Zemia Chata: Rebellion

Zemia Chata: Rebellion

A Chapter by karmic

Lorey took a long deep breath; she still felt yesterday weighing down on her. She waited outside of Eve’s office. The smell of paper and ink gave the hallway an office smell. Lorey wanted to sleep her troubles away; she hadn’t left Devin’s side at the army’s hospital that night, well until she got called by Eve.

“Just a troublesome incident it was” a woman wearing a pink work suit exited Eve’s office. The woman paused after seeing Lorey uncomfortably waiting in the hallway.

“We’ll talk later” the woman finally finishing; she turned to Eve who was now in the center of the doorway. The woman nodded her head and continued down the hall. Eve focused on Lorey, who had her head down, in the attempt to not make eye to eye contact.

“So are you going to wait out here all day” Eve moved out of the door way and sat behind her desk, leaving no other words behind. Lorey stood up and entered the room.

“Close the door behind you” Eve said. Lorey replied by nodding and closing the door; she then sat down in front of Eve’s desk. Classic music surrounded the room.

“How is he?” Eve asked. Lorey looked down at the bandages around her shoulder, the pain from Devin shooting her was still there.

“He is in a coma” she replied, not looking up. “I did my best, but…” she paused.

“I know you did, that’s why you are here” Eve said, pouring a cup of coffee that was present on her desk. “You saw what they did yesterday, our soldiers. They, we were ordered to do that by our president” she took a sip.

“You knew this was going to happened, didn’t you?” Lorey said, coldly.

“Yes” Eve returned, without hesitation. “We all did”

“How could you let this happen?” she barked.

“She had no other choice” a voice came. The voice was immediately recognized by Lorey. She turned to see Vince behind her; his short sleeve brown shirt exposed the tattoo of a hammer on his arm. The hammer was circled by a serpent.

‘What are you doing here?” Lorey said, franticly

“So I’m guessing you didn’t get to the good part yet” he smiled.

“You two know each other?” Lorey asked. Eve took a long pause; she blew the steam away that was hovering over her cup.

“I became general because I was the only survivor left in my squad after the counter attack on New heaven. That was not true; there were three other survivors that were badly wounded, one being Vince there,” she gave Vince a sharp stare, while taking a small sip of coffee. The edge of her cup had a tiny red smug on it from Eve’s lipstick.  “We were taken to a lab that is located beyond the abandon city called “Moirae.” The wounded were tested on, and inserted with cybernetics”

“So he is-“

“Not human anymore” Vince interrupted.

“I was promoted to general so I could keep the lab covered up” Eve continued. She placed her leg on the desk and pulled up her pants leg. The same tattoo Vince had, laid on her ankle. “I only took the job so I could have my foot on the inside. We can never forgive them for what they did to us” she finished.

“So why I’m I here?” Lorey said.

“Joseph isn’t our only enemy, that thing that I shot on the beach was a demon, the things we were really fighting against on the counter attack” Vince explained. “We need all the help we can get”

“Are you ask- you know what we are asking you” Eve said, sharply. “Something big is happening, that will change the face of this country. Will you join us?”



“So that’s how it is?” Cast leaned his back against the chamber.

“I’m guessing you didn’t tell him about my dilemma” Damien entered the room; his white hair showing small spots of blood.

“I was getting to that brother” Lucy sighed.

“Brother?” Cast thought, immediately standing up straight.

“Yes, me and you haven’t met yet have we?” Damien said. “I’m Damien-“

 “I know who you are” Cast interrupted, reaching for his sword.

“Cast we need his help” Lucy said.

“Why? He is our enemy” he responded. “He’s our enemy.”

“He can return my powers,” she said. Cast stood quiet for awhile; he looked at Lucy. For the first time; she looked helpless, she looked human.

“How can he do that?” he asked.

“My father entrusted him with my powers, until the seal was broken.”

“I need to stop the rebellion” Damien stepped in. “I know you have noticed the increase of demons lately. They are not being sent by me, someone else is giving them orders.”

“So you want us to stop who is ever doing this” Cast rolled his eyes. Brimstone flaked off the brown walls made of rock and flesh.

“Hm, just like your father” Damien replied. Cast unsheathed his sword, leaving it pointed at Damien. Cast felt a massive amount of pressure and heat push down on his body. “You think you can hack up someone like me with a sword like that? You’re nothing without Origin” he said.  Cast fell to the floor; he began breathing heavily.

