Zemia Chata: Split Personalities

Zemia Chata: Split Personalities

A Chapter by karmic

Cast woke up from tiny paws poking him; he turned over to see Rez blinking at him.

“What do you want?” Cast asked, wearily.

“Nothing. I just wanting you to know how it feels to be poked” Rez replied, while poking him on more time. Cast punched Rez in the head and got up from bed; he looked around his room and saw that today was like ever other day.

“Hah, Thursday” he mumbled, as he walked out his room and down the steps.

“Good mourning” Dawn greeted; she was already dressed and was pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

“Well you’re up early” Cast commented, while dragging his feet across the floor.

“Yea. That cat kept on waking me up, it kept on trying to snuggle with me” she sipped the juice. Cast got into the bathroom and jumped into the shower; he heard a knock at the door. He heard Dawn answer it. The man at the door was a cop from what Cast could tell; he got out the shower and slowly dried himself off. Cast heard the door close, but didn’t hear Dawn walk away from it.

“What could this be about” he thought.

“You know what it is about” Origin said back. Cast wrapped the towel around him and walked out the bathroom; he saw Dawn still standing at the door crying.

“What happened Dawn?” he asked; he walked behind her and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Ronald, They found Ronald’s blood on the sand, but there is no trace of his body!” she blurted out. Cast looked down at the floor, he tried to bring at least one tear out of his eyes, but could not.

“It will be alright” he whispered; he pulled Dawn closer to him and hugged her.

“Why is everyone around me disappearing?” she whimpered, as she buried her head in Cast’s chest.

“Don’t worry. I’ll always be here” he overwhelmed her with compassion. Joey came out his room and looked at Cast hugging Dawn.

“What happened? Did my idiot brother do anything to you?” Joey asked.

“No. its not that. It’s just we found out Ronald could be dead” she looked up, but then buried her head into Cast chest again. Joey looked up at both of them, his eyes felt heavy from the tears that were arriving. He then ran into the bathroom.

“We need to go. If you think you need to stay home, then stay. Everything is going to be fine” Cast assured, while releasing Dawn from his arm and looking at her.

“Take her” Origin yelled. Cast turned his head away from her and walked up stairs to get dressed. he remembered what thee grim reaper said about his friends.

“I will not let that happen” Cast thought; he punched the wall in anger, the wall cracked and pieces flew everywhere. He got dressed and walked down stairs. Cast left the house and made is way to school. 


He got to the front door then stopped when feeling someone behind him; he turned and saw Alex leaning on a tree.

“You look stressed” Alex said; he got off of  the tree and walked towards Cast.

“Well, one of my closest friends are dead and I- You had to do what you had to do. He was in your way” Alex interrupted. He stopped next to Cast, both were side by side.

“I wonder what will happen if some else get in your way that you’re close to” Alex pointed to Sara who was making her way to school with Lorey next to her.

“I will protect her” Cast muttered.

“You can’t protect her from yourself” Alex said back; he shook his head and walked into the school.

“Don’t worry, I’ll always be on your side” Alex called; he disappeared into the school’s hall. Sara looked up at Cast and smile, but he just turned his head and walked inside. He entered his classroom and sat down next to Amy.

“So you killed him. Huh, how sad” Amy whispered.

“Shut it” Cast said, coldly. Lucy walked into the room with a smile on her face.

“Hello class” she greeted, while taking a seat at her desk. Cast felt something strike him in the chest; he looked down and saw nothing. Cast then started coughing violently.

“Are you ok Cast?” Lucy asked, while walking towards him. Cast fell out his seat and blood ran out of his mouth; his vision started to blur.

“I’m falling to pieces” Cast thought.

“Cast!” Alex yelled; he ran towards, but Lucy blocked him off.

“It’s only going to hurt for a little while” Origin said. Sara grabbed Cast hand and held it tightly.

“Don’t leave me” she whispered. Amy got up and walked out the class with a smile on her face. Dawn walked into the classroom; she turned the heart shaped glass into a necklace. Dawn stood at the door with a surprised look on her face. Cast looked up at her and saw her tears fall onto the glass. He stopped coughing and stood up; he was breathing heavily and was wobbling on his feet.

