Zemia Chata: : Enemy Of Thy Enemies

Zemia Chata: : Enemy Of Thy Enemies

A Chapter by karmic

    “The water levels are rising slowly and Crilof is spreading around Kados “The secretary explained; she crossed her leg and flicked her hair.

“Don’t worry; Sunday is right around the corner. People don’t understand these days. To live takes sacrifice and to breathe means you have to choke from time to time” Joseph looked out the window to the world in front of him. “That’s the only way to live, the only way to lead this world”

 Two children walked into his office and sat down next to the secretary.

“Aeon, Milphree. How are you two today?” The secretary greeted.

“Sorry, but we don’t have time to talk to our father’s personal toy” Aeon glanced. “Especially one that spends the nigh0t in his privet quarters and leaves the next morning wearing a different dress. A dress that looked familiar to the one my deceased mother wore.” He slammed his book onto Joseph’s desk. The secretary looked at the boy for a moment, and then left the room.

“Well… now that she left the room maybe we can talk now father” Aeon grabbed a seat for Milphree to sit in. She sat and folded her hands.

“What is it that my son and daughter want?” he asked, while turning to them; he looked at Milphree and turned his head.

“What good is a daughter that refuses to talk” Joseph complained.

“She doesn’t need to talk to the likes of you” Aeon barked.

“So what is it that you want? Did you just come here to raise your tone to you father?” Joseph argued; he slammed his hand down on the desk.

“You are pathetic, and far from a father. All I want is to go to school, me and Milphree want this” Aeon replied; he turned to Milphree who was still quiet, she began twiddling her thumbs in embarrassment.

“Find then, but if you get Crilof I don’t want to hear anything. I tried to protect you- No! You tried to handicap us” Aeon interrupted. Joseph left the room in anger; Milphree stood up and hugged Aeon. A dark shadow came through the window and surrounded the room with darkness. Aeon and Milphree bowed their heads.

“You might as well be our true father” Aeon bowed; a boy with spiky white hair came out of the shadow. “Damien” he said.

“Did you finish the task at hand?” Damien asked; he sat behind the desk and waited for an answer.

“Yes. We are going to school, but I don’t think we should confront them right away” he suggested. Aeon lifted his head and left the room with Milphree behind him.

“I see. Do what you like” Damien turned into a shadow and fled out the window.


Cast slowly opened his eyes, he could hear Dawn muttering to herself over him.

“How dose he keep on sneaking into the house” she muttered. Dawn sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Cast. She noticed blood on his sheets.

“What have you been up to? Has he been getting into fights?” she thought. Cast grabbed Dawn’s hand making her jump. He fully opened his eyes and smiled.

“Good mourning” he greeted.

“Good mourning” she said back. Dawn pulled her hand away from him. She then looked at his hand which had small cuts on them.

“What’s wrong? You seem distracted” he said, while pulling his hand back.

“Oh. Sorry it’s nothing” Dawn assured; she smiled back at Cast and turned away and looked at the window.

“Do they hurt?” Cast asked; he closed his eyes.

“Dose what hurt?” she responded; she turned back to Cast and noticed he closed his eyes.

“The memoires of York island. The way they treated you there. It must hurt just thinking about it” he replied. Cast opened his eyes and looked at Dawn who was now looking at her lap. A small breeze flew through the window and lifted Dawn’s hair.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel that way. I just wanted to kn- its ok. It only hurts in my dreams; there is where it hunts me. Alex once told me that such pain like that only hurts once, it just that the pain feels different as time goes on, but its still the same pain. I wish I was as strong as Alex. The pain didn’t seem to hurt him at all” she interrupted. Dawn looked up at Cast and smiled and hugged him.

“You might be able to bury pain for sometime, but time will always dig it back up” she whispered. Dawn got up and left the room. Cast’s window shattered into small shards.

“I still need to get use to Ivan, Katie, and Vick’s power” he thought, while jumping out of bed. “Today is Friday. In this one week I felt so much pain. It won’t be long before time digs up my true feelings” Cast walked down stairs and saw the TV on.

“Yesterday a bunch of Arkens attacked a police station. All were killed” The reporter announced. Cast turned and saw Joey already dressed for school.

