Zemia Chata: Truth above Illusion

Zemia Chata: Truth above Illusion

A Chapter by karmic

Dawn put her back against the door and slid down; she knew Cast was still on the other side waiting. Cast also slid down the door; he then took a deep breathe and looked at the ceiling.

“Does she know too?” Cast thought, while banging his head against the door.

“I don’t know what’s going on yet, but I do know what I just said got to you” Dawn muttered to herself. Cast stood up and walked away; he ran downstairs and saw that Aeon was gone. “You told her didn’t you?” Cast said, while looking at the open front door, a burst of wind flew into Cast’s house.

“You still don’t understand” Origin laughed.

“Origin? What do you mean? Cast questioned.

“Where is your brother?” Origin asked.

“Joey!” Cast gasped; Cast grabbed his jacket and ran outside into the rain; Cast yelled out Joey’s name, but know one answered. Cast fell to his knees as if he were defeated.

“I can’t protect anyone” Cast whispered, as the heavy rain pounded on his head.

“I’m ok brother” Joey said from behind Cast. Cast turned to Joey and hugged him.

“I thought I lost you” Cast whispered to him.

“I will always be here for you” Joey said back; Joey eyes glowed, then went back to normal.


“Has it been done?” Ramiel asked.

“Yes” Amy answered.

“Great! Just in time too, father is coming” Ramiel cheered.

“Where is Joyce and Louse” Amy questioned; Amy jumped on Ramiel’s back; Ramiel fell over and they both fell to the floor.

“They both went on a mission for me. You know how Louse is, once I mention something about killing he jumps right to it. Such a barbarian” Ramiel laughed.

“He is our brother so we must love him” Amy giggled.

“Anything from her?” Amy added.

“No… Not yet, but I’m ok with doing nothing for now. I hate working hard; also you need to buy me a new shirt. You got blood on the last one” Ramiel put his arms behind his head and laid back.

“There’s one thing though. I can’t wait to get off of this island, your lucky you get to go to school” Ramiel turned over and looked at Amy.

“Well that’s all because of you” Amy said.

“Well I wanted you to get away from this place” Ramiel replied.

“Plus I didn’t like the idea of going to school” Ramiel laughed.

“You’re missing out on all the girls” Amy said back.

“I have you” Ramiel said, while hugging her.



Alex sat down on the roof of his house; he looked around the town and took a deep breathe.

“Want some company?” Lucy asked; Lucy sat down next to him and curled up.

“What do you want” Alex questioned.

“Well that’s no way to talk to a lady” Lucy barked, but then put a smile on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Lucy added.

“Nothing” Alex replied.

“Good! I need you to do me a favor” Lucy said.

“I knew you wanted something” Alex mumbled, while turning his head.

“What’s that suppose to mean” Lucy yelled.

“Hm” Alex groaned

“Never mind. Just listen up; I need you to destroy a demon nest on Sunday. The demons are becoming real pest” Lucy explained.

“You want me to do it alone? What about Cast?” Alex asked.

“You know Cast is unstable, Origin will take him over again. Right now he needs you” Lucy responded.

“I understand” Alex nodded.

“Good” Lucy stood up; Lucy jumped off the roof and disappeared.

“Cast has something else to do” Lucy thought.


“It’s almost Sunday. Is he ready?” Joseph asked.

“Yes sir” the scientist answered.

“We will stop Crilof in its tracks when we kill off the people who have it. Also we will get rid of the people who were transferred here from York Island” Joseph said.

“I just can’t believe he is alive” the other scientist said.

“That’s why he is perfect for this project” Joseph laughed; Joseph pressed a button to release the man from a container.

“Are you ok?” Joseph asked, while helping the man to his feet; the man was covered in armor.

“Where am ‘I” The man asked.

“You are in your birth place. I need your help; I brought you back to life to kill. You were once a doctor. Now you’re a soldier. So how do you feel Nelson?” Joseph asked.


Aeon stood in the sand and looked up at the night sky; the dark waves hit his feet then fled back to the ocean as the rain drops sparkled in it. A strong wind rallied up behind him and left a figure.

“They attack us today” Aeon said.

“I know, but I wonder who they’re after” Damien replied. Milphree appeared next to Aeon and hugged him.

