Zemia Chata: Future Plot

Zemia Chata: Future Plot

A Chapter by karmic

This is a really long chapter.


One month later.


  Dawn quickly ran up the stairs towards Cast’s room; she tripped a few times on her shoe that was not completely on her feet.

“I’ll catch him this time” she thought, tumbling. Dawn reached his door and barged in. A huge breeze welcomed her. Clothes were all over the room and the window was open, but there was no sign of Cast.

“Damn it” she muttered, angrily. “He’s gone again”


Cast slowly walked into the graveyard; he held flowers in his hand.

“Sorry mom, I know everyone was suppose to come see you with me” he paused, and then let out a sigh. ‘I guess I wanted to see you first. I’m just selfish that way aren’t I?” he whispered, holding back a pile of tears. Cast laid down next to her tombstone and looked at the sky.

“I bet you’re watching me now right?” he muttered. Clouds quickly crossed the sun; it was a very windy day.

“I know you can see what I’ am now. I’m happy, now you can watch me change the world.” Cast reached his hand towards the sun; he then closed his hand.

“I knew I’d find you here” Lucy stood in front of him. “You been here every week” she watched as Cast brought his hand closer to his face. “Alone”

“I don’t want to end up with nothing after this” he declared. Cast opened his hand and saw nothing.

“I know you don’t” she sat next to him. Cast’s eyes were gentle and sad. He then stood up and dropped the flowers on his mother’s grave; he kept one in his hand and began walking across the graveyard. His right hand was comfortably placed into his pocket.

“You’re visiting her again?” she asked, softly. Cast stood quiet as he walked across the graveyard. He finally stopped facing a tombstone with the name “Miley Vehell” engraved in it. He placed the flower on her grave and walked away. He began headed out of the graveyard. The grass was green and was surrounded by bright and colorful trees. Cast approached the graveyard gate; he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“You thought you were going to get rid of me that easily?’ Sara grinned, holding a black purse and dark earrings. Cast took a deep breath and shook his head. “I told you I didn’t want you to do this alone.”

“I know,” he paused as Sara hugged him.

“You smell like cigarettes again” she whimpered.

“Well I didn’t smoke today” he smiled. Sara moved back; he could see that she was upset.

“It’s nothing to smile about” she scolded. “I told you that you need to quit”

“Hah here we go again. You going into your mother phase” he exhaled heavily. Cast began walking away.

“Why do you do this?” she asked. Cast stopped walking, his back still turned to her. “You try to turn your back on everything” Sara said, sadly. He continued walking away from her.

“I’m afraid you might see my real face” he whispered. Cast along the gate of the graveyard; he took out a cigarette and sighed.

“I thought you were going to quit smoking” Lucy glance, walking on top of the gate.

“What’s it to you?” he asked.

“I don’t care, really I think you look more grown up” she put her hands behind her head.

“Is that so?”

“Yup” she giggled. Cast looked at the cigarette and threw it on the ground.

“I guess I could stop smoking for another day” he then quickly jumped out of the way as Lucy slashed at him.

“You’re more aware” she cheered.

“Do we have to do this right now?” he barked. Lucy pulled her sword out of the ground and swung at him again. The sword was a little too big for her; she lost balance with ever swing. Cast dodged and jumped over her head; he ran towards an alley.

“Alleys one of your favorite places” she followed behind him.

“Stop it, someone will see us” he yelled. Cast climbed up the building that formed the alley; he ripped his shirt on the rough brick. Cast waited for her to catch up to him. Lucy turned into a shadow and slid up the roof; she found him sitting on a huge fan.

“No more running?” she tilted her head.

“Not from me” he declared.

“Don’t be too sure of that” she smiled. Cast felt something coming towards him; he was knocked onto another building from the force. Lucy appeared in front of him and slipped a bracelet onto his wrist.

“What the hell are you doing” he coughed.

“You’ll see” she replied. Sean landed next to Cast and picked him up by his collar. Sean kicked him in the stomach and sent him flying into a wall.

