Zemia Chata: Boiling Point

Zemia Chata: Boiling Point

A Chapter by karmic

“Cast!” Sara cried out, while looking around the remains of the bridge. “He can’t be gone” she muttered; she wiped the tears out of her eyes and continued searching for any signs of Cast.

“Cast you idiot. You betray me then leave me here alone” Sara cried.

“Don’t move!” A soldier commanded. Sara stopped in her tracks and fell to her knees.

“He really is gone” Sara whispered.

“I said don’t move!” The soldier yelled. The soldier shot his gun at Sara. The bullet was an inch away from Sara’ head, then it stopped. Sara’s heart skipped a beat, as she exhaled.
“What the hell?” The soldier was confused by the events. The remains of the bridge shook and lifted up into the air. Cast stood between it all.

“Cast?” Sara muttered. Sara looked at his dark eyes and shook her head. “No. That’s not him”

“About time” Origin laughed. The soldier shot four more times. Origin disappeared and so did the soldier’s arm. Origin appeared behind the soldier with his arm inside of his hand. The soldier spun around and pulled the trigger with the arm he still had, but before the bullet came out Origin thrusted the soldier’s detached arm into his throat. Fifteen more soldiers came running down the steps.

“Remember our deal” Cast said.

“I know. I know” Origin barked. He wiped all of the soldiers out with one swipe of his hand. The ship shook and began sinking; water shot up from the floor.

“Come on!” Origin barked, while grabbing Sara’s hand and jumping onto the balcony.

“What are you doing?” Sara asked.

“Shut up and hold on” Origin said. Origin killed two more soldiers with one hand and jumped again. Origin shot out of the ship while holding onto Sara’s hand.

“He is saving me?” Sara thought.

“Are you ok back there” Origin asked, as the both soar through the air.

“Yes!” Sara answered, quickly.

“Isn’t he suppose to be the bad side of Cast?” Sara thought. she looked up at his face and saw that the dark eyes were still there.

“Cas-“ Sara was interrupted by Origin pulling her closer and landing on the beach.

“Ok that’s it” Cast yelled.

“I guess this is bye for now” Origin kissed Sara’s hand and fainted.


Devin slid across the floor and shot Nelson in the legs. Nelson fell on all fours. Nelson stood up and rammed Devin into the wall. Devin continued to shoot Nelson. Nelson wrapped his hand around Devin’s throat.

“I’m not going to let you kill me” Devin gasped for air. Devin pulled out a grenade and removed it’s pin. The grenade dropped out of Devin’s hand and rolled to the barrels of fuel, and blew up.



“Joey wait” Amy said.

“What?” Joey asked; he stopped walking and looked down the street.

“She is following us” Amy searched around.

“Who?” Joey squinted his eyes to see through the dark roads ahead. Joey took a step ahead and felt an enormous amount of pressure on his body. It felt as if something had passed through him.

“Joey behind you!” Amy alerted him, but it was too late.

“Smart girl” Lucy muttered, as she held her sword closer to Joey’s throat.

“What do you want?” Amy barked.

“Well you are my enemy right? So I have to do to you what every person does to their enemy. Remove them” Lucy smiled.

“We both know your strength is not capable of that with that seal still on your leg. How would Cast feel if he knew you killed his little brother” Joey said, as if he didn’t fear the blade at his throat.

“How does he know about that?” Lucy thought.

“Did you bring someone else?” Joey asked.

“No wh-“ Lucy felt something walking towards them. A man with long blonde hair that went below his shoulder and wore a vest appeared.

“An angel?” Lucy muttered; she felt the weight that her blade was leaning on disappear. Lucy turned to see that Joey was out of her reach.

“Lucifer’s little girl with Vibles. How unsightly” The angel spit on the ground. Amy took a step closer, but Joey grabbed her arm.

“Who are you?” Joey asked.

“An angel of the great being. My name is Dalzell” he replied.

“Huh a weak soldier of an even weaker king” Joey responded. Dalzell pulled out a sword out of thin air.

“I agree I’m not the strongest of angels, but our king is not the weak one here” Dalzell charged at Joey.

“Where is his weapon?” Lucy mumbled.

“He doesn’t have one, but he has the soul for the weapon” Amy said.

“What?” Lucy asked. Joey dodged the attack and flipped in the air.