“Why do you even watch this? Its nothing but bad news” Joey commented; he walked to the front door and turned to Cast.

“Well I’m off now, Amy wants me to meet her at the school” he said.

“Well you better hurry” Cast nodded, while turning off the TV. Joey looked nodded his head back and walked out the door.

“What could I have said to him? Don’t go because Amy is a monster, a monster that is stronger then angels” he thought. Cast shook his head and ran off to the shower.

“From what I can tell Amy doesn’t want to hurt him. So Joey should be safe with her. He is safer with her then me” he admitted. Cast let the water run on his face; the water felt cold on Cast’s skin even though it was on hot. He jumped out the shower and got dressed. Dawn waited for Cast at the door with a piece of toast in her mouth.

“Sorry to keep you waiting princess” he said, jokingly, while adjusting his book bag on his back.

“Unforgivable” she laughed. Dawn walked out the door with Cast behind her.

“Soo, Cast are you feeling better?” she asked.

“Um… what… do you mean?” Cast fumbled his words.

“Well yesterday you were throwing up blood and today I saw cuts on your hand” Dawn examined.

“Well…you see- I did it” Sara interrupted, while walking next to Cast. He turned and looked at Sara.

“Is she lying for me? Why?” Cast thought.

“While he was in the nurse’s bed, I was by his side and well I held his hand too tight” she explained.

“She is bad at lying” he thought. Cast turned to Dawn and saw her falling for it.

“Wow you must have some grip” Dawn said back. “I know she is lying for him” she thought, while smiling at both of them. They all reached the school’s front door and entered. Cast, Dawn, and Sara made it to they’re class and took a seat. Most of the class was looking at Cast funny.

“He came back after yesterday?” a girl whispered to a boy.

“He must really like school” the boy whispered back.

“I think he has Crilof” Alex whispered to both of them.

“Who side are you on!?” Cast yelled. Lucy walked into the room and sat at her desk.

“We have two new students” she announced. The two students walked into the room. “Please tell us your names”

“I’ am Aeon and this is my sister Milphree. It’s very nice to meet you all” he greeted.


“Thank you. Aeon you can take Sean’s seat for now and Milphree can sit next to Amy” Lucy said. Aeon and Milphree nodded their heads; both sat down and looked up at the board. Cast looked at Aeon, and then turned around.

“What happened to Sean?” Cast muttered.

“Well I wouldn’t be surprised if he were dead from trying to go up against Ramiel” Amy whispered. He looked at Amy who had a big smile on her face. “You have a monster in you. Please try to keep him inside of you or next time I won’t hold back from killing you. I embarrassed Ramiel with all that bleeding.”

“What the hell happened yesterday?” Cast thought. “Why is Origin so quiet?” Thirty-seven minutes later the bell rung and it was time for lunch.

Cast sat at the table with Alex alone in wait for everyone else; in that time they were alone, Alex explained what happened the other day.

“So that’s it? Lucy saw her sister?” Cast asked, while taking a sip from his soda and a bite from his apple.

“Well she was not able to see her, but she said she felt her” he explained. Dawn, Sara, and Lorey sat down at the table with their lunches in they’re hands.

“Sara knows” Cast thought.

“Cast are you coming to the movies with us today?” Lorey asked.

“I can’t go I have to do so- he’s coming” Sara interrupted; she grabbed Cast’s apple and took a bite out of it. Cast looked at his hand and saw that the cuts had healed. He looked up at Dawn who was also looking at his hand.

“What are we going to see?” Alex rejoined.

“Well it’s between sunset raven and praise of angels” Dawn replied.

“They both sound like bad movies” Alex snickered, while stuffing his face with a sandwich.

“Oh. Before I forget, everyone I have an announcement. Cast do you remember me holding a letter during Joseph’s speech that one day?” Lorey asked; she took the letter out of her pocket and placed it on the table.

“Not really” he responded, scratching his head.

“Well there is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so now I’m going to go for it. I’m… joining the army” she cheered; the table stood in silence in wait for to say just kidding, but it didn’t come. “I want to help make change”

“Kinda stupid” Alex teased; he looked at his tray of food and started pushing his food around with his fork. Alex looked up and a book hit him in the head.