“So you’re here” Cast wiped the blood off of his lip. A huge light appeared around him; his sword then appeared in his hand.

“Well looks like someone learned a lot” Sean grinned. Cast disappeared into thin air. Everything was quiet for a while. Sean looked around confusedly. ” That’s new. Using your speed to beat me”

“Yup” Cast appeared behind him and slammed his sword down. Sean rolled out of the way and landed on his back. Cast kicked him in the chest, this knocking him off the building and into a park. Cast followed behind him, they were surrounded by short grass.

“That’s enough” Lucy clapped. “I think we can tell him now”

“Tell me what?” Cast helped Sean onto his feet.

“About our enemy, our real enemy” she said, sitting down on the bench. Cast sat down next to her. “My uncle, who was the original god tried to kill your race, which explains the Day of Devil tears and Crilof, this disrupted the balance of life, evil surrounded the world and the heavens” she explained, while laying her head on Cast lap.

“God is evil?” Cast asked.

“Evil and dead” Sean replied.

“Wait if god is dead then who is our enemy” he said, puzzled.

“The new god, my father” she responded.

“Lucifer is our god?” he said, surprised.

“Yes, my father, he is what you people pray to, you’re leader” Lucy said back.

“God used your race as an experiment so he could make a better race; my father didn’t like things being off balance so he killed my uncle and took control of heaven. My brother Damien took over hell, while I and my sister were left with nothing” her eyes started to burn with hate.

So you’re an outcast, but what happened to your sister?” he asked.

“Julia went missing, and there is another problem, god had a back up plan, if he were to fail he made sure something could destroy the human race for him, so he sent down the Vibles” she said, a black sparrow flew by them.

“The Vibles?” he repeated

“They are human replacements on this earth, stronger then angels. They are what the Arken pray for” Lucy answered.

“How many are there?” Cast asked, concerned.

“I wish knew, their appearance are just like humans, and many were born before the Day of the Devil’s tears” she answered. Cast stood up off the bench and looked around the park; he was lost in thought. The park was empty; the swings were lonely and swung only from the breeze.

“So will you kill my father?” she whispered into his ear. Cast looked up at the sky and saw smoke erupt into it. Sirens went off around the city; the smoke shot through the clouds, making it look like a dark bridge to heaven.

“What the hell is that?” he mumbled, sternly.

“I’m sure it’s nothing” Sean bit his nail, while admiring the sky. Cast stormed out of the park and into the city. People scattered around cheering.

 “We got it back, we got the abandon city back” A man yelled out.

“What!” Cast said, surprised.

 “We won without sending in any troops, New Heaven just retreated” The man added.

“Could it have been Sean?” Cast asked himself out loud.

“No, it was not me this time” Sean said, walking behind him.

“Then who could it have been” Cast thought; Cast watched the smoke burst out into the clouds.

“Maybe it was our new comer” Sean said while shrugging his shoulders.

“New comer? So Lucy is still keeping things from me” Cast pondered, while looking back at Lucy who had a smile on her face, she was looking at the beauty of the smoke touching the clouds.

“She can’t be trusted” he thought


  Raphael walked down the marble hallway and into the room of the council; the walls were made up of clouds and twirled from the wind.

“Hello, Raphael” One of the council men greeted, as Raphael entered the room. The room was huge, there was a long stairwell that leads to Lucifer and rows next to the stairs filled will council members.

“Hello Council members and lord Lucifer” Raphael greeted back, while bowing down on one knee.

“Can we just get down to business, instead of all this formal greeting, is the kid a threat or not?” Uriel asked, rolling his eyes.

“Uriel mind your tongue, just because you are an arch angel, doesn’t mean you may speak as you please” Another member of the Council scored.

“I’m just saying I have not gotten any action in years” Uriel laughed, while crossing his legs.

“The boy is not a threat yet, but we should keep a close eye on him” Raphael explained.

“I knew it, sorry my lord but you should have sent me instead of accuse for an angel” Michael commented, as he made his way down the steps.

“That’s enough Michael, I understand your feelings towards Raphael, but this is not the time to show them” Gabriel barked.

