Zemia Chata Flashback: Ramiel and Amy

Zemia Chata Flashback: Ramiel and Amy

A Chapter by karmic

January, 14, 2016.


Amy sat down in the small room she was thrown in; her legs were badly bruised, and her skirt had a huge tear in it.

“Mom, Dad” she whimpered to herself, as she rested her head in her lap. Amy heard screaming coming from the other side of the door; she knew it was her mother screaming. Tears breached Amy’s eyes and slowly fell.

“Get out here!” a man barked, while entering the room and grabbing Amy by her hair.

“Why are you doing this?” Amy wanted to say, but the words could not come out. She was thrown to the ground with a gun pointed at her head. Amy turned her head and saw her mother crying over a dead corpse.

“Father” she mumbled.

“If you don’t tell me where the money is now, I’ll blow her head off with out hesitating” the man threatened, while holding the gun closer to Amy. The other two guys that were with the man were throwing things on the floor in search for something valuable.

“We’re poor please. Don’t shoot her she is only six” her mother cried.

“Who the hell are you!?’ one man yelled from the other room, then shot his gun. Amy turned her head to the entrance of the room that the gun shot had come from, the room fell into silence.

“Dan?” the man with the gun pointed at Amy called. A stream of blood ran through the entrance of the room, a small eight year old followed behind it.

“Hm. I’ve been looking for you all over” the boy smiled.

“Who are you?” the man yelled, as he took the gun off of Amy and pointed at the boy.

“No one really, but if I were you then I would go check on your friends. They’re in real bad shape” the boy replied.

“What?” the man hand began to shake. The man shot twice at the boy, but the bullet just stood still in the air. Amy’s eyes widened from the sight. The boy vanished and appeared again in front of the man; the boy drove his hand through the man’s stomach and blasted him into pieces. The boy knelt down next to Amy’s ear; she looked at him with fear in her eyes.

“Get away from her!” Amy’s mother yelled, while charging the boy with a chair; blood busted out of Amy’s mother’s body. Amy wanted to scream but couldn’t.

“Please kill me quickly” she blurted out. The boy turned to Amy and smiled, his face was covered in blood.

“I’m not going to kill you. I’ am here to bring you to life. My name is Ramiel” the boy explained.

“Bring me to life?” Amy muttered.

“Yup. You are really a Vible. A being chosen by god himself, to destroy all that he hates” Ramiel said. “I’ll explain the rest later, but for now let’s get out of here” he said, while picking Amy up from the puddle of blood; he lifted her on his back and carried her out of the house. Amy looked back at her parents.

“If a Vible is with a human for too long. It only bring misfortune to both the Vible and the human”

“His skin feels cold, yet at the same time warm” Amy thought, as he walked through the snow with her on his back.

© 2010 karmic

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This was a short chapter, but it does answer my question of how the hell they met. So now my question is what is Ramiel's deal. Your flashback chapters always surprise me. Great job

Posted 12 Years Ago

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