“It’s not stupid” she barked.

“Don’t listen to Alex, he’s just worried” Cast assured her, while grabbing his apple back from Sara. Aeon and Milphree came to the table and stood there.

“May we sit down?” Aeon asked.

“Yes of course” Dawn said. Aeon sat next to her, while Milphree sat across from him.

“So is this your first time going to school?” Alex asked.

“Yes. Our father is not one for letting us go to school, he usually have us get home schooled” he explained. Cast looked to the other side of the lunchroom and saw Amy talking to Joey.

“I understand now, these last few days you were being mean to him. You were just protecting him, how cute” Origin laughed. Cast turned his head and looked at Aeon who turned his head when he did.

“Should we get going?” Cast asked, while standing up.

“Well yea I guess. Hey Aeon, Milphree. Would you like to go to the movies with us?” Dawn asked.

“Um…sure” Aeon replied. Milphree nodded her head in agreement. The ceiling cracked then crumbled; Cast went to push Dawn out of the way of the ruble, but Aeon beat him to it. Alex looked at Cast with an uneasy look. Cast nodded his head and grabbed Sara.

“What’s going on? Is New Heaven attacking?” Sara yelled, while being dragged down the hall. A demon came falling from the hole in the ceiling and landed on the lunch table, the demon had a long neck with a snake like tail.

“I sense strong souls here” The demon exclaimed; the demon got off the table and looked at Alex.

“Could this smell be you?” the demon asked, while slithering around Alex and licking its lips.

“Huh, you’re disgusting” Alex sighed; small lights flew around Alex’s hand and brought a crossbow, the demon laughed. Four more demons appeared behind him, they all looked the same. Alex moved his hair from out of his eyes and shot.


Cast slammed Sara against the locker, making sure she doesn’t move.

“Aw. That hurt” she whimpered, while rubbing her head. Sara stopped rubbing her head and looked up at Cast.

“You know don’t you?” he asked. Cast leaned against her and rested his head on her shoulder.

“Yes” she whispered. Sara held onto Cast tightly and buried her face into his chest.

“Thank you” Cast whispered back; he lifted his head and kissed her on the cheek.

“Kiss on the cheek? Hm someone has moved down the relationship level” she smirked. Cast pulled his sword out of his sheath, making it visible to Sara.

“What are you doing?” Sara asked, shocked.

“Saving you” he responded. Cast thrusted his sword to the side of him and Sara. She turned and saw he had hit a demon between the eyes with the sword’s blade.

“Stay here” he said. Cast head was turned away from Sara and focused down the hall. He ran back down the hall to the lunchroom. Sara slid down the locker and sat down.

“What is he?” She muttered.



“Wake up” Aeon whispered into Dawn’s ear. Dawn opened her eyes slowly and saw that she was being carried out the school.

“What happened” She asked. Dawn looked around; she saw people running out of the school.

“No need to worry. You’re everything is okay” he assured.

“How can I not worry? A total stranger is carrying me” Dawn thought; she looked up at Aeon and smiled, but that smiled disappeared when she realized what she was doing.

“Why does he feel so gentle?” Dawn continued to think; she closed her eyes and passed back out. Smoke shot out of the school followed by an explosion. 




Blood dripped down from the Demon’s arm which was detached by Alex crossbow shot; the other four demons fell into pieces.

“Hm? That’s all?” he thought, while absorbing the demon’s souls; twenty seven more demons were summoned and appeared in front of Alex.

“Spoke to soon” he laughed. Alex’s crossbow disappeared in his hand and his dual swords appeared. He turned his head from the sound of foot step coming from behind him.

“Milphree? You should not be here. Leave!” he yelled, but she continued her way towards him. Alex looked in her hands and saw two pistols. Alex stepped back and turned to the demons.

“Interesting” he mumbled. Milphree jumped up and shot a demon in the head; two more charged her. She slammed her leg down on the demon’s head and landed in a split. Milphree then shot the other demon twenty five times in seven seconds while in the split. The demon under her got up and threw her; Milphree did a back flip and landed next to Alex. She glared at Alex and smiled.