“I just would like to know why our lord made this man an arch angels so fast” Michael said back; Michael laid his eyes on Lucifer and waited for an answered.

“Michael you might be my strongest angel, but never think I have to answer to you” Lucifer said, calmly. Lucifer looked around the room and folded his hands.

“I’m sorry my lord” Michael apologized, as he looked back at Raphael.

“We shall send a squad of angels to see if this boy or my daughter is a threat, the neutral conference is coming up and I must know who my enemies are before then” Lucifer continued.

“Yes my lord” The whole entire council yelled.



 Cast looked up at the smoke still erupting into the clouds.

“I should go home” Cast said, turning to Lucy and Sean.

“So soon?” Lucy asked, worried.

“Yea, sorry I must see how my brother and Dawn are doing. I know Dawn must be pissed at me for leaving her home” Cast shouted back, while running through the park. Cast ran towards a Cliffside that led to the beach, he jumped of the cliff and landed in the sand. Cast ran next to the rushing waves while the sun shined its light onto his face.

“Who is that?” Cast thought; he saw a figure in the distance, it was sitting in the sand. Cast approached the figure and saw that it was Alex.

“Hey, Alex what are you doing here?” Cast asked; He stopped in front of him and saw the expression on his face.

“I’m just resting” Alex replied, while getting up and wiping the sand off of himself.

“Sounds good” Cast said back.

“Yea it was well instill you interrupted me” he laughed.

“Sorry about that, well I will see you later” Cast said.

“Wait Cast, um, be careful” Alex said. Cast nodded his head and continued his way back home.

“What could he have meant by that?” Cast thought to himself; he reached his house and opened his door, when he entered saw Dawn cooking.

“Welcome back Cast” Dawn said with a smile; Dawn was acting as if nothing happened that mourning.

“Dawn, you don’t have to pretend, I know I was wrong this mourning, but I wanted to do this on my own” Cast said, while he walked up behind her.

“You didn’t have to do it on your own. You seem so distant lately, just like Alex” Dawn said back, angrily.

“I’m sorry, there are just things you won’t understand about me” Cast replied, as the flames on the stove grew.

“Then help me understand, you told me once that you understand my feelings, why can’t I understand yours” she barked.

“It’s to hard to explained” he said back.

“I thought we were the same, did you lie about that or did you change that much?” Dawn asked.

“I didn’t lie about those feelings!” Cast said, frustrated.

“Then you are lying about your other feelings” Dawn said back, trying to seek the answer.

“No! that’s not it at all” Cast tried to explain. Dawn got closer to him and looked into his eyes.

“What am’ I to you Cast?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Cast asked.

“You know what I mean. It’s been a month since I started living here, what am’ I to you, am’ I someone you just like to lie to, someone you like to hurt” Dawn said, tears slowly dropped out of her eyes and onto his finger tips. The door bell rung and Cast turned to answer it. He could feel Dawn’s tears still dripping off of his finger tip. Cast opened the door and Sara walked in and hugged him.

“Hi Cast” Sara greeted. Cast turned his head and looked at Dawn who was now leaving the room.

“You mean more to me then you think” he thought, while hugging Sara back. “I’m just confused”

“I love you” Cast whispered into Sara’s ear.   



“Love such an easy thing to say, but not an easy thing to mean or am’ I in love, maybe this is love” Cast thought; Cast held onto Sara while he thought.

“I Love you too” Sara replied. Cast turned to the stove to see the flames going out, Cast then released his grip on Sara and walked over to the stove. The food was still sizzling and popping from the grease.

“What’s wrong Cast” Sara called from behind; Sara closed the door and walked over to Cast.

“Nothing, everything is just great” Cast smiled; he moved away from the stove and sat down at the table. Cast folded his hands next to his mouth and looked at Sara.

“Hey Sara” Dawn rejoined, Dawn walked into the kitchen with a bright smile on her face.

“Hi Dawn. So what’s been going on in here?” Sara asked; she sat down next to Cast whose attention was now one Dawn.