“I’m glad to see you’re alright” Aeon greeted. Milphree nodded her head; Milphree looked back at Damien and smiled, but Damien didn’t return the gesture.

“So do we kill him or protect him?” Aeon asked, while turning to Damien.

“I don’t know what will happen if we kill him. So for now protect him Milphree” Damien responded; Milphree rolled her eyes and groaned.

“I guess I’ll protect the girl” Aeon smiled.

“Of course you will” Damien glared.

“What’s that suppose to mean” Aeon yelled.

“Oh nothing” Damien said back; Milphree giggled and walked away.

“Are you going back home?” Aeon asked. Milphree nodded her head, and then she disappeared in the rain.

“What do we do about the Cast kid and your sister” Aeon questioned.

“I don’t know yet, but the conference with our father is coming up. I will like to see what he has up his sleeve first” Damian answered.


Cast walked into the house with Joey by his side; Cast looked at Joey and smiled; Joey smiled back.

“I now know I won’t always be by your side brother. I know what I’ am and what you are” Joey thought; Joey fled to his room and closed the door. Cast looked up the steps and saw that Dawn still didn’t leave the room.

“Maybe it’s best if we don’t talk about what you said” Cast muttered to him self; Flashbacks of what she said filled his mind.

“I’m still wondering why we were attacked today. This is not the first time I was attack and Dawn was there” Cast thought.

“Huh, I’m probably reading too into things” Cast sighed. Cast’s bedroom door opened up and Dawn walked out.

“Can I sleep in your room tonight” she asked.

“Of course, I’ll just sleep on the couch” Cast replied; Dawn nodded her head and was heading back into the room.

“Hey Dawn” Cast called; Dawn turned and looked at him.

“Be careful of Demon” Cast smiled. Dawn stared at him for awhile.

“Is he admitting it or is he playing with me?” Dawn thought; Dawn turned her head and walked into the room. Cast laid down on the Couch and looked up at the ceiling.

“I want to save her, but at the same time I must keep my distance” Cast thought.

“It’s hard to save something you can’t hold” Origin said.

“I wonder if angels have this problem” Cast thought.

“What do you mean?” Origin asked.

“They sit in heaven and have to watch their love ones suffer. It just sounds like hell to me” Cast responded. Cast closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Raphael stood on Cast roof and looked at the beach; he was able to see Aeon and Damien talking.

“So my brother is here too” Lucy said from behind Raphael; Lucy pulled on Raphael’s wings. “What’s on your mind?” Lucy asked.

“I can’t believe I put my family through so much pain” Raphael said.

“Don’t worry about that. I mean I have been taking good care of Cast” Lucy giggled.

“I’ve seen the way you take care of him and I’m not impressed” Raphael glared.

“You sound a little jealous” Lucy smiled.

“I’m nothing of the sort. It’s just I’m worried about him” Raphael sighed, as he put his hand on his head.

“I see” Lucy said.

“So she is alive?” Raphael asked trying to change the subject.

“Yes she is” Lucy said back.

“What are we going to do?” Raphael questioned.

“You need to go back to heaven before father comes after you” Lucy replied.

“I guess you’re right, but I need to do something first” Raphael said, while stretching his wings out; Raphael then flew away.



  Cast awoke from his slumber and heard a voice coming from his mother’s room; he stood up and walked towards the room. Cast saw that the room door was open a little; he opened the door and walked in.

“Lucy?” Cast called. She looked up at him and threw something under the bed.

“What are you doing here?” he asked. Cast walked over to the window and opened the shades to let the sun in.

“I just spent the night that’s all” she replied.

“Hm” Cast groaned.

“What?” Lucy asked. Cast shook his head and smiled.

“Nothing sorry” he responded. “What was that she just hid?” he thought. Lucy smiled back and walked over to the window.

“Good mourning” Lucy said, while kissing him on the cheek and jumping out of the window. Cast waited until he saw Lucy turn into a shadow and disappear. He then turned to the bed and looked under it. Cast pulled out a tape recorder from under the bed; he rewind it and then played it. A voice played through the recorder that Cast recognized.

“Father?” Cast gasped.

“This is May, 14, 2008. I ‘am still looking for a vaccine, I feel as though I’m close. With the help of Lucy I ‘am closer then I was before to finding away around Crilof” he paused the tape. “Lucy?”

