Zemia Chata: Entangled Fates

Zemia Chata: Entangled Fates

A Chapter by karmic


  Cast heard a knock at the door; he then stood up to answer it. He opened the door to see Sara standing there.

"Sara?" Cast mumbled, as he moved to the side, letting her enter the house.

"Hm? You don't seem happy to see me. Did I do something wrong?" Sara asked; she pressed herself against him and looked at him with her blue sparkling eyes.

"No, it's nothing like that. I just didn't expect you to come" Cast replied, while removing him self from Sara and sitting back down on the couch.

"Why wouldn’t you expect to see me?” she paused. "I came to tell you that they are watching you" Sara continued; she turned back to the front door and placed her hand on the knob. “That’s all”

"It's not fair is it? The way I treat you" Cast said. Sara turned her head, and had a surprised look on her face.

"I just don't know where I stand with you anymore" Sara responded; her hand softly falling off the door knob.

"How far will you go with me?" Cast asked; he then stood up and walked behind Sara; Cast wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder. Cast felt her shiver in his arms; he then held her tighter.

"To the end" she whispered back.

"In my dream you didn't abandon me, that’s what I’m afraid of" Cast thought. "So I won't abandon you either."

 Dawn foot steps were heard coming down the stairs. Cast heard her foot steps stop behind him, but Cast didn't turn around. Sara also heard the footsteps stop behind them; Sara's face turned pale.

"Why is no one saying anything?" Sara thought.

"It's ok" Cast said. Sara turned and looked at him. Cast took a step back, then turned away and headed up stair. Cast shoulder brushed against Dawn's.

"Um Dawn, are you going to the Welcoming party tonight?" Sara asked, trying to lighten up the mood.

"Yea" Dawn said back.

"I was thinking about coming too" Sara exclaimed.

"Sara, please be careful" Dawn sighed, while walking into the bathroom.

“I doubt that anything will happen at the party” Sara chuckled.

“I was not talking about the party” she said back.




Alex looked at the sky and sighed. "It's already getting dark" he muttered. Alex jumped down from the roof onto another; he looked down at the abandon house and saw someone standing in front of it. Alex jumped down to the ground and unsheathed both of his swords.

"Tell me who you are!" Alex demanded. The boy turned around and smiled. Alex expression changed as he took a step back.

"Joey?" he muttered.

"Hiya" Joey greeted.

"What are you doing here?" Alex asked, while trying to hide his swords.

"Waiting for my date" Joey replied.

"Date?" Alex said back.

"Yup. Hah, looks like she is already here" Joey pointed. Alex turned his head and saw Amy walking towards them; she was wearing a pink dress with a red rose in her short hair.

"Hello Alex" she greeted. Alex held his sword tighter, the wind blew and some of the pedals from the rose flew in the air. A pedal flew past Alex ear and whispered to him. "Don’t attack.” Alex looked up, but Amy and Joey was gone.

"What's going on?" He thought.



