Zemia Chata: Death Of The loyal

Zemia Chata: Death Of The loyal

A Chapter by karmic


Mourning came but the sun didn’t welcome Cast to the new day, clouds formed to gather making a hateful mask for the sky. Cast awoke from the tiny rain drops paddling on his roof; he got up from bed and looked in the mirror. He put his fingers through his straight hair.

“Looks like my wounds didn’t fully heal” Cast thought; he flexed his muscles to see any weak points in his body. Origin eyes kept on appearing in the mirror, thunder struck the clouds making a painful noise.

“So they’re finally here” Lucy said; Cast turned to see her sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Who is coming?” he asked, while closing the shades on his window.

“The angels, they come to regain order, they come to kill you” she explained.

“Me? Why me?” Cast worriedly asked.

“I think they can feel Origin, his power is increasing and soon he will take you over, once that happens he is probably going to destroy everything” Lucy said back. Lighting started to strike the earth; she then counted the lighting strikes that touched the earth.

“Four, they send four down for you” Lucy said; she then left the room. “Be ready for anything” she added.

“I will be” he muttered. One last light flashed upon the earth then the storm faded away.

“Five” Cast counted, whispering. Cast then made his way down the steps and saw Dawn already up; she was pacing back and forth with her arms folded; her face was painted with sadness.

“Hey, Dawn” he greeted, trying to figure out what she was pacing for. Dawn turned to see him approaching her; she then stopped pacing and that sad face turned into anger.

“Where were you, I told you to stay where you were when you fell off the cliff, I missed class because of you. Were you in your room all that time?” she barked.

“I’m ok. Truly I’ am” Cast tried to assure her.

“Then why are you bandaged up? Mr. I’m ok” she asked, but already knowing the answer.

“Well I… I’ am still a little hurt” Cast admitted. “You don’t have to worry I’ll be alright”

“You’re so stubborn” she said shaking her head.

“You’re one to talk you’re always trying to get the truth out of everyone” Cast argued. Cast grabbed his towel and walked towards the bathroom.

“I’m glad you’re okay” Dawn whispered, as Cast walked by her.

“You and me both” he muttered to himself, as he entered the bathroom. There was a knock at the door. Dawn walked over to answer it; when Dawn opened the door she saw long red hair flow in.

“Hello, I’m Joey’s nurse” Lucy greeted.

“Um, welcome, aren’t you the school’s nurse?” Dawn questioned; she stepped back so Lucy could come in.

“Yes, you are correct. Ever since the hospital been destroyed by some careless fool, my work is being called from all over the place” Lucy explained. Cast ran out the bathroom in his towel from the sound of Lucy’s voice.

“You must be Cast” she said, while looking at her clipboard.

“Yea” Cast said; he looked at Lucy strangely.

“You’re kinda cute” Lucy said, pressing her body onto Cast.

“He’s taken” Dawn said, while pulling Cast away.

“By you? Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I thought you two were brother and sister. You’re not right?” Lucy asked, while blinking at both of them.

“Of course were not brother and sister and no he’s not taken by me” Dawn said.

“That’s to bad, you two look great together” Lucy complimented. She walked into the house and walked towards Joey’s room.

“Is this it?” Lucy pointed to the room door; Dawn nodded her head. Lucy opened the door and entered then closed the door behind her.

“What is Lucy doing” Cast thought; he ran up the steps to his room. Cast wet bandages hung from him. Cast took the bandages off and put some clothes on. He ran down stairs to see Joey’s door was still closed.

“They’re still in there” Dawn sighed from behind him. Cast turned to see Dawn who was wearing a towel and putting lipstick on.

“Don’t look at me like that” Dawn said, while reentering the bathroom. “I’ll meet you at school” she called out from the bathroom. Cast nodded his head even though Dawn couldn’t see him. Cast grabbed his bag and walked out the house.





Cast jumped onto the roof and leaped to another; Cast looked down while leaping to another roof top and saw Amy being stalked by four men.

“Hey, I see you’re an Arken, how about I show you the power of god” One man said. The other to three men laughed and continued following her.

“Wait up, don’t run away” The same man said, while running in front of her.