 Cast played the tape again. “I have found that Crilof has nothing to do with the body, but the soul is what it affects. I must find the vaccine for this up coming disease “the tape then stopped.

“Father knew about this. He knew Lucy?” Cast thought, while backing away from the tape recorder. He ran out the room and got dressed.

“What are you planning to do?” Origin asked.

“I have to go to my father’s old research lab. I have to find out more” Cast yelled, angrily.

“Then what?” Origin laughed. Cast stopped and looked at his mother’s room.

“Then I will find out the truth. The truth that I have been looking for ever since I killed William” he said, while running out the door.



Lucy landed on a roof top and looked at Raphael.

“He’s going” she said. Raphael turned to her with sadness.

“I guess it’s about time he finds out what’s really going on” Raphael replied. Lucy turned her head and sat down.

“Will you kill him?” she asked, coldly.

“I just hope it doesn’t come to that” he responded, with the same tone. Raphael then flew away towards the abandon city.

“We haven’t met in so long my son” he thought. “But I’m afraid to say you must now choose a side” Raphael flapped his winds. Lucy watched him and shook her head.

“I can’t let him kill Cast” she muttered.


Damien walked down a steamy hallway in hell; thirty-five guards stood in front of a huge door. The demon bowed their heads as Damien walked by. Damien stopped at the huge door and opened it; he walked inside where there was a chamber with spears in it, and chains wrapped around it. Damien then stopped at the chamber and looked inside.

“I’ve come for you’re once a month feeding brother” Damien said, while pouring a small plate of food through the small spaces between the bars.

“Don’t be shy” Damien smiled. “Hm, I bet those spears hurt huh?” he laughed.

“Release me” the man moaned.

“Now you know I can’t do that Arsine. I can’t believe every time I come here that’s all you can say. I don’t even know why my father and uncle even bother with making you” he teased.

“I need to kill them” Arsine yelled.

“It’s sad that you’re the first of them all. The first Vible” Damien said, while walking away. Damien closed the huge door behind him, leaving Arsine in darkness.


Lorey sat down while patrolling the streets of Jeramiah; she looked around at her squad and groaned. “I thought this job was for the police” she grinded her teeth.

“We are the military and the police” Devin sighed. Lorey turned her head and saw two people from her squad beating a man.

“Die! You stupid New heaven bottom feeder” one man said, while hitting the guy in the face with his gun.

“What are you doin-“Lorey paused from Devin grabbing her arm.

“Those guys are higher ranks then you” he explained. She turned and looked at the man’s badge.

“I don’t care” Lorey whispered.

“Don’t say that. If you fight this man’s battle then you will have to fight everyone’s battle. You will just become an outcast and accomplish nothing” Devin yelled.

One of the men turned around and snickered. “Did you have something to say?” the man barked.

“No” Lorey shamefully put her head down.

“I know it hurts now, but you’ll have your chance” Devin smiled.

“I just met him today, but it feels like I knew him forever” she thought, while smiling back.


Dawn walked on the beach and watched the mourning skies.

“I miss you so much Megan” she thought. Dawn sat down in the sand and buried her head into her lap. “I want to be with you” she cried. “But first I want to do something” she muttered to her self.

“Cast” she whispered. The sea breeze carried her word through out the sea.

“I don’t want to see you cry” Aeon said from behind her. Dawn turned her head and blushed.

“May I join you?” he asked. Dawn nodded her head, as he sat down next to her and smiled.

“Thank you again for yesterday” she said.

“No problem”

“Really you helped me. Not just from the school, but you told me the truth”

“I have no reason to lie to you”

“But Cast apparently has one?” she thought; she shook her head at the thought. “I have to stop thinking about him.” She let out a sigh. Aeon could tell who she was thinking about.  “Even though I would have still helped him no matter the reason.” Dawn pondered. “Why do I care?”

“Are you thinking about him?” Aeon asked.

“Hm?” she snapped out of her thought.

“Cast?” he responded.

“No. Why do you ask?”

“You two just seem very close”

“Like everything else that’s just an illusion” Dawn whimpered. She rested her head on his shoulder and continued watching the sea.



Cast stood outside of a broken down building in the abandon city; he looked around and saw nothing but sand.

“I remember this place. This is where my father did his research” he thought, while walking inside. Cast looked around inside and saw it was beat down like the outside.

