Zemia Chata: Unchangeable Decisions

Zemia Chata: Unchangeable Decisions

A Chapter by karmic

Special Thanks to Darruesh Eetraydes for this chapter.



 “Mother is….Dying?” Cast’s voice showing signs of trembling, as his brother pressed all of his weight on him.

“Brother what do we do, how can we save her?” Joey asked, looking to Cast for advice.

“It was not supposed to be this way” he muttered.

“What way, what are you talking about Cast” Joey barked, as Cast back away and walked into the house, exceeding Joey’s reach.

“Come on Joey, you must rest” he requested, while having his eyes directed away from Joey.


 “Now!” Cast interrupted with a shout, pointing to Joey’s room. “Please” he finished; his voice calming down. Joey scurried into his room and closed the door behind him. Cast could hear the sound of Joey crying followed by coughing, but Cast just stood there.

“So your even willing to turn your back on your brother” Lucy shook her head, she walked behind him and positioned her hand on his shoulder.

“You were supposed to protect her, you were supposed to save my mother” Cast shuddered, as he turned to her.

“I was supposed to do nothing of the sort; you were supposed to get stronger so you could save her. You made your bed, not me” Lucy replied. Cast looked at the rusty axe next to the door.

“Stronger? That the one thing I always had a problem with. Strong are durable and are able to move on.  Unlike me.”

“Well do you want to change?” Lucy whispered into his ear almost mesmerizing him, Cast picked up the axe and saw his reflection in it.

“Start with the girl” she ordered; he turned to see that Lucy was gone, the wind carrying off any her scent. Cast put his hood over his head and hid the axe inside of his sweater. Cast walked to Dawn’s house, the streets were empty and the sun was fading away.

“Everyone must be at the beach” he thought, as he jumped through the first floor window. The lights were off and it smelled of death.

“What happened here?” Cast pondered, as he traveled through the living room. Cast almost slipped and fell from the liquid on the floor. Cast found his way to the light switch and turned it on, he turned to see the living room for what it really was; he covered his mouth from the smell and the sight.

“Mrs. Wenshi” Cast muttered in horror, her body was scattered everywhere in the living room. Her blood slid down the plastic on the couch and dripped on top of the now murky carpet.

“What could have done this?” Cast pondered, as he looked up the staircase, he removed the axe he had placed inside of his sweater, he continued up the steps, he felt odd chills going up his spine.  Cast approached Megan’s room, there was no humming this time just silence; he opened the door to see Megan sitting there.

“Hello” Megan greeted, as she stood up.

“I’ve been waiting for you” she finished, the voice that spoke was not owned by Megan.

“Who are you?” Cast demanded; he got into a fighting stance.

“Aren’t you a man, drawing a weapon to a nine year old girl” she taunted, as she flicked her brown hair in the air. “Hm, you’re kind of cute with that small axe in your hand” her movements looked as if she were a puppet.

“I ‘am not use to this body yet, ah, but a little training should help me out” Megan licked her lips, the room then started to shake, the light bulbs in the room exploded, a strong wind entered the room knocking Cast to the wall. He looked at the reflection of Megan inside of his axe and saw the demon that possesses her, small lights appeared around Megan and formed a sword. The lights were souls from humans. Cast dashed out of the room; his legs felt numb with fear, he found himself stumbling as he ran. He entered the hallway once again; his nose filled with the smell of rotten flesh from downstairs. The walls separating Cast and Megan exploded from a bright blue energy; the beam of energy nipped Cast’s shoulder and crashed through the wall behind him. A small stream of blood began to escape from the scrape. She again shot out a blast of energy from her hand; Cast blocked with his axe, hindering him unable to move as the intense pressure from the attack pushed down on him. He was able to manipulate the beam into a different direction the light smashed into the stairs, the staircase then crumbled after contact. Cast then tackled Megan back into her room. Megan stood to her feet and brushed herself off.

“Come boy” Megan smiled. Cast charged towards her and swung his axe; he missed and was stabbed in the back. Cast fell to his knee before his blood touched the ground. Megan held her hand out and the lights appeared around it, the lights then shot at Cast knocking him out the window. Cast tried to stand up but could not; he was losing blood and his vision fast. He knew he was not able to tolerate much more.