“Joey is a unique one. His weapon’s soul possesses a strange talent” Amy sat down on the curve and watched the fight.

“What’s that?” Lucy questioned. Joey grabbed a pole and it transformed into a spear.

“Joey’s weapon’s soul can go into any object he wants and transforms it” Amy explained. Dalzell sung his sword again, but it was blocked by Joey’s spear. Joey spun the spear and knocked Dalzell back. Dalzell regained his balance and charged again. Joey ducked and stabbed Dalzell in the stomach. Joey lifted him into the air with the spear and threw him. Joey touched the ground and the street turned into spikes, while the spear tuned back into a normal pole. Dalzell fell into the spikes and the spike pulled him into the ground.

“Thanks Velsen” Joey whispered. Joey turned to Amy and saw that Lucy was not there anymore.



Cast awoke on the beach; he turned to see Sara with her head buried inside of her arms.

“Sara- Don’t” she interrupted. “Don’t say anything. You already made up your mind” she whispered. Cast heard her crying before he woke up. Sara stood up and looked at him; tears still filled her eyes but didn’t leave them.

“I just stayed to make sure you were alright” Sara explained.

“I’m sorr- You love her don’t you?” she interrupted again. Cast looked down at the sand.

“I kind of knew it from the start, but I’ve been convincing myself that it was a lie” Sara laughed to herself.

“I know that I was wrong. Maybe nothing in this world could make you forgive me. So you should stay away from me” Cast said, coldly, while standing up out of the sand.

“What? You want me to leave you?” Sara asked, the tears finally leaving her eyes.

“Its better that way” he replied.

“Better this way?” Sara repeated.

“I almost got you killed because I could not choose” Cast responded. Sara looked at him for awhile; he didn’t dare look back. Sara took two steps back and began running.

“I know it doesn’t mean much to you, but I really I’m sorry” Cast muttered. He watched as she ran away from him.

“And I promise I’ll still be here for you” Cast said, as he put his hands into his pocket and walked home.



"Why did you stop our fight?" Raphael asked. He sat down on the bed inside the dark room. Suzie turned the light on and exposed the room’s beauty. The room was colorful and gave a warm feel. Two windows laid on the right side of the room. A lamp sat at the side of the queen size bed, the lamp was in the shape of an angel. The light brown carpet matched with the burgundy walls and silky blinds.

"Father you were going to try and kill Cast weren’t you?" Suzie avoided his question.

"No, But- But what?" Suzie interrupted.

"I might have had to kill him because of Origin" he admitted. Suzie sat down next to Raphael and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I just wish me, you, and brother could live together again" she mumbled. Raphael lifted his eye brow; he placed his arm around her.

"Me too" he whispered.




Lorey crawled to the beach’s shore; her hair was soak with water and was dangling in front of her face like strings.

"Devin" Lorey said, and then coughed up sea water. She looked down at her shoulder where the bullet in her laid.

"Why? Why did he do this to me again? He left me alone again" Lorey rolled over on her back and watched the ship sink.

"Looks like you been through a lot young lady" A man said from behind her. Lorey quickly got to her feet; she saw a tall brown man; the man held a cigarette between his lips. Lorey clutched her shoulder.

"Don’t push yourself" The man blew cigarette smoke into the air. The smoke traveled above the man’s bold head.

"Who are you?" Lorey asked.

"My name is Vince" The man smiled. Lorey noticed the gun at Vince’s hip. Lorey looked back up at his face.

"What are you doing here?" she coughed. She saw that she was losing blood fast.

"I should be asking you the same thing, but then again I already know" Vince removed the cigarette from his mouth.

"You’re a pup aren’t you? The president’s dog" Vince grinned.

"I’m nothing like that" Lorey replied.

"No? Then what happened on that ship?” Vince pointed at the ship that was more then half way under water. Lorey put her head down and thought of all the people that died.

"It’s ok. I was also in the army, but that was a long time ago" Vince looked at the blood coming from Lorey.

"A time when I was able to call myself human" he mumbled. Vince began walking away.

"You still didn’t tell me why you were here" she called out.

"Oh yea. I almost forgot" Vince sighed. He turned and shot a bullet towards Lorey; she ducked and fell to the floor. Blood dripped on Lorey’s head, but it was not hers; she looked up and saw a demon standing over with a bullet inside of its head. The demon fell backwards and turned into ash.

