Zemia Chata: Sacrifices

Zemia Chata: Sacrifices

A Chapter by karmic

    Cast fell to the floor, it was getting hard for him to breath, and it felt as if a mask was covering his face.

“I will not let you win” Cast gasped.

“I see, I can’t take over you yet. You still have some will” Origin groaned, as his voice faded away. Cast got up and walked away, it felt like he was leaving a piece of himself behind. Cast turned the corner and ran into a frighten girl. The girl quickly stood up and began running again.

“Hey. Wait” Cast grabbed the kid’s leg. Visions flew through Cast; he felt weightless. Cast saw fire and heard crying. The girl broke free; she looked down at Cast who had a blank look on his face. The girl’s left arm was bleeding and eyes were pure grey.

“You have something- there he is” a man in a hood interrupted the girl.

“I have to go” the girl ran. Cast stood up and chased after her.

“Could it be? Another prophet” Cast thought. Cast followed the girl down an alley. The alley led to a dead end.

“No, no” The girl cried out. “I can’t let them catch me again” she added. The girl looked back at Cast. Cast slowly walked down the alley behind her. Cast unsheathed his sword.

“You’re one of them aren’t you?” the girl yelled. Four men wearing hoods ran past Cast; they held golden hook like weapons. Their robes had signs on the back of them. The patch on their black robes said “Omega”.

“Arkens” Cast thought. The men grabbed the girl; she cried out in fear.

“Please help me! Don’t let them…“ one of the men slapped her in the face. The girl fell unconscious. The girl’s lip began bleeding.

“What are you doing here?” the man asked angrily, grabbing her arms and putting them in handcuffs.

“My job” Cast replied.

“Your job” the man paused. “I see. I didn’t realize it before but your blood is tainted with demon blood” the man chuckled. Cast stood their silently; he continued looking at the girl.

“So are you going to stop us in our holy mission” the man questioned. The girl awoke; she looked defeated. Like hope had left her.

“What are you going to do with her?” he glared at the man.

“What’s it to you demon child. What need do you have of this child?” The man yelled. Cast threw his sword into the man’s throat, blood squirted out onto the girl. The other three men rushed towards Cast.

“I care because I don’t want to make the same mistake twice” Cast thought at that moment; he dodged a strike that was coming towards him.  Cast rolled and ran towards the girl; he grabbed his sword with on hand and the girl with the other. Cast jumped twenty feet in the air, but it still wasn’t enough to get over the building. Cast thrusted his sword into the building and jumped off of it; he then landed on top of the building with the girl still in his arms. The girl looked a few years younger then Cast; she had black hair with red streaks. Cast’s sword flew up into the air and landed into his hand.

“What are you?” the girl asked.

“You know what I’ am” Cast replied, while putting his mask on. “I’m a demon” he added. The girl stood silent for a second; she then smiled. “My name is Miley” she blurted out. Cast stood at the edge of the roof; he looked down at the cars going by.

“Well are you coming Miley?” Cast sighed. Miley nodded and ran towards him. Cast placed her on his back and jumped off the roof.


 Cast landed in front of his house; he let Miley off his back slowly. Miley legs were weak from the bumpy ride. Miley looked up at Cast who was in deep thought.

“What’s wrong?” she tilted her head.

“Nothing it’s just that my employer won’t be too happy about this” Cast opened his door and walked inside. Miley followed behind him.

“Your employer?” she replied, confused.

“Hello?” he shouted, alerting anyone in the house.

“No one is home except me. Dawn took Joey out for something top eat” Lucy came out the bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth.

“Dawn took Joey outside?”  Cast barked.

“Calm down. You really need to let the boy live. He is in this house all day waiting for you. Isn’t he?” she replied. Cast looked Lucy up and down; he saw that she was wearing the nurse’s outfit again.

“Take that off. People will start thinking you’re a real nurse” he sat down on the couch. Lucy looked at Miley who was still standing at the door. “You can come in” Cast yawned. Miley nodded her head and ran by Lucy to Cast.

Lucy cleared her throat. “I see you made another new friend” she spun the toothbrush in her hand.

“Jealousy again” he smirked.

“Are you stupid? You know I’m not jealous, it’s the fact that you brought a prophet in here” she scolded.

“Calm down” Cast looked up at Miley, then closed his eyes. “She is okay”.

“Whatever” Lucy sighed, while placing the toothbrush back into her mouth.

“That’s my toothbrush isn’t it?” Cast sighed.

“I think it is” she responded. Cast grunted while standing up.