Cast placed his sword back into the sheathe. He ran past a classroom and saw a group of demons eating a boy; the boy pled for help, but Cast turned his head and continued down the hall. He turned the corner and saw a gun pointed at his head. Cast looked at the person behind the gun and saw it was Lorey.

“Oh. Cast its you” she said, excitedly, while lowering the gun to her thighs. A drop of sweat fled down Cast’s face. “I didn’t mean to scare you. This is something the army assigned me with. Sorry” she apologized.

“I see. So you’re really joining” he said, sighing

“Yea. Hey Cast do you know what’s going on around here?” Lorey asked.

“No sorry, but Sara is back at my locker. Can you please keep her company while I’m gone” he replied, while walking past Lorey.

“Where are you going?” she called out, but Cast didn’t answer.


“Peter I just got word that Raphael has followed us to earth” Reavel explained; he landed next to Craig. Reavel wings shined in the sun’s light. “Also your brother Tike is dead”

“Of course he is. Tike was a immature idiot. Such a disgrace to all angels” Peter said back.

“When are we going to attack?” Craig asked, while sharpening his spear.

“Do you want us to end up like Tike and just rush in blindly?” he replied. “We will wait, but I do wonder why Raphael followed us”

“It’s obvious. He came because of him” Reavel glanced at Peter.

“Maybe or but maybe he came to see her” Peter thought.


Raphael landed on the school’s roof, his wings covered his face. Lucy appeared next to him and slipped a bracelet onto his wrist, the same kind she gave to Cast.

“They can’t see you now” she whispered. Raphael grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her.

“Good” he said back, deviously. He kissed Lucy on the lips and wrapped his wings around her.

“Sweet as ever” Lucy said, while pulling away from him.

“How’s the wife, have you talked to her yet?” Lucy asked; Raphael unwrapped his wings from around her and turned his head.

“Yes, but I’m still in love with her” he replied.

“What about me?” she sulked.

“I love you too, but I just can’t choose” he said.

“You’re just like him” she teased, while hugging him. Raphael smiled and hugged her back.

“How’s our daughter?” Raphael asked.

“She is coming home soon” she assured him and kissed him again.


“Joey! Hurry up” Amy scolded, while pulling on him.

“I need to go back for Cast” he yelled.

“He’ll be okay” she assured him. Joey pulled back and Amy landed on top of him.

“Your brother will be alright” she whispered, as she looked directly into his eyes.

“Do you promise?” he asked. Joey hands went into his pocket while he laid on his back.

“I promise” Amy said back and kissed him. She then got back up and continued dragging him down the hall.


Dawn awoke and was covered in sand; she looked around and notices she was on the beach.

“Great. You’re awake” Aeon said, happily; he was sitting by the water and watching the waves go back and forth.

“Thank you for saving me, but what happened?” she asked.

“I don’t think you want to know” Aeon replied, his head still turned to the ocean.

Dawn stood up and brushed her self off roughly. “I’m tired of people trying to protect me from the truth. He sounds just like Cast”

“Demons” he blurted out.

“Wha- You wanted to know what happened. It was demons who did that to the school” Aeon interrupted.

“Demons? Could that be?” she thought.

“They probably followed me too” Aeon said

“Huh? Why do they want you?” she asked.

“It’s too soon to tell” Aeon responded; Aeon turned and smiled at Dawn. “They’re not after me” he thought.

 Thunder struck the sky as it began to rain.

“I guess the day at the movies is canceled. Milphree is going to be upset” he said, while taking his jacket off and handing it to Dawn. She put the jacket around her and looked up at Aeon.

“No he’s different from Cast” she said under her breath. Aeon put he arm around her as they started walking down the beach.


Cast entered the lunchroom and saw Alex sitting on a pile of dead Demon, the demon caught on fire as Alex got up.

“You did this all by yourself?” Cast asked.

“No. It seems we have some company in this fight” he pointed to Milphree who was finishing her lunch.

“The new girl? Hey where is your brother?” Cast asked. Milphree shrugged her shoulders and continued eating.

“Can’t you speak?” Cast said, while walking towards her. He plucked her in the head. Milphree pulled out one of her guns and pointed it at him; she then wiped her mouth with a napkin and walked away.

“I see you two are going to get along fine” Alex laughed.