Amy looked at him with a cold look then brushed past him.

“That’s rude, maybe we really should teach her a lesson James” another man joked.

“Maybe I should” James agreed, while licking his lips and grabbing Amy’s short black hair. Cast sat on the roof and looked at the sight.

“Hm, nothing like morning scum” Cast thought; he put on his mask and went to unsheathe his sword but stopped. James fell on the floor blood slid down his neck; the other three men then started to bleed as they fell to the floor and died. Amy didn’t even glance she just kept on going, her short hair started to bounce as she skipped down the street.

“What the hell” Cast took of his mask and jumped down to the dead men.

“What is she?” he asked himself. Cast then continued onto school. Cast made it into school and ran to his class before the bell rung. Cast sat down next to Amy; she turned and smiled at him then turned to the board. Dawn walked into the room with Sara and Alex.

“About time you’re here” Cast said, looking at Dawn.

“Well you did hog the bathroom this mourning” Dawn responded, while sitting down next to Ronald.

“I only used it for five minutes” he barked.

“Well it seems like you two are getting along fine” Sara teased; she sat down on the opposite side of Cast.

“Sure” Dawn said, sarcastically. “So where’s our teacher?”

“Yea, that’s right you weren’t here yesterday. We got a new teacher, it seems the nurse is our teacher” Alex explained.

“The nurse is our teacher. She was just at my- I mean Cast house” Dawn fumbled her words.

“She was? Why?” Sara asked; she looked at Cast who was looking at Amy.

“Already eyeing other girls” Sara thought, her hand turned into a fist.

“She is Joey’s new Nurse” Dawn explained.

“I heard the prom was canceled into next week” Alex said, changing the subject.

“Yea, it is. Something about they’re using the gym as a hospital” Sara whispered to Alex.

“Why are you whispering?” Alex whispered back. Sara pointed to Lorey who was in the back of the room sulking.

“Of course” Alex laughed. Lucy entered the room; she walked by Cast and left a note on his desk while walking to her own. He opened it and read it.

“The first deal has been done” the note read. He looked up at Lucy with a confused look on his face, but Lucy already started teaching. Cast looked around the room, he saw different personalities just by looking at they’re face, accept for one.

“Who are you” Cast thought, while looking at Amy.

“Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong” Amy said.

“What?” he thought. Forty minutes later the bell rung when class was over. Cast walked up to the roof of the school and looked down.

“What is happening around here?” Cast thought; he threw a rock of the roof.

“Are you ready?” A voice summoned from behind. Cast turned to see a boy his age wearing a red hood, the hood blocked Cast from seeing his face.

“Who are you?” Cast asked; he unsheathed his sword when noticing the two swords on the boy’s side. The boy then pulled out both swords and attacked. Cast blocked, both swords clashed making an eerie noise.

“Well now I guess it doesn’t matter who you are. You’re still going to die” Cast pushed forward throwing the boy back. Cast shot shards out of his sword, but the boy was able to hit all of them away.

“That’s all, I thought you had something to fight for” The boy teased. Cast charged; his movement cut the wind in half. Cast rained down continues strikes, but the boy just blocked them all. Cast grabbed the boy’s hood and pulled it over his face.

“Hey that’s cheating Cast” The boy yelled. Cast flipped the hood up and stepped back.

“Alex…” Cast paused.



“Hello” Alex greeted, while putting his swords away.

“Hello? That’s all you can say, how about explaining why you’re here” he barked. Cast also put his sword away.

“Cast don’t be angry. I only did this to protect you” Alex explained.

“So you’re working for Lucy too?” Cast asked.

“Yup pretty much. I knew you needed help when you went to the hospital, but I was not able to help you. Now I can help you with these powers” he finished explaining. The sun grew faint as it hid behind the clouds once again. Cast shook his head and smiled.

“You where always one to follow, but now you’re following me to hell” Cast laughed.

“I guess I’ am” he admitted; Alex sat on the edge of the roof.

“Why didn’t Lucy tell me? Even more mind bobbling, why didn’t Alex tell me? I don’t think I can trust him either. Until I know his true intentions I must act like I trust him” he thought, while sitting next to Alex.