“Origin is almost out” Lucy whispered to Alex. Cast then fainted and fell into Sara’s arms; she looked back at Dawn with a worried look.



Cast woke in a clammy dark room; the room then changed to a desert like place.

“Where am’ I?” Cast asked himself. He looked around and saw buildings piled on top of each other.

“You are in my home again” Origin replied. Origin walked over to him with his sword out. Cast rose to his feet and pulled out his sword.

“So I’m guessing your trying to come out again” Cast said.

“Well since you already knew, there was no since of saying it in the first place” Origin laughed. Cast’s sword caught on fire again and started to glow; lighting started to cut through the sky.

“I guess not” Cast agreed; he jumped into the air and shot the fire off his sword; the fire hit Origin and left the air filtered with sand, leaving Cast unable to see Origin. Origin sprung out of the sand and struck Cast, but Cast blocked the attack with his sword. Origin kicked him back, then went in for another attack this time cutting his arm. Cast slashed at him but missed. Origin punched him in the face, and then kicked him in the back. Cast fell out of the sky and onto the ground. Origin’s sword caught on fire and began to glow.

“This is it” Origin yelled, demonically. Shards fired out of Origin’s sword, but then the shards caught on fire and shot out beams.


Cast then awoke and looked around; he saw he was in the nurse’s office.

“Cast are you alright? Did you kill Origin?” Lucy asked; she sat down next to him.

“I’m alright, but I’m not Cast” Origin said.



Lucy backed away slowly until her back was against the wall.

“Are you surprised?” Origin asked; he stood up and walked over to Lucy, his I eyes grew with hate. Lucy pulled out her sword, but Origin grabbed her wrist, then spun her around and slammed her against the wall. His chest pressed against her back.

“I know you” Origin smiled.

“I shot an arrow at you the last time you took over” she admitted.

“No I’ve seen you long before that” he whispered. “Hm, I guess it’s my lucky day. I can smell all the souls inside of you.” 

Origin traced his hand down her leg and spotted the tattoo.

“I’m guessing this is the seal that binds you, but what I want to know is why are you not fighting back?” he asked, while breaking her sword with the hand that held her wrist.

“If you drain the souls out of my body, will you give Cast back?” she asked. Origin moved back away from her and the smile on his face grew.

“You can’t be serious. You would prolong your awaking for a simple human” Origin laughed.

“I can get the souls back” Lucy said, convincingly.

“So be it” he struck forward with his hand. Origin was aiming for her stomach, but was stopped by two swords at his throat. The swords belonged to Alex and Sean.

“Origin, let Cast go” Alex barked; his sword shook with anger. Origin glanced at Alex and smiled.

“You want him back. You want someone back that doesn’t even trust you. Are you that stupid?” he laughed.

“I don’t care!” Alex said back. The smile on Origin’s face disappeared. The nurse’s door open up and Sara walked in; she stopped and looked at Sean and Alex. Sara then turned to Origin.

“Cast?” she asked; she took one step towards Origin.

“Stay where you are” Sean yelled. Sara stopped and turned to Lucy who face was covered by her hair.

“What is going on here?” Sara barked. “Why are you doing this to Cast?”

“That is not Cast” Lucy replied; she slid down the wall and turned her head towards the window. Origin grabbed Alex sword and kicked Sean; he then flipped Alex onto the floor and jumped out the window. Alex stood up and ran towards the window.

“Wait!” Lucy called out to Alex. “I need to ask you something, this has been on my mind for a while”

“I don’t think this is the time” Alex responded in a rush. He turned and looked at Lucy. She stood up and walked towards him.

“Why has your soul not been tainted?” She asked. Lucy put her hand on Alex’s chest and closed her eyes. “Everybody who ever made a deal with me has gone through this transformation, but not you. Why is that?” she whispered, curiously.

“Well, I don’t know” he said. Alex removed her hand from his chest and jumped out the window after Origin.