  High heels clicked from every step, while walking down the prison in hell. Blood dripped off of the woman's heels and the demons around laid dead. The woman wore a black hood, and was humming an old sad song. The woman stopped at a huge door and watched it crumble in front of her.
"You would think he would have done a better job with this" The woman thought. The woman looked up at the chamber where the first Vible was imprisoned.
"I knew someone was going to come for him" Damien said from behind the woman. ”But I didn't think it would be you Julia" Damien mumbled. Julia took the hood off and smiled.
"Hello little brother" she glared.
"Are you going to try and bring uncle back together?" Damien asked. Julia didn't answer; she just pulled out her short sword. The blade was split into two and connected at the end, making a circle in the middle of the blade.
"I see you don't want to talk, but I warn you things won't be the same like when we were children" Damien said, while taking out his sword; his blade had a black tip and black guard. Damien rush to her, but stopped when he notice that her sword was pointing to the chamber. Julia sword let out a small spark and the chamber opened up.
"W-why have you done this?" Damien asked. Arsine stood up and pulled the spears out of him self; his legs were weak from being in the chamber so long. Damien's sword let out a wave of fire and filled the room; Damien looked around and couldn't see Julia or Arsine.
"They're both still alive" Damien muttered, while still in his fighting stance. Arsine appeared behind Damien and grabbed his arm. Damien turned and looked up at Arsine; his arm began to freeze. Damien used his other hand to cut Arsine, but his sword didn't even break the skin. Arsine threw Damien across the room and Damien hit the wall; blood shot out of his mouth. Julia appeared in front of Damien and stabbed him in the chest. Julia’s sword sent a shock through his body; she then flipped backwards, avoiding the Damien’s swing of the sword. Damien slowly picked up his sword off the ground; his body shook from the pain. He slammed his sword against the ground with all of his might; fire exploded from the ground. The attack headed towards Arsine, but he just stood there. The fire froze once it reached him, leaving a tall tower of ice. The ice then turned into spikes and shot at Damien. Damien blocked a few spike, but was soon overwhelmed.

“Why do you continue to fight?” Julia yelled. Damien’s sword shot a wall of fire at Julia and Arsine. When the fire cleared Julia and Arsine were gone. Drops of sweat fell from
Damien’s face.

“I fight because I refuse to lose to you again” Damien muttered weakly, as he fell to the floor.

Cast laid down on the couch with a suit on; he raised his book to his face and began reading. The book's cover read "Zentarnack". He then stood up and shook his head.

“What is taking you so long” Cast huffed, as he walked to the last step of the staircase.

“We’re almost done. Also why do you care your not taking me” Dawn called down.

“Yea. But you have my date up there with you” he barked.

“Don’t worry I’m almost done getting dressed” Sara said. Cast heard small thumps heading up the stairs.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Cast asked.

“Eh?” Rez paused. “Nowhere” Rez continued. Cast grabbed him by the tail and dragged him back down the steps.

“Leave the cat alone” Aeon said. Cast turned around and looked at Aeon who was leaning against the wall.

“This is all your fault” Cast barked.

“My fault?” Aeon repeated.

“Yes your fault! You invited her to this party” Cast yelled.

“Is that jealousy I feel?” Aeon teased.

“What?” he retorted.

“You just protect the one you’re with. I’ll handle Dawn” Aeon winked. Cast was about to unsheathe his sword when he heard Dawn and Sara making they’re way down the steps.

“Do you like my dress” Sara laughed, while jumping on Cast’s back and wrapping her arms around his neck. Sara wore a white dress with a pink rose on it.

“I can’t see it if you’re behind me” Cast coughed from Sara holding on to tight.

“Hm? I just want to get closer” Sara grinned, while tightening her grip. Cast fell to the floor and passed out.

“Is he alright?” Dawn asked; she wore a black dress with a purple rose.

“Who cares” Aeon said, while walking to the door.


Alex looked up at the sky and smiled; he got off of the wall he was leaning on.

“It’s finally dark” he muttered, joyfully, while walking in front of the entrance to the abandon house.

“I better get started” he thought. Alex kicked the door opened and walked inside; the house was dark and had a foul rotten smell to it. Alex saw something run across the ceiling.

“I sense over twenty-nine of you guys” Alex yelled, while looking for a light switch. Something brushed passed him and pushed him into the light switch. The lights flickered on; he looked up and saw a eight foot Demon standing in front of him.

“Hello” Alex greeted. The demon let out a roar and charged him. Alex unsheathe both of his swords and also charged. One sword pointed forward while the other pointed behind him. Alex stabbed the demon in the arm; the demon growled in pain, while another one appeared behind Alex. Alex had already anticipated the second demon and had already killed it in one quick swipe. The demon in font of Alex grabbed Alex’s legs with its tail and throw him to the floor. The demon then tried to step on him, but Alex rolled out of the way.