“Everything is the way its suppose to be, right Cast?” Dawn questioned.

“I’ll be in my room” he exited from the conversation and walked up the stairs. Cast entered his room and saw his sword inside of its sheath leaning against his bed.

“Have you been listening?” he asked, while picking up his sheath.

“You must understand it was too entertaining for me to past up” Lucy explained; she was looking out the window with a smile on her face.

“It was entertaining for you, but for me it was hell” Cast said, while lying down on his bed.

“Hm, hell? That was not hell, how about I give you a taste of hell” Lucy said; she approached Cast and put her finger on his heart.

“What are you doing?” Cast barked; Cast grabbed his sword and pointed it at Lucy.

“Just think of it as training, like you said: if you are willed then you will be alright” Lucy teased. Cast bed caught on fire as he fell into a dark hole, millions of hands grabbed on to him.

Cast used his sword and hacked away at their arms. Cast twirled in the air as he fell; he finally hit the floor. Cast was surrounded by darkness.

“So this is hell, Hm, nothing special here” Cast said, while driving his sword into the ground. The only light came from above; it came down like a spotlight on him, loud growls surrounded Cast. A beast with a broken wing and red horns crawled towards him, the demon held a sword that looked just like Cast’s sword.

“What are you?” Cast asked; Cast raised his sword and got into a fighting stance. The demon stood up and started to change, the demon formed skin and its broken wing began to fix.

“I’ve been waiting for you” The demon said, while standing up.

“Who are you” Cast said; Cast eyes glowed with fear, the demon took the form of Cast.

“I see you don’t remember my voice, here I’ll give you a hint Cast, I’ am going to kill you and take over your body!” the demon shouted.

“Origin?” he said, surprised.

“You got it” Origin smirked.

“Why are you in hell?” he asked, while watching Origin’s wings grow dark black feathers.

“This is not hell, this is your mind” Origin replied.

  “My mind? This is my mind?” he thought. Cast could hear his thoughts echoing through the room.

“Yes, do you like what I've done to it?” Origin asked.

“Those people that tried to grab me were- they were the people you killed souls and all of your memories” Origin interrupted.

“You have been poisoning my head” he barked.

“Enough talk” Origin said, while charging Cast, both they’re swords met, but Origin was able to push Cast to the wall. A hand came out the wall and grabbed Cast, he turned to see who the hand was own by.

“What am’ I to you Cast” the memory spoke and then reentered the wall.

“Dawn, I’m sorry” Cast muttered to him self.

“Don’t take your eyes off of me” Origin yelled, while slamming his sword onto Cast sword. Cast fell to one knee trying to block the attack.

“That’s better, bow to me” Origin laughed, as he laid on continuous attacks on Cast.

Origin stroke forward and cut Cast on the cheek; blood ran down his face and onto his sword. Cast’s sword started to glow; it then let out a red blast. Origin evaded the blast, but was still hurt; the blast took out Origin’s left arm.

“That’s new, good job boy, but that’s not enough” Origin said, as he kicked

Cast to the floor, Origin drove his sword into Cast leg.

“Hm, now how did you do that move?” Origin asked, while removing the blade out of Cast leg and flying up in the air.

“I think it was like this” Origin said: Origin’s sword started to glow, his sword then shot out a black beam. It was bigger then the one Cast shot. The blast headed right for Cast, but time then stopped, the floor started to break down and Cast fell through. Cast awoke in his bed; there were no signs of injuries.

“Was that a dream?” Cast muttered; he sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes.

“No, it was a test” Lucy said.

“A test?”  He repeated.  “A test for what?”

“A test to see how strong Origin is, I can’t even believe a soul could be that strong” Lucy answered.

“I couldn’t beat him” Cast said sadly.

“It’s not all your fault, that dark part of you is too strong for something that was just born when we made our deal. I think he was there before that, but when we made the deal it just made him stronger” she explained, while walking over to the mirror and she started brushing her dark red hair. The door began to open, Lucy then dove behind the door.

“Brother are you hungry? Dinner is ready, you should eat something” Joey suggested, the door hit Lucy in the nose as Joey walked in.

