Zemia Chata FlashBack: Birth Of Sin

Zemia Chata FlashBack: Birth Of Sin

A Chapter by karmic

Short Flashback.


May, 29, 2009.


“So how is Lu reacting to Margret being pregnant?” William asked, while putting his hands into his white jacket.

“Lucy will get over it” Charley replied; he turned and looked at Lucy who was looking out the window.

“Will you stop pouting? We have a job to do” Julia whispered to Lucy, but she just ignored her.

“Do you know if it’s a girl or boy yet?” William questioned, while poking Charley.

“It’s a boy” he answered. Charley was still looking at Lucy. “We still need to finish this cure. We all know what’s coming soon” He turned to the test tubes in front of him.

“You know there is no such thing as a cure for this thing” Julia said.

“Well we can at least find a vaccine can’t we?” Charley barked.

“The only way we can stop this is if we can kill god before it spreads too far” Lucy muttered. Charley walked over to Lucy and sat next to her.

“So what should we do?” he asked.

“Hope for him to forgive you” she shrugged. Lucy still didn’t look at Charley.

“I’m looking for forgiveness out of anyone” he said, sternly.  

“Maybe uncle is right about this. Maybe humans should die, even if it makes things off balance” Julia thought.

“That’s it? That’s all we can do? Just hope” Charley yelled. I won’t accept this, I will at least protect New Jersey

 Lucy got up and left the room. “Why can’t you just stay with me?” she muttered.

“What are you talking about?” Charley ran after her.

“There they go again” William laughed.

“William” Julia called.

“Hm” he answered back, while pouring something into a beaker.

“I may need your help with something, but first you must promise you won’t tell my plans with Lucy or Charley” she whispered.

“Of course I won’t. I made my deal with you not her and Charley is my best friend, but we all have our secrets” he responded.

“I need you to come with me to Massachusetts” she said.

“Can I ask why?”

“Think of it as research”


Lucy ran outside the building and turned to see Charley still behind her.

“What is your problem?” he barked.

“Charley I’m-“Lucy paused and looked at the ground, the ground cracked open. The crack split between Lucy and Charley, thousands of demons came crawling out of the crack.

“I guess our talk will have to wait” Charley smiled, while pulling out his axe.

“Must you become so happy when you encounter a fight” she barked.

“Only when I’m about to fight with you” he replied, smiling. Lucy began smiling too. Charley raised his axe and struck down at the ground, a blast appeared rolling down the hole where the demons were climbing up from and disintegrated them.

Lucy jumped to where Charley was and whispered to him. “I’m pregnant.”



Three days later in the hospital



 “Wow. What a handsome boy. What are you going to name him?” the nurse asked, while handing the baby to Charley. Margret looked up at Charley and smiled faintly; he then nodded his head, while shaking slightly.

“Cast” he replied. Charley turned his head and saw another woman giving birth to a boy across the hall.

“What are you going to name him?” the nurse asked the woman.

“Ramiel” the woman said back; the woman coughed up blood then fainted. The nurse yelled for a doctor, but when the doctor came the woman was already dead. Charley turned back to Margret and hugged her.

“Thank you” he whispered.


Charley looked through the nursing room’s window; he was watching Cast sleep.

“So… that’s him huh?” Lucy asked.

“Yea” he sighed. Charley looked at the crib labeled Ramiel and saw that the baby was not in there. “This is the first time I gave life to something”

“He’s kinda cute” she giggled, while hugging Charley.

“Not here” he muttered. Charley gently pushed Lucy off of him.

“Excuse me nurse. Where is that baby” Charley pointed to the crib that had the name Ramiel engraved under it.

“I’m sorry to say, but he is missing” The nurse answered.





“I wonder where that kid is now” Raphael thought, while jumping off the roof and flying into the sky. “Cast, I’m so glad you are all grown up, but I’m sorry you were dragged into this”

“The memoires of those days just keep on appearing in my head” Raphael landed on Cast’s roof.

“Maybe the next time I see you. I will tell you I’m your father” Raphael said, while looking up into the night sky.    

© 2010 karmic

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I wonder how Cast is gonna react when he figures it out. You did this flashback nicely

Posted 14 Years Ago

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