“Stop it Damien!” Lucy barked.

“No, don’t” Cast coughed, slowly standing to his feet. His legs wobbled trying to gain balance, cuts appearing on his body.

“Cast stop it now,” Lucy pled.

“You think I need Origin too, don’t you?” he muttered. Cast began moving his feet towards Damien. He began picking up speed; blood pouring out of his body. Cast swung, but was immediately blocked, two swords clashed like a swift strike of lightning. He looked up to see Aeon staring him in the eyes. The pressure seemed to disappear; hate took its place on Cast’s back.

“I was hoping to see you” Cast smiled, blood from his eyebrow slid down to his cheek. Aeon let out a small chuckle. Cast flipped backwards and shot out a blast of energy at him from the tip of his sword. Aeon moved to the side, avoiding the blast. He ran on the side of it. Aeon slid towards him; he struck forward, making Cast quickly block. Aeon pulled back, and went for a horizontal strike. Cast moved to the right, before the sword reached him. While dodging, he fell to the floor. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Aeon rushed in. Cast thrusted his sword into the ground, he flowed what was left of his energy into his sword, making the floor crumble. Aeon’s leg sunk into the ground as it fell apart. Both Cast and Aeon fell through the ground. Aeon dashed forward in an attempt to strike him as they fell. Cast spun and blocked the attack. He then kicked Aeon into a large piece of falling debrie. Cast hit the floor, making him almost black out. He couldn’t move his right arm. He stood up in the dark room. It was damp and had a large smell of sulfur and blood. He looked up at where he fell from and saw nothing but darkness. There was not any sign of Aeon. Cast shot fire out of his sword, creating a small fire on the ground. He could now see he was in a swamp like place. The swamp was made of blood, and demon skeletons.



“Is Cast here?” Sara asked, perkily, while looking at Dawn’s blank face.

“Sara- He’s up stairs right? No need to tell him I’m here, I’ll just go see him” Sara interrupted, rushing past Dawn and up the steps. She then stopped in the middle of the staircase. “It’s better if we not talk about it Dawn” Sara said, continuing her way up stairs. When reaching Cast’s door; she heard him speaking, but no one was replaying. She opened the door to see him lying down on the bed. She searched around with her eyes to see no one else was there.

“Cast?” she whispered. He turned over and looked at her with a smile. Sara saw his dark eyes and knew it was not Cast.

“You again, Cast’s little toy,” Origin chuckled, while making his way to his feet.

“Where is Cast?” she asked. She closed the door behind her.

“Aren’t you a brave one” he moved closer to her. “He is on a trip. First class ticket to hell”

“You’re lying!” she barked

“If I was, would I be out here?” he paused. “Shut up” he yelled, while holding his head. Sara looked at him confusedly.

“What’s going on, if he is evil, why is he still here?” she thought.

“Sorry, I have an uninvited guest inside of this body. I guess this is how Cast feels,” he sighed. He then looked her up and down. “So you really think you can protect him now?”

“I owe him” she replied.

“Owe him? For what?” he asked.

“The day New heaven attacked, I was outside and a dark blur came speeding towards me. Cast pushed me out of the way,” she paused. “That’s all I can remember. When I got to my feet, Cast was unconscious, and a huge wound was on his chest.”

Origin laughed “He saved you from me.”



Dawn was hypnotized by her reflection in her cup of tea. She watched the steam hover over her reflection like a foggy swamp. Dawn sat up on the couch and let out a sigh.

“You don’t belong here” Joey said from behind, startling her.

“What?” she replied back, making sure she heard him correctly.

“You don’t belong here” he repeated, causally. “I know you feel it too.”

Dawn focused back on her tea. “It’s that obvious, huh?”

“Don’t worry, you were made for something much more,” he placed his hand over her head. Dawn began to feel drowsy, her tea cup slipped out of her hand as she closed her eyes, she then became unconscious.

“So you are one of them” Alex said, coldly. He stood next to the doorway with both of his swords unsheathed, their tips touching the ground.  Alex was wearing an unbuttoned jacket, and under it were layers of bandages.

“So, the second piece of the puzzle is here,” Joey grinned, looking him up and down. “You can’t take me on, in your shape, you know that right?”

Alex smirked, he then charged at him. Joey placed his hand on the floor, the ground then began to shake from under them. Alex felt the floor moving, he jumped to the side, landing in the kitchen. The floor turned into wooden spikes.