“You can use him” Origin tried to convince Cast.

“What do you mean?” Cast thought: he passed Alex a rock to throw off the school; Alex took the rock and threw it.

“Information on Lucy and the other girl you’re interested in” Origin continued.

“I see” Cast thought. “Hey Alex” Cast started.

“Yea?” Alex asked, waiting for the question.

“What do you know about Amy?” he questioned, while throwing a rock.

“I think she is a little to young for you. I mean she is only sixteen” Alex laughed.

“That’s not what I meant” he yelled.

“I don’t know much. Only that she is mostly quiet. Hey, you sit next to her now. You should know more about her” Alex said. Cast stood up and jumped off the roof.

“Thank you” Cast called out while falling.

“No problem” Alex said, puzzled; he stood up and walked away. Cast landed in a tree; he climbed out the tree and onto the ground. Cast walked to the abandon city; he looked at where he fought Sean.

“So this is what you’ve done” Cast said observing the ruins.

“No, this is what we did. You were there too” Origin said back. The ground was covered in sand; the wind blew making the sand turn into a mini sand storm. Cast saw a small movement in the ruble, a small boy pop out with a piece of sharp glass in his hand. The boy’s face was dirty and his clothes ripped.

“Get out of here” The boy yelled, while pointing the piece of glass at Cast.

“It’s ok” Cast assured; Cast went to grab the boy but his hands went through him.

“Just leave me alone” The boy cried. A large shadow appeared behind the boy and grabbed him. The shadow turned into a human like form, the form was a teenage girl with short pink hair. The girl held the little boy in her hands.

“What are you doing” Cast yelled; he tried to reach for the boy, but the boy fazed into the girl

“Don’t worry he’s in a better place now. My name’s Lily” The girl said. Lily wore a black robe with a belt wrapped around it with small sculls.

“Why did you do that?” Cast barked.

“Well because it’s my job as the grim reaper silly” Lily explained.



“So you’re the grim reaper” Cast said; he sat down on a rock and looked the girl in her purple eyes.

“You don’t seem surprised” Lily said, confusedly.

“Why should I be, it was quite obvious that I’ll meet you face to face. I have been taking souls which is your job” he replied.

“Well you’re a smart one” she giggled. Lily grabbed Cast wrist and leaned forward looking deeply into his eyes. “Well it’s not long before I come for you and it seems your soul has split into two. This means you share a body with some else, sooner of later one side will be devoured”

“I’ll die when all is done” Cast pulled away and began walking off.

“I see, but your friends will die before it’s done. Try to fill that hole with the justice you seek. The hole will only get bigger and hunger for more then justice” Lily mumbled, as she disappeared into the sand. Cast got home and sat on the couch.

“You don’t even realize” Origin said.

“What are you talking about” Cast thought out loud while taking off his shoes.

“Your memories are disappearing, you have not thought about Suzie in awhile or your father. I’ am slowly taking them away like I’ am your body” Origin explained.

“What!?” Cast asked angrily.

“Your mind is almost mine” Origin continued.

“I won’t let that happen” he assured himself. Dawn walked into the room and saw Cast laying down on the couch thinking.

“A penny for your thoughts” Dawn joked; she sat down next to Cast.

“Uh, it’s nothing” Cast replied slowly. He was trying to remember Suzie and his father, but notice it was getting harder.

“I guess you’ll never tell me anything” Dawn calmly said: She stood up and looked at Cast who was still looking up at the ceiling.

“Wait. You’re right, I should tell you this” Cast admitted, while turning his attention to her.

“Well this is new” Dawn joked at first but then stopped at the look of Cast face.

“I can’t remember” Cast started; Cast eyes filled up with tears.

“You can’t remember what?” Dawn asked, while sitting back down next to him.

“I can’t remember my sister and father” Cast yelled: he put his hand over his face to hide his tears, but Dawn gently pulled his hand down.

“You don’t have to hide your tears form me or anyone else” Dawn consoled him. She laid down on top of Cast and wrapped her arms around him. Dawn could feel his tears roll down her face. Dawn looked up at Cast then put her lips near his.