“This is the waiting room” Cast muttered to himself, as he had a flash back of him being a kid and having to wait here until his father was done. He walked down the hall and down the steps; his heart began to beat faster due to the fact that he has never gotten this far in the building without his father scolding him.

“I remember the smell of this place” Origin groaned.

“What are you talking about?” Cast asked, while stopping at s huge door.

“This is where I spent most of my day” Origin replied. Cast opened the huge door and walked inside.

“What is this place?” Cast gasped; he looked around and saw this part of the building was unharmed; test tubes surrounded him and the scent of medicine filled the room. Cast walked over to a desk and found another tape recorder and played it.

“This is April, 29, 2014. I found it, I found the Vaccine. I can save this world. I’ve already tested it on my son and injected the virus that Lucy gave me. She told me it was Crilof and there was a chance that Cast could die, but believe in my work” Cast dropped the tape on the floor and fell backwards onto a light switch which showed the other half of the room.

“Souls?” he gasped. Cast looked around at the jars and saw souls streaming through them.

“Sadly the vaccine needs souls. So I have to kill to save mankind, to save my family” the tape continued, but then stopped.

“You must understand it was the only way” Raphael said. Cast turned his head and saw Raphael standing at the door.

“What are you doing here?” Cast yelled. He looked at the bracelet on his wrist. “How was he able to find me? I still have this on” Cast thought.

“Father!” Origin yelled.

“Father?” Cast muttered.

“Cast it’s me. It’s Charley, your father” Raphael explained, while his face turned to what it was when he was human.

“Fa- Father” he cried out.

“Yes it’s me. I’m sorry I brought you into this” he apologized.

“How do you know Lucy” Cast barked.

“Isn’t it obvious? I made a deal with her when I was alive” Raphael replied.

“That’s impossible, who ever sells their soul to Lucy is suppose to go to hell. Why are you an angel?” Cast yelled, while unsheathing his sword.

“She made a deal with her old man for me” he explained.

“You tested on me?” Cast asked.

“Yes, but that was to save everyone” Raphael responded.

“Crilof at that stage could have killed me. Yet still you did that” Cast yelled, while charging towards Raphael. Raphael moved out of the way and landed on the table.

“Are you sure you want to defy me?” Raphael asked. Cast sword started glowing and shot out a burst of energy. Raphael blocked it with his hand.

“I see” Raphael laughed. He appeared in front of Cast in a flash and grabbed the blade of Cast’s sword; he then kicked Cast across the room. Cast flew into a cabinet.  He stood up and brushed himself off; the top of his head was already cut. He got into a fighting stance. “So what rank are you?” Cast asked.

“I hold the title of Raphael. I’m an arch angel” he replied. Cast took a deep breathe and smiled.

“Hey father. Do you mind if I let you fight someone else for a while. He really wants to see you for some reason” Cast said.

“Hmm?” he groaned. Cast fell to the floor, as his breathing became heavier and his eyes turned dark. He then stood up with an emotionless look on his face.

“Cast?” Raphael muttered.

“Guess again” Origin laughed.

“It’s you” Raphael gasped.

“Long time no see father. I miss your body so much, but I guess I can live with your son” Origin smiled. Raphael appeared in front of him and went for a kick, but Origin dodged it and landed an uppercut on him.

“He regained most of your strength?” Raphael thought, while rubbing his chin. “I guess I can’t go easy on you anymore son.” he said, while lunging, but was blocked by someone’s sword.

“Father stop it” the girl in a mask said. The girl wore the same type of mask Cast did.

“She must be- Can you leave now” the girl interrupted Origin’s thought.

“No I will not. I’ve been waiting for thi-” Origin then fell to the floor.

“I want my body back now!” Cast yelled.

“He’s able to regain his body back from Origin. Even I was not able to do that” Raphael thought.

Cast stood up and looked around; he looked up at Raphael and the girl.

“Who are you?” Cast asked.

“It’s good to see you again Cast” the girl said. Rose petals surrounded the girl and Raphael; the petal caught on fire and turned into ash. When the smoke cleared the only thing that was left was the smell of ash and Cast. He stood up and walked out the building. Cast turned and looked at the building.

“That girl saved your life Origin” he laughed.

“No. She saved yours, she would not dare save mine” Origin replied. Cast nodded his head and then shot a ball of fire at the building; he stood and watched the building crumble.