"Fight harder" Cast's soul barked.

“Come on, I hope your toying with me, if not this is going to end fast” Megan shrugged; she jumped from the house’s window and onto the ground. Lucy walked by and sat on the bench, not even a glace towards Cast.

“Ah, what do we have here? The great daughter of Satan and the sister to master Damien, Miss Lucy” Megan laughed. Cast turned to Lucy, his blood still gushing out of his body.

“Lucy? The daughter of the Satan?” Cast thought.

“So will you also be my opponent?” Megan asked. A grin of confidents appeared on Megan’s face.

“You’re not worth my time and if he loses to you, neither is he” she rolled her eyes, while crossing her legs. Cast got up and charged Megan again while she was looking at Lucy; he was able to cut her hand off. Megan fell onto her back. The lights appeared again and shot at Cast. He was able to avoid them and then struck again; his axe collided with her sword and made a huge spark. While their weapons crossed. Megan opened up her mouth and impaled Cast in the chest with her sharp tongue. Cast let out a trembling yell as, he then chopped off Megan’s tongue.

“So you are strong, you just might kill me” she laughed, while rolling what was left of her tongue back in her mouth.

“I have to kill her now, my body is getting weaker. I won’t be able to last any longer if this goes on” Cast thought, as he charged again, Megan also charged. *slash*.



 Fireworks filled the sky over the beach, reality seem to float by everyone as the day went on.

“Lorey can I speak to you?” Sara asked, as she sat down in the sand and looked up at the fireworks.

“Of course, what about?” Lorey replied, as she sat down next to Sara, the waves seemed peaceful like the ocean was finally resting on this beautiful night. The ocean seemed to go on forever.

“It’s about, um, Cast” Sara said, sounding a little embarrassed, she tried not to make eye contact with Lorey at first, she thought Lorey would laugh, but when she looked up at Lorey she saw her listening and waiting for her to continue.

“It’s just that, earlier today when he fainted, he asked me to save him” Sara admitted, while looking down at her toes.

“Save him from what exactly?” Lorey questioned.

“I don’t know. I really wish I knew, but I don’t think he can be saved. Well not by me” Sara paused, as she looked at Dawn who was talking to Alex.

“He asked you not her, maybe you should talk to him before it’s too late” Lorey suggested.

“You’re right, maybe I should talk to him, I’m sure I can help him with anything he is going through” Sara said confidently, while standing up.


   Cast fell to the floor, his axe stained with blood; he rolled over onto his back and took a deep breath. He then focused on Megan who was splitting in half.

“I did it” Cast took a deep breath.

“So you don’t regret it?” the demon asked.

“Regret what?” Cast coughed.

“You might have killed me, but you also murdered the girl” the demon laughed; she fell apart onto the floor, a yellow light flew out of Megan and onto Cast.

“Good job your first demon soul” Lucy said, while clapping her hands, Cast was holding his stomach in pain.

“It hurts” Cast said back.

“Yea, demon souls are a little strong at first, but you’ll get use to it, trust me” Lucy placed her hand in front of Cast and assisting him off the ground. Megan’s body caught on fire and started to disappear.

“Thank you, Cast, I wish you good luck” Megan said weakly, as her body evaporated into the air.

“So the Demon didn’t eat her soul completely, why didn’t you take it?” Lucy asked, while putting Cast arm around her neck.

“Because something’s are better left to rest” Cast answered, with a smile on his face as he looked up at the stars. He remembered what he had said earlier. “Strong are durable and are able to move on.  Unlike me.”

“Do I have to forget my sister and father to become strong?” Cast thought. Lucy and Cast disappeared and appeared on top of the cliff hanging over the beach. Cast looked across the beach and saw Dawn; she was smiling and joking around.

“This will probably be the last time she is happy, but right now I’m happy to see her smile” Cast said to Lucy. Lucy looked up at the fireworks crossing the night sky.

“This is also the last time you will ever be happy” Lucy replied.

“I have not been happy for awhile” Cast laughed.

“So do you regret it?” Lucy asked. He pulled the picture of Suzie out of his pocket and stared at it for a while.