“No this is wrong, he’s not mine” she thought, as she rested her head back on Cast chest. Both Cast and Dawn fell asleep.



Ronald walked into his dark and lonely house; he walked into his room but then stopped from the feeling of something watching him. Ronald turned around to see a man at his bedroom door.

“Who are you?” he said, while grabbing the knife from under his pillow.

“I’ am Tike a angel of the lord. Would you like to know who killed your grandfather?” The man asked.



Cast woke up to see Dawn still sleeping on his chest; he tried to get up without waking her, but then heard Dawn talking in her sleep and stopped.

“Please no. please stop beating me” she muttered in her sleep. Cast grabbed her shoulder and shook it. Dawn then jolted up and head butted Cast. Cast slid of the couch in a daze; he looked at the floor and rubbed his head.

“I’m sorry” she apologized, while rubbing her sore head.

“It’s ok” Cast said back. “Hey what were you dreaming about?” Cast asked; he stopped rubbing his head and looked up at Dawn who has not answered him yet.

“I don’t feel I should tell you yet” Dawn embarrassedly said.

“It’s fine, tell me when ever you feel you should” Cast said, while walking towards the refrigerator. Cast opened it and pulled out milk and cereal; Cast then poured both into a bowl, but stopped to see Dawn still staring at him.

“What?” Cast asked.

“Nothing. I just thought you would keep on nagging me on my dream. I didn’t think you would be so understanding” she said back. Cast looked at her with a smile. Cast poured another bowl of cereal and then walked over to Dawn with it.

“Thank you” Dawn said, while accepting the bowel of cereal.

“No problem” Cast said back: he sat down next to her, both ate in silence. Cast finished his bowel then put it into the sink. The bathroom door flew open and Joey walked out of it singing with is towel around his waist.

“What are you doing up?” Cast asked. Joey looked up at Cast with a huge grin on his face.

“Well… I wanted to surprise you, I didn’t wake you up because it looked like you and Dawn were having a moment” he teased.

“What’s that suppose to mean” Cast barked.

“Let him finish” Dawn joined; she put her bowel in the sink then looked at Joey.

“Well from what the nurse told me yesterday, I’m able to go back to school” Joey jumped up almost leaving his towel behind.

“What! That’s um great” Cast said, lacking enthusiasm.

“So that’s what she met by the first deal is done, but why now?” Cast thought.

“I don’t have Crilof anymore” Joey yelled.

“I didn’t know Crilof could be cured” Dawn said.

“The nurse said I was one of the lucky ones” Joey said, he then ran into his room. “I need to get ready for school” Joey called out.

There was a knock on the door. Cast opened the door to see Alex standing there.

“Hey” Cast greeted.

“Hey” Alex greeted back; he walked into the house and looked at Dawn.

“How are you?” Dawn asked, while grabbing her towel.

“Hm. That’s a surprise” Alex laughed.

“What’s that?” Dawn asked; she started walking towards the bathroom.

“Well usually when I come you jump up and hug me” Alex explained.

“Well, um, sorry my mind has been somewhere else” Dawn said back; Dawn looked up at Cast and smiled as she walked into the bathroom. Alex turned to Cast and began to speak when he heard the bathroom door close.

“Lucy told me there was a surprise waiting here for me. I’m pretty sure it’s not you and Dawn” Alex sat down on the couch.

“Lucy cured Joey of Crilof” Cast said quickly.

“Really? That’s amazing” Alex said.

“Yea, I guess it is, but why now” Cast replied. He looked at Joey’s door.

“I don’t know” he said back.

“It feels like she is doing things on her own will without telling anyone. Our deal did say” he paused and looked at Alex.

“Don’t you think your telling him to much” Origin joined.

“Yea, your right I’ am” Cast thought.

“Everything comes with a reason” Alex replied; he got up from the couch and walked towards the door. Alex stopped when he was back to back with Cast.

“I just wanted to know what was going on. Talk to me when you trust me” Alex said, as he walked out the door.

“Give me a reason to trust you. Then I will” Cast mumbled.





Cast closed the door behind Alex, but stopped when a foot got in the way. Cast reopened the door and saw Sara with a strange look on her face.