 “Seems like you don’t like me” Alex laughed, while standing up and brushing him self off.

“Die” the demon roared. Alex disappeared and appeared again in the demon face. Alex smiled and cut the demon’s head off. Seconds later another demon rammed Alex into a different room; he rolled and hit the wall. Alex rolled again when seeing the demon tried to ram him once more. The demon shot through the wall and fell. Three demons fell from the ceiling and attacked Alex; he blocked the three with his swords. The demons forced Alex closer to the wall until he was not able to breathe. A blast of lightning flew out of Alex’s sword and incinerated the three demons.

“I’m not going to last any longer like this” Alex panted. A demon crawled towards Alex and bit him in the arm. The demon flew up to the ceiling with Alex’s arm still in its mouth. Alex stabbed the demon in the back with his other arm and fell to the floor. Another three demons appeared, they’re faces long like dogs, and feet like horses. Alex blocked an strike from one of the demon, and countered with a few of his own. The demon blocked with its hard scaly arms. The other two demon came up from behind Alex. He was able to block the other two with his sword. Alex was left with one free arm, the same arm that had been bitten. Alex duck and twirled his swords against the floor as he spun. The two demons behind him lost their legs, but the one in front of him dodged. The demon slashed at Alex, making him block with both swords. The demon pushed forward; Alex lost his balance. The demon kicked forward with its horse like feet, knocking Alex into a wall. Alex immediately recovered into a defensive stance, as the demon rushed into him. Alex eyes glew blue once more; he dropped his sword and picked the demon up by its neck. Alex put a little force into his grip and snapped the demon’s neck.

“Damn it” Alex groaned; he looked up and saw six more demons surrounding him. Bullets flew and hit four of them in the head. The other two turned around, but it was too late, they too had over nine bullets inside of them. Alex looked up to see who it was.

“Lucy was right!” Alex thought. His eyes turned back to normal. “Milphree?” he said. “Milphree what are you doing here?”

Milphree didn’t answer; she just reloaded her gun and walked closer. Her emotionless face told the whole story.

“I understand” Alex said, sadly. A tear dropped out of Milphree’s eye and landed on the clip she was putting in her pistol.

“I don’t want to hurt you” Alex said, but Milphree continued to walk closer. She stopped and pointed both pistols at him. Alex heart felt like it stopped.

“I don’t want this” Alex yelled. Milphree shot twice and Alex blocked both shots with his swords. Milphree jumped off the wall and kicked him. Alex fell back into a table and broke it in half. Milphree shot at Alex four more times; he blocked three bullets, but the last on brushed his cheek and left a cut.

“I have to fight back or I will die” Alex thought.

“Die human!” A demon yelled, while jumping out of the shadows; Milphree shot once and killed it.

“This is my chance” Alex thought. Milphree turned her focus back on Alex and saw that he was right in front of her. Alex dropped both of his swords; he grabbed one of her arms and pointed to the ground, as he did so; she shot him in the shoulder twice. Blood poured down from Alex’s shoulder onto the floor. Alex slapped the gun out of her hand.

Alex then hugged her. “Please don’t do this” he whispered. Milphree tried to get out of his grip, but could not. Milphree shot him again, this time in his ribs. Her eyes began to fill with more tears; she felt his grip weakening.

“Please” Alex whispered again. Milphree closed her eyes and shook her head; she dropped the gun and hugged him back. Milphree then felt something stab her in the back. Milphree turned around slowly and saw a demon with its hand inside of her back. She slipped out of Alex’s arms and landed on the floor.

“Milphree!” Alex yelled, he looked around and saw more demons surrounding them. Alex dragged Milphree to the corner of the room and picked up both of his swords. Alex’s eyes turned light blue like once before.

Evince!” Alex yelled. The blades from both of his swords connected to both ends of his crossbow.