“Whatever, lets just go. It’s starting to rain” he barked.



“Hello? What’s going on over there?” Joseph said on the microphone that was plugged into the radio.

“Well sir there is nothing here” the man on the radio replied, there was ruffling in the background.

“Captain there has to be something there. We didn’t lose York Island to anyone. It was confirmed that New heaven took it over. Right?” Joseph yelled.

“Yes sir, but my squad can’t seem to find anything on York island. Maybe they abandon it. Maybe we should too” The captain suggested.

“Why would we do that? If they want to lose perfect positioning on us then so be it, but I know that god is sending me a sign. So start making a base there for now- Wait! There is a boy here” The captain interrupted.

“Execute him” Joseph barked.

“Hey kid. What are you doing here?” The captain asked, while his squad surrounded the boy.

“Leave” The boy said back.

“What is your name?” the captain asked, while moving closer to the boy.

“Kill him now!” Joseph yelled.

“My name is… Ramiel” the boy laughed, after that Joseph could only here screaming and gun shots.

“Hello? Hello?” Joseph said, as the radio cut off.


Raphael put his had on Lucy’s leg revealing the tattoo.

“So you still have it” he sighed.

“Well I got it because of you” she said, while licking her lips.

“I know. I know, but it was the only way for me to go to heaven. You wanted me to be happy right?” Raphael asked; he put his lips close to hers.

“I really need to stop falling in love with you humans” she laughed. A girl with a mask on fell from the sky and landed behind Lucy.

“am’ I interrupting something” the girl asked.

“Of course not. Now give your mother a hug” Lucy said.



Cast looked at Alex while they both crossed the street. Alex looked a little out of it and kept on daydreaming.

“Is something the matter?” he asked, while giving Alex a small shove. Alex turned and looked at him as if he forgot where he was.

“No. There’s nothing wrong” he replied. “His face keeps on appearing in my head now. Do I know him? Who are you Ramiel?” Alex thought. Cast looked back at the school and squinted his eyes towards the roof.

“Is that Lucy?” he muttered, a huge explosion came from the school and filled the air with smoke. Cast was not able to see anything after that; he covered his eyes from the debrie and rain falling from the sky.

“Hey Cast” Alex said, while looking back at him.

Cast looked up as he rubbed his eyes. “What is it?” he responded.

“Do you ever wonder if were on the wrong side?” he asked.

“This is the side we must fight on to make things right. You’re not having second thoughts are you?” he said. Alex turned his head and continued walking.

“I can’t have second thoughts now. It’s too late for that” Alex thought.

Cast caught up to Alex and walked next to him. “Everything will be alright” he assured.

“Aren’t you worried about Dawn and Sara?” he questioned; the question caught Cast by surprise.

“Well I believe Dawn got away safely with Aeon and Lorey is taking care of Sara” he paused. “Who am’ I protecting?” Cast thought.

“That’s not what I mean” Alex said coldly.

“Huh?” he reacted, puzzled.

“You are pulling- we are pulling them down with us” he clarified.

“I see now. You want them to be safe as much as I do” he smiled.

“Of course I do” Alex said.

“I forgive you” Cast said back, while walking up ahead. Alex started walking slower. He was stunned at what Cast just said. “To be honest, I think I forgave you a long time ago”

“Thank you” Alex muttered; a flash of thoughts ran through Alex mind.

“Those demons. Who were they really after?” he thought. Alex remembered what the demon said.

“He could smell my soul, but I was not the only person with these abilities. Why did he not go after the others like he did me? Maybe there’s something else” he thought, while running next to Cast. “The thing that Ramiel said to me. What could he have meant?”

“Daydreaming again?” Cast asked.

“Um… yea sorry” Alex replied.


“Hello my name is Eli from channel fourteen news. We have a mysterious case, it seems that a high school has exploded. It may be a New heaven attack. We don’t know yet, but we’ll keep you updated” he reported, while the camera man turned the camera off.

“Good job as always” Rachel complimented.

“I hate this job, I hate it even more when it spreads such lies. We already know this was not done by New heaven, but this is just Joseph’s way to get the people on his side about this war” Eli said, as he sat down in the news crew chair and looked at the school.