“What happened to Cast? Why is he acting like this?” Sara asked. “What is going on here?”

 Sean sat down and rested his head on the arm of the chair. “So are you going to answer her or are you just going to stand there thinking about Cast?” Sean asked, frustrated.

“What’s that suppose to mean” Lucy barked; while turning to Sean.

“I’m just saying, when I lost control of the tainted part of me. You tried to kill me, but when he turned you gave up all hope in killing him” he argued, angrily. Sean slammed his sword against the desk next to him, this breaking the desk in half, the strength in the hit sent a crack rising up the wall.

“There is reasons that I can’t kill him, me and him have a different deal, then you and me” she explained.

“A deal?” Sara thought; she looked at Lucy, then at Sean. “She made a deal with Cast?” Sara thoughts flowed with questions.

“It’s not fair!” Sean yelled. “What makes him so special? “

“His vision makes him special. His vision for the world” Lucy said back. She walked past Sara, and glanced at her.

“Now my question to you Sara is will you protect Cast?” Lucy asked, while walking away. Sara stood still in thought; her hands shook with fear as she thought of all the possibilities of her leaving Cast to fight on his own.

“Cast this is what you have been hiding? I understand why, I just need to know where you are” she thought.


Cast woke up and grabbed a hand full of sand; he rolled over onto his back and began coughing. His body was covered in bruises and blood.

“So you’re alive. Huh, maybe you are of use” A voice came. Cast’s eye sight was too blurry to see who was talking to him. Voice piled inside the room and chanted Cast’s name. Cast felt himself being dragged through the sand, as he fainted.


Alex ran down the street and saw a trail of bodies; the body caught on fire and turned into ash.

“Help me” A woman pled, while turning to ash. Alex looked at the ash and then turned his head.

“Cast I will save you” he muttered. “I swear.”  

He continued his way down the ash filled street. The wind carried the ash away and left a sweet whisper behind.


Origin climbed up a building and looked out over the other houses; he began smelling the air for a curtain scent.

“Where is she? Where is Amy” he pondered. “There you are. You’re in the abandon city.”  He disappeared into the air and appeared in front of Amy.

“About time, could you be any slower” she teased. Origin looked surprised at first, but then smiled at her.

“So you were expecting me. I’m sorry to keep you waiting” he apologized, while bowing his head.

“I would never want to upset a Vible” Origin laughed; he lifted his head and pulled out his sword. The sword growled and screamed when he held it.

“You know what I’ am. Great, then there should be no surprises in my strength. Especially when your sword doesn’t like you” Amy giggled.

“He’ll get use to me” Origin confidently said. “Before we start I would like to know something. Is he one of you?”

“Who?” she tilted her head.

“You know who. The boy!”

“Yes” she replied. Amy took out two daggers out of her pocket.

“Good, then he will be next” Origin laughed.

“Wait, I will like to know something too. You’re not Cast are you?” she asked, while stretching her leg, and falling into a stance.

“Nope” he replied.

“Good” Amy said, deviously. She flew into the air with Origin behind her. He swung his sword with all his strength, and missed, but the building that was behind Amy broke in half.

“You’re fast” he complemented.

“I have more tricks” Amy said back, while vanishing and appearing behind Origin; Amy then stabbed Origin in the arm. Origin grabbed her hand and kneed her in the face. Blood ran down Origin’s arm and on to his sword. She used the other dagger and stabbed him in the leg, then kicked him in the chin. Origin fell from the sky and hit the ground.

“Wow. So it’s true, you cherubim are really strong” Origin said, while cracking his neck. He was now bleeding from his arm, leg and lip.

“You’re not so bad you’re self” she laughed. Amy vanished again and stabbed
him in the leg again. Origin fell to the floor. He then started laughing as he stood up.

“Hm. You are a monster” Amy said, while vanishing and appearing behind him; Amy went to stab him, but found her self only hitting air. Origin appeared behind her and slashed her in the back.

“Now we’re not going to do that trick again” Origin snickered. He kicked her in the back, sending her flying into a building. She shot out of the building like a cannon. Origin grabbed her by the hair and slammed her into the ground.

