Cast put the bags down at his feet and laid his hand in front of him obediently; the man took his hand and started reading his palm. The man’s hands were rough, and nails were untrimmed.

"Your past seems very dark, are you still dwelling on something, ah, your father and sister's death" the man said, his eyes were closed and he hummed while reading Cast's palm.

"Lets take a look at your future-" his humming then stopped, his blood grew cold and legs weak. “Shut up!” A voice shot through Cast’s body and went into the man’s.

"Are you ok?" Cast said, frighten. The old man's blood start to run from under his nails, but the man stood silent.

"I must kill you, the angels command it. There is something inside of you," the old man yelled.

"What the f**k are you talking about old man? You’re insane" Cast shouted, he tried to get loose but the man's grip was too strong, the man's nose started to run with blood but his eyes kept close.

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to let him go," the clerk reacted to what was happening; he jumped over the counter, knocking the man's bags over, the old man pointed his free hand at the clerk, a spark of light came from out of the old man's hand and the clerk flew into the stand of potato chips and broke his neck.

"Let me go,” Cast commanded, the old man opened his eyes and blood rained down upon them, the old man's eyes were now light grey. Something flew through Cast again and went into the old man. The man let out one final gasp and fell to the floor, but was still holding onto Cast's hand. He released his hand from the man's grip. Cast picked up his bags off the floor and also picked up the old man's bags, his face was emotionless as he walked out the store.



  Cast looked up at the sky which was now forming clouds; he made his way back home before the clouds could let loose its rage. A drop of dried blood formed a red moon on the tip of his shoe. "Lucy was not here today, is she out of my life now?" he thought while he opened up his front door.

“No of course not. Especially not at this time” he placed the bags full of food by the kitchen, and he then ran to the bathroom, vomit pouring out of his throat.

"I guess that was a little too much for me,” he admitted as he started to laugh uncontrollably. “It feels like something is inside of me,” he looked in the mirror. Brushing his hands against his cheek.

"Are you alright in there?" his mother called out. Cast walked out of the bathroom and towards the stairs that led to his bedroom, but stopped and looked at the steps ahead of him, his mom stood behind him. He covered his bloody shirt with his jacket.

"I’m alright mom, to-today was a good day," he smiled as he walked up the steps and into his bedroom. Cast got ready to sleep; he took the bloody shirt off and fixed his bed.

"Did you miss me," a voice came, this voice Cast recognized all too well now.

"I’m all for having a woman in my bedroom, but I’m pretty sure other girls don't want my soul Lucy,"

 “Well, I guess I’m not like other girls" she began, walking behind Cast and leaning on him. "So did you think about what I offered you?" she whispered softly into his ear.

"How could I not" he turned around and saw Lucy waiting for his answer. She didn’t look like a monster, more like a secretary.

"What?" he said, acting naive.

"Your answer," she barked.

"May I ask you question first" he said, walking to his bedroom door and closing it.

"Seems a little unfair, but sure, why not” she shrugged, she then sat down on the tip of Cast's bed and then patted the bed to signal him to sit down next to her.

"Why me?” he asked as he sat down next to her.

"I choose you because you’re different. I know you can feel it too" she replied, with a smile; she brushed his hair with her fingers. “I want you to be happy.”

"Happy? You want to help me to be happy," he responded, laughing at the idea of ever being happy again.

"So will you do it, will you become my soul collector" she asked, resting her head on Cast's shoulder.

“Soul collector?” he repeated, quietly. “What will I gain from doing this and what would I have to do?” he asked, quickly.

“You really do ask too many questions” she sighed. "You will kill for me, and you will also have enemies which you have encountered earlier today. I’ll tell you the rest when you are ready" she explained. “You were made for much more then this depressed shell you made for yourself.”

"These powers will they save my brother and mom?" He asked.

"You will have to get stronger for that, the virus Crilof was made by the big man himself" she answered, holding Cast's hand, the same hand that the old man held. "I know your not into the whole blood to seal the deal, so lets try this" she pressed her lips against his, Cast closed his eyes and saw war and death, he saw the world through Lucy's eyes. He found himself floating through time; his body feeling as if invisible hands were ripping him apart. Everything began to bleed together, nothing made sense, but at the same time it felt right. A voice entered his head, it was Lucy. “You died tonight, remember that you’re not human anymore. You didn’t exist before this because you didn’t have a purpose, make yourself exist, give yourself a purpose. Live.” He opened up his eyes to see that Lucy was gone again; he again collapsed into his bed and fell asleep.

© 2010 karmic

Author's Note

To readers and reviewers, instead of me sending a message to you after you have asked about how they are able to use cell phones. I will explain it here: There are still satellites so they are able to connect by that. I did mention the main character’s age. If you didn’t notice it, that is not my fault. Yes this is a fantasy story if you would like to call it that. I would just like to call it a book that I’m working on. This story has a bigger storyline then the flood it self. Also the places that are left unharmed are there because something happened. I know that these places would be under water trust me, but seeing as this story is not real and there is something behind the tale. Those places still exist. If you see anything in the story that is wrong, then please tell me. I know I will make a few grammar and spelling mistakes, that is because I’ am human. I hope you enjoy the story and I will be editing many chapters due to the fact that when I started this book I was not that well of a writer. Thank You.

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Wow this definitly blew the old one out of the park but idk Cast changed, he was more caring seemed to want to help everyone...... now he seems cold, uncaring, and indifferent

Posted 10 Years Ago

[send message][befriend] Subscribe
intriguing title... :) choice of words are perfect.. :) i'll read the next chapters! ^_^

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wowzers! This is totally gripping of suspense!
I like this, I enjoyed the characters as well.
You have vivd imagery going on and wonderful deatils.
This is a very well written chapter here.
I enjoyed it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I will not point out any mistakes, as you have mentioned you know they are there. So why beat a dead horse? I like the concept. I enjoyed the read and will try to read the following chapters later on today. I wouldn't be in a rush to edit anything just yet. It's best to finish the story and edit on the second draft. This said, I did enjoy the read. Nice work.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Wow this is better than the first one and i need more descriptive words so i'm steeling yours lol.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Yo Karmic I like the remake begiining. You chose good descriptive words

Posted 14 Years Ago

I like the way that it has chunks of description and the characters havve their own personalities. I like your style of writin it was absolutely esquisite. I have have rea the rest and decided to post it here i hope you write more things like this . Im sorry i couldnt give your story an a thou sand ^ ___^

Posted 14 Years Ago

The idea and concept art great. One thing though is like Stephanotis said, if 85% of the world was covered by water, there would be no Massachusetts or New Jersey. Otherwise I didn't see anything wrong with the story. Well done.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I've got to say that the concept behind the story is pretty cool. However, one thing that really bugs me is that if eighty-five percent of the world was covered in water, New Jersey and Massachusetts would be gone. It might be better if this story was set in the Rocky Mountains. In the opening scene with Cast's friends, it would have been more effective if they had been introduced one by one. It'll be hard to keep track of them if they're all clumped together like that. Overall, it's a fairly intriguing story.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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