“It’s weird. They haven’t announced what really happened at school. No matter how many students say what really happened, people still blame it on New heaven. Also the students who report what happened disappear. What do you think?” Alex asked, while turning to Milphree. She nodded her head and kept on walking.

“Great I have a girl following me that won’t even talk” Alex thought. He looked up at the sky and saw smoke. “That looks like it’s coming from the abandon city. I wonder what’s going on” he mumbled.

“Hey Milphree why are you following me?” Alex asked. She shrugged her shoulders and stopped in front of a store.

“Are you hungry? We can stop for something to eat” he suggested. She shook her head, as her stomach began to rumble. Milphree looked at her stomach with an embarrassed look on her face.

“Let go inside” Alex smiled, while togging on her arm and pulling her into the store.

Milphree stared at the candy apples that the clerk was preparing. Alex looked at her and noticed what she was staring at.

“I’ll take two candy apples” he ordered.

“Yes sir” the clerk said, while handing Alex two candy apples.

“Here you go” Alex gave one to Milphree; she bowed her head. They both walked out of the store and continued walking. Milphree took a bite and her face glowed with happiness. She looked at Alex who was eating it quickly. Milphree giggled and continued eating. Alex stopped and his eyes turned blue.

“What is this” he thought. Small flashbacks filled Alex’s head, but they weren’t his. Milphree stopped and looked at him with a confused look on her face; she grabbed his arm as he snapped out of it.

“That was weird” he thought, gasping for air. He looked down at Milphree and saw the worried look on her face.

“I’m sorry about that” he apologized. Milphree smiled and pulled him so they could keep on walking. They stopped in front of a carnival. Milphree looked up at the ferries wheel and pulled Alex towards it. The carnival was almost empty excepted for the workers. Alex gave the man at the ticket booth six dollars, as they got on the ferries wheel. Alex looked off of it and could see that the smoke was coming from the abandon city.

“It looks like a building exploded” he said. Alex looked at Milphree and saw she looked concerned; she pulled out her two pistols and looked around.

“What’s going on?” he asked, as the ferries wheel stopped. Alex looked down at the man working the ticket booth.

“A demon?” he gasped. “I can’t believe I didn’t feel its presents. The other employees gathered around the ferries wheel with strange smiles on they’re faces.

“They’re all possessed” he thought. Milphree grabbed Alex’s hand and jumped off the fairest wheel. Alex and Milphree landed in front of the crowd of demons.

“Leave girl. We just want the boy” one demon said. Milphree looked at Alex then back at the demons and shook her head.

“Then you’ll die too” the demon laughed, while running head first to them. Milphree shot the demon in the leg twice, but the demon kept on running towards them. The demon swung at Milphree, but Alex blocked it with one sword and cut the demon in half with his other sword. Alex looked up and saw another demon attacking him from the sky. Milphree jumped on Alex head and used it as a boost. She jumped off of Alex’s head and shot the demon between the eyes four times; Milphree then grabbed the demons hair and tossed him to the ground. Milphree then landed on top of the demon and broke his scull in half.

“That was a little over kill” Alex shivered. Milphree absorbed the demon’s soul.



Lorey turned her head to the sight of the men beating the man from New heaven; she was about to walk away, but was stopped by the shrilling sound of her captain’s voice.

“Hey you don’t look like your having fun” the Captain said.

“Sorry Captain Benger, but it’s not my thing to beat up on the weak” she rolled her eyes.

“Hm? Try it. You don’t want to be on my list on the first day do you?” Captain Benger laughed. Lorey looked at Devin who was nodding his head.

“No Sir. I do not want to be on your list” Lorey said, shamefully, while walking over to the New heaven man.

“Please stop” The man pled. Devin words echoed in Lorey’s head over the man’s pleads. She then kicked the man in the ribs, making him gasp for air as she punched him in the face.

“I’m sorry” Lorey whispered. The man looked up at her and stopped crying.

“She apologized?” the man thought.



Dawn stood up and brushed the sand off of herself; she looked at Aeon and smiled.

“Thank you for talking to me” she said, while walking away.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I need to talk to Cast. So I can clear things up with him. You kind of remind me of him” Dawn giggled.

“Me remind you of him?” he thought. Dawn continued walking away.