“Alex” Milphree said, weakly. Alex shot the crossbow and it let out a huge beam of light that blew the other side of the house up. Alex stood there looking at what he had done; his eyes slowly turned brown again. He picked Milphree up and disappeared.



“This is where the party is going to be?” Cast asked.

“Yup” Sara said, cheerfully. Cast looked the ship up and down; it brought back memories of DT.

“Don’t worry. It’s not going to leave dock” Aeon said.

“I’m not worried. Also who asked you?” Cast barked.

“No need to get so worked up big bro” Joey walked up from behind them with Amy at his side.

“Joey?” Dawn said with a low and surprised tone.

“Yea it looks like I’ve been dragged along too” Joey laughed. Cast looked at Amy who was smiling back at him. Sara caught the too staring at each other and turned her head.

“What is that about?” Sara thought. She looked up at Cast again and saw that he turned his head away from Amy.

“It’s probably nothing” Sara nodded her head with assurance.

“We should get inside. I believe it’s starting” Aeon suggested.

“Whatever” Cast said back, while leading the way, they all walked into the ship. He looked around and saw how huge the ship really was. Sara held on to his arm, while they walked into the ballroom of the ship. The room was huge with a bridge on to which was surrounded by security. The room was a light red, with curtains hovering over the stage.

“Why so much security for a party?” Cast thought, but then snapped out of thought when Sara togged on his arm. The room was already crowded with people who were once from New heaven.

“I’ am oh so thankful that all of you could make it today. I know that most here are not originally from Jeramiah, but I hope you could think of this place as your home. So please have a great time” Joseph said, while leaving the stage; seconds’ later music surrounded the room. The music was fast and was played by a good guitar. Cast looked around as the room filled with dancing. Cast felt the grip on his hand being tightened by another. Cast looked at Sara who had a nervous smile. Cast nodded his head in agreement and pulled her closer.

“How about we wait for a slower song” Cast whispered. Sara blushed with excitement and hugged him. Cast saw someone from the corner of his eye.

“It’s him. From that day, the one who was with Amy” Cast thought. He thought back when the guy made blood shoot out of Sean’s body. Cast watched as the guy walked into the boiler room.

“I’ll be right back Cast said into Sara ear; she nodded her head with a worried and confused look on her face; she watched as Cast walked away from her and disappeared into the crowd. Aeon walked next to Cast; they both looked at each other and nodded.

Cast opened the boiler room door up and walked in with Aeon behind him.

“I was wondering if you would follow me” Ramiel laughed.   








Alex walked down the street with Milphree in his arms; he looked down at her and smiled. Alex wiped the blood off the top of her head; the blood came from him.
“I know you’re awake” Alex said. She opened her eyes slowly; he was able to see that she was sad.

“Hah” Alex sighed, while standing still; he looked up at the sky and saw lights coming from the beach.

“The party must have already started” Alex thought. He looked down at Milphree again and found her staring at him.

“Sorry” Alex apologized, as he placed her on the ground. Milphree looked at the floor with a sad look on her face.

“I heard you” Alex muttered. Milphree looked up at him and snapped out of what she was thinking about. “I heard you say my name in there. It’s the first time I ever heard you speak” Alex said; he paused a few times from the pain. Milphree leaned against the wall; she felt a sharp pain go down her back. Milphree then remembered that’s where she was hit at.

“W-why didn’t you kill me?” Milphree asked, while staring at Alex’s shoulder and watching the blood drip down it.

“The same reason why you didn’t kill me” Alex replied. Milphree looked up at Alex’s face and put up a wary smile.

“Those blue eyes are gone” she thought. A loud crash came from behind them. Alex turned and saw shadows run down the alley.

“They’re coming” Alex yelled, as he grabbed Milphree’s hand and started to run. Milphree looked back and saw over thirty demons behind them. Alex and Milphree turned a corner, and, fled down the streets of Kados. Alex saw a few demons running on the roof tops.