“No” he smiled, as he released the picture from his grip and watched the wind carry it away. The picture faded away into the gloomy ocean.  A small wind past by Dawn’s ear.

“Goodbye sister” The wind said. Dawn turned to see no one was there, but she got a glace at Cast standing on top of the cliff, she saw him with Lucy and saw them vanish, she thought she was seeing things. Dawn stood and watched the cliff, until Alex and Lorey pulled her away to watch the last firework.



  Cast and Lucy appeared in front of Cast’s house, the lights were on. A shooting star went past the house.

“Put these bandages on. When you wake up all of your wounds will be healed” Lucy said, while unwrapping Cast’s arm from around her neck and handing him the bandages.

“Hm” he muttered.

“What, dose something still hurt?” Lucy asked, as she observed him.

“No, but usually after a date two people kiss” he laughed, as he open his door.

“Not on the first date” Lucy pushed him inside of the house, as she walked away and disappeared into the shadows. Cast found Joey sleeping on the couch. Cast picked him up and carried him off to his room. Cast sat down on the couch and watched TV for awhile. He heard the sound of thunder.

“That’s it for the beautiful night I guess” he sighed.  Two hours later Cast fell asleep on the couch, but then woke from a knock on the door, he ran to the door to see Dawn standing in the rain, he knew why, he knew it was his fault she was out there. Cast could not tell Dawn’s tears from the rain, her brown hair concealed her face.

“Cast, they’re gone, my family is dead, why wasn’t I there? Why?” Dawn cried out; she then fainted. Cast caught her before she could hit the ground, rain drops fell on to Cast’s head. Her skin was cold and fragile in his arms; her hair was twisted below her neck frisky vines.

“I’m sorry” Cast muttered, as he carried her to his room and laid her down in his bed, he dried her face with a towel. Cast turned the light off and went back down stairs, he lied down onto the couch but didn’t fall asleep, he let everything just flow through his mind. Three more hours had past but Cast stood awake, he heard footsteps coming down the staircase, it was Dawn; she reached the final step and looked at him. There was a slight stillness in the room.

“I don’t want to sleep alone, May I sleep with you. Just for tonight,” Dawn rubbed her arm; she looked a little pale and her clothes were still a bit wet.

“Yea, you can stay here for as long as you like,” Cast responded. Dawn walked over towards him, she notice the bandages on his body.

“What happened” Dawn asked, concerned.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it, I was just hit by a car” he said back, anxiously.

“Just hit by a car! You need to go to the hospital” she barked, as she pulled on his arm.

“No, I’m all right, really I’ am” Cast assured her, as he pulled back, she landed on top of him.

“Fine, if you say so” Dawn whispered, she then gently lay down on his chest; she was still wet but Cast didn’t mind.

“Forgive me” Cast whispered back. He was able to fall asleep. Dawn eyes opened from what he said.

“Forgive what?” she thought.


  Morning struck, the sunlight went through the window and positioned its rays on Cast’s face; he then woke up and saw that Dawn was not there.

“Thank god it’s Saturday, yesterday had to be a dream” he yawned, as he got up and headed towards the bathroom; he opened the door and found Dawn in the shower.

“Get out you pervert” she screamed, she picked up the soap and threw it at him. Cast then ran out the bathroom, the soap followed behind him. Cast leaned against the bathroom wall, trying to catch his breath, he watched the soap spin on the floor in front of him

“Um, Cast, I might need the soap back” she called out.

“That would mean me having to see you” Cast teased, as he picked up the soap from off the floor.

“Just turn your head” she barked.

“As a man I don’t think I can do that” Cast laughed.

“I hate you” Dawn screamed. Cast went into the bathroom and saw that Dawn had her towel on already; she grabbed the soap from him and pushed him out the bathroom. Dawn locked the bathroom door and jumped back into the shower. Cast sat back down on the couch and watched the news.

“Breaking News. It seems that soldiers from New Heaven have made a strong hold in the abandon city” The reporter announced. 




    The bathroom door opened and Dawn walked out of it; she had a towel covering her body, she walked over and sat down next to Cast.

“What’s going on?" she asked, her hair was still wet and dripping, she looked at Cast face and knew there was something going on.

