Zemia Chata Flashback: The Second Birth

Zemia Chata Flashback: The Second Birth

A Chapter by karmic


December, 25, 2010



 “I can’t believe you’re going through with this” William yelled, as Charley entered the room.

“Marry Christmas to you too” Charley laughed; he sat down at the table in the lab.

“You’re letting Lucy transfer the baby into Margret? Are you really going to have her go through the pain of pregnancy again so soon? Having a demon baby is dangerous in of it self, seeing as demon’s pregnancy are far longer then humans” William scolded.

“How are the blood samples going” Charley jumped subjects; he poured a mix into a beaker and planted it into a freezer.

“Don’t change the subject. Who knows what this will do to Margret, and what if Cast loses his mother? Are you going to use science to make a new one?” he said, angrily, while knocking a beaker to the floor.

“So when are you leaving with Julia?” Charley asked.

“How do you know about-“ William paused; he then looked up at the security camera. “Six years. I need to do something before we leave”

“What’s that?” Charley questioned.

“I still need to work on the Vaccine with you don’t I?” William said.

“I guess” he replied.

“Will it work?” William gazed at the test tubes.

“I really don’t know. The virus doesn’t seem to destroy the immune system” Charley yawned.

“Hmm? Then what does it destroy?” William asked.

“It’s time to find out” Charley said, while pressing a button on the wall. The button pulled back the curtains at the other end of the room. The curtain revealed a man strapped down to an iron table. Charley walked over and injected the man with Crilof.

“What are you doing?” William yelled.

“Just wait” he said back. Charley pulled out his axe and stabbed the man in the chest. The man’s soul flew out a few second afterwards, but then disintegrated in the air.

“Crilof affects the soul” William gasped.

“A virus a normal man can not cure” Charley said, while leaving the room. He walked up the steps into the waiting room. Charley spotted Cast being held by a man in a white jacket.

“Thank you for watching him” he said.

“No problem. What are assistants for?” The man smiled.

“You’re one of the best Nelson” Charley laughed, while taking Cast from him. “I hope he didn’t cause any harm” Charley added.

“Please. This little guy couldn’t hurt a fly” Nelson laughed.

“Free me” A voice came from inside of Charley; he put his hand on his head as if he was going to faint.

“Are you ok” Nelson asked, confusedly.

“Yea. Yea I’m ok, I just have a headache” Charley faintly said.

“Who are you?” Charley thought.

“Free me” the voice replied.



July, 21, 2011


Charley looked at his wife coldly as she was giving birth to their second child; the doctor ran around the room disorderly trying to figure out what was going on.

“I’m sorry” Charley muttered. Margret looked up at him and smiled as a tear ran down her face, but Charley just stood there emotionless.

“I can’t believe what’s happening. The baby died, but then came back to life twice” The doctor yelled franticly. Charley looked out the door’s window and saw Cast sitting in the chair with his head down; his feet weren’t able to reach the floor yet.

“It’s coming” the doctor cheered. Charley turned to see the doctor slowly pulling the baby out.

“It’s a girl” The doctor said, while wrapping the baby in a towel.

“What’s her name?” the doctor asked.

“Suzie” Margret whispered. Margret looked at Charley who was still looking at the door’s window.

© 2010 karmic

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