“Our souls are attracting them” Alex thought, while running down the dark street. Milphree looked at her hand inside of Alex’s and smiled; she pulled out a pistol and shot behind her. Milphree took out two demons, but many more stormed behind them.

“What the hell?” Alex paused. Milphree stopped at his side and watched the ground crack open. The demons surrounded them in the street and others on the roofs’ of houses.

“Milphree if you have any chance to run please take it” he said, while holding her closer. Milphree shook here head in disagreement.

“You have to” he barked. The ground continued to crack until it was forty-two feet wide; a demon jumped out of the crowd and attacked Milphree; Alex pulled her behind him and slit the demon’s throat. Milphree heard foot steps coming from the crack in the ground. A head peaked up and looked at Milphree.

“Boy is this a mess” Julia laughed. She stepped out of the crack with Arsine behind her. Arsine stared at Milphree; blood slid down Milphree’s forehead.

“What going on? What is he?” Milphree thought; she looked at Alex who was now aware of Julia and Arsine’s presents.

“Arsine you haven’t had any souls to eat for years. Enjoy yourself, but leave the boy alone” Julia smiled. Arsine pulled his hand out of his pockets and faced it towards the demons. The demons instantly froze and broke into pieces. Their souls were then devoured by Arsine. Milphree and Alex stood in fear as the watched what had happened. Arsine vanished and appeared in front of Milphree. Arsine grabbed her arm and it started to freeze. Alex pushed Milphree out of the way and blocked Arsine’s strike with his swords. Arsine picked Alex up by his sword with one hand and drove him into the ground. Alex coughed up blood and his body shook from the pain.

“Don’t kill him!” Julia shouted, but Arsine ignored her and stepped on Alex’s head. Arsine picked Alex up by his collar and went to punch him, but was blocked by a sword.

“Disobeying orders already” Louse laughed. Arsine threw Alex to the ground.

“Hm. I guess I already had enough fun. I don’t want to get greedy” Arsine said.

“Sounds like you love to fight like me. Me and you are going to be good freinds” Louse said, while grabbing Arsine’s arm and disappearing. Julia shook her and also vanished.  





Cast swung his sword at Ramiel, but Ramiel ducked and punched Cast in the stomach. Aeon attempted to strike him in the shoulder.

"Pity that you humans are so weak" Ramiel laughed, as he grabbed Aeon head and slammed it into the ground. Cast kicked Ramiel in the face but he didn't even budge.

"I wouldn't be worried about me right now if I were you. I would be trying to save the person I love" Ramiel sighed with a shrug.

"What are you-" Cast was interrupted by the sound of guns being shot off. Cast turned his head and looked at the door; he heard screaming coming from the ballroom.

"What happening out there?" Cast thought. He looked at Aeon who was still on the floor. Cast then disappeared, leaving Ramiel and Aeon in the room.

"This didn't go as plan" Ramiel sighed. Ramiel took a step but then felt a tug on his leg. He looked down and found Aeon trying to get back to his feet.

"Just take this loss" Ramiel suggested, while kicking Aeon's hand away." You don't want to die before the war begins"


Cast appeared in the ballroom, bullets were flying across the room and people were scattering around the room trying to find away out. Cast saw two soldiers spraying their guns into the crowd of people. Cast ran and slashed one soldier’s arm off; the other soldier noticed what happened and tried to hit Cast with his gun he moved out the way and stabbed him in the chest.

"Why are they doing this?" Cast thought.


"This is wrong" Lorey said, while looking at her comrades as they shot into the crowd.

"Its war little girl. If you’re not ready for it then you shouldn’t be here" A voice scolded from behind her. Lorey turned and saw a man in a torn doctor's jacket.

"Hi my name is Nelson. Trust me. I was the one saving lives. Well that was before I was killed. Now that I was brought back for war, saving people is the least of my worries" he winked, by the way his limbs were moving Lorey could tell that they were robotic.

