BodyGuard 1

BodyGuard 1

A Chapter by Love U Stylinson


I sat there in the bathroom in one of the stall in the corner, my head leaning on my knees as I shook. This was something normal, me being in the bathroom on the floor battered, bruised, and bloody. I was pretty sure that my wrist was sprained and my face was probably sporting a beautiful purple bruise on my cheek from where that jerk Nathan punched me. Him and his little posse came out of nowhere for their daily beating on and I was there personal punching bag. I would never understand why people like them hate people like me, I mean what did I ever done to them. I swear they think that every gay guy is going to rape them in the locker room or something and because of that they choose to beat me up to make sure that doesn’t happen. But in all honesty I couldn’t rape anybody even if I wanted to, I can barely ward off a bunch bullies who beat me up regularly.

I sighed as I painfully got off the floor not wanting to be there anymore, I was already late for first period so there was no point in going so I headed to the nurses office. I was only a few steps away from the bathroom when the white and black dots started to appear in my vision again, this always happens after those idiots do a beating on me. Usually I just blink and they go away but that wasn’t happening this time; this time I fell against some lockers my head hitting the floor pretty hard, this didn’t help with the dot either. The last thing I saw was blurry blue eyes and then I was knocked out cold.



This is school is to f*****g big I mean seriously how many f*****g hallways do this one building have. I took a left hopefully my classroom was down here and if not then oh the f**k well. Sighing I rubbed at my eyes, I was tired and I just wanted to go home and sleep. Staying up all night and taking pictures was a very dumb idea especially when I was up till two in the morning and on a school night….first day at that. I wish I was still back in New York and not this piss hole they call a town I mean what would possess my father to move all the way down Florida…f*****g stupid I know that. I still haven’t got over at how hot it is and it was the middle of 

October; it would’ve been snowing right now in NY.

“God this sucks,” I muttered under my breath as I kept walking. My head snapped up when I heard a loud thump coming from up the hall, looking I saw a boy on the ground.

‘Holy s**t a dead body’ I instantly thought to myself.

Quickly walking over to the boy I realized he was still alive, however there was huge bruise on his face and his wrist looked swollen. Whoever did this must really not like this kid, I my own opinion I don’t know why because he seems pretty cute. I watched as his body twitched and I noticed that he was still conscious, his eyes were a really pretty light green. But as quick as they opened they closed….well now he’s unconscious I thought.

Knowing that I couldn’t let kid stay there on the floor I picked him up bridal style and carried him around the corner where thankfully the nurse’s office was. ‘How lucky for me’ I thought. Walking inside I caught the nurse’s attention and damn was he hot; being momentarily stunned at his hotness I opened my mouth to say something but the doc beat me to.

“Jeez again,” he said as he took the kid away from me and laid him on the bed by the window.

“Again?” I asked, you mean this kid gotten beating like this on a daily bases. What the f**k is wrong with the world nowadays.

“Yah, this is something normal….Jake here is always like this,” the doc said. I looked at him like he was crazy…I mean seriously this is not normal. I guess he saw the look on my face because he smiled up at me from where sat by the bed.

“Ah sorry im Dr. Stelee,” he said holding out his hand which I completely ignored even though he was really hot and I can’t even imagine all things he could do with that he’s holding out, but that’s not the point.

“Aren’t going to do something about this,” I asked incredulous.  Seriously though you just don’t bring in a kid who is knocked out, bruised and bloody and say, “Oh it’s normal for him.” The doc gave me an irritated look as he rubbed alcohol over the boy’s face.

“Trust me I’ve tried plenty of times to get this kid some help, but he’s very stubborn,” he said. I looked at him then to Jake, I felt kind of bad he’s seems like the type to let people walk all over him so that other people won’t get hurt. I watched as Dr. Stelee wrapped up Jakes wrist, I flinched myself at how bad it looked; then I watched as he took the kids shirt off.

Dear mother of God…….there were bruises everywhere. Who the hell can do that to somebody I mean his 

whole chest was pretty much purple.

“Hey stay here while I go get so more cotton balls,” Doc said as he got up and left the room. I watched as he left then turned my attention to Jake; walking over I sat down in the chair and looked at his face. Even with the bruise I could tell that this kid was pretty cute, with his brown hair highlighted with blonde streaks, he even has freckles I thought. I looked lower towards his chest curious I ran my fingers over them and that was my mistake because the kid jumped up, scaring the s**t out of me.

“Whoa chill the f**k out there,” I nearly yelled. I watched as he looked around frantically then his eyes settled on me.

Oh god there beautiful…such a pretty green.