“What did you expect me to use Dawn?” Lucy asked.

“No. I expected you to poof in your own” he snatched the toothbrush out of her mouth. Cast placed it in the bathroom.

“What? It’s not like it’s the first time we swapped spit” she winked, while walking towards the room she had been staying in. “oh before I forget. There’s been small fires’ happening around the fishing bay. You should check it out. I think it’s a demon” Lucy explained.

“Fine, but she should stay here” Cast said.

“Yea because when Dawn and Joey come back they won’t be confused about a prophet sitting in the living room. I can’t explain it to them because they don’t know that I’m living here” Lucy shook her head.

“You’re not living here” he muttered.

“Don’t worry. I’ll stay out of your way” Miley assured.

“So she talks” Lucy smiled. “Well have fun” she waved, while walking into the room. Cast opened the door and looked at Miley. “We should get going.”

“Okay” she smiled. Miley jumped up and ran out the door with Cast behind her.

“Hey who was that woman anyway?” Miley asked; she watched a bird fly from a tree to another. The bird landing next to another, they both then flew away.

“Oh that was Lucy. My employer; She made me a demon” he replied.

“You don’t look like a demon. I mean where are your horns” she poked at his head.

“Trust me. What’s inside of me is evil. I’m sure you seen it when I ran into you” Cast removed her hands away from his head. “Speaking of that. Why were those guys chasing you?” he asked. Miley didn’t say anything; she looked like a bad chill went up her spine. Miley then stopped and looked down at the ground.

“If you don’t want to talk about it now I understand” Cast turned to her. Miley still didn’t say anything. She then began lifting her shirt up.

“What the hell are you..” he paused. Cast saw the word “Omega” tattooed on her stomach.

“She was one of them?” Cast thought.

“I was a sacrifice. A Sacrifice to break one of the seven locks holding lord Malic” she explained. Cast noticed unlike other Arkens. The word “Omega” was underlined.

“Why is it underlined” he questioned.

“If there is an Arken born as a prophet then they underline the word so they know. Prophets are the only ones that can break the lock when sacrificed. The only prophets that are not sacrificed are the Avex. The Avex are prophets and psychics selected by Malic” she replied. Miley put her shirt down; she shook her head slowly. Cast could see she was about to cry.

“I don’t understand why I wasn’t chosen” she whispered. Cast walked towards her; he put his hand out. Miley looked up at Cast; he gave off the image of a big brother. That’s what Miley had thought of him. They hadn’t known each other for more then two hours and already Cast cared about her. Miley grabbed his hand; he then placed her on his back and leaped into the air. The salty sea smell became stronger as they got closer to the bay. The smell was soon accompanied by the fresh scent of fish. Miley held on tight; she watched the small boats go by. Many were filled with fish.

“We’re here” he landed in a spot where no one could see them. Miley inhaled deeply. She felt a comforting breeze flow her hair.

“Wow, it’s beautiful out here” she exhaled. Miley turned to Cast who was holding his nose.

“I hate fish” he grunted. Cast looked around for any signs of a demon. He could a burnt boat house from where he was standing.

“There!” he thought. Cast began walking towards it; he could hear chatter coming from the fishermen. They were talking about their day and how they couldn’t wait to get out on sea. Cast entered the boat house, the boats inside were burnt to a crisp.

“What are we looking for?” Miley asked.

“I don’t know, but wait outside” Cast ordered. Miley nodded her head; she walked outside and sat on a bench.

“There is something in here” he thought, while checking up stairs. The floor boards under Cast’s feet broke. Cast fell through the floor and landed on his back.

“I should have seen that coming” he coughed, as he stood up. Cast looked around and saw glowing orbs surrounding him. The orbs stuck to the wall in the dark room. The room was damped but also hot.

“What are you doing here child?” a voice echoed. A large shadow appeared behind Cast.

“I wondering the same  about you” he replied. Cast unsheathed his sword; he was already beginning to sweat from the heat. The shadow walked closer to Cast; he let out a sign. “Of course”. A fish demon stood in front of Cast. Its gills were located on its neck, below its fins. The demon was a pasty blue.

“Why are you in my babies’ birth place?” The demon growled. Cast looked at the orbs and notice the inside of them was movement.

“Those things are your children?” he said.

“Yes. Now get out” the demon yelled. The demon scratched Cast on the cheek; he fell backwards. Cast then retaliated by swing his sword. The demon blew fire out of its mouth. Cast quickly blocked; he was pushed back onto the wall. Cast’s back smashed four eggs.