"I can't let this continue!" Lorey yelled. She felt a strong pull on her arm; she turned and saw that it was Devin.

"Don't make things worse then it already is" Devin said.

"How can anything I do at the point make things worse then killing off these people" she replied enraged at what Devin had said.

"I don’t like this either but- but what? Deal with it? Can you really come to terms with this abuse of power?" Lorey barked; she looked into his eyes and waited for an answer. Devin looked at the ground; he was lost in thought of what had been said to him. Lorey saw that he didn't have and answer she then stormed off.

"Have I really come to terms with this bloodshed?" Devin thought.


Cast chopped down another squad of soldiers; he looked around for any sign of Sara or Dawn. Cast knew that Joey would be safe with Amy so he had no worries of him being in danger. He heard a bullet come towards him, but couldn't move in time. The bullet went through his leg.

"Damn kid" the soldier said, as he shot two more shots. Cast blocked the bullets with his sword. Cast ran and slashed the man's fingers off. The soldier fell to the floor and yelled; Cast fell to one knee and looked at where the bullet had hit him.

"These soldiers have no morals" Cast muttered. He gave the soldier one final blow to the stomach; the soldier let out one last yelled, but then quickly died.

"But what should I expect on the battle field" Cast thought.

"Cast!" A voice called from above. He looked up and saw Sara on the bridge with Dawn on the other side. Dawn looked down at Cast and saw his sword.

"He is one of them" she thought. Dawn snapped out of thought when the bridge began to tilt. Both Dawn and Sara slide down and held on to the edge of the bridge for dear life. They knew if they let go it would be a forty foot fall to their death.

"Cast!" Dawn cried out. Cast never heard so much fear in her voice, but why did it sound so familiar. Cast remembered what he saw that day when his father showed him the future. Cast remembered Dawn calling out to him.

Cast jumped to the bridge, on the left side of the bridge held Sara and on the right held Dawn.

"If I grab one of them then the bridge will tip in the opposite direction and fall. I can hardly move my leg so I won't be able to save both of them" Cast thought. He saw the fear in both of their faces. Cast was stuck at a fork in the road. Cast stood between them; he looked at Sara and saw tears fall out of her eyes and hit the floor.

“You said you wouldn’t abandon her” Origin said.

“Cast?” Sara muttered. Cast turned to Dawn and watched as she struggled to pull her self up.

“She helped healed most of your wound” Origin said.

“Shut up!” Cast yelled. “I can’t choose”

“You can choose. You know who you want to be with. Take her” Origin said, while trying to take over. “Do it now!”

“Shut up!” Cast yelled once more.

“Cast!” Dawn cried. Cast looked at Sara; his eyes filled up with tears. The bridge began to fall. Cast legs shook under pressure.

“I’m sorry Sara” Cast whispered. He took one step towards Dawn. Sara eyes opened wider with fear and sadness. Cast took another step towards Dawn. Dawn looked at Sara’s expression; she saw the sadness in her eyes.

“Why?” Sara thought. Sara’s hands began to loosen, but she didn’t even try to regain balance.

“Leave me here save Sara!” Dawn screamed. Sara was down to her last finger; she closed her eyes and let go. Aeon appeared next to Dawn and grabbed her. Cast was stun by Aeon’s appearance. Cast turned and saw Sara falling.

“She gave up hope” Aeon thought, while disappearing with Dawn in his arms. The bridge collapsed. Cast jumped off and dived for Sara, with the bridge falling behind him. Cast grabbed Sara’s arm and pulled her closer.

“I’m sorry” he whispered again. Cast hit the ground with Sara in his arms; he threw Sara across the room before the bridge fell on him.

“Cast!” Sara cried.


“Alex! Alex wake please!” Milphree called out. He slowly opened his eyes and found Milphree on her knees next to him. Alex put his hand in front of his face; he saw blood drip from his arm.