“Welsung” Amy whispered, while vanishing into the breeze. When Amy appeared her daggers were now silver hooks.

“So that’s your dagger’s name. Welsung, impressive” Origin said. Amy wiped the blood off of her mouth and disappeared.

“This again, this is really getting old” Origin teased, but he then paused and looked at his right shoulder, a cut appeared on his shoulder and blood poured out.

“This should be interesting” he smiled.


Cast awoke again and saw a man standing over him. He quickly stood up and pointed his sword at the man.

“Where am’ I?” Cast asked. The man just stood there for awhile, two people entered the room.

“So I see he is awake” The girl cheered, as she ran towards him.

“Calm down Katie” The boy said, while grabbing her and pulling her away.

“Your just no fun Ivan” Katie sulked.

“I’m funnier then you” he argued. Ivan hit her in the head with a piece of bread.

“Well that’s no fair, if I looked like that then I would be funnier too” she muttered.

“What was that?” Ivan yelled.

“So… is anyone willing to answer my question?” Cast asked, confusedly. He put his sword away.

“Huh? Oh sorry. Vick why don’t you answer his question?” Katie replied.

“I’ll answer it!” Ivan volunteered.

“We want him to actually understand” she muttered, while grabbing the bread out of Ivan’s hand and taking a bite.

“That was for him you idiot” he barked. Ivan snatched the bread out of her mouth and handed to Cast.

“Ew, that was just in her mouth” Cast yelled.

“Don’t worry. You and her are pretty much the same person, all three of us are parts of your soul” Ivan explained.


“Pieces of my soul, like Origin?” Cast asked; he took the bread and bit into it. The bread screamed and pled for mercy. Cast dropped the bread and stepped back.

“What is that?” Cast yelled.

“Sorry it seems that soul was not fully cook. This is a soul of some else. Origin killed this person not to long ago” Katie explained; she picked up the bread and ate it in one bite, her eyes grew red, but then went back to its normal brown.

“Ah, that’s better” Katie sighed, while rubbing her stomach.

“Kind of creepy” Cast mumbled.

“Yes. Like Origin we are pieces of your soul, but unlike him we’re not tainted. Origin was not always here, but he came he was weak and not that noticeable. He began to grow strong from the hate you felt after your sister and father died. When you made the deal with Lucy; Origin grew stronger then everyone here” Ivan explained.

“Suzie? Father?” Cast thought confusedly. Cast tried to remember the two people, but couldn’t.

“You can’t remember them? I’m guessing Origin destroyed all memory of them to make you weaker” Ivan said. “He must have done it after he killed the other pieces of your soul”

“Others? There has been a war going on in my body?’ he barked.

“Yes and thanks to you we lost” Vick yelled; he turned and walked towards the door. “Right now we need you, that’s why you’re here. We will train you” he called, while leaving the room.


Lucy walked down the street in side of Kados; Alex appeared behind her and put his hood over his head. They both walked into a crowd.

“Any luck?” he asked.

“I know where he is, but he’s not who I’m looking for” Lucy replied; she looked around inside the crowd.

“Why aren’t you looking for Origin?” he barked. Alex stopped and looked at her.

“It’s just that I can feel this very strange sprit. It feels familiar and dreadful” Lucy responded.

“Well who is it?” he questioned, while looking through the crowd; a woman with a baby in her hands walked past her. Lucy then froze. Her blood ran cold as if she had seen a ghost. Lucy face grew flush while she turned around. The woman was already gone and Lucy lost the scent of the sprit.

“Julia?” she gasped. Lucy stood there in shock, her knees felt weak and unstable.

“Julia? Who’s that?” her asked.

“She is my…sister” Lucy muttered, as she turned into a shadow and disappeared.


Lorey sat in the lunchroom alone at the table; she took a letter out of her book bag and rose it up in the air.

“Where is everyone? I want to tell them, but I know they will disapprove” she thought. “No. I have to tell them, I owe them that much, but I do wonder why they all are not here”

 Lorey looked over to the other side of the lunchroom and saw Joey eating alone.