“He can change things?” Alex thought. A large patch of floor turned into a huge fist and headed towards Alex. Joey jumped on top of the fist and took out his sword, as it sped towards Alex. He dodged the fist while blocking Joey’s blade. The fist crashed into the cabinets, making a large amount of smoke. Alex wasn’t able to see Joey at all. Wooden blades emerged out of the smoke. Alex quickly blocked, one blade hitting him in the shoulder. Joey dashed out of the smoke and went on the offence, laying rapid attacks on him. Alex swung his sword, but Joey had already ducked. He placed his hand on the floor again, the floor rose up and grabbed Alex’s legs and arms.


Police sirens roared as four cars sped down the street, the sky a crimson red, as a black mist following behind the cars.

“Hah, I knew they would come,” Louse yawned, moving back from the ledge of the roof and turning to Amy. “Those demons are persistent. They are possessing the bodies of those cops.”

“Joey needs time to get Dawn,” she said.

“And he’ll get his time.”

Amy let out a sharp sigh, “I hope he can handle Alex.”

“Don’t worry, your new boyfriend can handle himself.” He teased

She scoffed, “He’s not my boyfriend!”

“Whatever, I’ll take care of the cops,” Louse jumped off the roof and unsheathed his sword, his sword was skinny and black. Louse stabbed himself in the chest; his body absorbed his sword as he hit the ground. He landed in front of the police cars, they immediately honked their horns. Louse’s skin began turning into a black armor. He jumped into the air and landed on a police car, the car was crushed in seconds.

“This should be easy” he snickered.

“Him drawing his sword was unnecessary,” Amy sighed. “But it doesn’t matter, as long as he buys some time.”


Cast ripped a piece of his shirt off and used it as a bandage; he wrapped the piece of cloth around his right arm.

“I have to get back home,” he thought, exhaling heavily. He began limping around, in search for a way out. Something moved behind him. Cast quickly turned to only see a bubble emerge from the blood swamp.

“Something is here, I can feel it,” he muttered. A tail rose from the swamp and smacked Cast into a wall. Cast gasped for air as he slid down the wall, his body tried to shut down. He resisted and made his way back to his feet. Cast saw a giant serpent like demon staring him down, blood like saliva covering its teeth. With only a growl, it slithered towards Cast at full speed. Cast immediately the jumped out of the way, the demon crashed through the wall. Its scales baring a tar like color. The demon crashed through the wall once more from the opposite side. Cast jumped into the air in an attempt to stab it in the head. The inside of the demon’s mouth glew red, it let out a large red beam of energy. There was no way for Cast to dodge it at the angel he was in, the light of the beam reflected in his eyes as it came towards him. Cast channeled his energy into his sword from his left arm; he slammed his sword down on the beam. Cast felt himself being overwhelmed; the blast completely covered him, and then exploded. He fell loosely to the ground, steam and blood escaping him. Cast fell into a shallow part of the swamp, leaving a small splash.

“Nice try human,” a demonic voice fled from the demon’s lips. “But like everything else that has fallen down here, you will die.”

“I can’t move,” Cast thought, gagging on his blood. The demon went in for the final blow.

“Umbra,” a strong whisper rose from behind the demon. The demon faced where the voice came from, but it was too late something had already struck him in the chest, blood dashed from out of its body. The demon could see Aeon standing over fifteen feet away.

“How did he hit me from the far away?” the demon pondered.

“So Cast after all that fighting and blabbing on about not needing Origin, you’re going to die in a place like this?” Aeon scoffed, while shaking his head. “How pathetic.”

Cast focused his eyes on Aeon, his shadow then caught his eye. Cast’s shadow crawled from under him and fled next to Aeon.

“What the hell?”

“Surprised? Well don’t be, this is my sword’s power. To manipulate shadows” Aeon said, confidently. The demon looked down to see his shadow growing; it then rose from the ground, and stood in front of the demon. It then stabbed the demon in the neck; the demon’s body fell to the floor lifelessly. The demon soul slipped out of its mouth.

“That’s for you,” Aeon said. “This demon was a strong one, so it should increase your strength.” He said, while walking away.


“Don’t Cast,” Lucy said from behind him. “Let him go.” Cast stood to his feet and looked at the demon’s soul that still rested on the ground.

“You have a job to do up stairs,” she paused. “Both Dawn and Sara need your help.”