I could tell that someone was carrying me, I didn’t know who but I hope they were taking me to the nurse 

because my wrist was really starting to hurt. I felt something cold on my face and my wrist being tightly wrapped up. I could tell that Stelee was the one helping right now….his hands were always so rough. Know that I was in good hands I felt a little bit better I relaxed knowing that I was being taken care off. However I got a little curious when I heard someone else’s voice, it was pretty deep and then there was yelling. I waited then everything went quiet suddenly cold hands touched my chest and I unconsciously flipped out….well since I was unconscious already could I really unconsciously do anything? Anyway you know what I mean; I freaked and sat up in the bed. Frantically I looked around temporally forgetting where I was.

“Whoa chill the f**k out there.” Turning my head I was faced with dark blue eyes….wait was this guy who helped me in the hall. Oh god how embarrassing is it to find someone half-conscious lying on the floor like that. I knew my face was going red I could just tell and by the smile on the guy’s face he was enjoying it.

“W…Who are you?” I asked wearily my eyes staring at him.

He smiled, “Christian Booker, hero of the day,” he said. I had the urge to giggle at that for some reason but I held it down, “Jake Johnson…… so you’re the one who brought me here?” I asked.

“Yesh that would be me I saw you fall in the hallway and I couldn’t leave ya there,” he said as he rubbed the back of his neck. I noticed that he was a little embarrassed but for the life me couldn’t understand why I mean he wasn’t the one looking so vulnerable right now. Sighing I studied him for a bit and noticed that I never seen this guy in my life, I would of remembered blue eyes as dark as that. His hair was light brown but just a bit lighter and it curled up at the ends….it was really cute. Oh I really shouldn’t be thinking things like that.

“Thank you,” I whispered looking down at my hands, noticing the bandages I had over my wrist.

“No problem….but can I ask you a question?” he asked. Looking up I saw that he was staring at me intently those eyes of his; it was like he was trying to figure me out or something.

“Who did this to you?”

I knew he was going to ask that and I really didn’t want to answer him because I didn’t want him to get involve with me. I didn’t want anybody getting hurt because they were hanging around me or just for the fact that they were talking to me. I looked away deciding not to answer him at all however he had other plans, I felt fingers under my chin as he guided it towards his. To say that my cheeks went red was an understatement, my entire face flamed up.

“Seriously for you to pass out like that, something bad must have really happened to you,” he stated I opened my mouth but he shushed me with a finger.

“And I would hate to see a cute face like yours get more bruised up,” he said.

Dear God this guy was hot….. I was staring at him I know I was but I was getting lost in those dark blue eyes.

“I….uh….umm,” I stuttered stupidly, I knew I was making a total a*s of myself right now.

“Heh you’re really cute,” he said a smile on his face.

“Ah you’re awake.”

I watched as Christian pulled back but that smile was still on his face. I looked over to the tall blonde that was Dr. Stelee… if he wasn’t ten year older me I would so date him I thought as he walked over to the bed.

“Are feeling okay….this is the third time you’ve been here out this week,” he said voice filled with concern.

“Three!” Christian yelled from the chair, I didn’t dare look over to him because I knew that would be looking at me with those eyes.

“I’m fine Stelee,” I said reassuringly as he wiped of my chest with cotton balls. Doc gave me look before recapping the bottle of alcohol he had in his hands and set it on his desk. I looked over to Christian who was holding out my shirt to me. Taking it I put it back on carefully aware of my wrist.

“Now you both missed first and second period and are lucky, the bell would be ringing any minute now for lunch,” Stelee said.

We both nodded our heads and headed out the door I kept my eye on the ground not wanting meet Christians eyes.

“Hey are you going to tell what happened to you?” he asked stopping in the middle of the hallway a hand on my shoulder causing me to stop to. I hesitantly looked up, he was waiting for me to answer and I really didn’t want to however I don’t know how long I can take that stare so I just decided to tell him but as soon as I opened my mouth…. The bell rung but that wasn’t what I was worried about right now. I watched as everyone walked out there classrooms and to the cafeteria, but my eyes were on the jersey wearing idiots.

I looked over to Christian to see he had a confused look on his face since he was looking at me looking at them with horror filled eyes. Sighing I started to rub my arms nervously….

“You still want to know who did it?” I asked Christian who nodded his head yes. I let out a humorless laugh.

“Well there’s your answer.”



© 2012 Love U Stylinson

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omg i am hooked keep it up

Posted 11 Years Ago

Oh. My. God. THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING! I couldn't stop laughing. It's also very cute too. I really can't wait to see what happens next. I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!!! I think i'm like fan-girling over here now...
It reminds me just a little bit of my story but this is like infinite times better. Now i'm all jelly. ANYWAY, this is amazing, keep it up!!! ^__^

Posted 11 Years Ago

Love U Stylinson

11 Years Ago

Holy crap im sorry i serioulsy just now reading this xD My bad lol and thanks so much im glad your e.. read more

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Love U Stylinson
Love U Stylinson


Um im a huge 1D fan and I ship larry!!!!!! more..


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