“Get away from them!” the demon screeched. The demon rammed Cast through the wall. Cast fell into a boat. The demon shot fire at him once again, the fire surrounded the boat. Cast heard a scream come from outside.

“Miley” he whispered. Cast jumped out of the boat and began running towards the exit. The demon ran behind him.

“Don’t run now human” the demon laughed.

“Like you demon. I have something to protect” Cast yelled. The demon shot a fire ball out of its mouth once again. Smoke exited the demon’s gills. Cast reflected the attack with his sword. The demon blocked the attack with its nail. Cast jumped through the smoke left by the fire ball and smashed his sword against the demon’s nails; he cut through the demon’s nails and sliced it in half. Another scream came from outside again. The boat house started collapsing. Cast shot out of the boat house’s roof; he could see men wearing robes carrying Miley around.

“Miley!” Cast yelled; he landed on the ground and towards the men. Cast could see dead fishermen lying lifelessly on the ground. The scent of fish was now mixed with the dead. Cast went to stabbed the man holding Miley, but his sword was blocked by another.

“Cast run” Miley screamed. Cast looked up at his opponent. The man’s Robe was a darker then everyone else’s. The man’s tattoo was located on his right cheek, the left side of his face was covered by a white mask.

“Hello young demon” The man smiled.

“Veal leave him alone” Miley pled.

“You know him?” Cast asked, as the two crossed swords.

“Of course she dose. I’ am her brother” he smirked. Veal pushed Cast back with his sword.

“You going to let them do this to your sister?” Cast barked.

“As an Avex I commissioned it” he replied. Cast jumped up a slashed at Veal, but his attack was blocked with one hand. Cast kneed him in the stomach. Veal reacted by stabbing Cast in the shoulder. Cast let out a large yell, the sword was then removed from his shoulder. His blood was flowing out of him quickly. Veal spun and kicked him into a barrel of fish.

“Hah. This is what you had protecting you? A second rate demon” he laughed. Cast stood up and began laughing.

“What your problem- shut up filth” Cast interrupted, his eyes turned a bright red. Cast charged Veal. Veal blocked, but was then pushed back. Cast quickly came at him again; he swung his sword and skinned his stomach.

“What the hell is going on” Veal thought. Cast grabbed Veal’s head and smashed it into the ground. Veal’s mask cracked and fell into millions of pieces, exposing the other half of his face which was burned. Veal’s left eye was purple.

“Stop it!” Cast yelled at the top of his lungs. “Stop it Origin!” he fell to the ground.

“Origin?” Miley repeated. Veal stood up and wiped the blood off of his lips. Veal put his hand out towards Cast. “Lucky shot, but that’s it for you” he said. Cast was lifted into the air by an invisible force. Veal’s hand turned into a fist. A huge cut appeared on Cast’s ribs and drifted to his chest. Blood exploded out of his body. Cast shirt ripped off of him and fell in front of Miley. Cast was then throw into the sea. The sea was stained with a spot of blood, but it soon washed away from the coming waves. Veal picked up Cast’s shirt off; it still had goo on it from the fish demon eggs.

“Here you can die with this” Veal smiled.

“How could you” Miley cried out.

“Put her in the car” he ordered.

“What would mom say” she screamed.

“She would call me a monster” Veal laughed, as he got in the car and drove away.


Over forty fish demon surrounded the boat house. They looked at their dead comrade lying on the floor.

Who could have done this?” one demon barked.

“I don’t know, but who ever did this we will find them. I smell the scent of one of our eggs” another said. The sky was dark and filled with hate; the dead fishermen were beginning to smell more. Cast climbed out of the sea; he gasped for air. He rolled over onto his back and looked at the dark cloud covering the clouds. Cast was still bleeding, but he didn’t care.

“Miley” he whispered. He then stood up and limped away from the bay.

“I have to find her” he thought. Cast leaped onto a building, when he landed he fell to his knees. Cast’s wounds opened up more.

“Damn it” he coughed.

“You look like you need help” Lucy giggled; she reached her hand out for him.

“It’s not that bad” he groaned.

“Whatever. I’m guess that demon was too much for you” she huffed.

“It wasn’t the demon. It was an Arken. An Arken with psychic abilities” he explained.

“Really? You’re lucky to be alive then” she helped him up.

 “He took over. It might have been for only a second, but he took over my body” Cast coughed.

“Who?” she asked.

“Origin” he muttered.

“You should rest” Lucy suggested, while wrapping his arm around her neck.

“I can’t I have to save Miley. Put those wound healing bandages on me. I just need to save her” he yelled. Lucy looked at him; she could see he was in pain.