“That soul, could it be that- No, I’m ok” Cast interrupted Lucy’s thought; Cast escorted Joey out of his room and closed the door. He sat back down on the bed; Lucy fell to the floor and poked her nose so the pain could go away.

“Poking it won’t help” Cast laughed.

“Hey, Cast, how old is your brother?” Lucy asked, randomly.

“Why do you ask” Cast asked back.

“Never mind, just forget it” she said, while shaking her head.

“Um, Lucy, I need to tell you something” Cast said.

“What’s that?” Lucy questioned.

“Well the other day my guardian angel came to see me” Cast said.

“You’re what! Why didn’t you tell me?” she barked, while throwing the brush at him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was that important” he lied; the brush hit him in the head as he flew over the bed.

“Not that important, this mean the angels know about you, here let me turn this on, the angels won’t be able to watch you with this on” Lucy said; she pressed on the bracelet on his wrist. Cast poked at the red diamonds.

“Why are these diamonds shaped like ducks?” Cast asked, while looking up at Lucy.




“Accuse me president Joseph, we have a problem, there is another case of Crilof, do you think the disease is coming back. Ever since the hospital has been destroyed we are losing track of things” The secretary said, as she walked into the office and threw down a folder onto Joseph’s desk.

“It’s all because of those filthy New Heaven people, they did this to us, I shall destroy them and Crilof with one blow, lets gather all of the old New Heaven residents and the people with Crilof and kill them” Joseph said.

“When will we do this” the secretary asked.

“We will do this in seven days, the same time god took to create the world, this will be the same time I will recreate it” Joseph said.



  “I can feel him, he is trying to claw his way out” Cast thought; he jumped into the shower, the water pounded on his back as he watched the water ride down the drain. He looked at the bracelet on his wrist.

“This looks so stupid. At least Lucy said know one would be able to see it” he let out a sigh. Cast got out the shower and dried himself off. He walked out the bathroom with the towel around him. Cast walked over to the couch where Dawn was asleep and gave her a small shove.

“Wake up, we need to get to school” Cast whispered, gently. Dawn opened her eyes and sat up; she stared at Cast for awhile and then got up.  Dawn entered the bathroom without saying a word, the only sound came from her closing the door.

“Is she still mad?” Cast thought out loud.

“Why wouldn’t she be, you did choose someone else over her” Lucy said.

“Huh, I forgot you where staying here, what did you say?” Cast asked with a wary look on his face.

“You heard me!” Lucy said, angrily.

“So you don’t have anywhere else to go?” Cast questioned; he glared at her as he walked up the steps.

“What are you trying to say, you should be honored to have me as a guest” she said, proudly, as she followed behind him.

“I must change for school” Cast said, while stopping Lucy from entering his room.

“Aw, is someone a little shy” she teased, while leaning on the wall. Cast closed the door and began changing for school.

“I wonder how today is going to be” Cast said.

“I wouldn’t know. Everyday seem new with you” she removed her hair out of her yellow eyes. Cast walked out his room with his uniform on, he saw that Lucy had already left. Cast then made his way down the steps. He saw Dawn standing at the door with her book bag at her feet, Dawn wore a black skirt with a white button up shirt.

“Are you ready?” Dawn called; she turned to see Cast was standing behind her. “So are you ready. First time I’ve seen you with your school uniform on”

“Again with faking you emotions” Cast said back.

“Hm? What are you talking about, I’m not faking anything” Dawn said; while opening the door and walking out of it with him behind her.

“I’m leaving now” Cast called out to Joey as he closed the door. “So are we going to meet Alex?” he asked, while catching up to Dawn.

“I have not really been talking to him lately. It feels like I’m losing him” she replied; the thought of something happening to him spiraled up her spine.

“I saw him yesterday at the beach” Cast said assuring her that he was alright. Dawn stood silent for awhile; she traced her thoughts to see what to say next.

“I’m sorry Cast, I should have never put that choice on you yesterday” she apologized.