“How can I help them?” he mumbled, his began thinking about yesterday. “If it weren’t for Aeon one of them would be dead” he barked.

“Shutup!” she yelled. Cast stunned by her tone. “You tried, that’s what matters. You are always going to make mistakes. Deal with it!” she waved her hand, the demon’s soul lifted off the ground and entered Cast’s body. “Don’t push yourself,” she whispered. Lucy then threw him his mask.

“I didn’t know you cared so much” he smirked. Lucy stood silent for awhile.

“Cast I have to tell you something” she said, sadly.


The house shook constantly, books slid and fell off of Cast’s desk.

“What’s going on down stairs?” Sara looked at the floor.

“Seems the fight has started,” Origin moved closer to her. “Your friend Alex is down there. He’s dying.”

“Alex?” Sara muttered.

“Listen, I need something from you” Origin grabbed her arm.

“What are you doing?” Rez yelled from inside of his body.

“You’ll do anything for Cast right?” he smiled, deviously. Sara reached into her pocket, grabbing hold of something. She pulled a gun out of her pocket, and directed it at Origin. He pulled her closer and kissed her. She could hear his thoughts in her head.

“You’ll come when I need you” his words twisted and turned into her head, hypnotizing her briefly. She pushed him off of her; she again pointed the gun at him.

“You think that will kill me?” he grinned.

“Give Cast back to me!” she barked. Sara immediately pulled the trigger. Origin felt something inside of his body.

“No!” he thought. The bullet looked as if it were getting further away in Origin’s eyes. Origin found himself falling down a tunnel, everything then went black. The bullet hit him in the chest, his body falling flat onto the bed.

Cast?” Sara muttered. There was no response, the gunshot still rung in her head like a bad dream. Sara sat on the floor and began crying.

“Don’t cry,” Cast whispered, weakly.

“Cast?!” she gasped, jumping on top of him. His eyes leaving her in a short daze.

“It is him,” she thought.

“Are you alright?”

Sara nodded slowly, a smile appearing on her face, blood from the bullet wound cover the front of her shirt.

“I come back from hell and get shot?” he grunted.

“You’ll live,” she smiled. The house shook once more, the sound of the front door being bashed in traveled to Cast’s room.

“I have to go,” he said, rolling her off of him and heading towards his window.

“The first time I get you in your room alone, you have to leave” she sighed, letting out a small smile. Cast chuckled while placing his mask on his face. “its funny how things work,” he jumped out the window and slowly glided down. Smoke covered the front of his house.


Minutes ago in hell.

“Cast I have to tell you something,” Lucy said, sadly.

“What’s that?”

“Its about your brother” she brushed her arm with her hand carefully. “He’s one of them. Joey is a Vible.”



The blanket of smoke cleared from in front of Cast’s house. Joey stood outside victoriously holding Alex by his neck. Joey looked up at Cast falling from the sky.

“Look who joined the party” he smiled, throwing Alex to the floor. Cast landed the ground breaking from underneath him, his eyes wondering off to Alex.

“I can still feel his soul. He’s not dead,” Cast thought.

“Hey big bro,” he tilted his head.

“Where is Dawn?”

“Still inside” Joey replied. The ground began to shake. “looks like more Vibles are coming” he smiled.



“The source has been destroyed, but we still have enough to go on with the project” a man said to Joseph, as they both walked down the hall, walking pass Milphree’s room.

“Will he make it through the experiments?” Joseph replied.

She peeked through the crack of the door to see her father heading downstairs to his car.

“Its not determined yet. I’m sure he’ll make it, he does have your blood,” the man snickered. Milphree ran to her window and saw him enter his car.

“Zack?” she gasped, jumping out of her window and landing onto a roof top. Milphree followed her father’s car, her wounds from the previous day ached.

“I know he is there, I can feel it,” she thought, leaping on to another roof. “Brother.”



© 2010 karmic

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Amazing as always but I want to know the ending how everything comes together

Posted 11 Years Ago

I've been reading this over a few days now...
Great write. It still needs some work as you've said yourself, but I look forward to seeing the final version.
I've also posted a book I've started working on. Would love your opinion.

Posted 12 Years Ago

All I can say is Dam......
I expected his trip to hell to be a little longer but I love the way it played out....

Posted 14 Years Ago

Hmmmm I see that you added somethings. I liked it before, but I must say that I like this version better little brother. Good job

Posted 14 Years Ago

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