“New Heaven just took control of the abandon city” Cast said.

“Wait, that place is only thirty minutes away from here” she replied. There was a knock at the door, Cast ran to answer it; he opened the door to see it was Alex and Sara.

“Hey, Cast did you-“Sara stopped when she saw Dawn.

“What’s going on? Dawn why are you here, in… your… towel?” Sara stuttered, as her face turned light red.

“Um, Sara. There was an incident with Dawn’s family- Their missing.” Dawn interrupted.

“So she is living here now?” Sara said, her voice trailing off.

“Yea, pretty much.”

“Dawn what happened” Alex asked, he walked into the house and sat next to Dawn.

“I don’t know, when I came home yesterday nothing was left but small trails of blood” Dawn responded.

“Did you call the police?” Alex asked

“Of course, but they found not one trace of the killer. The house then caught on fire when they tried to investigate more” Dawn replied, her hand shaking as she spoke.

“I ‘am sorry for your loss” Sara apologized.

“Don’t apologize, I really rather not talk about it” Dawn said, as she ran up the steps.

“I have to go” Cast said; he took his shirt off and put a different one on. Cast then ran out the door.

“I’ am glad to get out of there” Cast thought, as he put is arms behind his head. Cast saw a crowd forming around a stage down the street, it was the president of Jeramiah; President Joseph.

“It seems things are going to get a little interesting around here” a voice came from next to Cast, Cast turned to see it was Sean. Sean smiled at Cast; he then disappeared into thin air.

“He’s alive?” Cast thought, as he ran towards the crowd.

“Hello my children, I have an announcement to make, I Joseph Henry will make sure of it that these New Heaven soldiers be removed off of our beautiful and pure land” he announced. “My top teams of scientist are in the process of cybernetic humans. We will rule over those who don’t serve under god” he shouted, striking his fist into his hand.  


 “This is our government, huh? A bunch of blinded Christians” Lorey sighed; she was holding a letter in her hand.

“We elect a priest, expecting that a holy man wouldn’t get corrupted by power, but they forget he is no god, he is still human like us” Cast responded. She let out a small giggle. ”I need to stop hanging out with you. I’m even starting to talk like you.”

Cast turned his back and began walking away from the crowd. “Just don’t make it a habit” his voice trailed off.



  Cast walked down bitter streets of Kados, the fight that happened the night before flickered in Cast mind like a movie; he looked at the huge hole in the ground.

"This was Dawn's house. That is until I took it away from her; I'm no better then Alex’s father" he thought, as he picked up a flower and threw it down into the hole, it swayed back and forth before hitting the ground. Cast then kept on walking, part of his mind was filled with guilt and the other filled with hate; he felt desolated. Cast stopped at the hospital, the hospital's name was printed across the building.

"Charley's hospital" Cast read to himself, the hospital was named after his father; he was the head doctor there and a very famous researcher so they named the hospital after him. The place that Cast’s mother now rested in.

"Hello, Mr. Cast" Doctor Nelson greeted, once Cast had entered the hospital.

"Hello" Cast greeted back. Nelson had short brown hair, glasses with a silver frame, and a long white coat.

"Your mother is up stairs follow me" Nelson told him, as he walked off with Cast following behind him, the smell was horrible and the people appeared as if they were already dead.

"How is she Nelson?" he asked, as he looked around at all the sick people walking around, some were even soldiers that was posted at the abandon city and York Island.

"I will let you see for yourself" Nelson led the way. Cast could tell by his tone that she was not doing well. Cast proceeded into the room where his mother laid.

"Mrs. Margret, you have a visitor" Nelson said, as he walked out the room and closed the door behind him.

"Cast, you came" Margret said weakly, her body looked brittle.

"Don't be stupid, I could not leave you alone" he smiled, as he grabbed her hand, he was crying but was still able to hold a smile, his hands were shaking from his concern.

"Thank you Cast," Margret weakly smiled, tears now falling out of her eyes, slowly curving around her wrinkles.

"I will save you, I found a way, trust me, just wait" Cast yelled out, as he wiped away her tears with his finger. He looked out the window and saw the abandon city.