"Good thing your reflexes are great because if they were just good you would be dead" Vince put the cigarette back into his mouth. Lorey panted in fear; she couldn’t catch her breath.

"Maybe you should join me or maybe you would want to stay with your friend" Vince pointed. Lorey turned and saw Devin floating unconsciously in the water.

"Devin!" she yelled, happily, as she ran into the water and pulled him out. Lorey turned back around and saw that Vince was gone.

Cast walked down the path leading to his house; he was still recapping on what had happened that night. He remembered what Aeon had said about him protecting Dawn. Cast balled up a fist in the thought.

“But I guess because of him that both Sara and Dawn made it out alive” Cast muttered to himself. He saw his house from where he was standing; he noticed two people standing in front of it. Cast took a few more steps and saw that it was Aeon and Dawn. Cast watched as Dawn wrapped her arms around Aeon’s neck and kissed him.

“Well this is a sad sight” Lucy placed her hand on Cast’s shoulder. Lucy could feel Cast’s heart beat from his shoulder. They felt like they were dying.

“At least she’s safe. Right?” Cast whispered. Lucy could tell by his voice that he was holding back from crying.

“Yea” Lucy replied, while wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head on his back. Cast faced his head down to the ground.

“I can’t hold it in” Cast muttered; a tear fell from his eye to the ground.

“All this power and I can’t hold a simple tear” he sighed. Lucy held on to him tighter; both Lucy and Cast’s hearts felt like one.

“I can’t tell him about his brother yet. I know he’s going to hate me for not telling him earlier, but it’s better then him hating himself” Lucy thought, while slowly loosing her grip on Cast. Cast felt the comfort of Lucy’s arms disappear. He knew she was already gone. Cast watched as Dawn pulled her lips away from Aeon’s; she placed her head on Aeon’s chest. Dawn glanced down the street and saw Cast take a step back and disappear. Dawn let go of Aeon ran to where Cast was standing; she looked around but didn’t see him.


Julia appeared on York Island with Louse and Arsine; she pulled the hood off her head and exposed her long red hair and green eyes.

“About time you guys came back. I’m got tired of watching the baby” Welch barked. Welch paused and looked Arsine.

“Who is he?” Welch asked.

“He is the first of all Vibles” the baby replied.

“It can talk!” Welch yelled, while pointing at the baby.

“So this is what you have been reduced to old man?” Arsine smiled. He walked past Welch. Welch could feel the energy spilling out of Arsine.

“What is he?” Welch thought.

“Well my son, are you ready for war?” The baby asked, as Arsine stopped in front of him.

“As always father” he bowed his head.

“Who is this kid?” Welch mumbled.

“It’s sad that you don’t recognize your own father” Joyce walked into the room.

“Where have you been?” Louse asked.

“I went to go watch the waves. They seem angry tonight, something must have happened” Joyce shrugged. She turned to Welch who was examining the child.

“He can’t be” Welch thought.

“I can’t be what? God?” A voice entered Welch’s head; it was the child’s voice. Welch took a step back and bowed his head quickly.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry” Welch repeated over and over. Ramiel walked into the room and looked at Arsine.

“So that’s him” Ramiel thought. Arsine sent a grin towards Ramiel. Ramiel then turned to Julia who has not said anything since arriving.

“When are you going to let him out for air?” Ramiel laughed.

“How did you-“ Julia paused. “Of course you knew. You were the closest to him” Julia said. She lifted up her shirt where a portal laid. A hand reached out of it and crawled out. A man fell out of the portal and Julia’s stomach turned back to normal.

“Welcome back….William” Ramiel greeted.


Cast sliced a demon in half and blasted him into pieces. Seven more demon ran towards him. Cast vanished and reappeared in front of them. He stabbed one demon in the stomach; his sword glowed and shot off a blast of energy. Only the demon’s head was left.

“What do you want? We did nothing” A demon cried out. Cast didn’t answer he continued slaying them one by one. When he was done he just stood there like a mindless robot.

“I really I’m pathetic aren’t I” Cast said. “I’m like a child who destroys everything when things don’t go his way” he continued. Cast took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. It’s not the first time I did this. At the hospital it was the same thing” Cast thought. He punched the ground, he heard his knuckles crack. Cast lifted his hand up and observed the cracks in the ground that were slowly being filled with his blood.