“Hey. What’s wrong with Alex? He just walked right past me without even saying hi. Did I do anything wrong?” she asked. Sara walked into the house and heard the shower running; she knew it was Dawn just taking her mourning shower.

“Far from your fault” he assured. Cast and Sara walked next to the couch and looked at each other.

“Then why was he mad when he left here?” she asked, but then paused. Cast hugged her; he held her like she was a part of him he was trying to get back.

“Enough questions” Cast whispered in to her ear; Cast moved his head back and saw Sara blushing; Cast then kissed her on the lips, they both fell onto the couch. Cast looked down at Sara’s blue eyes and smiled. The bathroom door opened up and Dawn walked out.

“Oh, um, sorry I didn’t know you were here” Dawn apologized; she turned her head and ran up stairs.

“What up with her?” Sara said; she looked at Cast who was still looking at the staircase.

“Nothing” he replied, as he got off of Sara. Cast grabbed his towel and walked into the bathroom. Cast took a quick shower then jumped out; he put the towel around him and walked out the bathroom. When Cast walked out the bathroom he saw Dawn and Sara talking on the couch.

“Is it true Cast? Has Joey really been cured?” Sara asked.

“Yea, it’s true” he answered, while walking up to his room and getting dressed. Cast came back down stairs and saw Joey, Dawn, and Sara waiting for him.

“Are you ready big bro” Joey called. Cast nodded his head and walked towards the door.

“This is what you wanted” Origin said.

“Yea it is, but not now, not at this point” he thought. They all walked out the house; there was not a cloud in the sky. They reached the school and got to class. Cast watched Joey as he went to class. Cast entered his class to see Sean was there, but Ronald wasn’t.

“So you’re back” Cast greeted Sean. Sean looked up at him; he still had a few bandages on him.

“I never been so close to death” he muttered, as he turned his head.  “I want a rematch some day” Sean demanded, with a smile.

“You got it” Cast agreed. He took a seat next to Amy; she turned and looked at him then dropped her pencil. Cast went to pick it up and found himself ear to ear with Amy.

“Keeping an eye on me are you” she whispered. Cast eyes opened wide as a train of sweat slid down his cheek.

“I would stay away from me if I were you. You saw my power” Amy threatened. She took the pencil out of his hand and sat back up. Cast also sat back up and smiled.

“So you did notice me. You’re stronger then I thought” he whispered.

“That’s really no reason to be smiling” Amy whispered back.

“I guess not” he admitted. Lucy walked into the room and sat down at her desk;

Cast looked up at her then turned his head. The bell rung thirty minutes later. Cast got up from his seat and walked to the door; he turned and saw that Lucy was already gone. Cast walked to the lunch and sat down in wait for his brother.

“Cast, you finally didn’t skip lunch. I heard about Joey too” Lorey said. She sat down across from him.

“Yea, I guess I didn’t” Cast admitted. Alex sat next to Lorey, and Sara next to Cast.

“Where’s Joey?” Cast asked looking around.

“Oh, I think I saw him over there” Sara pointed.

“He’s eating alone?” Alex asked, while turning his head.

“I don’t think so” Lorey laughed. Cast looked over to Joey’s direction and saw him sitting with Amy.


Cast went to get up but felt a hand pulling him back down; he turned to see Alex with a smile on his face,

“Now, now, don’t be jealous. Like I said before she is too young for you” Alex said, jokingly; he turned to see a textbook flying at his head. The textbook hit Alex in the head making him fall back in his chair.

“Leave him alone” Lorey barked; she walked over and picked the textbook up, then returned back to her seat.

“We’re in a lunchroom, why are you carrying a textbook around?” Alex cried. he stood back up and took a seat while rubbing his head. Alex gave Lorey an evil glance, but then turned his head to see she returned the glance.

“Where’s Ronald?” Cast asked, while looking around the lunchroom.

“I don’t know. Ronald has been acting weird ever since his grandfather died. That was all the family he had left” Sara explained.

“We all have lost people recently. Even some that are not dead” Dawn joined; she took a seat next to Alex who was still sobbing over the textbook. Cast looked at Dawn and took a bite of his food; he then stood up and walked away.