"What are you talking about Cast? If I die there is nothing you can do about it. I just want you to take care of your brother" Margret coughed.

"Don’t talk like that! How can I leave you to rest, I already lost father and Suzie, I can't take anymore" he yelled out again, the door opened behind him, it was Nelson.

"Sorry Mr. Cast, but your mother has to rest. I need you to leave please" Nelson pled. Cast took one more look at his mother and then walked away with Nelson behind him.


  Cast walked along the edge of the beach. His thought traveled down the avenues where his life now treads. The water crashed against his feet, and slowly fell back into the sea. The wind blew harshly, disturbing the movement of the sea. Cast looked upward expecting to see storm clouds, but he only saw the sun shining brightly in the clear sky. The wind continued its fury.

“Cast watch out!” Sean yelled. The sun’s rays bounced off Sean’s sword, sending the light into Cast’s eyes.

Cast brought his hand to his face to block out the blinding light, and reached down for his father’s axe. “Damn” Cast muttered as he remembered he left the axe at home. Sean swung viciously at Cast’s face, but hit air, as Cast ducked. Cast punched out with his right hand, but quickly drew his arm back as Sean was going to use his sword to block the punch.

“Run Cast, I can’t control myself” Sean begged. Sean swung his blade horizontally at Cast’s stomach. Cast sucked in his stomach. The blade barely missed cutting Cast wide open. Cast rushed in quickly behind the blade with a left hook. His fist connected solidly, but if Sean felt pain at all it didn’t show. Sean punched out with the pommel of his sword and hit Cast in the nose. An explosion of colors erupted in Cast’s eyes as he heard his nose crunch. His eyes became filled with water, and instinct alone saved him from Sean’s next swing. The blade harmlessly swung before Cast as he jumped back out of the way. Cast shook his head to clear the moisture from his eyes.

Black walls translucent and yet solid looking erupted around them, and continued on to cover most of the beach.

“What is going on?” Cast thought.

“Don’t take your eyes off your opponent. I’m just making sure no one can see you two fight!” Lucy yelled on the other side of the wall, as Sean came on the attack again.

Cast couldn’t see Lucy, but thought no more of it as he frantically ducked and dodged Sean’s attacks, but couldn’t get any of his own.

“I’m going to get tired” Cast thought.

Sean’s scream interrupted Cast’s thoughts. Large horns began to grow from his forehead, his skin slowly began to look like scales, and his teeth became sharp points. “Run Cast” Sean said, though he sounded in pain; his voice rumbled deeply.

Sean suddenly ran at him, and swung his sword ferociously. Cast was ready and punched out between each of Sean’s swings easily timing it perfectly. “I can time it” Cast thought, and suddenly he felt a pain in his chest as Sean’s sword pierced him. Cast look at Sean disbelievingly. Sean growled into his Cast’s face, as Cast shot out energy through his hands. Because Cast was so close the explosion caused Cast’s body to fly backward with the sword still in his body. Sean, with sudden increase of energy didn’t even flinch. Cast eyes flickered as he fought to stand, but couldn’t find the strength. His blood started to become a pool around him, and his body felt cold, unmoving.

“So this is where you fall?” Lucy whispered. “I thought his son could make a difference.” Cast’s body shivered from the cold. Sean slowly stalked towards his prey.

“Damn if only I was stronger!” Cast thought. “Help me” Cast whispered, “Help me!”

“So what about creating a place where you can be with your family!” Lucy yelled angrily, “You are pathetic!”

“So what about creating a place where you can be with your family” echoed within Cast’s head. An image of his sister, father, mom, and Joey vividly came to his mind as darkness consumed him.

Sean grabbed Cast’s limp body by his neck and brought him to eye level. Cast’s hand shot forward a devastating punch. Sean suddenly careened back and hit the floor with a resounding thud.

“Wait he should be… no he couldn’t have” Lucy began.

“You shouldn’t be so surprised. He is his son after all” a little girl with a hard clay mask said. Her sword lying comfortably on her right hip.