“Origin if you want this life then take it. You can have my body!!” he yelled.

“This is unexpected” Origin said.

“I just don’t want to be here anymore” Cast cried, his tears mixed in with the blood on the ground.

“It’s funny I was really starting to like you” Origin laughed.

“Some things are just unable to be fixed” Cast muttered. Sara watched Cast from the alley.

“Cast” she whispered.

“I don’t belong here” Cast barked.

“I wish I could take your body, but I won’t be able to fully take over it” Origin explained. Cast sat on the curve and placed his head in his arms.

“Don’t tell me that” Cast mumbled; he felt small rain drops fall on his head, the drops quickly multiplied.

“Please don’t say that” Cast repeated. He felt someone standing over him. Cast looked up and saw a hand reaching out to him.

“Get up!” Sara barked.

“I told yo- I know what you told me, but I’m not the one who needs protecting right now” She interrupted.

“How can you ever forgive me” Cast asked.

“I didn’t. I can’t start forgiving you until you forgive yourself “ she replied.  “I won’t let this pain build up inside of you like this.”

 Cast looked into her beautiful eyes and grabbed her hand. “I don’t deserver her” he thought, as she pulled him up. Cast stood up, his lips and hers were almost touching.

“It’s too early don’t you think” Sara smiled.

“Yea your right” Cast sighed. She looked at his hand.

“We should get that bandaged up” Sara said, cheerfully.

“Why are you helping me?” Cast asked.

“Years ago you saved my life. Remember that?” Sara pointed to Cast’s chest.

“That’s how you got that scar there. I still need to repay the favor” Sara smiled. Cast stood quiet and slowly nodded his head. Cast notice her shiver from the cold rain. He wrapped his arm around her. Both Cast and Sara began walking; Sara looked up at Cast and shook her head.

“It’s sad isn’t it?” Sara asked.

“What is?” Cast questioned.

“That fact that I can’t stop falling for you” she replied. Cast pulled a cigarette from out of his pocket and lit it.

“Keep this up and I’ll be the death of you” he smile. Sara pulled the cigarette from out of his mouth and placed it in hers.

“Bring it on” she smiled back.


Three hours later.

 Lucy sat on the roof of Cast’s house; a small spark of fire brushed against her cheek. She nodded slowly as the spark went by then vanished into the air.

“I guess it’s time to tell him” Lucy turned into a shadow and slipped into Cast’s house.

“But will Cast be able to stop them now?” she thought, as she slide down stairs still in her shadow form. Lucy stopped in font of Rez then turned back into her human form human.

“Rez are you ready to serve under me again” Lucy asked.

“Ho- how did you know it was me?” Rez asked, stuttering.

“Like I wouldn’t know the scent of my bodyguard” she replied.

“Ha. Always the smart one” Rez chuckled, his voice changed into a deeper tone. “What is it that you need?” Rez finally asked.

“I need you to help me bring Origin to the surface of Cast’s body” Lucy began walking back up the steps.

“You want to let Origin out?” Rez yelled.

“Quiet down” Lucy hit him on top of the head. “I need you to jump into Cast’s body” she continued up the steps with Rez behind her. Rez began transforming as he walked up the steps. When reaching the top step Rez was in his natural form. Rez’s true form was that of a wolf demon. Rez’s black and grey fur stood up like spikes on his neck; his teeth sprouted out like long thick blades.

“I haven’t been in this form since you were a little girl” Rez stretched.

“I like the cat form better” she muttered. They entered Cast’s room; he was fast asleep. Lucy could hear him mumbling in his sleep. Rez nodded his head and jumped into Cast’s body; Lucy waited awhile then followed behind him.


Alex dropped Milphree off into her bed; she had already fallen asleep and her bleeding had completely stopped. Alex brushed the hair away from her eyes; he stopped and looked at his hands. They were still pretty numb from being frozen.

“Who was that guy?” Alex thought, as he placed his hands into his pocket and jumped out the window.

“That woman….I felt her soul before somewhere else” Alex said to himself. he then remembered what Lucy had said that day about seeing her sister.

“That’s right I felt it that day when Lucy claimed see seen her sister, but could that mean that woman was Julia. Inside of Julia I felt another presents. It felt like him” Alex chuckled to himself.