“There’s no need to apologize to- Don’t lie Cast, you don’t have to protect me, I don’t want to take advantage of you” Dawn interrupted.

“I want to protect you” Cast said back, while sneaking his hand into hers.

“You want to protect me but you have some else to protect. I can’t be between your lies” Dawn voice grew louder.

“I don’t lie to you” Cast said, calmly. They walked next to the Cliffside and stopped. “What’s wrong” he asked, Cast approached her then stopped.

“The day of my family’s disappearance, I saw you being carried by a woman, who was she?” Dawn questioned.

“Could she be talking about Lucy?” he thought.

“Who was she, who was she to you?” she asked.

“She is just some woman who saved me from the car accident” Cast said thinking quickly.

“Why did I see you two disappear into the shadows?” she asked, angrily.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Cast said; he stopped and looked at the wall across the street.
“A demon?” Cast mumbled.

“What?” Dawn asked; he pushed Dawn away from him, the ground lifted up and knocked him off the Cliffside. Cast landed in the sand, when he hit the ground his breathing stopped, he was now breathing heavily.

“Are you ok” Dawn called down; she looked down to see Cast getting up. “Stay where you are” Dawn ran to get help.

Cast brushed himself off and looked around; the demon emerged from the sand. The demon had long legs but short arms; the demon’s feet were knife like. The demon’s face looked like a beetle.   

“You’re going to pay for that, you got my uniform dirty” Cast scratched his head. “Well I can’t say I’m not glad you’re here, you saved me from that awkward conversation” Cast confidently said. Cast put his hand on his back and yelled; his sword slowly appeared on his back in its sheath. Cast removed the sword out of its sheath.

The demon roared and stomped its feet, its feet caused a wave of sand that went towards Cast. He jumped over the wave and shot down a blast of energy from his sword, knocking the Demon off its feet. Cast came down from the sky with a finishing blow; Cast sunk his blade into the demon’s chest. The demon let out a final roar and then laid dead. The demon’s body caught on fire and its soul came flying out into Cast’s body.

“That was boring” he said, as he put his sword back into its sheath and ran off to school.



 Cast jumped back up to the Cliffside, he then jumped onto a house and continued his way to school. Cast ran across a rooftop.

“There’s not much between good and evil anymore. It just depends on how you see it” Cast shook his head. His shadow reflected onto the rooftops.

“Power that’s what I need, so I can save these people” Cast thought; he looked down at the people below him as he jumped to the next roof.

He landed in front of the school inside of a tree. Cast looked around and saw the coast was clear; he then climbed down the tree and walked into school. The school bell then rung and everybody hurried in. Cast was trampled on his way in the school. He finally reached his class, when Cast entered the room he saw the teacher was absent and no one was there in his place. Sean looked up at Cast with a grin then turned back to Lorey.

“Where’s the teacher?” Cast asked, while taking a seat next to Lorey.

“Well from what I hear he got Crilof” she answered.

“Wait, I thought Crilof was gone” Cast franticly said.

“There’s word going around that Crilof Is back, but it’s not airborne” Ronald joined.

“Yea, they say it happened right after the hospital was destroyed” A girl behind Cast commented.

“Well back to more important matters, who are you taking to the prom tomorrow?” Lorey asked; she looked directly at Cast.

“More important to whom?” Alex whispered to Cast, while sitting down next to him. Lorey then threw a book at Alex’s head.

“Don’t interrupt me” she barked. Alex landed on the floor and his chair fell on top of him.

“Please forgive me” Alex pleaded playfully.

“Anyway, so who are you taking Cast?” Lorey asked. Sara walked into the room and sat down next to Alex. Cast glanced at her and smiled, Sara caught the glace and smiled back. 

“Oh, I see” Lorey said with a devious grin.

“Yea, he’s taking me” Lucy shouted, while wrapping her arms around Cast’s neck.

“The nurse!?” Lorey and Ronald yelled, while falling back in their seats.

“Um, excuse me why are you here?” Sara asked, politely. Cast looked at Sara hands which were forming a fist.