Cast never blinked. His eyes remained cold, the sand on the beach around him shifted violently. Energy around Cast pulsed sending sand flying. Cast pulled Sean’s sword out of himself slowly. His blood falling to the floor as it slowly rolled down the blade and dripped, like liquid rubies. Sean licked his lips; his skin became harder as the scales began to solidify more. Sean snarled as he rushed towards Cast. Cast’s facial expression still didn’t change as he swung the sword with on hand, cutting Sean from hip to shoulder. Sean jumped back to keep the sword from cleaving him in half. His blood gushed from the wound.

“Is that him?” the little girl asked.

“Yea it’s him… its Cast’s dark soul.”

Cast moved so quickly that Sean couldn’t begin to defend himself. Cast’s left hand grabbed Sean’s wrist and squeezed. Sean growled in pain as Cast shattered his wrists with just a twist. Sean swung his right hand and punched Cast in the face, but it held little strength behind it because Cast had impaled him with his own blade. Sean’s body shuddered as the horns descended back behind his blue hair, and the scales became skin. Lucy’s wall cracked as Cast’s energy constantly poured out from his body. Cast began breathing heavily; he let out a large wale then fainted.

“If he didn’t faint his presence would have been troublesome” the girl said, her sword was already in hand. Lucy fell to the floor from exhaustion, her barrier completely crumbling.

“Do you think you could have done it if he didn’t faint? Do you think you could have killed Cast?” Lucy panted. The girl started to walk away, while placing her sword back into it’s sheathe. The girl’s red eyes peeked through the clay mask as she stopped and looked down at Lucy.

“No” she admitted, her voice having a brief coldness in it, as she proceeded to walk away. “I’m going on a trip, I’ll be back soon” the girl disappeared into a mist of rose petals. Lucy turned her attention to Cast and Sean. She stood to her feet and began approaching them; she stared at both unconscious boys, their wounds wide and bloody.

“So this is my team” she groaned and shook her head. Lucy let out a small sigh, “I guess it could be worse. They could be dead” she smiled.   


  Cast aroused out of his bed to what had seemed to be the same day. The sun was still out, and the weight of the world was still on his shoulders. He saw that his old bandages were replaced by new ones. Cast blinked his eyes and when reopening them the sight of moon was now shining through his window. Time had left him completely.

"Who is there, where are you" he demanded. A burst of light surrounded his room and formed inside of the corner; whispers ran though the air and then stopped.

"Hello Cast. I see you were able to sense me before I was able to fully arrived" a man said, while walking out of the dark corner. “Very….impressive” he finished.

"Who are you?" Cast asked, moving back until he hit the wall.

"I’ am Raphael, your guardian angel" he explained, as he unwrapped his wings and walked closer to Cast.

"Guarda-guardain angel, but I'm-“

 “You’re working with Lucy I know" Raphael interrupted.

"Why are you here? Are you here to kill me?" he asked, as he picked up a pen.

"No, I’ am here to show you your future" Raphael replied, calmly,  as he placed his finger on Cast's chest where his heart laid. Cast felt this before when Lucy showed his memories, reality broke down and floated around Cast and fast forward through time. Reality then gathered around Cast and stacked back up like puzzle pieces, the sky was red and Cast’s house was in ruins.

"Tonight you will hit a fork in the road that has a chance to lead to this, will you let this happen?" Raphael asked, ashes flew threw the sky and the sea was higher. Cast directed his eyes to his home, nothing but piles of bricks and wood were scattered around.

"I did this? How?" Cast asked in shock. Dawn crawled out of the piles of bricks with Joey in her arms. Cast ran over to her and Joey to help them out of the bricks.

"Cast, you can’t do this. He’s your brother" Dawn whispered.

"I’ am sorry" Cast yelled, as he grabbed for her, but his hands passed through her; he then turned around to see him self standing there with a bloody sword in his hand. The future Cast rose his sword and swung it down on towards Joey.

"No!" Cast yelled, everything broke down into pieces again, and he was back in his room. Raphael had disappeared into the night. He ran down stairs and saw Alex, and Dawn sitting on the couch watching the news.

"What's going on" he asked, sweat still running down his face, he was happy to see Dawn alright, but when he saw the news that happiness went away.

"New Heaven soldiers have now taken over Charley hospital" The reporter said.




© 2010 karmic

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Oh Snap I'm loving the suspense.... whats gonna happen next

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