“Wait! You should let me come with you” Aeon suggested.

“Sure if you like” she said back. Aeon got up and chased behind her.

“Smoke?” Dawn thought, while looking up at the sky.

“Looks like there’s a fire”

“Yea. I wonder where” she replied. A dark bald man walked past her with a cigarette in his mouth, from where Dawn was standing it looked as if the man’s eyes where red.

“I feel something strange coming from that man” Aeon said.

“So do I” Dawn responded. She heard Cheering coming from down the ally. “What’s going on?”

“Sounds like the city scum are fighting” he replied. She ran towards the cheering with Aeon behind her. As Dawn got closer she began to hear what the people were saying.

“You dirty New heaven rat” one man yelled. Dawn stopped and saw Lorey beating a man with her gun, while her comrades cheering.

“Lorey?” she muttered, as tears filled her eyes. Lorey turned her head and looked at Dawn. Lorey was too shocked to move or speak.

“Is this what you think of us?” Dawn asked, while walking backwards.

“Dawn run. If they find out you’re from New heaven then you will end up like this man” Lorey thought.

“How could you” she yelled.

“Get out of here you stupid girl before I kill you” Lorey yelled. The men around her cheered her on. Dawn turned her head and ran back down the ally with Aeon behind her.

“I think that’s it for today. Let the man go” Devin suggested, while walking towards Lorey and putting his hand on her shoulder. “Its okay” he whispered to her.

“He’s right. I’m going home” Captain Benger said. He looked at Lorey and smiled.

“How would you like to join me” Captain Benger asked. Devin pull Lorey behind him.

“Hey Captain your going to share right?” a soldier asked.

“Or course. One for all and all-for-one” Captain Benger laughed. Devin pulled out his gun and pointed it at the captain.

“I hope you are joking. Even if you are, I still might shoot” Devin said, coldly.

“You wouldn’t dare shoot that weapon at your Captain” he said.

“Lorey leave” Devin said.

“What about- Leave!” Devin interrupted in a cold voice. She nodded and began running away.

“You’re useless to the world if you die” Devin muttered, as he shot his gun.

“Lorey heard the gun shot echo through the ally followed by others.



Dawn stopped at the sidewalk and began to cry; she fell to the floor and bowed her head.

“She was protecting you” Aeon explained, while sitting down next to her. Dawn looked up at Aeon and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“Come on. Your friend is such a bad actor” he sighed. 

“She was protecting me?” she thought. Dawn put her head down and rested it inside of her lap. “Lorey is jus like everyone else. She is protecting me too” Dawn whimpered.

“She must be in trouble” Aeon said. Aeon and Dawn then heard the gunshots. Both made their way back down the ally.

“Please be alright Lorey” She thought. Dawn and Aeon stopped and saw blood everywhere; people where moaning from they’re bullet wounds.

“Lorey!” Dawn screamed.

“She got away” Devin said. Dawn looked at Devin who was sitting against the wall; she could see he was shot twice in the arm and once in the shoulder. Devin coughed up blood and looked at Dawn with a smile.

“How could he still be smiling” she thought.

“If I die here, can you please tell Lorey to keep on going. Rise to the top without me” he smiled. Aeon put his mask on and grabbed Devin; he put Devin on his back.

“I can’t let you die here” Aeon said.

“Where are you going to take me?” Devin asked.

“The hospital is destroyed, but there is a medical center in my school’s gym” Aeon said.

He reached his hand out for Dawn; she grabbed his hand as they flew up into the sky and landed on the roof. Aeon continued to the school.


Eli stood outside of a broken down house; the camera man turned the camera to him as he reported.

“What looks to be an abandon house was really the home for a new drug called Alsin. Four people where arrested for the use of this drug. From what I have heard the drug makes the user believe that they’re in heaven. In the house nineteen people were found dead from over usage. All were from New heaven back to you Vial” he reported. The camera man turned off the camera and gave Eli the thumbs up. Rachel jumped up and hugged him.

“Are you feeling better?” Rachel asked.

“Like I said before this is more then a feeling” Eli replied.

“Well what ever it is, I’m still here for you” she sipped her coffee.

“I just wonder what I’m going to tell my wife. She believes in Joseph” he said.

“Yea. This can also affect your kid too” Rachel added.

“Huh” Eli sighed. “I need to go home and think about it”

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