“I have to go” Cast said, as he threw his tray in the garbage, then left the school. Cast walked to the beach and sat under what was left of the cliff.

“Is that girl getting to you?” Origin asked.

“Which one” Cast sighed, while lying down on the sand and placing his arms behind his head.

“Why do you care?” Origin questioned.

“I don’t know anymore” he replied; he turned over in the sand, the sea water filled the air leaving Cast relaxed.

“I’ve been waiting to get you alone” A voice called from on top of the cliff. Cast looked up to see a blur. Cast could see the thing on the cliff had wings, but the sun blocked his vision. The person jumped down and landed in front of Cast, the sand flew up around the person. The sand finally lowered and revealed the person in front of Cast.

“Ronald?” he gasped. A small dagger flew towards Cast head, but missed slightly and fell gently in the sand. Cast turned and looked at the dagger, small strings of Cast hair started to fall out where the dagger had passed.

“I will kill you for my grandfather” Ronald yelled. Blood ran down Cast face, as he turned to look at Ronald. Cast stood up and wiped the blood off his face.

“Where did you get this power from?” Cast asked.

“If you must know, I got my power from the angels. Unlike you who works with a demon. Now draw your sword” he demanded. A man then walked behind Ronald and sat down.

“I see. You must be the angel” Cast guessed, while taking his sword out.

“Yes. I’ am the angel of the lord. My name is Tike” The man spoke.

“No need to say anymore. Lets just fight” Ronald yelled; he took out two daggers and charged Cast. Cast got into a blocking stance; he was pushed back into the cliff. Cast back rammed into the cliff making some of the rocks fall.

“This is the power of the pure” Ronald said, as he pushed forward. Cast kicked Ronald in the stomach then stroke forward, but he dodged and cut Cast on the cheek with his dagger.

“By order of the council and the lord himself you are to die if you’re a threat” Tike explained; he pulled out a book and started reading.

“I can’t kill Ronald. He’s my friend, if he kills me then I guess I deserve it” Cast thought.

“If you don’t kill him, I will take over and do it my self” Origin scolded. Cast sprung forward and cut off a piece of Ronald’s wing. Ronald twirled and stabbed Cast in the shoulder. Cast fell to his knee; he felt himself losing control over his body.

“Look at you. You can barely stand” Ronald teased.

“Maybe he wasn’t much of a threat” Tike thought, while tuning a page in his book. Cast stood up and raised his sword.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to kill you so I don’t lose control” Cast said; his face was emotionless.

“So you understand now. There are no such things as friends on a battlefield” Origin laughed.

“Are you insane, you only landed one serious hit on me” Ronald said pointing to his wing, but then stopped and looked at his hand. Blood spilled from his hand and tainted the yellow sand. Ronald then looked at Cast with fear in his eyes. Cast sword caught on fire and started to wale.

“That was a cheap shot” Ronald shuttered.

“Huh, you think so” Cast said; he charged and got into a sword lock with Ronald, but Cast was able to push Ronald back with ease. The angel turned and ran towards Cast with his spear drawn, but was then stopped by Alex.

“Hello” Alex greeted.

“Who are you? You dare stand in the way of an angel” Tike barked.

“Hm? Angel? You don’t seem that strong. You must be really low in the ranks” Alex teased.

“What do you mean? I will kill you were you stand, now get out of my way” Tike yelled; he pulled his spear back and swung, but Alex stopped the attack with his finger.

“Maybe later, I really want to see this” he said with a smile.

“Who are you?” Tike asked.

“Hm? Oh sorry how rude of me. I’m Cast protector” Alex explained, while breaking Tike’s spear; he smile at Tike as he watched the expression on his face. Tike watched the pieces of his spear fall to the ground. Alex grabbed both his sword and placed it in the ground and made a crack in the earth, the crack grew and hands emerged from the ground and grabbed Tike.

“What is this?” Tike yelled.

“This is hell” Alex laughed; the hands started to rip Tike apart, then pulled him under ground. Alex removed his swords from the ground and the cracked disappeared. He turned to Cast who was laying rapid attacks on Ronald. Cast kneed Ronald in the head making him fall back, small drops of blood released from Ronald’s mouth. The fire on Cast’s sword then shot off and hit Ronald; he looked down to see his arm was completely torn off.