“Hm? Oh yea, I’m your new teacher” she cheered.

“You’re our what!” Cast barked.

“Yup, that’s right your new teacher, or your leader if you prefer” Lucy teased; she then slipped away to her desk. “What should we start on first? Oh! We should read Dante’s inferno!” she suggested.

“The daughter of Lucifer is my teacher” Cast muttered.

“This should be interesting” Sean said. Cast took a seat next to the girl who commented from behind him.

“You’re Amy right?” yea asked.

“Yea” Amy answered.

“I’m Cast, nice to meet you” Cast introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you” she greeted back. Cast looked at her wrist and saw the word Omega.

“An Arken” Cast thought; he turned his head and looked a Lucy who was having too much fun with her new job. Thirty minutes later the class was over, people were leaving the room before the bell even rung.

“Meet me on the roof of the school” Sean whispered, as he brushed past him. Cast nodded his head and walked into the hall.

“Hey where are you going?” Alex called. Cast turned calmly and smiled.

“No where really” Cast answered.

“What’s up with that funny bracelet?” Alex asked, while pointing to it.

“He can see it” Cast thoughts panicked.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be” Lucy said walking up to both of them.

“Yes, your right” Cast said; he then started running towards the staircase leading to the roof. Cast opened the roof door and saw Sean waiting there. Sean was looking at the people scattered around on campus.

“Ants, that all they are” Sean said, as he turned around to look at Cast.

“What exactly did you call me up here for?” Cast asked.

‘To train” Sean said, while striking him. Sean sword was skinny but long. Cast slide back almost falling off the roof, blood dripped down from his arm.

“So did you give your sword a name yet?” Sean asked.

“A name for what?” Cast asked.

“A name gives your sword life, a soul, this increases the swords power” he explained.

“A soul?” he repeated. Cast drew his sword and ran towards Sean. “It doesn’t have a name” Cast yelled, while charging.

“Well that’s too bad, Schrit!” Sean yelled. Sean sword began to change, barbwire grew around the sword and the guard of the sword turned into a metal chain.

Cast stopped in his tracks and looked at what the sword had turned into.

“So are you ready to die!” Sean called out, violently. Lucy appeared on the roof and sat on the ground.

“Are you?” Cast asked, while continuing his charge; he jump into the air and came down with a strike, but Sean blocked the attack with is sword. The spikes on the barbwire then shot out. Cast fell back on both knees.

“This is real power” Sean chanted. Cast used his sword to get himself up, blood dripped down from Cast face making a crimson mask.

“Let’s go” Cast yelled, while returning to his stance. Sean looked him up and down and smiled; Sean grabbed the metal chain of the sword and spun it around. The blade roared as it cut through the air, he then sent his sword forward at Cast while still holding the chain. Cast dodged the strike by jumping in the air; Cast sword began to light up.

“Di-“Cast was interrupted by Sean barbwire spikes shooting out of his sword and hitting Cast in the back. Cast free fell from the sky. Cast realized where he was and flew towards Sean. The blade began to form a tornado around Cast. The barbwire shot off spikes again. Cast tried to block as many as he could. His sword glew again and shot off a dark beam, like the one when fighting Origin. Sean’s sword flew back towards him; he gained control of his sword again; Sean then sent his sword forward again. The strike knocked Cast off the building; Cast was then falling loosely off the school.

“I got you” A voice came, as it grabbed Cast out the air.


Cast awoke on the ground, Cast got up and looked around, and blood still ran down his face so he knew he was not knocked out long.

“Where am’ I?” Cast mumbled; Cast picked up his sword and used it as a mirror to see how badly hurt he was. Cast looked around at the broken down buildings and cars.

“You are in the abandon city” Sean answered, while walking towards him with his sword in his hand.

“I guess our fight is not finished yet” Cast coldly said.

“Nope, trust me this is to make you stronger” Sean explained; he spun his sword by its chain again. Cast got into his fighting stance in wait for the first attack. Rust and ash fell from the sky from the ruined buildings. Sean stroke his sword forward. Cast blocked the sword with his; Cast sword began to glow again his power started to increase, the spikes shot out of Sean sword but was stopped by Cast blast. Sean’s sword flew freely in the air as Cast charged him.