“You’re alright” she cheered. Alex sat up and looked into her worried eyes. Alex noticed her arm was still frozen. Alex hugged her tightly; she was at first stun by his action, but then hugged him back. Alex moved his head back and kissed her. Alex stopped and stood up.

“Come on lets go” he said, while extending his hand out to her. Milphree nodded her head in agreement and grabbed his hand tightly. When standing Milphree felt a sharp pain in her ankle.

“Here” Alex wrapped her arm around his neck and picked her up; he jumped on top of the building and leaped towards the moon. Alex then disappeared in the moon light.

“Foolish girl” Damien coughed, as he clutched his chest from the pain of Julia’s attack.


Lorey sat down on a barrel and looked at the gun inside of her hand.

“Is this what I wanted?” She muttered. Lorey thought of what she had said to Devin and then about what she had done to the man from New Heaven.

“No I’m no better” Lorey groaned, while throwing the gun to the ground.

“You should really be careful about throwing those things around” Nelson snickered, as he entered the room.

“What are you doing here?” Lorey asked.

“I don’t know really. I was asked to terminate anyone who doesn’t proceed with the plan” Nelson scratched his five o’clock shadow. Lorey picked up her gun and pointed it at Nelson.

“Hm. I was hoping it would not come to this, but if you’re going to disobey orders then I have no other choice” he sighed. The palm of his hand opened up and a small barrel of a gun poked out. Lorey was shocked by the sight.

“What did they do to you?” Lorey yelled.

“They took a simple doctor and turned him into a weapon. A robotic lap dog” he laughed. Lorey shot him in the shoulder, but Nelson just stood there, as if it were a small paper cut. Nelson smiled as bullets flew out of his hand. Lorey rolled and continued shooting while she ran. She dived into the door way, a bullet skinned her arm while she was diving. Lorey hid behind the wall and fired two more shots before reloading. A grenade shot out of Nelson’s other hand and landed next to the wall where Lorey was taking cover. Lorey ran down the hallway and up the steps until she reached the top of the ship. The sea breeze pushed her hair over her eyes; she heard the explosion behind her.

“I can’t kill him” Lorey thought, while looking at the steps that she had exited from; smoke poured from the staircase from the grenade. Lorey heard footsteps and soon saw Nelson standing in front of her with his hand inside of his pocket. Lorey could see that the bullets that she had shot before did hit him. Small holes was covering his doctor’s jacket.

“Come on stop running. I have to get back to killing the New Heaven people” Nelson smiled, deviously. Lorey dropped her gun and kneed him in the stomach. Nelson grabbed her leg without even a flinch and threw her. Lorey hit the banister separating her from the sea. Nelson walked slowly towards her and picked her up by her long blonde hair. A bullet flew into Nelson’s eyes exposing his mechanical side. Nelson dropped Lorey and turned to see where the shot had been fired from. Nelson found Devin there pointing a pistol at him.

“Another person in my way huh. Oh well you’ll have to go too” Nelson shrugged.

“I guess so” Devin agreed, while firing another shot, this time into Nelson’s chest.

“Devin run!” she coughed, as she tried to get back to her feet by using the banister. Devin looked at her with regretful eyes.

“You were right” Devin smiled.

“What?” Lorey asked, finally getting to her feet.

“You were right about me being absorbed by the bloodshed” Devin pointed his gun at Lorey. “It’s time for me to make things right”

“What are you doing?” Lorey barked.

“I know if I asked you to get off the ship you would protest. So to avoid that…” Devin shot Lorey in the shoulder; she flipped off the ship into the water.

“Aren’t you afraid that you killed her?” Nelson asked.

“Don’t underestimate her. I doubt that she would let that kill her and if she did, then she was not right for all of this” Devin explained.


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Whoa little brother this just got twisted. Cast had to choose and they watched him do it. That relationship is defenitly going to need some counseling. haha

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