“That can’t be. I saw him after Cast killed him” Alex paused. “Why was Lucy so interested in seeing my father die?”


Cast awoke on a steaming rock; he stood up quickly and looked around. Cast could her screaming in the distance.

“Could this be- Hell?” Lucy interrupted. She walked out of a dark spot in the room and came closer to Cast.

“Why am’ I here?” Cast asked.

“I have to show you something” Lucy grabbed Cast’s arm and disappeared, they reappeared in front of a chamber. The chamber was broken open and filled with ice.

“Ice in hell?” Cast thought.

“This chamber kept the first Vible trapped inside” she said.

“The first?” Cast repeated. Lucy nodded her head, but didn’t take her eyes off the chamber.

“What makes this one so special?” Cast asked.

“This one named Arsine was made differently. Arsine was god’s unborn son” Lucy responded

“How can god have an unborn son?” Cast questioned, curiously.

“Arsine was unborn because god had to sell Arsine’s soul away to save the living. At the time of war between heaven and hell the humans were being killed and controlled by mass amounts of demons. God used his own son to purify the world” Lucy touched the chamber; she could still feel Arsine’s soul and hate.

“God noticed that even though he made that huge sacrifice. Humans were still sinning. God then became angry. God was able to bring Arsine back by making a deal with my father. They both used and gave Arsine their powers. Arsine came back, but because of my father’s demonic soul, Arsine was nor an angel or a demon. Arsine killed and lusted. Arsine was soon locked away after killing four arch angels. One Including Raphael” Lucy explained.

“I thought my father was Raphael” he replied.

“Raphael is but a rank, like the other Arch angel names” she said.

“Who helped him escape?” Cast questioned.

“My sister. She is working for god” Lucy sighed.

“I thought god was dead” Cast shouted.

“We thought he was, but he split his soul into two and put them into two different people” Lucy groaned.

“How could all of you let that happen?” Cast said back.

“Listen Cast. Dawn and Alex coming back was never a coincidence. It was all planned out. I had to reach both Dawn and Alex before they did. As fate may have it you would run into them first. That is why once done talking to Dawn, I came and approached you. They came here because I attacked York island, so when the Vibles came it was too late” Lucy paused and looked at Cast.

“But why them?” Cast’s voice turned into more of a whisper; he had an idea of what she was about to say, but it hurt too much thinking about it Lucy looked at the ground.

“You know what I’m trying to say already don’t you? Dawn and Alex both hold god’s soul. They will be sacrificed to god so he can regain his powers back. That day you destroyed the hospital. I was not really worried about you; I followed Alex to make sure he didn’t meet his father. The soldiers that you killed that day were shells with someone else’s soul inside of them. If you didn’t noticed they didn’t burn up right away when you killed them and took their souls.  Also when you killed Alex’s father his soul didn’t come out because it was never there; he was an empty shell too. If Alex would have saw his father before you. This would have been all over. That same night Origin spoke to you because William’s job was to wake him that night and he did. Origin is not your father’s dark soul, he is yours. Your father extracted him out of you during experiments. Your father then placed Origin inside of himself. Origin possessed your father that day. Origin  past back onto you that day, after your father died. That’s how you got that scar on you chest and why you don’t remember everything” Lucy explained, and then took a deep breath.

“May I ask you something?” Cast scratched his head.

“Hm?” Lucy groaned.

“”If I’m down here then who the hell in controlling my body?” Cast yelled.


Origin opened up his eyes and stretched; he looked around the room confusedly as he yawned.

“How did I get out here” he muttered, while standing up to his feet. Origin looked in the mirror and saw that he was controlling Cast’s body.

“I’m free!?” Origin shouted, happily. Origin looked deeper into his eyes to make sure.

“Cast? Did he finally die?” Origin chuckled to himself.

“No” a voice came from inside of him. Origin recognized the voice, it was owned by Rez.

“How did you get inside of me? Also where is the kid?” Origin questioned.

“You don’t need to know anything right now. All you have to do is stay here. Don’t think about running off and killing people. I’ am suppressing most of your power while I’m in here” Rez explained.

“So I’m being used to cover up Cast being gone huh” Origin smiled.


© 2010 karmic

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This story is mad deep.... Its amazing. I like how you have taken religion and the stories we know, and twisted them to fit wonderfully in this tale

Posted 14 Years Ago

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