“I can’t die. You’re the traitor” he cried. Cast pushed his sword into a Ronald’s chest; Ronald let out a final gasp then stood still. Cast put his mouth to Ronald’s ear and spoke.

“Don’t worry things will change. I will fight for you too” Cast whispered.

“Things will change” Ronald assured himself as he fell to the floor; he caught on fire and his soul flew to the sky.

“So this is how it had to end” Alex muttered; he looked up at Cast who was still looking at the small fire. The fire slowly turned the sand into glass.

“This is how it will always end” he replied. Cast started to walk home but stopped and looked at the fire again; he reached his hand into the fire and pulled out a heart shape glass. Cast then made his way home and sat on his couch.

“I’m so use to someone waiting for me when I get home” Cast thought, while turning on the TV. The door opened and Dawn walked in, she stopped and looked at Cast.

“What happened to you now?” Dawn asked, while walking towards him.

“Why do you ask such a question that you know I’m not going to answer?” he replied back. Dawn stopped stared at him.

“Here take this” Cast said, as he gave the glass to Dawn.

“Thank you” Dawn said; she hugged him with the glass shaped heart in her hand. But then stop and looked at the TV when she heard Joseph speaking.

“I will like to take this time to apologize to the citizen  with Crilof and our new comers from New Heaven. So from that I will like to invite all to a welcome party on Sunday” Joseph announced.

“A welcome party?” Cast thought. He looked at Dawn who was now sitting down looking at the glass heart.

“What this red in the middle?” Dawn asked; she looked up at Cast and pointed to the heart.

“Um, I don’t know” Cast fumbled his words.

“It kinda resembles blood” Dawn said.

“Blood, no, of course it’s not blood” he stuttered. Cast looked down at Dawn then ran up stairs, when Cast opened his bedroom door he saw a shadow run from underneath him into his room

“I finally get to speak to you Lucy” Cast said, while closing his bedroom door.

“Yes…What is it?” Lucy asked; she turned into her normal form and stood in front of him.

“When were you going to tell me about Alex” Cast said.

“Well I wanted to surprise you” Lucy replied; she sat on Cast bed and waited for the next question.

“Now you want to know why I cured Joey so quickly” Lucy added; a huge grin appeared on her face. The clock in the hallway stopped ticking and Lucy’s eyes started glowing red.

“It’s getting close to the time” Lucy said, while crossing her legs.

“What time and why did you cure Joey?” Cast questioned, but then paused from the pain that had started in his body. Lucy pulled her skirt up a little showing that one of the sixes had disappeared from her tattoo.

“I’ am almost able to take souls on my own and your brother is just a token of my appreciation” she explained. Cast fell to the floor and started coughing, voice began surround his mind and started to stir up bad memories.

“Make it stop!” he yelled, while hold his head against the floor.

“The tainted part of you is hungry. You have been letting too many souls go instead of devouring them yourself” she responded, as she fell to her knees to comfort him. Cast pushed her away and stood up. Cast made his way to the window and opened it up.

“Where are you off too at this hour?” Lucy asked.

“I’m going to get some medicine” Cast replied, while jumping out the window and landing in the street.

“There is still something else I need to ask Lucy, but right now I don’t think I’ am stable enough to do it” Cast thought; he walked into Kados and looked around. The moon shined upon his soon to be prey. Cast watched as two men walked into an alleyway and Cast followed behind them. One of the men turned and noticed Cast.

“You should go home kid. It’s dangerous being out here at this time” The man said. Cast stood silent for awhile, but then started to walk closer.

“Have you ever done anything that not even you can forgive yourself for?” he asked, as he walked closer to the two men.

“What are you talking about” The other man joined.

“I see. You don’t even have to answer that question, I can see the truth in your eyes. So if I kill you I would be doing the world a favor” Cast responded.

“Kill them. Kill them. Kill them” The voice in Cast head yelled. Cast pulled out his sword and stabbed both of them before they could even react to seeing the sword. Both they’re souls flew into Cast body; he smiled with relief as the voices faded. A cat crossed Cast and stopped.