“Amy is gone too” she thought out loud. She walked over to Joey and sat down.

“Hey” Lorey greeted. Joey looked at her, but then put his head back down.

“Hey” he mumbled.

“That doesn’t sound to enthusiastic” Lorey jumped up.

“Sorry I guess I’m having a bad day” he said back.

“Me too, where’s Amy?” she asked, while taking a carrot out of his plate and taking a bit out of it.

“I don’t know, but she said that she would need my help with something soon” Joey replied.


Amy drove her hook into Origin’s back and threw him up into the air; his blood rained down from the sky and made a puddle in the sand. Amy appeared next to him and kicked him in the back. Origin fell in the puddle of blood. She landed on top of him.

“You should quit; I don’t want to kill Cast. Not yet” Amy said. She punched Origin in the face twice.

“No, I rather we fight to the death” he chuckled, while punching her in the stomach. Amy stumbled back into a building.

“Why wont you die” she yelled. Origin stood up and stretched out his legs.

“You don’t understand, if I eat your soul then I will be able to have my own body” Origin laughed. Origin picked up his sword and looked into it. “So you met them already Cast. I have to finish this fight before you come back”


Sara made her way down to the beach and sat to listen to the waves; thoughts filled her mind likes the tears that filled her eyes.

“What are you Cast? More importantly where are you?” she thought. Sara curled up on the sand and watched the waves smoothly cross the boundaries of land. Someone sat down next to her. She turned her head and saw Dawn. Dawn had a frown on her face as she picked up a shell and rotated it in her hand.

“We’re falling apart aren’t we?” she said, sadly. She looked down at Sara and smiled while wiping the tears away from Sara’s eyes. Sara’s hair then covered her eyes and blocked Dawn’s hand.

“Is Cast alright?” Dawn continued.

“I don’t know anymore” she replied.

“What do you mean by that? What’s going on?” Dawn asked. Dawn flicked Sara’s hair back, so she could see her blue eyes.

“Nothing” she responded, a whimper leading her sentence. Dawn looked concerned at first, but then laughed.

“You’re started to sound like him” Dawn teased. Sara looked up at her. Sara noticed the glass shaped heart around her neck.

“I guess I’ am” Sara admitted under her breathe. She rested her head on Dawn lap and finished watching the waves. Dawn rubbed her back and looked up into the sky.

“Just like old times” she thought.


Blood ran down Cast’s as he charged towards Katie; she smiled and kicked him in the leg. He stumbled and fell to the floor. Ivan came down from the ceiling and slammed his sword down, but Cast rolled out the way.

“Well he’s getting better” she yawned. Katie licked the blood off her long finger nails.

“Yea, but not by much” Ivan appeared next to her. Cast was breathing heavily and dragging his sword.

“Are you guys finished talking?” Cast barked, while pointing his sword at them.

“Hm? Sorry, it’s just that we expected more” Ivan teased.

“What was that!?” he yelled.

“Don’t worry your still cute” Katie blew a kiss. She appeared behind Cast and stabbed him with her nails. Cast yelled in pain and fell to one knee.

“Face it. The only reason why you were even strong was because of Origin” Vick said, while reentering the room. Cast wiped the blood from his face and sent a blast of energy towards Vick, but Vick stopped it with one hand.

“I think I know why you’ve become so weak” Vick said, while putting his hands into his pocket and walking to Cast.

“You have nothing to fight for; you have not a reason to live. You fought for Suzie and your father, but you can’t remember them. They were your anger” he explained. “You have not the will to live because you don’t have a reason to. Take this” Vick pulled out an orb and handed it to Cast.

“What’s this supp-“Cast paused, as the orb flew into his body; he fell to the floor in pain; the walls started to shake and crumble.

“This should return your memories of them; if it doesn’t then it will just destroy your mind and make you go insane” Vick sat down and waited for the results. Cast stood up and started laughing uncontrollably.

“I can remember them! Sister, father” he cheered, while picking his sword up.


“Why is he so happy? He still sucks” Ivan scratched his head.