“Even with the bandages, your wounds won’t heal all the way” Lucy explained.

“It’s the sacrifices we make that change the world. I let them take her so they can change the world to what they want” he replied.

“Do you think you sacrificed enough” she asked.

“Yea I do, but I don’t think I sacrificed enough for change” he responded. Lucy smiled and nodded. “Okay stay still” she placed the bandages around his ribs all the way up to his chest. It started to drizzle; Cast looked down at the city.

“Do you know where she might be?” Cast asked.

“Yea. I can feel her; she is close to the old bridge” she responded. Cast fixed his mask onto his face then jumped off the roof. A boy in a red hood appeared behind Lucy.

“Should I help him?” the boy asked.

“No. He has to do this on his own” she said.


Miley was suspended nine feet in the air on a cross; she looked down at Veal and began crying.

“Don’t worry sis. It’ll be over soon” he smiled.

“I don’t care what happens to me. I’m just sorry I brought Cast down with me: she sobbed.

“Remember when it was me hanging up there. Mother had change the records to state that you were an Avex and me just a prophet. No one came to my rescue. I had to show them that I was the true Avex by showing them my power. Too bad it was after they burned my face” he gently rubbed his face.

“You killed mother” Miley cried.

“She loved you more. I never understood why” he sighed. Veal lit six candles in the room. The room was huge and filled with over fifty Arkens. Veal took out a large black book and read from it.

“Distant light please accept our offering, drowning ears and blind eye, inhale life from life. This one will equal all. All exist because of one” he chanted. The room shook violently. Cast busted into the room; three Arken charged him. Cast quickly cut them down.

“So he is alive” Veal smirked. Cast blocked five swords at once; he pushed them all back. His wounds began to open, but the bandages stopped the bleeding.

“Cast!” Miley cried out. Cast looked up at her; he nodded his head and continued making his way to her.

“With this blade I shall return your gift” Veal continued the chant. Cast jumped over the crowd of people and landed next to Veal. Cast swung his sword,, but Veal blocked. Veal pushed him into a wall. Cast head butted him, then stabbed him in the leg. He then kicked Veal in the chest. Cast ran towards Miley, but was stopped by an invisible force; he turned to see that it was Veal. Veal smashed him into the wall.

“You thought you could stop this” Veal laughed.

“There’s a reason I didn’t take my sword out of you” Cast smiled, his lips were covered in blood. Cast’s sword shot out shards. Veal’s leg blew off. Cast fell from the wall; he gasped for air. Cast looked up to see an army of Arkens surrounding him.

“Stop this!” Miley screamed; she looked down at Cast.

“I can’t have you die here” she said; her tears were falling out slower.

“I can save you” he coughed. Miley shook her head.

“You can’t. I’ll be your sacrifice ” she replied.

“No” Cast paused; he felt an invisible force picking him up again, but it wasn’t Veal this time, it was Miley. The force took Cast out the room and dropped him. The door then slowly closed behind him. As the door closed Cast could see Miley picking the blade up with her mind and pointing it at her chest.

“Miley!” Cast yelled. The door fully closed and locked; he banged on the door rapidly. After four minutes of banging Cast finally stopped and slid down on the door. The door opened slowly. Cast quickly stood up and looked inside.

“Help me” Veal cried out as a fish demon ripped off his arm. The Arkens were being killed by the fish demon. Cast looked up at Miley and saw the knife in her chest; he could feel that she was dead. Cast walked inside and looked around. Arkens were being eaten all around the room.

“What are you doing here child? After we are done eating them. We are going to lay are eggs in what’s left of their bodies. They will regret messing with our nest” the demon picked Cast’s shirt off the ground. It still had the egg’s goo on it.

“I’m just here to get my sword” Cast walked over to his sword and picked it up. Veal grabbed his leg.

“You can’t leave us like this” he said.

“I guess it’s time for some one other then me to sacrifice something” Cast replied, while kicking Veal’s hand away and walking out of the house. Cast put his sword into his sheathe and jumped onto a roof. The rain poured down. Cast took off his mask and looked at the sky.

“Are you okay?” Lucy asked.

“You know what I love about the rain? It hides tears” Cast turned to Lucy.

“Yea” she whispered back.

“Yea” he repeated. “Yea.”



© 2010 karmic

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Amazing simple amazing bro. You could feel Cast's desperation, hate and love clouding his judgement...... but t he only thing i want to see is if he will be able to save himself...

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Posted 14 Years Ago

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