“Hm, I wonder if animals have souls” Cast said out loud.

“I was thinking the same thing about you” The cat back, while licking it’s small black paw.


“Ah, a talking cat” he yelled franticly, while pointing his sword at it.

“I’m a demon” The cat argued.

“A demon? You don’t look like a demon” Cast replied, while poking the cat with is finger; the cat scratched Cast finger making let out a violent scream.

“My name is Rez, the greatest demon alive. Well that’s until my body was destroyed and my soul put into this cat” The cat Explained.

“Damn you talking cat” Cast mumbled, while sucking on his finger.

“Are you even listening to me? I just told you I was a demon” Rez yelled.

“Whatever. I just came here for my medicine” Cast shrugged; he put his sword back into his sheath and walked away. Cast stopped when he heard he was still being followed by the cat. “What do you want?” he asked.

“Nothing. I’m just bored” Rez replied. While trailing behind Cast.

“I see. You know I won’t hesitate to kill a cat” Cast said, evilly; he cracked his knuckles towards the Rez.

“Well good because I’m not a cat, I’m a demon” Rez said confidently.

“That just makes it even better” Cast laughed.

“What a jerk. Say such things to a small cat” Rez muttered.

“I thought you were a demon” Cast glared; he started walking again. Cast and Rez stopped in front of Cast’s house.

“So what was it that you wanted again?” Cast glance over to Rez.

“Well, um, I’ am kinda hungry and tired. So I was wondering- If I could let you mooch off of me” Cast interrupted, while walking into the house.

“That’s not it at all” Rez assured; he walked into the house behind Cast and saw Dawn sitting on the couch.

“Hey Dawn, do you mind if this thing stays here for awhile?” Cast asked, while holding Rez by his tail and pointing to him.

“A Cat? Where did you get that from? Even more importantly, when did you leave?” Dawn questioned; she walked over to Cast and took Rez from him.

“What’s his name?” Dawn asked; she slowly cradled Rez in her arms.

“I guess his name is Rez” Cast answered.

“Hm” Dawn groaned; she looked over to Cast with an angry look.

“What” Cast said, while shaking from Dawn’s evil stare.

“That was the only question you answered” she replied.

“Yay, this is the life. Being loved by a beautiful woman and watching that idiot get in trouble” Rez thought; he meowed and licked Dawn’s arm.

“Why must you need to know everything” Cast said back.

“I don’t need to know everything. I just need to know what’s going on” Dawn argued; she started cradling Rez faster and harder.

“That’s needing to know everything also Rez is hungry, feed him” Cast said, while walking up the stairs.

"Why do I have to feed him?" she asked

"Well because you’re already down there" he replied.

"You were just down here. Why didn't you feed him?”

"I didn't want to feed him"

"Then he's not going to eat at all" Dawn yelled, while stomping her feet,

"That's your fault" Cast shrugged.

“No it’s no-“Dawn paused and looked down into her arms.

“Is the cat crying?” Dawn said.


“I’m going to bed” Cast ignored her; he walked into his room and jumped into his bed.

“So Lucy left before I could ask her the question” he thought, as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


An angel flew over to Lucifer’s side and bowed.

“My lord it seems that Tike is dead and the boy is not alone. Also Raphael has gone down to earth without your command. What do we do sir?” The angel asked. Lucifer looked down at the angel and smiled like what the angel had said was a good thing.

“We wait” Lucifer replied, calmly.

“Wait? Sir I thought you would want to kill the boy for the death of one of ours” The angel yelled, but he paused and remembered who he was talking to.

“I just wanted to see who my enemies were. Nothing more then that, but if the remaining angel were to kill the boy, then so be it and Tike was a low rank angel. We can replace him easily” Lucifer said back.

“I see my lord” The angel bowed.

“Also don’t ever make an outburst like that or I will be forced to kill you” Lucifer smiled



© 2010 karmic

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lol rez is hilarious love the chapter

Posted 11 Years Ago

I really enjoy the characters. Their personalities make them so life like. Another great write lil bro keep them coming

Posted 14 Years Ago

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