“I don’t know, maybe he misses those memories” Katie shrugged her shoulders; she then went back to cleaning her nails.

“You don’t understand, every time I got into a fight without these memories, it felt as if something was missing” Cast explained; he smiled and vanished into thin air. He reappeared behind Ivan and Katie. Cast hit Ivan in the head with the guard of the sword and kicked Katie.

“He’s faster” Katie said, while brushing her self off.

“That’s nothing” Ivan squalled; he charged towards him. Cast grabbed Ivan’s sword and stabbed him in the stomach.

“Iv...an” Katie fumbled her word, as she looked down and saw a piece of Cast’s sword in her chest.

“I guess me having something to fight for made me stronger” Cast laughed.

“Don’t get to ahead of yourself, if you only use the fact that your family is dead as strength. Then you will make Origin stronger also. Don’t dwell on the past, use the will to protect the living as a reason” Vick explained; he took out his sword and looked at it.

“So you’re going to fight me next?” Cast asked.

“There’s no need to fight you. All you have to do is kill me and absorb me. Absorb all three of us, that’s why your really here” he dropped his sword and looked Cast dead in the eye.

“Absorb you?” he repeated.

“You will be able to take your body back over with us” Vick bowed down in wait for the strike. Ivan and Katie stood up and bowed down next to him.

“If that’s what you wish, then so be it” Cast shook his head; he sword started glowing bright red and then shot out a blast.


Origin charged at Amy, but was stopped by Alex. Alex pointed both his swords at him. Origin smiled and a drop of sweat ran down his face.

“If you don’t get out of my way I’ll kill you too” he barked, while taking a step forward.

“Not in that condition you won’t” Alex nodded. Sean appeared behind Origin and held him down. Alex turned to Amy who was charging towards them.

“That’s enough” A voice smoothly came. She stopped in her tracks and froze up. A boy appeared in front of Amy and hugged her.

“Amy you should learn how to play nicer” The boy teased.

“ Ram…Ramiel, What are you doing here?” she asked, while hugging him back; Amy’s blood poured onto his shirt.

“Ew, you’re bleeding” Ramiel moved back. “Hm? Is that him” he asked, while turning around.

“No. That’s his brother” she replied, rolling her eyes, while wiping her self off.

“I see, looks like his brother has a tainted soul” Ramiel said with a smile; his red hair flowed in the wind.

“I’m guessing you’re Alex, huh. I wish we could have met on a better note. We weren’t expecting you to get off of York island” Ramiel laughed.

“Who are you!” Sean barked; he stabbed Origin in the back; Origin let out a yell then fainted.

“To you attack dog. We are your enemies, Vibles if you may. Unless you are our loyal servants the Arken. Then you would call us the omega” Ramiel responded.

“I guess this is actually my lucky day to find you two here. Now I get to kill you both” Sean yelled, while charging towards them.

“Pathetic” Ramiel muttered; he put his hand in his pockets and walked away with Amy behind him.

“Don’t run” Sean yelled.

“Die” Ramiel whispered. Sean stopped running, it was getting hard to breathe. It felt as if his skin was on fire. Blood exploded out of Sean’s body; he stood there in shock. Sean finally fell to the floor and past out.

“Sean!” Alex called out. Lucy appeared next to Origin and watched him slowly turn back into Cast.

“I’ll take him home. You deal with Sean” Lucy said, while picking Cast up and turning into a shadow.


Cast awoke inside of his bed, it was already night and the moon was glowing through his window.

“The war is about to start” Lucy said. “The way things are going now. You just might be our enemy, which is a bad thing because we’re already out numbered, but I think Origin understands that he can’t take the Vibles on alone”

 Cast turned away from her and closed his eyes.

“Nor can you” she muttered. Cast went back to sleep and even in his dreams Lucy’s words paced back and forth.




© 2010 karmic

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This might be my favorite chapter so far. Great writing

Posted 13 Years Ago

I liked it. Good description. A few spelling mistakes, but like you said, who doesn't make those

Posted 13 Years Ago

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