“Hm, that’s new” he thought, with a smile on his face. Cast went to strike but felt something hit him in the back. Cast turned to see Sean sword had penetrated through him. Cast dropped his sword and fell to his knees; his head was facing the ground.

“Is he dead” Sean thought, while putting one of his hands into his pocket.

“Cast is dead, but I’m not” A voice came out of Cast’s body, while standing up. Cast hands twitched as his blood kissed his finger tips.

“Hah you’re the one I wanted to fight” Sean said recognizing that was not Cast voice.

“Good” Origin shouted, as he charged Sean. Sean lost focus but then regained it; Sean sent his sword at Origin, but he grabbed the sword and pulled it, making Sean fall towards him; Origin punched Sean in the stomach then kneed him in the face.

“That’s all you got” Origin teased, as he picked up Cast’s sword.


 “So you’re Origin, nice to meet you” Sean greeted, as he spit blood onto the ground. Origin waved the sword against the wind making a blade like current in the air. The sword turned the wind into a blade as it flew where Sean was standing, the attack left a scratch going down Sean’s arm. Sean then fell to the floor in pain.

“What is he?” he thought. Cast’s sword screamed as it glowed.

“Shut it, you’re mine now” Origin commanded; the sword shot a black blast, the blast hit Sean through the building, the hit knocked the wind out of Sean as he fell to the ground.

“I was hoping you would be stronger” Origin admitted; he walked over to Sean and picked him up.

“What’s wrong, have you lost the will to fight?” Origin asked, while throwing Sean to the ground. He turned around and saw Lucy behind him; she shot an arrow into Cast’s chest knocking him unconscious.


Cast woke up in his bed; Cast body was covered with bandages.

“What happened” he thought out loud, as he tried to get up.

“So you must have a death wish, stay down” Lucy said; she dropped Cast sword on the foot of his bed.

“I have the will to move” Cast laughed, while sitting up.

“What happened to will when Origin took over your body?” Lucy asked, angrily.

“Origin took over? I don’t remember. What happened to Sean? Is he alright?” he questioned.

“Sean is alright, but you almost killed him” Lucy said.

“Well he also tried to kill me” Cast argued.

“Sean tried to save you, he knew that the only way to get Origin out of you was to kill him” Lucy said back.

“Wouldn’t mean killing me too?” Cast asked; Cast looked at his sword and wondered what to call it.

“Not necessarily, Sean was just going to drain Origin out of you. I can do it now while he is weak, but it might mean you losing your powers” Lucy offered; she put her hand on his forehead to wipe the sweat off his head.

“My powers, you’re giving me a choice to lose my power after all that has happened already” he barked, while pushing her hand away.

“If you lose your powers, you could just forget everything” Lucy said; she put her hands in her lap.

“I’ll never forget, Meagan, William, my mother. Its way too late for going back like you said before” Cast protested.

“Well that’s what I wanted to hear, I just wanted to make sure you were able to continue” Lucy said with a smile on her face. Lucy leaned in and kissed Cast on the lips.

“What was that for?” Cast asked, while removing his lips from hers.

“That was for our new deal. The deal for you to lead” she explained.

“Lead what?” Cast said.

“The world” she replied.  “Now rest, you need your strength”

Cast closed his eyes and fell back to sleep. She watched Cast for awhile then turned to the window and jumped out of it; Lucy landed on the ground when a boy with a red hood appeared behind her.

“Is he still with us?” The boy asked, keeping his head down.

“Yes, Cast gets train with you tomorrow” she smiled with her back turned to the boy. Lucy then turned into a shadow and disappeared into the night.



© 2010 karmic

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Wait thats your older bro?? and another great chapter, love the revamp of the story

Posted 11 Years Ago

There were some spelling mistakes but we all make them. I wonder who Cast is going to take to prom now. Good job little brother on writing this piece

Posted 14 Years Ago

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