“I understand where you are coming from with this, but there is nothing we can do. All we can do is pray” she said back. 

“I’m tired. I’m tired of this job, I’m tired of praying for a god that won’t come” Eli barked.

“Then what are you going to do?” Rachel asked; she sat next to him and took a sip of her bottled water.

“I don’t know. I feel lost” he said, sadly; he looked up at the school and watched the soldiers march in. “They don’t even know what they’re fighting for, and neither do I“ he thought.

“As your co reporter I will stay by your side” Rachel laughed, while hugging him.



Dawn and Aeon entered Cast’s house; she looked around and saw no one was there.

“I hope everybody got out safely” she said, while sitting down.

“I’m sure they did” Aeon said back. Dawn looked back at him and smiled. She got closer to him and gave him his jacket.

“There you go. What?” she asked with a huge smile on her face.

“Oh nothing” Aeon blushed; he shook his head and snapped out of it.. Dawn walked into the bathroom and jumped into the shower.

“So those things were demons you say. Then what are you?” she asked from the shower.

 Aeon leaned against the bathroom door.  “You have a lot of questions” he replied.

“Just answer the question” Dawn said back.

“I’m just the guy who sends them back to hell” he smiled, while putting his foot against the door.

“What a lame line” Dawn giggled.

“No one asked you” he barked. Aeon shook his head and looked at the TV.

“Hey can I ask you a question?” she said in wait for him to reply.

“Why not. You already asked me everything else” he shrugged.

The bathroom door opened knocking Aeon to the wall in front of him; Dawn came out with a towel wrapped around her. Aeon spotted a scar on her shoulder, but then turned his head.

“Relax. I’m wearing a towel” she giggled.

“ I know, but...- but what?” Dawn interrupted.

“Nothing, just ask your question” he cleared his throat.

“I was just wondering why your sister doesn’t talk” she asked. Aeon looked at the floor with a sad face.

“I wish not to answer that” he muttered.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you sad” Dawn apologized.

“It’s ok” he put up a faint smile. Dawn walked up stairs to Cast’s bedroom to get dressed; Rez came running towards Aeon.

“I know what you are” Rez said.

“Oh my god a talking cat” Aeon yelled, franticly.

“I’m a demon for the last time” he barked.

“So should I kill you?” Aeon asked.

“Um, no I don’t think that is needed” he replied, while walking backwards into the living room. Cast opened the door and walked in.

“Hello?” Cast greeted, confusedly.

“Hey” Aeon said with a smile. Cast walked by him and made his way up stairs.

“Nice sword” Aeon complimented. Cast turned his head and looked at his sheathe on his back.

“So he’s just like his sister” Cast thought; he nodded his head and made his way to his room. Cast open the door and Dawn covered up right away.

“Learn to knock” she yelled.

“This is my room” he yelled back. Dawn picked up the bat that was next to her.

“I’m sorry, I mean this is your room” he whimpered. Cast walked out the room.

“Be careful of demons” she said, while closing the door behind Cast; he turned and looked at the door.

“Secrets out already huh?” he sighed.


Lorey and Sara stood in the rain and looked at each other.

“So you are joining because you want to change the government?” she asked.

“Yea. I was hoping to try and get a high rank so I could make a better government” Lorey smiled.

“Do you think you can do it?” she questioned.

“If I didn’t I wouldn’t have even bothered. Besides the government is still young, so it may be easy to sway people over” Lorey explained.

“You have really been thinking about this” Sara exclaimed.

“Yea, but it is harder then it sounds” she said back. Lorey and Sara began walking back home.

“What do you think those things were today?” Lorey asked.

“I don’t know” Sara replied.

“Hm. Cast has really become protective of you” Lorey smiled.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well he’s the one who told me to come get you. Then he ran towards the lunchroom where those things were. You know all of that brave crap is going to get him killed” Lorey laughed.

“I see” Sara said, while running up ahead.

“Sara. Where are you going?” Lorey called out.

“I have to think about repaying Cast” she thought. “He has been doing this alone, I want to protect him too” Sara continued running home.





© 2010 karmic

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OOOO so Lucy has a lover who is an angel, a daughter who has to be part Lucy and a angel. She justs keep getting more mysterious. Great job little brother

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